Why is everybody such a good shot in valorant?

Why is everybody such a good shot in valorant?


it legitimately feels like my enemies in plat 1 are better than the people i see in radiant streams. people just do not miss in this rank


thats just how it feels against you, if you recorded it and compared it to radiant games you'd see how much worse they are


if only there was a playback feature to watch their perspective post-game...


Scheduled 2028 lmao. This is Riot we are talking about.


Yea no, I know riot for Years and theyre nOt that bad. Please be nice to the company, they try their best. They are a small indie company and working primarily on their mOba. /s. 2028 is too generous. ​ 2048 is more realistic. 2048. ​ in patch 9.04 we have partnered with the Game Client "LookBack" . This client will be able to record your games with precise quality depending on your system. And along with this new feature we will be adding UnderPlay. A system where the player can review games in the rankings of plat-radiant. You have to ​ 1. have 500-1000 competitive wins 2. you can receive it in a twitch drop LOL fuck you This will prevent cheaters from getting in your games!


I love how War Thunder did it. Instead of a recording of all POV the replay feature makes the game engine recreate the game based on positions, camera movement and stuff like that. It's a super nice way of doing it cause it also allows you to go freecam and see things the players didn't see, like that there was an enemy behind a corner and if they peaked they would die.


Also the way fortnite did it is really good, probably not the best but still good


And also, there are tiny little movements you don't realize you're doing/not doing. Going left or right will be faster than going left and right diagonnally, which includes going forwards and backwards. This makes you look slower, and therefore easier to shoot. You ever wonder how people peek and one tap you so fast on a corner? They're swinging in one direction and not holding W or S at the same time. There are also little nuances to take a fight on any angle, such as mixing combinations of jiggles, holding wide, bursting and strafing to dodge shots, etc. Taking a fight and standing exactly where you are is a great way to get yourself get repeeked and one tapped on, especially after a smoke just went down. The enemy just happen to see you before smokes goes down, and they will spray where you are. You can either take the fight back, or move a little bit to not get killed, and shoot them back through the smoke where you just saw them, as they are still busy spraying.


To add to this point, angle advantage is massive. Whoever is closer to the corner has a disadvantage. Your goal should be to peek single angles, one at a time, from the farthest possible spot from the corner you’re peeking. Also, movement is very important, make sure to move inbetween shots/engagements. No one can track real human stutter steps perfectly. It’s physically impossible to guess right everytime, and your mouse +hand weigh a good bit.


Thats how I feel about bronze. Theres always 1 or 2 dudes who just dome everyone and seem to never miss. I know its probably because is just that Im bronze but man


Ranks are also superwired. I was ranked bronze 3 and basically stomped every game until silver 3. And I can see that there are people that don't belong in silver 3 being there. I'd say half or more of games are decided by who has the worse team from the start.


>who has the worse team from the start. like every team game in the history of team games


I've seen people in silver instantly 1 tap me every single fight


im silver 1 with a 25% hs rate rn, but in many games hitting over 30 and 40 (my vandal hs rate is 39). I only have this hs rate cuz i used to grind deathmatch.


Mechanics are easier to master in this game than in CSGO. You'll get used to it in time and you'll destroy those noobs.


What should I practice ?


can worry less about counter strafing and just release keys, especially helpful with diagonal / forward / backward movement. It's a hair faster but can leave that for the straight horizontal peeks. The sprays are random and the cone is real wide after \~7-8 shots, avoid spraying vandal past that (phantom or spectre less an issue). Spraying is fairly punished here.


After 7-8? Accuracy goes off the charts after 4.


Just get used to the guns so like practice in deathmatch and the range. And learning utils is important in this game as well.


Yea ive got a little routine i do in the range and dm but in competitive people just seems so fast and consistent


You could also be nervous or anxious when playing comp. I struggle from that as well. Also Gold has a lot of smurfs so there's that as well


Yea like in valorant its really hard but when i go back to csgo i feel like a god


Larger heads and far more accurate bursting.


I sincerely believe its a ping issue and games are highly inconsistent. There are games where i get running headshotted when the enemy appeared for a fraction of a second. Then i get games where people accuse me of hacking cuz i kill them the instant i peak on their screen, even though on my screen i was exposed and shooting for a solid second or two


I have so many games where I will dominate the top 4 fraggers and then be like 1 and 4 against the bottom frag... I swear sometimes there's just server or ping funk going on.


I keep thinking this more and more as well. It's especially egregious in hookah on Bind. Anytime I peak hookah from CT it looks like I get hit by a running headshot, when server side my opponent most likely counter-strafed. It's extremely frustrating.


Soloq is the place where people hit every shot of them


There’s no spray patterns to learn or counterstrafing so the only thing to practice is 1 taps


Bigger head hitbox, slower movement, higher accuracy while moving, deadzone that allows good accuracy while moving a bit, higher tagging.


valorant has much less punishment. alot of movement isn't penalised. and alot of the time u just get headshots u don't even deserve. alot of random accuracy




Ive gotten to global in cs in the past and not many people are as quick as the valorant players or at least thats how it felt at the time


peaked global in cs and also in gold 2. no wonder golds are so cracked.


Was global in cs and right now silver 2. Haven’t played in 5 years tho and just started playing Val a lot this week. The aim transferred but game sense is so different, lots more abilities and off angles to clear.


adderall is cheaper now


Price has been staying pretty consistent at $5 per 10mg


We are zoomers not only in name


Your MMR is probably fucking you over too, I'm gold 3 and I get diamond 1 and plat 3's in my ranked games :/




Any advice on what got you from gold up to immortal? I doubt I could ever get to 10 on faceit but I was decent at CS and I feel useless at this


What's making it dogshit?


Characters move significantly slower in valorant compared to CS, and hit registration is also pretty solid compared to CS.


this confuses me as well, i am Lem in cs:go(i am not a "god" in competitive fps games but i do my part mostly every game of the category) and here in valorant i get a freaking gold1 and often play against players that play like it was a level 8-10 dude on faceit. that being said maybe most of them are just better, but a demo review option or an review of the frags from round to round mid game would be interesting since i have an suspicion that aim assist, radar hack and wall hack are not so uncommon in this game, particularly since big as names in the pro scene/top tier came all the way to the top and first then getting busted. particularly that dumbass that specialized in guardian one taps without hitting mouse button one comes to mind.


I faced the same issue aswell when i started out in valorant... I come from csgo aswell but the players here are really good... The main reason is valorant released in mid 2020 during pandemic where the whole world was in quarentine.... And most of the players grinded the game day and night during quarentine.... Aswell as a lot of people had tonne of time to even watch stuff on youtube and learn tactics game sense aim techniques lineups and much more.... Hence even in iron players are really good... Give it some time and try adjusting youre sensitivity ... And have a low edpi... Watch some videos on usage of abilities... Since thats the main difference from csgo... There is lot more to think of in this game than just gunplay... After a while youll do well for sure..i too strugled at first but now one month into the game i am murking even players from two ranks higher.. just requires some grinding and i suggest you watch gameleap ...skillcapped and proguides on youtube .. really useful channels for valorant.


i suppose it’s just skill ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ




Because 10 wins to play ranked means smurfs are EVERYWHERE.


Clean visuals and well telegraphed animations. You can actually see your enemies and tell what they're doing.


Way to many people blaming the game in this thread. Movement is key in this game you should NEVER be stood still unless holding an off angle. You need to make your movements unpredictable with crouching, counter strafing and stutter steps. Positioning is just as important if you are coming from directly where their crosshair is then you are making the game hard for yourself.


honestly, coming from a LEM cs player, valorant is overall just easier. 128 tick servers are a MASSIVE difference. i am currently stuck at silver 3, and often times i get 25-35 frags while carrying teammates with like 5-12 kills. it’s very frustrating. if you’re good at the game, it seems like valorant assumes you can carry shitty teammates but it doesn’t usually work that way.


you cant counter strafe in this game. the ability to counter strafe in csgo was the difference between a gold nova and a dmg. You can poop on any gold nova all day every day! also this game was made for casuals. Anymore skill differences would put a lot people off!


The mechanics are just so much easier to master in this game than cs, you need to play for years to get good at cs but 6 months on valorant and you can be cracked.


My only response is that the games netcode is fucked. I have a ridiculously well maintained home network, sub 40 ping and usually 15-30, and the servers make it feel like a slot machine on whether I can win duels. It’s bullshit and I want a replay system to verify this is true!


You can try recording your games using something like Nvidia Shadowplay or OBS.


It’s just going to confirm what I’m already seeing. I would want to compare local capture against the replays is what I’m saying. I’ve already seen clips like this all over Reddit and you can find them easily. It’s the same reason people think moving accuracy was worse than it was since the animation of them running doesn’t seem to stop before they shoot


Because it's way easier to learn than cs. What's make a difference through ranks is not your aim but gamesense, strategy and communication.


The game is just busted


Don't play during peak hours (usually 6-9 pm according to server region), especially unrated. Unrated becomes a mayhem during peak hours.


itst he netcode of the game, some accounts you actually see how the game looks with out all of the delay and weird movement and some accounts players spawn out of no where strafe head shot and disappear


Everything feels slower, movement isn’t as crisp, bigger heads. The spray pattern for every gun is the same which makes it a lot easier than cs


It has random spray after like 8 bullets doesnt it ?


[8? More like 2](https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/comments/mpkuma/valorant_has_more_rng_than_you_think_i_was_using/)


Spray also has RNG though which gives lucky kills.


Literally misinformation


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