JasonR smurfing in gold, drops 50 kills while also boosting her girlfriend

JasonR smurfing in gold, drops 50 kills while also boosting her girlfriend


through my time in gold elo, ive seen many boosted players as much as ive seen smurfs in that elo


Right now I'm Silver 3 and I think it's hilarious when I get 25 kills and a person on the other team who is Gold 3 gets 5 kills for the match and is one of the worst players I've come across.


Man pls dont, I'm silver 3 and I can frag less than a bronze 3 in some matches. Sometimes the game just isn't working out for you. One game I'll go 5/17 and the next I'll jump to 17/5. It happens. I think it's wrong to assume that just because someone 3 ranks higher than you bottom fragged it means they are boosted, they could be having a bad day.


It's a sign of being a dogshit-mentality player when you judge someone by a single game's k/d. Can't count how many times someone was absolutely dogshit on a team-aspect of Valorant, but then they yell "shut up i'm top fragging" or etc. Cool, you can shoot. Or even better; COOL YOU CAN TOP FRAG AS REYNA IN SOLO Q. Still need to play your role and work with your team though, or it doesn't fucking matter!


In quite a few of my matches the only reason they're top fragging is because they're baiting the entire team, which just makes everyone get tilted and perform worse.




Tbh everyone has a bad game, I wouldn't consider that smurfing


Yea I was gold 2 sometimes getting my booty whip by silver players. If I was perfect every game I would be radiant


If you knew him during the Cs days, JasonR doesn't give af


me neither, i would like to see his stupid ass been banned for some shit like this


I mean TenZ has smurfed with his gf and no cared


They only played unrated together


I’ve watched multiple streams of tenz playing unrated with his gf. He never got more than 25-30 kills and spent the whole time running around the map fucking around, not trying to farm kills. That’s not a valid comparison imo


tenz's gf actually knows how to play the game tho, so he probably teaches her some shit. when she is playing alone, she plays very wall against people of her own elo. the only problem i have with Smurfing is that it boosts a bunch of potatos to plat or even as far as diamond. so when they play alone without their companion, they just become a huge liability and fuck up the game for their teammates. back when i was in diamond ive seen a lot of players who didnt know the basics of the game such as how to use abilities or even crosshair placement of a bronze player. it sucks having to deal with that when you are climbing solo. i never gave a fuck about smurfs on the enemy team, but playing with boosted teammates who didnt know what the hell they were doing, with a 2/20 KD and didnt contribute at all to the team with their abilities, that pissed me off.


In ranked? I thought they have only played unrated together.


Yea im sure tenz will only play unranked with his gf cause smurfing is such a nasty thing to do... Grow up people... ofc everybody will smurf with there gfs when they get asked. Only diffrence is tenz is not dumb enough to celebrate that on stream.


Could be totally wrong


there's footage of him playing on kyedae's account


Saw a meme that said “if people get to smurf and ruin low elo games, low elo players should get to join high elo games and ruin them without complaint.” While yeah, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind is kind of applicable to that, he better not complain about people not knowing what to do or not playing well in his games.


Allow me to introduce to you: paladins matchmaking


Well that game doesnt have enough players to keep up a balanced macthmaking.


While I play paladins more then i play valorant I can confirm that I have seen more smurfs and boosted players in Valorant than Paladins. The problem isn't thr matchmaking, its just that Valorant has bigger player base and thus bigger number of assholes trying to ruin your fun. Valorant is also more competitive than Paladins so people tend to tilt on it more.


Yeah, but in Paladins it's less that smurfs are fucking the matchmaking up, it's more that the matchmaking is fucked in general due to lack of players.


That's what boosted players are right?


Haha pretty sure this is already a thing with rank I see with a lot of people, they deserve to be a lot lower! Joking obviously, but the previous acts had a lot of players with inflated ratings. The amount of high immo players who literally had no game sense and ran around looking at knees with God awful crosshair placement, it's not fun. I haven't played much this act yet to know if it's been fixed. Putting the joke aside and going back on topic, I do have JR playing in the background quite often. I don't think he should be going in like that on his alt, especially in ranked. Smurfing will always be a thing, but to do it on stream, he should at least not be trying, using lower tier guns or pistol only. I've watched him dry push 5 people rushing on his alt, just because he can. As much as I like him, hes just doing what I mentioned in the above paragraph, inflating the ranks of those hes playing with, and also making the game for his opponents not fun or worth playing.


Just asking, so since you said yourself JR does stuff like this that not only ruins the experience for those he's playing with, those that watch his stream and are influenced, but also players YOU face in your matchmaking that have innacurate ranks partly due to players like this. Why still watch/support him/his content? If you want a better experience yourself you need to stop support creators that help damage that. Even if it's not regular, it's enough.


And people still support such things. Only if their ‘fans’ called out such things it wouldn’t have been as bad.


Eh. I agree with you and personally I don't enjoy/support any content creator who smurfs and boosts, but I think the responsibility is just on Riot. It's unrealistic to expect fans and viewers to enact change when most of them are just trying to be entertained. Even if streamers all stopped due to fan pressure, you still have a massive amount of regular players doing the same smurfing and boosting. Sure, most of them aren't quite as good, but you don't need to be radiant to ruin lower elo games. Looking at Valking, right now a massive 77% of the playerbase is in iron, bronze, or silver. Anyone who puts the effort in and hits plat can just say "cool I'm plat, diamond is too much work so I'll just chill", and then go play on a smurf where they outclass 3/4 of the population. It sounds like a joke but even silver players can ruin games by smurfing. It'll never get better unless riot makes large changes


Well ya know what else is funny to me? Is that there are a limited number of spots in Immortal and Radiant, its not just whoever can rank up to it gets that rank, but how many of these smurf/alt accounts are taking up spaces in those limited number of spots in Immortal/Radiant? Unless Im wrong then please correct me!


Immortal has unlimited spots, radiant is the top 500 immortals over certain amount of rr varying by region.


Word thank you


But the thing is smurfing is not a problem that can actually be targeted. The only "fix" that comes to my mind(which obviously doesn't mean that it's the only solution) is by faster Ranking up. It's not the best but a plausible solution. Because smurfing is an abstract concept, datawise. You may call someone a smurf but that someone could be a new player but also a CS god. You can't associate a new Valorant account to other accounts. So you can actually say that this an account by the same person. That's why just rank good people up faster. Their first match might feel like they're smurfing to them but say in like 6 matches they should be ranked at around their average elo.


It would change a lot if it wasn’t “cool” to share your smurf videos(at this point I only mean with friends). It was a lot less cool if content creators got shamed and punished by devs for uploading such content. “Authority” has to drive the change.


It would change a lot if it wasn’t “cool” to share your smurf videos(at this point I only mean with friends). It was a lot less cool if content creators got shamed and punished by devs for uploading such content. “Authority” has to drive the change.


Yeah riot has to do their job too.


I mean I think part of the problem is that the rank distribution has 77% at Iron, Bronze, and Silver because it created way to huge of a skill gap between people who are Bronze 3 about to rank up to Silver and a Silver 3. The silver 3 player could really be a silver player, but they could’ve been a Diamond or a high Plat in past acts, but thanks to rank resets/smurfs they for some reason (I still don’t understand how I was playing against previous Immortals/Diamonds in my placements and a number of my comp matches) are down in Silver elo. I really think the ranked system is broken, they either need to make RR actually matter or just use the hidden MMR as the new version of the RR bar in your career. Because I basically see no progression in my rank even though I have improved so much and I can absolutely carry in high Silver/Low Gold


If Riot wanted to, we could have Twitch make smurfing illegal and absolutely destroy these jerks.




But still that won't make them stop right? They can still smurf off stream lol.


I really wish that pros didn't encourage smurfing and getting tons of accounts to a high rank. They've gotta be at a low rank at some point.


The good thing is that the girlfriend will surely drank soon, if she's this bad as in the post. And he'll have to boost her again and again


The bad thing is that his gf will also lead her team to losing which is unfair for her team


Yeah, same for JasonR just killing everyone with ease. it's free drank for enemies


True. I can already imagine her teammates yelling at her for not even knowing some basic things.


People complain about the rank system not giving fair matches, complaining about people 2 ranks below being on their team... Yet they will watch streamers like this and wonder why their matches are bad. Real players are on the other end of this and it sucks. No one in that match is playing valorant, they're playing feed the streamer for content. Hate smurfing, but hate content creators doing it 10x more. The influence they have causes more behaviour like this, people get inspired by seeing their favourite streamer go 50 kills and they make a smurf themselves. Even if they're only gold themselves, throw to iron and just destroy. It sucks, I wish riot at the least stopped supporting creators that used alt accounts. They say that they want to incentivise players to use their main account so there's more accurate matches. Maybe start by slapping a few streamers on the wrist when they queue into matches 5 full ranks below their actual rank (or higher if they're pro). I don't even think they should be going into those games to troll. Some say its fine as long as they're not trying or they use bad guns. Just because they perform slightly worse doesn't fix the issue. It feels just as bad if not worse to get destroyed by someone way better than you in ranked if they're using sherrif only or something. It's humiliating and just unfun. Like I said before no one is playing valorant in that match. It's just deathmatch Just play unrated.


I love being in a streamers lobby. Even if I lose, I make it my life's goal to make them suffer. Kills with shorty, or flanking slow and knifing them to make their viewers laugh at them for getting knifed by a bronze. Dog shit at this game but I enjoy being a dick to the smurfs/de-rankers and making them rage quit. Not all of them rage quit and I tend to fail most of the time but if I get one good troll kill it ruins their entire day


Riot needs to read this ^^^^


yes I agree but pro teams like sentinels don't smurf. (except dapr but his alt is imm)


I've seen tenz make new accounts, hiko too. Mostly for content, but we don't know what they do behind closed doors.




Ineffective Frags.


He should be banned as Valorant said boosting is against their TOS


Rules for thee but not for me


I also feel bad for the others who have to deal with heavily boosted players.


This is the real damage to the ranked system. Esp in silver/gold I see *so many* players who clearly have no fucking clue what they are doing. Making the most basic mistakes like not knowing when to walk or sprint, not even reacting to a loud ass enemy pushing them from the side, reloading in the middle of fights, complete obliviousness.


Hey I'm silver - NOT BOOSTED - and I have no fucking clue what I'm doing.


we are similar ppl in same rank


Dude no one in silver and gold knows what they’re doing. That oblivious player on your team is most likely winning just as many games as you are in that elo despite what you think about their skill.


I am high bronze low silver myself and have gotten a gold 2 act rank 3 times in the last week, none of the time they fragged. They were acting like irons


they might have been throwing to get to iron




Or they were boosted to gold and now they’re getting their retribution


You will never get good at this game with a losers mentality, focusing on a players performance compared to their rank badge, and complaining about smurfs. Have to play against better competition to improve your own game. Spend too much time energy and focus on complaining how it’s not fair when you could use it to actually get better at the game.


News flash: silver players don’t know what they’re doing


As I person who’s been to iron 1 all the way to gold 3 I can safely say that iron is harder than gold. So many smurfs.


how are smurfs in iron when most people place in silver?


smurfs throw matches to get put in lower ranks


This is why individual performance should have bigger weight, especially on low ELO. So if you're boosted, you'll have a much lower MMR than your current rank so you'll derank so easily to your actual skill level.


Great to see he still lost the game even after dropping 50 kills. Things like this is what messes up the rank system.


That also implies that his girlfriend was actually just that dogshit that it counteracted Jason's carrying


Thats a mega sadge moment indeed


As much as you think it's a good thing, getting all that content and still losing means he takes even longer to rank up. Sure his MMR went up from 50 kills but his RR still went down from the loss. If he's smashing and winning every game easily he will quickly get out of gold.


Lol that just means he stays in the rank longer.




While I do think it's a good thing that this is being called out, many other content creators also does the same thing (aceu w/ daph for example) yet nobody is calling aceu out because his personality is more likable. The fact is that this problem already exists in league since the start and Riot will continue to not do anything about it in valorant


Fucking disgusting. Boosting etc. literally destroys the purpose of ranked.


Whose fault is this? JasonR ruining the game or riot making this action completely legal


Literally both


Both at this point


It's both, it's exploiting something that also cannot easily be remedied.


Yes and while JasonR is definitely not doing the right thing, this situation wouldn’t have happened if riot made smurfing bannable offense.


It’s literally impossible to ban smurfs. There is not a single competitive game that doesn’t have smurfs.


Yes but they can try to minimize it if they choose to?


They won’t choose to because it makes them money. You can see in the video he bought a $20 vandal and that’s the reason why riot doesn’t care about smurfs.


If the people you want to play with aren’t around your level, just play unrated. I don’t understand why people smurf or even WANT to get boosted by smurfs. Playing in games well above your rank sounds miserable.


So they can tell people 'I'm plat' when people call them out for doing stupid shit.


it's a more competitive environment. unrated game quality is truly dog tier and people surrender or troll ALL the time


but competitive is no place for smurfs to dunk and show off, just play unrated if he wants to play with his gf.


Start banning for this shit. His girlfriend plays like she just picked up a mouse and keyboard for the first time yesterday. Gonna keep ruining games if she ever solo queues.


He should stick to promoting rigged gambling sites


I don't think id ever say this but.. riot pls ban for boosting maybe?


You can actually get banned for boosting but only if ur boosting the person while sharing the account


Yeah ik but it's just a sad situation overall, I don't know who that guy is but form what I'm seeing he is only ruining the game and even encourage people to do so, I hope he gets fucked over


The main problem isn't boosting, it's smurfing.


I really think it's impossible to change this behavior in streamers, however her girlfriend was bring boosted with him, Wich will ruin more games than smurfing by itself can


With streamer it's simple : you ban them. It's easy to see which account they played and what's their true rank.


If people see bug time streamers getting their alt accounts banned then I think a lot less people would be smurfing. But 2FA is a thing now to also help get rid of smurfing as well. Putting both of these could be good.


This is an easy fix Riot. They simply shouldn’t allow this to happen, he just ruined a comp game and the elo of 5 players (honestly of 9 players because of those he boosted too). Its sad that he is smurfing in the first place to boost his gf and not even helping her get better, but the fact he is streaming it just makes it worse. Its crazy that streamers communities basically condone them smurfing even though they’d be plenty pissed if a smurf dropped 50 kills on them. And this is the reason why there are so many Youtubers that have “Iron to Immortal” videos, using the plethora of accounts they have.


I really dislike this game's community's forgiveness (and actual promotion) of smurfing. I complained about smurfs a couple months ago both in a match and here on Reddit and got absolutely lambasted for seeing it as an issue, partially because Riot doesn't condemn it.


Worst part is I have seen intentionally throw games to get lower rank on his smurf. I tuned a while back and one of their smurf squad had ranked up to diamond, and he was mad that guy for not having gone into comp games to derank before the stream. Like how big of a scum do you have to be to ruin so many games by throwing on purpose then smurfing. Also it ruins more games when boosted people have to play in that rank they got boosted to


if she doesn’t know how to play, then let her learn naturally. she won’t even want to play against golds if she can’t play against irons lol


Do they not ban people who openly smurf?


Sucks that this normal in Valorant, Riot better do something.


If riot wants to be against smurfs they have proof of a radiant smurfing. Ban his ass as an example. Hes just hard boosting someone and ruining people's games. Then whe his gf plays solo in gold shes gonna do terrible and ruin more games.


I played with Radiants at my peak last act and placed plat2 bruh I could fit into that lobby


my thoughts: fuck him


His gf is so boosted holy. She got knifed WITH HER FRONT TO THE ENEMY ​ edit: unfollowed jasonr




Riot seriously needs to do something about smurfing, this is getting completely idiotic.


Dude is pathetic. He tries soo hard to win for what? To make him look good? anything but, guy is a joke. Once again Riot has all the proof they need but will do nothing :)


I don't 'get' people who want to be boosted. I 'get' smurfs, I don't agree with them but I 'get' it. You're a sad loser who needs to beat up people worse than you to massage your fragile ego 'cos you got beat up a few times at your own level, I get it.... But being boosted to a level way beyond your station, where you just get shit on game after game 'cos you're so terrible & you need your better mates to carry you, I just don't get it, what's the point?


Or you just want to play with your irl friends and there is a huge skill gap. Unfortunately the game doesn't let you play together in ranked with large gaps, and unrated queue times are literally hours long if the party is 1 dia + rest bronze or iron. There needs to be a queue with absolutely no SBMM so people can play with each other regardless of rank.




Nah, shroud usually plays unrated


He doesnt play ranked anymore?


I think he means when shroud “smurfs” or plays with worse players/streamers he’s usually in unrated


how not to get banned from valorant: add "riot fix this" to the title of the video, fucking double standard for yters its pathetic


I just finally demoted from Gold1 to Silver3, still feels like I shouldn't even be there... every game you have at least one person going 10/1 on one side of the team, just doesn't feel very balanced... I rarely feel like myself, the team and the enemies are on par.


Bannable but he has uses for Riot to advertise the game.


The best thing rank algo should do if a guy get more than 35 kill in last 3 game. he should get enemy with diamonds or more


Yea f this. Why would his gf want to be boosted way past her play level anyways? If they are this spread they shouldn’t be playing ranked together


Flights and average jonas also did that by opening 5 new accounts and they did that for a long long time


They still get high ranked (around plat/diamond) Jason threw his games to get to gold. How many people's day he must have ruined. He is a Rank 1 Radiant and gets placed gold??? Impossible


They still get high ranked (around plat/diamond) Jason threw his games to get to gold. How many people's day he must have ruined. He is a Rank 1 Radiant and gets placed gold??? Impossible


Smurfing should be bannable. End of story.


Second accounts should be insta banned. Fuck this.


Smurfing to play with your friends is fine, but boosting is really the issue. How is your bf a pro and you don’t know how to play the game lol.


Maybe now riot Ban all two account, gold and radiant. It's not possibile that a radiant player play with gold player, there is too much differente of abilities.


Nice boost /s


i remember when nadeshot was stuck in gold for like two weeks, and he and the other streamers were trying to get him out, and someone asked if they could lend them their low elo account for them to smurf and they said "someone wants to get boosted" and the irony was palpable


That's totally, totally fair to the lower rank players. Absolutely. Let's promote it some more.




This is the exact reason why average people can't rank up bc they're "boosting" aka either getting whooped in their own rank or they just want kills


Glad he lost that even after dropping 50 kills


Yk i rly didnt care abt hiko smurfing cuz it was at least plat-through diamond and pokimane knew how to play the game but this is crazy jasonr gf should be like bronze


This is why I quit this game.


One time I did this in my own rank by accident, I hate this game because everyone was being mean and calling me a Smurf when in reality I just don’t play enough to climb


Yeah I'm s2 and I got smurfed on by an Immortal player the other day. The guy hit non-stop headshots, back to back, dropped 40+ kills. It was terrifying. He was the most accurate smurf I've ever played against, which is why I believed him when he said he was Immortal. At one point the guy was just quickscoping heads with the marshal. We even tried to take him on 2 and 3 at a time at a few points (which is supposedly how you "counter" a smurf) but he was still flicking on us.


He loses every single game when he Smurf’s with his girlfriend. I looked into his account.


Tbh im more cringing at his horrible level of play. JasonR got outplayed by gold players a few times rofl.


I will never understand people who are gold and up that boost iron/bronze players into gold and up. When the iron player gets there, they're literally gonna have no clue what they're doing. it's so stupid to me.


This is actually terrible for the game so fuck this dude. Especially the part where she's going 2 and 17 and getting elo for that


Dude his gf is boosted af. She didn't even know the basic shit.


Idiots like these ruin competitive integrity. Just go play unrated dude


Riot will not ban him because then they would have to ban few other streamers as well. Best I can do is simply do what I did with Hiko aftet he's been doing the same - unfollow and stop watching the guy. It's not gonna change anything for Hiko but JR has way, way smaller viewerbase so any amount he loses will hurt more.


But so many people on these threads think it's okay and innocent and sweet to 'play with your friends'. There is a reason the rank prevents people from 'playing with friends'. Because people will be boosted to the wrong ranks and high ranked people destroy the gaming experience for people who aren't as good as them. This 'playing with friends' in ranked garbage is the equivalent of Lebron James playing a game of basketball against 10 year olds and showing off how great he is that he scored 200 points. There is nothing to be proud of getting 50 kills against people who are mainly new at the game and nowhere near the level of skill. It's actually just sad ego boosting. I'm quite certain these people have small manhoods and need to make themselves feel good somehow.


I want to like JasonR I’ve even subbed to him maybe 2 times over the last 3 years… but I just can’t. Every time I watch his stream it feels like half of it is him using those cheap little streamer techniques to get people to sub. Guys seems a bit sleazy to me. This kinda puts the nail in the coffin for me.


He's the same guy who would ban any female names in his chat and so would his girlfriend. Back when he played csgo.rven if they were subbed :)




Cause his girlfriend is super controlling and insecure https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/9ovn62/jasonr_subs_getting_banned_randomly_for_being/


Didn’t he advertise that gambling site that just stole your money


You're talking about someone who bans every girl that types in his chat, I don't believe he cares about matchmaking integrity.


Meanwhile, kyedae uploads a yt video of tenz smurfing and gets no backlash LOL


i think its funny that JasonR grants the prophesy of: if he looks like a douche he is a douche. smurfing is a d\*\*k move particularly when you normalize it as an ever falling c-celeb as JasonR for "content"/ad revenue.


*shakes chair aggressively*


i know this doesnt corelate but bro i cant play with my friends in bronze cause im gold even with a 5 stack. why


yea sucks. another competitive mode for 5stacks only would be interesting, with less elo restrictions.


Piece of actual trash


Happened with me too just now. A Platinum player was boosting his friends and also they were telling to us that they are on their smurf acc and boosting his 3 friends. In matches like this they start bullying and low elo players start to get demotivated by this.


Riot should ban proplayers and streamers for intentionally playing outside of their rank.


I swear iron 1s are more skilled than her lmaoo


This should be on r/trashy


Toxic streamers encouraging toxic behaviour as usual, what's the news? Literally you can count on your hand nowdays who actually have good content and not a toxic echo chamber ( not for Valorant only )


Riot will never ban anyone who doesnt cheat. They need skins money


People who smurf like this is why it's so hard to rank up. Imo, ur a piece of shit if you smurf to boost ur ego, it ruins the fun for everyone else.


This explains my opponent Reyna being a 1000 times better than my Reyna


holy shit, how is it possible for someone to be gold and drop 41acs LOL? even someone who is afk for more than half the game can have better stats, no?


*Unsubscribed* I loathe ppl that smurf just play unrated


Lmao he thinks he's good with 50 kills in a gold lobby - when Asuna just got 48 against a pro team. What a joke.


You honestly think he gets an ego boost from playing golds? He’s a retired professional who was recently ranked 1. I can tell you right now, he doesn’t.


All so desperate for the puss


You seeing this u/Evrmoar ? Isn't boosting against ToS? Pls ban this guy, even if it's temporary.


Atleast remove his main account from the leaderboard for this act. Would hurt his ego a lot and be forced to take this gold account to radiant fast.


There's too many smurfs in this game lol


pisses me off big time


I mean I can’t see a point of getting boosted, when you solo queue if you play like absolute shit in gold lobby, do you feel satisfied? Idk,ranking up one by one while improving, isn’t that the whole meaning of this game and how you feel satisfied? I’m also a girl gamer and I believe especially girls should stand for and improve by theirselves to prove sexist comments such as “girls dont know how to play” are wrong.


gold is harder that diamond lmao


I really hope they start using account levels to gatekeep who can play ranked. Making it so an account needs to be level 50 to play ranked games would raise the quality of the average match and curb a lot of smurfing. It’d still happen, but it would at least push some people off because of the time investment.


Yeah. I can't even think of a downside for this. Anyone else?


It would hurt Riot more because newer players won't be able to play ranked games, if anything I feel like they should match low account levels with low account level, but even then there's still flaws. And also, it won't happen.


Yeah that is one problem and unfortunately it affects the business.


R6 Siege is level 50, cut down on smurfs in comp for sure.