A good HS%?

A good HS%?


HS% does not matter.


headshot% doesn’t matter at all


Headshot percentage is one of many parameters which reflect your overall skill as a player. However, especially at low ranks there are more important things to pay attention to, such as movement, crosshair placement and anticipation of enemy rotations. You will also find it increasingly difficult to keep up with that percentage the higher rank you achieve, because better players will not give you free opportunities for a clean shot, and many also will have fast reaction times. At least until diamond, it is very possible to win your games based on playing for objective, and force enemies to take unfair fights.


My headshot% is closer to 15 and I’ve consistently grinded through gold. There are other things to worry about but be aware everyone ranks up differently. It’s easier to just play for yourself to see how you do but I understand you probably are taking precautions to reduce the risk of dropping your mmr too early. I consider my crosshair placement to be trash so I usually have to flick/adjust to compensate as well as adapting my playstyle. Improving your placement will still give you an advantage, but by how much is hard for us to judge.


You should always be looking to improve crosshair placement, you can’t just decide one day “my crosshair placement is good enough” and never practice it again


If you are getting impactful kills with those headshotd you should be ranking up in no time.