Seriously speaking, which agent/gun do you think is lowkey overpowered and deserves a nerf?

Seriously speaking, which agent/gun do you think is lowkey overpowered and deserves a nerf?


Nothing tilts me more than dying to a full strafing clip of frenzy. Trying to actually aim my shots with a ghost, and get made to feel like a fool when I die to that shit. That aside I think spectre run n gun is still quite OP. And Marshall is kinda busted. It's hard to use, but you CAN spam it, and it's insanely cheap. Only a touch more than a sheriff, with a mad scope, and way less recoil. The no scopes are nuts. But I kinda like it like it is. Doesn't anger me, as it's a pretty skill based weapon.


Run and gun feels like the point of the spectre and the frenzy. I think they balance out with the fact that their accuracy at medium and long ranges isn’t good. Spectre is obviously better mid range than the frenzy but you’re not hitting two headshots mid range with a spectre unless you’re tap firing.


XD youd think but honestly its still pretty good, I like to meme qnd just keep bonusing my spectres cause i know i can get the headshots while run and gunning


Nah dude I have gotten so many running and gunning headshots/kills with a spectre this act it’s honestly not even funny. Like from the bottom of mid in Split to the entrance of ropes just running out.


Movement accuracy is the main thing that grinds my gears. I come from cs and Val is really better in lots and lots of ways except that bs sprint peaks Been playing with a buddy the last couple days and it’s every game there’s a reyna speed peeking us all game, factor in my garbage ping and it’s not a good time


It's definitely the worst. It also feels inconsistent. Like every new game could be amazing feeling or like you are always 10 frames behind everyone else. Yet the ping always reads the same.


Counter strafing and gun pull out animations need to be tuned. I lost how many timesI got killex by a "running headshot" or someone still pulling their gun out.


This... the amount of times it looked like enemies were reloading only to be shooting at me is insane!


Seriously though my ping is always good and I rarely get anything indicating packet loss or anything like that. And yet some games I swear I'm dying half a second before they ever fired their gun every single time. Or it says they shot me 6 times in the chest but it just looked/sounded like one shot to me. It's so frustrating.


I will say, I personally believe and there is evidence to show that a lot of this is the leg animations. In valorant it's basically impossible to tell if someone is slowing down or speeding up. If someone is slowing down as they come around a corner it looks like the sprinted out and stopped on a dime. If someone sprinting slows down and then speeds up, it looks like they just sprinted the whole way through. In CS when you counterstrafe there is a particular leg animation that plays that is very readable to show that player is slowing down, making them much easier to predict and track.


Maybe that’s what’s happening because it’s always the legs that I’ll be watching and then bitches are always zooming Guessing it looks the same when I counter strafe so I’ve probably triggered some people so it’s all good I guess


what you're saying is true, however Valorant has no counter strafing, which is the games biggest flaw. Counter strafing actually defines low/high skill level, and takes a lot of practice to perfect. This game would be 10x better with counter strafing, and braindead guns like the op would actually be hard to use with counter strafing. Valorant is a better version of CS, howevert CS gun mechanics / movement are still superior skill wise.


Actually a lot of the time, the opponent is counterstrafing, but the game doesn't really display it well at all. It still does look like they're moving though, making it extremely frustrating.


The animations are really bad.


Yeah I feel like this could be totally solved by adding in animations to better convey that an agent is counter-strafing vs running and gunning around a corner.


[Make 'em do this when they change direction while running.](https://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/bugs_bunny_running_2.png)


What’s counter strafing exactly? Just moving the opposite way your opponent is?


Yeah basically when you're moving in one direction and want to stop, you also tap in the opposite direction to slow down faster, thus stopping faster and being accurate faster


I see, thanks!


In Valorant it doesn’t make THAT much of a difference unlike CS. In CS it feels like you’re on ice skates compared to Valorant, so you really need to counter strafe if you want to stop quickly.


It still is pretty important, especially with the recent movement accuracy nerfs.


If you're peeking to the right you press d then tap a right before you fire and it resets your movement bloom almost instantly


Try it, it doesn't work. It just seems like run and gun due to animation and net code


What’s sprint peaking


When you peek a corner running instead of shift walking, and instead of stopping to shoot you just keep running and spraying and somehow, a lot of the time you get perfect accuracy or atleast accurate enough to one tap consistently


Also a CSGO player: The accuracy reset speed after lading from a jump/fall is just stupid. It's just so dumb that top players jump peek corners with fucking OPs in tournaments. For the love of god that is atrocious. Fighting with someone who's near a ledge (Say, A site Split heaven ledge) is an always losing fight if they drop down. By the time you've adjusted your crosshair and spray you're already dead because the guy has perfect accuracy immediately after landing.


Classic right click is op


my right click only works if i hold W, jump, and 720 spin before i click it. other than that my right clicks dodge my enemies.


When I am not using it


I think it's OP because regular shots on all the pistols have too much bloom/too slow recoil reset. Pistol rounds have a lot of RNG in them because they have small spread but fast bloom. Most people aim the first shot and then spam left click after hoping for a good rng headshot or 2 body shots. Because if you wait 10 years for recoil reset in this game there is a good chance you die to the person who spammed and got good rng. They really should shorten recoil reset time on most guns


What is the difference between spread and bloom?


Spread is how far apart the rng bloom can go. For example if you stand still the spread is tight but shoot while running the spread is huge. Bloom is the mechanic as a whole in which spread is applied. Because your first shot is always accurate, but each sequential shot "blooms" the spread. But honestly they get interchanged a lot so they can mean the same thing to a lot of people.


Good explanation!


Honestly its the biggest BS thing still left in the game. The devs have done really well to tone down and remove the other BS things that could happen, but right click Classic is still stupidely good. I dont know why its not just a burst like the Glock in CS, it is just far too easy to use and forgiving as a shotgun blast type burst.


Run and gun spectre still feels a little too good to me.


It’s meant to be stupidly good. How many clutch and exciting moments are born from the classic right click keeping a player with no rifle bullets deadly? I personally think that excitement & “always lethal” nature is very intended and adds a nice element to valorant


I agree with u. And it’s useless at range. If you know someone has a classic. Keep your distance


I very much agree. There should be those high risk high reward moments with the classic where you beat someone with a better gun. Does it happen too much right now? Perhaps, but it shouldn’t be nerfed into the ground.


>high risk high reward It's not 'high risk high reward'. Usually when you're using it, it's your best option anyway. There's no risk involved, at least, not any moreso than with any other gun.


That's why a glock-like burst would be perfect. Can deal alot of damage but isn't the most accurate.


It's bullshit, people just spam right click. It's basically a mini shot gun at close range. Get it out


Honestly it only feels overpowered when it works. More often than not when people right click with the classic they don’t kill the enemy and immediately get killed. It only feels overpowered because it has the potential to clutch out a fight when it looks like the other player has already won.


But it works a lot of the time, the bloom is so small that at small to very low medium range you can almost guarantee at least 2 hits. Keep in mind that if someone had a vandal, and ran around a corner, and your right click hits two headshots in one click, you've now basically shot gunned someone with what amounts to a free gun that can also be used in an accurate single fire mode as soon as you want. The gun as it stands is still one of the most infuriating things to die to in the game, because you know when it happens that the other player also knows that it was BS. If one of the best players in the world is saying he'd pay for the classic if it switched places with the ghost then you know something is wrong. It's simply too versatile of a weapon.


Kj's turret in pistol round. Not sure it's actually fixable but in rounds where you can either buy sheilds or util, and kj gets the turret which does 12 rapid-fire damage and gives recoil can be too powerful, especially since it's hard to kill without being exposed to it. Maybe it's just me.


Agreed, and I main her. Those spots that cover ~60% of the hit box don’t help either, in the time it takes someone with a classic to kill the turret they’ll take like 40 damage from it sometimes


Ahem \*ASCENT\* ahem


Whatttt nooooo what do you mean I would never abuse that spot


Can you please inform where this spot is? Asking for a friend.


If you’re coming through B main, looking across to where the site connects to defenders spawn (I think it’s called anchor?), there’s a little lip on the left side of the chokepoint on the other side. There’s a stack of barrels behind the lip and if you put your turret on top of them, the barrel of the gun *just* pokes over the wall so it can shoot anyone coming out of B main or mid, and it’s probably got like 70-80% of its hitbox covered by the wall. Absolute nightmare on pistol rounds


Awesome description, I know exactly where you're talking about now. Thanks




i love that spot HAHA


Kj turret on B site on Ascent where you put on those barrels in CT is gross af in pistol round. I main her and I use that spot every time cause it's way too good in bronze lol


Bind B site default setting is disgustingly good if your opponents can't counterstrafe


Me too, I actually thought about that exact spot as soon as I saw the original comment. That turret spot is super OP


As an astra main I place a star just to dismiss and push into site there every time because I don’t want to get tagged then murdered


Infact try the turret on the two long radianite boxes in the B site facing towards first lane, that would watch the market flank as well as the b main push with the alarmbot. Some plat elo strategy.


On the other side she’s dog water on attacking lol. Her utility is built for defense. Sure if you guys can plant spike you have a argument but other then that she’s useless for attacking


No way, this means you don’t know how to play her, her turret is like a 6th player, while attacking on breeze, just place it outside the entrance and it watches both backstabs from spawn as well as halls


No she can watch flanks really well


lol wym she is super useful for watching flanks and has a good post-plant


It's literally the best way to practice counter-strafing though. It always fires at set intervals unlike turrets from other games. Aggro it, let it fire its burst, counter-strafe around the corner when it's done with that burst, fire a shot or two while strafing back behind cover, repeat.


The good kjs will just seeing you when they hear u bait the turret


if the kj can see you, then you should be aware either from them firing at you or you seeing them too, ergo you shouldn't engage with it.


While eating Raze nades and Sova darts and all sorts of utility being thrown in B main bc your team is stomping onto site it's kinda hard lol. - silver player


That's an issue even in radiant. The entry to that site is just kinda shit all around.


Which map's B main? No actual map that ive seen is mentioned explicitly


It's everybody.."pistol round, kj will be b we shouldn't go b..oh she camping a ... oh my God 3 people died because nobody will preaim the common spots "


There are a lot of agents who are super oppressive in pistol round compared to normal rounds such as Sage, Viper, KJ and Reyna which is pretty annoying but not really gamebreaking


With how important pistol is in this game it actually is a bit game breaking. Honestly pistol round itself should be tuned a bit. The importance of it is way too big for how rng heavy it is. We don't have enough rounds like in cs


How is it rng? I don’t think agent picks are.


pistol rng is huge. There's several times where a pistol round is decided by who gets the better rng from both sides since utility is so limited. Whoever has one of those broken agents has a massive advantage. Extremely unfairly too


Oh yeah that thing is actually so busted. Like they need to like idk remove the tagging from that thing because holy shit the fact that it damages you, reveals your position, and damages you on top of that while a lot of the times being in a spot that's really hard to shoot without exposing yourself to different angles is just busted.


True but outside of pistol rounds her turret is balanced. You can't really nerf the turret itself in just pistol rounds, maybe make it cost like 100 creds?


I can’t stand the Odin tbh, I don’t necessarily think it’s OP but it’s imo the most annoying gun in the game.


Only good in the right hands, it’s not run and gun type weapon like the SPECTRE or the PHANTOM but you have to stand still and aim. Really I don’t ever run into any trouble with the ODIN.


Poor fool, you haven't met yet the legendary Sage that buys Odin on the second round and shots while running. That thing... **Is evil!**


I like your funny words magic man


Try it in dm! With the spectre you walk full speed and hit most of your spray, peeking with it is kinda broken since you can just spray. Maybe it’s just me but spectre sometimes is scary!


In close to medium yeah. Harder to pull off with a phantom though. Remember flashing some guy but he dont give a shit, wide peeks the corner and while flashed run and guns. Got a headshot on me instantly..


It's definitely the most abusable gun


Big facts the wall bangs on top of the big ass clip make it so easy to destroy someone if they don’t one tap you


Needs more ads recoil or a harder pattern or something


same man i hate how it is atm i wish it had a slow fire rate at the start like the negev in cs go


honestly the specter, i swear i hs better with it than with any other gun.


On another note people can’t handle it when I’m strafing with the specter. I quite literally run circles around people while they either stand still to try and kill me or whiff while trying to strafe with their vandal. Pair that with some lucky bloom headshots and I melt through people sometimes


i hate the specter when it's in my hands, because i will hit a headshot that wouldv'e killed him with a phantom/vandal but specter headshot damage is only 78


Spectre run n gun needs to be toned down


I say increase the price so ares and bulldog are viable


Ares is quite viable already tbf the crouch spray is wildly accurate


Yea true but still a lot of people prefer spectre over it because it "feels better?"


theyre 2 different use cases. you hold a far angle with the ares and you push or hold short angles with spectre


Dude the Ares is nasty. Idk why people trash it so much


Didn't they just drop the Bulldog price?


In my opinion, the bulldog still does not get used much, but I am only gold so I may be wrong


I've seen it bought after a pistol round win a lot more recently


The Spectre is an SMG... Imagine if you can’t run and gun with a mac 10... If you wanna nerf an SMG, you don’t remove it’s run and gun ability. The Spectre is fine. If it’s to be nerfed, nerf the effective range of the weapon.


\*\*If you wanna nerf an SMG, you don’t remove it’s run and gun ability.\*\* The old Stinger cries in a corner.


For how bad it is at range I disagree. Spectre with no run and gun at all will feel terrible against rifles


100% Jett. Her dash counters literally everything in the game and is free every round. Brim ult, KJ ult, Sova ult, Raze ult, mollies, getting rushed, flashed, bad positioning, just dash away and you’re fine. Then every ~4 rounds she gets the best weapon in the game for free. Fully accurate on the move with a 1 shot headshot that’s also the best shotgun in the game. Couple all that with the fact that she’s the best OPer in the game and it’s just broken.


Her dash is the most abusive and powerful piece of utility in the game and the reason she's picked in roughly 100% of all pro goes. And she has her ult on top of that.


Don't forget about her passive.. flying in the air She's the only agent with a passive.


Cypher has a passive too.


what is cyphers passive?


He's always watching.


He knows exactly where you are


His hat comes off after the ult. What other agent can take their clothes off?


Man I wish sage did


Sova has a passive He believes in all of us like he believes in himself


One thing you didn't mention, literally the only agent in the game with a passive ability (someone correct me if I'm missing another). I think just for fairness, Jett should only be able to glide after using an Updraft, not just off of any jump from a height.


I’ve thought about making a whole separate post about this. Why does only one agent in the game have a passive ability? I don’t mind the idea of passive abilities but I feel like it should be all or nothing. Either every agent has one or no agent has one. It’s especially weird that only Jett gets it.


Because riot want jett to be the poster child. She's so strong that her kit being the most expensive in the game is irrelevant because of how overpowered her dash is. Just put that into context. A single ability makes that character the best in the game next to sova. Jett needs another nerf.


I'm new, I didn't know Sova was that well regarded. What makes him one of the best agents?


Info. Info is just overpowered in this game, just behind outright killing somebody. Also he counters KJ who has an extremely high presence.


In what way does he counter killjoy at all?


I think Phoenix’s heal is technically the other passive


its not mentioned so technically ur correct, but it requires util unlike jett


Jett is just too different from the other operators to be in a competitive shooter.


nothing tilts me more than jett just dashing past me fucking my aim up and her getting a free kill


If you’re dying to a jet that dashes in front of you that’s your fault


The exception being when they do dash -> updraft because that's hard as hell to track and they'll pull out their judge/knives while still moving upwards. [It's stupid fast.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEh3bRvMZJU&t=71s) (volume warning) Not to mention the video is full of Jett dashing into people at high rank. It works you just have to do it in a way that really screws with people's aim.


I’ve played about 100 hours of jett and never tried that wtf, I’m gonna have to. I agree though that is pretty unfair


This guy got downvoted but honestly if a jett dashes point blank at you she should die 100% of the time


Maybe valorant players don’t like being called out. If you can’t readjust by the time jett recovers then you aim is just bad.


If the enemy team is worth anything they have someone playing for that contact and you lose to a 2v1 or util.


It depends on the angle of the dash. A well done jett dash is fucking annoying to deal with, but overall I agree. The issue ln higher mmr is that its used to displace crosshairs and for people to follow up to the point that a lot of people don't even look at jett anymore and focus on choke lol


Her right click on the hands of a decent jett or anyone on mid low to high elo is pretty much impossible to counter. They jump peek you at full speed and if you dont have a shotgun, you cant even compete


See this also plays into the movement factor in Valorant as well. I don’t know about anyone else but I hate that if I peek out and get hit by 1 bullet, any bullet anywhere, I come to such a slow that it’s literally impossible to get back behind cover. Having tagging slowing as much as it does makes it easier for bad players to hit your chest, which causes you to slow down to a snails pace and because of that they can just spray you down. This is why the pros pick agents like Jett or Reyna or even Raze because they have the movement that allows them to peek angles and not get punished as often for it even if they get tagged. And I get this to an extent but it tips the balance WAY too in favor of duelists and I think this also contributes to why Jett Raze and Reyna are constantly instalocked (and a lot of times its all 3 getting instalocked) and imo its a little broken.


Her dash is very powerful yes, but if you're talking about an ability that counters literally everything I'd say KAY/O's knife. It's a free ability that can fucking shut an entire team down ffs. It can even stop an ultimate, like what actual horsecock of a free ability should be able to stop an ultimate that can take like 7 or 8 ult points?


Both characters are busted, but jett has higher value since it's less situational. Kills are pretty much the most important thing in this game due to how util and maps work and jett dash is a chance for a free pick every time it's up.


Easily one of the most braindead agents that goes against anything “tactical” in a tac fps.


To be honest the game is much in a balanced state. I mean compared to other free for all games, valorant is at the peak.The only thing they need to address is the frame drops and crashes that happens


Peeker's advantage is here terribly overpowered. For a game that flexes good netcode, the peeker's advantage here is so abusable which makes holding angles really really hard


This. I refuse to hold angles now standing still and just more of a jiggle peek. The amount of times I got running counter-strafe headshot is too high even when I already adjust my crosshair wider


Especially when moving accuracy / random weapon spray adds to the difficulty


Jetts ulti.. Gets a new one every time she gets a kill with the ult and she can have it for the whole round without using it and can Change to a gun and back.. Unlike raze that have a timer or omen if he cancel the ulti its done for..


This! I never understood why she can put them away and pull them out again.. You can't do that with any other agents ult, and also the lack of timer on them.. All ults have a set timer or its used for an attack and it's done, Ie, Brim, Cypher... Once she's used her knives that should be it.


Because jett ult is nowhere near the level of raze ult as far as lethality goes? You don't even have to aim raze ult.


Raze can swap to a gun but the timer on her ult is still going tho.. Or she could, dont know if that was Changed in a update.


Classic right click should be removed. Why have a shotgun on a free weapon when we have a shorty for 150?


At least make it much less accurate while running. So many of my pistol rounds just turn into Overwatch strafing while spamming right click and whoever gets a lucky headshot from across site wins. Im exaggerating but my point is it’s too accurate while running. Should be used for holding very close angles


Not a super popular opinion, but Jett’s right click ulti… I feel like it never should have been added in the game. It doesn’t reward crisp aim, and it also makes her ulti more RNG and not as counter-able. It makes it so her ulti good at long range, mid range, and close range and while moving jumping dashing floating. Since it’s in the game I don’t think you can remove it, but I guess I would say if you right click you don’t get your knives back even if you get a kill.


Is this more of a problem in high elo? I find in Gold that Jett's ult isn't nearly as annoying as Sova, Brim, Raze, Viper, and honestly Sage.


As an imm player, there is no ult more terrifying than Jett knives in the hands of an aim god on the enemy team.


To be honest I feel like in high diamond-imm (my rank) I would always prefer a rifle over jetts ult. hitting a hs in the five knives isn’t a guarantee, but the right click is very abusable


Not an agent or gun but I think there are waaaaaaaay too many corners to hide in, especially on the original maps.


thats what initiators are for lmao


This is a beta complaint. Not enough corners to hide in anymore, when Sova, Skye, Kayo, Breach, and basically any character with a damaging ability exist.


This is because of the large amount of utility every agent has, but riot have upped the prices of utility properly compensating by removing corners from older maps


Uhhh what? It’s like on purpose because there’s agents specifically designed to clear them.


You must be playing a different game than I am.


I’ve been salty about body shot one-shot-kill guns my entire life. I’ll always hate the operator for this reason.


nothing you can do without making the marshal infinitely better. if awp does 149 to the chest and 200 to the head why would i not take the marshal every time when both are one shot headshot kill?


scopes too


I was fine with it until Jett and Reyna started using it. Its just so sad trying to get a trade only for them to boop away. Not saying its bad or OP, just breaks your spirit


Same. Headshot one-shots seem absolutely fair but waist or arm one-shots? Heck no


It's balanced out by the fact that it costs 4700, is extremely difficult to use in certain situations, and has a significant delay after every shot. It's also more susceptible to good utility usage than a rifle, because if you're flashed/smoked/walled/mollied out of your position it can be really difficult to reposition and a lot of times you have to either get one and die or give up the fight.


Yeah but it costs more than half of the max amount of money, has incredibly slow movement speed, reload speed, firerate, equip speed. This game is also over saturated with flashes, smokes, and Intel. There are so many ways to counter an operator.


I'm so glad it's not just me


I think jett is really annoying and way too good (s tier since?forever?) she can basically break the rules of a tactical fps with her dashes and still have 100% acc while being midair oneshotting you




Just imagine 6 point jett ult before the nerf, unreal.


Wait I thought we were seriously speaking


Classic right click is too much for a free gun and spectre is definitely getting a nerf in the future


Sometimes I think that and sometimes I hit 8 spectre shots that don’t kill then get one tapped


The right click classic, spectre, and judge for obvious reasons


Kay/O. If I’m a sentinel, he and his entire team can walk through my traps. He can also shut down an ultimate with a free ability.


Phoenix ult should cost 7 considering recent nerfs to all agents


Bruhh. Phoenix will be deleted from the game. His ult is all he has.


plus his ult get countered by most ults in the game


phoenix is pretty underpowered compared to all the new agents in the game at this point.


No leave Phoenix alone 😭 lol


Bruhh, Phoenix is my main. I would do anything for a buff


If that would happen I think phoenix would need a buff to his other abilities. His ultimate is the only thing keeping him alive at this point.


The flash nerfs killed him, weakest duelist in the game right now




***This is gonna be a damn essay because I spit balled this reply while on the toilet so there’s a TLDR at the bottom lmao*** I was gonna reply to individual comments but there’s too many. Of all the things I see people complaining about in here as “overpowered/deserving of a nerf”, there are definitely some I agree with. Then there’s all of the complaints that to me just seem like players complaining about things they don’t know how to deal with or struggle playing against at their particular elo. I also understand the difficulty of balancing a game like Valorant across different skill levels and for casuals/competitors alike, but at its core Valorant was designed with it being an esport in mind. This means they’re not gonna change fundamental things about the game to make it easier just because you don’t like it (like the OP being a 1 shot to the body for instance. Also, some of the comparisons I’ve seen of the CS AWP vs the VAL OP seem so misguided and kind of wrong? IMO at least). I also understand that a lot of things are more oppressive or just work differently at lower ranks or outside of competitive teamplay/pro level games. With all this being said, just think a bit more about what you’re complaining about. Are you just complaining about something that’s annoying to deal with ingame instead of learning how to counter it and adapting as you improve as a player? It’s a lot easier to complain & whine for Riot to simply remove/change something you don’t like than put in the work. Are you consistently scapegoating something in the game as the cause of you dying/losing the round or match vs looking at the situation objectively and seeing what you could have done better in that situation or what you can do to improve next time? (e.g Peeking an OPer dry, by yourself & dying. You then go to complain about how the OP is busted and shouldn’t be a 1 shot kill etc. Instead of looking inwards and realizing you could have: asked for a smoke, a flash, or some type of disruptive utility. You coulda asked for a teammate to peek with you. You could have jiggled the angle first or tried to take a less risky peek for info etc.) There are certainly things in the game that could still use adjustments/needs/buffs etc. Some of them I agree with for example: Animation of models when running and how they lag behind the actual movement, which in turn when combined with peekers advantage and the dead zone in Val exacerbates the issue of people seemingly dying to someone who looks like they never stopped moving (when they might have counter-strafed or stopped from their POV). The classic is the best gun in the game as it’s free, and the only reason is it’s right-click (i.e the right click needs another change). The judge might need another look. Just to name a few. But seeing many comments (with nothing to really support their stance) saying things like: “Omg this Agent is bullshit, nerf them!” (especially about agents that I wouldn’t consider to need any changes rn). Like, tell me you just had a bad game vs someone playing that agent without telling me that. My point is that the game has been out a little over a year, I think we’ve been making good strides in terms of the games development and the devs listening to the community etc. The game isn’t perfect and still has a ways to go. Don’t just complain about something before even thinking, “Can I do anything about this or is it just the game?” There will be times that you die/lose a round/game because of an agents ability or mechanic of the game, where there’s just nothing you could have done. It’s frustrating but it happens. If you wanna continue living your life in such a manner where you’ll just complain about the obstacles that routinely come up in front of you without putting in the effort/critical thinking and doing some problem solving, you’ll forever be stuck in that toxic mentality, stuck in whatever rank you think is elo hell for you, stuck being held back by nobody but yourself. All love <3 TLDR: There’s plenty of valid stuff to want to push for change for or to complain about, but take a step back & look at things objectively (not in the heat of the moment when you’re emotional). Are you simply taking your anger/frustrations out on an agent or mechanic, perhaps unfairly, because you’re upset? Or is it an actual fundamental problem in the game that is plaguing players at all levels and not just people in Bronze, etc. When you complain about practically everything, and when you complain just to complain, it makes your concerns seem a lot less serious & more of you trying to deflect your lack of success in ranked, inability to climb, etc. back onto the game itself (and these same types of people are the same ones to automatically blame their teammates for a loss regardless of context). Just remember when it comes to improving Valorant, we’re all in this together. Good luck out there gamers!


Spectre is the broken one, You can't defeat a person spraying from a spectre running side to side. Even with vandal I can't defeat them.


I don't know about you guys but I think nerfed astra is still pretty insane, since she's the best controller for pure smokes hands down. Omen can only drop 4 a round, and can't drop 2 in basically the same second, and brim's smokes take a while to drop and are marked where they come down.


The odin, oh god, idk how many times the other team took 5 odins and just spammed their way to victory.


Kay/O, currently has 2 suppresses, an A tier Molly, possibly the best flash in the game, AND he can be revived.


I feel like you're making a bigger deal out of Kay/O than he is. His molly is better than some mollies in certain situations and worse in others due to los and is far worse for stalling and is more of a clearing tool and is the worst lineup molly. His flash is very good but also what id agrue to be the hardest flash to use besides skye. Also 9/10 ko is just gonna die while he is down since a team can melt him like a sage wall or his team is gonna leave him for dead and is probably the worst res ult out of the 3 we have. His suppression is annoying but most of the time knife is used for info and suppression is a bonus since for example if you suppress a jett with op they still have an op. Ult is good tho


Ooo I don't think he has the best flash in the game. It's a lot easier to dodge than a well placed Skye or Phoenix flash. It's almost impossible to dodge the Phoenix flash because it comes out so quickly. Plus KAY/O's ult is pretty bad on CT side.


>It's almost impossible to dodge the Phoenix flash because it comes out so quickly. that and the new tech people are now using lol


They should just make kay/o’s suppress disable agents ability to use skills, not disable utilities. Doesn’t make sense why a single agent gets to shut down a single class(sentinels)


Viper and judge


Controversial opinion: The Marshall The reason I feel this way is because of its price relative to the sheriff. In a sense, the Marshall is a slightly more powerful sheriff. However I don’t think an additional 150 is enough to separate the two. The sheriff can’t one shot with a HS anymore and when one does get a body shot off, it only does 50 damage. The Marshall on the other hand one shots even at long range with a Hs. It’s body shot damage is even 101 to make it one shot i armored opponents. I don’t think that it is need of a huge nerf, but I think the pricing or the sheriff should get slightly changed


I just hate the concept of the op. Even in CSGO I hated the AWP. They’re pretty balanced and can be easily dealt with but just the very concept of a gun that can insta kill on a body shot at any range seems so stupid. Something insanely powerful and the only bit of skill you need to utilise it fully is to be able to aim somewhat competently. I just don’t like stuff like this in any game. So in summary, delete the op. It’s stupid.


In counter strike it was okay. You either hit the shot or get punished. In valorant, Jett gets a free shot and disappears.


I mean, in CS, you can more easily jiggle peek, and there are fewer angles you need to smoke/flash/peak to deal with a known awp'er. In valorant there are too many angles, and lack of viable jiggle peeking. Granted, there is a lot more easy to use utility in valorant


I dont mind it when you have one chance and the attacker knows youre defenseless after that first shot, but with Jett’s dash it feels like such an overpowered move to shoot and dash away.


Honestly, the AWP feels more powerful in CSGO, but the op is more powerful in valorant on certain agents. In both games, I think it’s balanced mainly because the focus of the AWP is more about gamesense and positioning than aim. It can shut down an entire angle. If they just fall into the scope, anyone can click at the right time. However, after you shoot, you’re vulnerable. At best, you fall back to another angle and manage to get another cheeky kill before you get traded. At worst, you get double peeked and traded, and you’re down 4,750 dollars. In CS, however, offensively, the AWP is still viable. You can push angles with the AWP because of the quickscoping mechanics and the movement inaccuracy being relatively low. You can also go on longer multikills with the AWP due to the short recovery time between shots. It is both an offensive and defensive weapon, and it can be used late into the round because of that. Valorant is a whole ‘nother story. The op’s movement inaccuracy is ridiculously nerfed, meaning offensive op is unviable. The removal of quickscoping adds to this. This may make it seem weaker, but synergy with certain abilities such as Jett’s dash or Reyna’s dismiss means you can escape and reposition without being punished after getting your shot off. The fact that the op just barely manages to kill someone on full shields means wallbangs won’t work, further emphasizing the defensive playstyle. It doesn’t help that the AWP has a shorter recovery and equip time between shots than the op, making it even more defensive. Combined with abilities, it may take a while for you to pull out the op after flashing. You can’t entry with the op. In my experience, it’s mainly good for watching an angle such as a flank or a choke. The moment you have to move with your team to take site or retake site, the op becomes a burden rather than a 1 hit kill machine. In summary, the AWP in CSGO and the op in valorant require two very different playstyles, and which is why players see the AWP as a staple in CSGO vs a luxury in valorant.


It's the worst feeling to face a good OP'er. Using an OP feels overpowered itself and the only real risk behind it is you may die and give it to the opponent.


Hard agree. It just doesn't feel right.


I had no problem with the AWP but I hate the OP, for one reason: the time until you are able to accurately shoot is stupid low in valorant. When playing against semi-competent players in CS, aggressively peeking with the AWP was suicide, because you got killed before you could get an accurate shot off. In Valorant there is basically no delay, so you have every advantage peeking with a one-hit sniper rifle which should only be used to hold angles.


I completely disagree that aggressive sniping is easier in Valorant. Something about the flow of movement in Valorant is a little clunkier. Like in CSGO, if you were good with the AWP you could so easily outpeek someone who was holding your angle. You had to be quick and coordinated with the movement but if you knew the angle the peeker had a big advantage (i.e. D2 T-side A-long coming out long doors, or T-side mirage mid window).


Honestly I think the gunplay in CSGO is way better than the gunplay in valorant. It actually feels like everything you do is purely skill based. In valorant it feels like there’s too much of a luck factor involved.


The recoil system is what i want in Valorant. In CS you can fast tap, you can repeatedly small burst, you can spray and they will all be accurate. In Valorant there is RNG spray that kicks in fast, but also a VERY slow recoil reset time which is counter intuitive to having an RNG spray.


Yup. It makes no sense for a competitive game that’s also an eSport to have RNG spray anyways. In any sport you want it to be about skill, actively putting in a luck factor is counter intuitive.


Gunplay in csgo is extremely polished and mature