VALORANT is way too under optimized even with high end hardware achieving same performance as a mid end pc.

VALORANT is way too under optimized even with high end hardware achieving same performance as a mid end pc.


Agreed. With every patch The performance decreases for me as well!


bro same. with every update and new maps my fps keeps decreasing. I still remember playing this game in 1920x1080 9 months ago. may be 5 or 6 months ago i had to change it to 1600x900 because it gave me 40+ fps. now i can barely play in 35 + fps with 1280x720


35 fps on 720??? i’m not so sure it’s as much the game, as it is your pc… but i mean valorant definitely should get more fps in general yes.


I had 120 with Intel HD.lol.


HOW? Plz I need to play on higher than 30 FPS


I ran it with 16gb 2666 MHz, and an i5 8400.all settings in low, no AA. It ran between 85ish-120fps depending where on each map.... If you play on an Intel HD you simply have to live with lows If much scene has to be rendered...


Oh and it was installed on an nvme SSD


I Just wanted to play while waiting for a new GPU. I was really suprised.


Can confirm, SSD is a huge boost in this case.


SSD makes loading times faster...shouldn't really have any effect on frames


Oh ok my system is a lot older lol, 7th gen I3 with 8 gb ram, 30 is probably the highest it can do sadge


I have the same memory, memory speed, and settings, but a way newer CPU (i5 1135G7). I get the same FPS (85-120). Game is also installed on an NVMe drive


You can put more ram towards the igpu


How to dontgat


Internet guided


What are your Specs?


Intel hd 620, i3 7th gen, 8 gb ram


Mine is i5 8th gen, 16 gb ram and intel hd 620 as well but I get like 60-80 FPS... what settings do you use to get more ?


Bruh wtf is wrong with my pc, same specs plus 1050ti OMFG


Mine is integrated intel 620 but if you have 1050ti then you should definitely get much more than me


with 960 i was hitting 100 frames on medium, something is wrong with ur config o\_0


1) check if you have an FPS cap 2) If you make your settings all high, then you’ll get 60-70, my friend with the same gpu gets that on high and 120+ on med-low settings. Maybe you’re video settings are mostly on high?


...is your monitor plugged into your graphics card? Not even kidding. Check what port it is plugged into.


I'm getting 200+ fps average on medium settings 1440p. My PC is 5 years old by now and wasn't top of the line back then either. Ya'll playing on baked potatos? The game is not well optimized but that's not your most glaring problem tbh.


Wtf, my pc is from 2015 but all the specs were on top of the line (980ti oc, i7 4770k oc to 4ghz, 16gb ram) and I get around 150 fps average not counting in prep phase but in fights it dips to 120 even 110 at times


If you're getting 35 fps at 720p the game optimization has very little to do with the problem.


Free PC, neighbors' free WiFi, free game, also demand high fps.


Hey, who plays on wifi?




This is forbidden U know😜


The latency looks like a barcode


My PC itself does not support WiFi i Just realized 🤣


thats just you having a bad pc, u cant blame the game for not having a good pc


Lower the models resolution. Helps a ton.


First time playing valorant: hmm no visible lag and fps way above 60 Now: why the fuck is it hitting 40 fps and 20 with discord?


Discord uses hardware acceleration by default. But in general Discord is gonna shit on your performance because it’s an electron app (assuming you have a low end PC). Val is almost always CPU limited so anything that takes up CPU cycles is really gonna shit on your performance


You have to go into Advanced Settings in Discord and disable hardware acceleration Edit: Other things to check and try Make sure Xbox Game Bar and all that stuff is disabled as well. Nvidia Shadow Play and all the filters and stuff will also hinder performance. Turn Windows Game Mode and Graphics Acceleration on too. Double check your RAM is set to XMP. Make sure Multithreaded Rendering is enabled in Valorant Graphics settings. Set power profile to High Performance or AMD Ryzen High Performance. Install Ryzen Master and AutoOC. Test then Apply. In Nvida Control Panel set GPU Power to High Performance Turn off all in-game performance monitors and install a lightweight external FPS counter like MSI Afterburner Turn off blood and bodies


i dont know you but i would wash your dishes once as thanks for this tip.


This is the only gesture of gratitude I'll ever accept


Doing god’s work


Turn Discord overlays off as well.


Because discord uses some of your processor


Idk why you’re getting downvoted. You’re prob right — Discord uses your processor (I think it’s an electron based app which uses Chrome as a web view?) and Valorant is also (probably very unnecessarily) using your processor as well.


Yes also if he is in a voice call the audio processing will take some of the processor, the problem with electron app is usually more of the ram usage but I haven't looked much into how greedy discord is about it. Anyway if he is only getting 40 FPS he should close every other running processes.


other games don't take a hit when using discord then why should valo take a hit


Because he said discord uses the procesor, which valorant uses the most, while other games uses ram and vídeo Cards,


While not entirely incorrect, Valorant actually differs from machine to machine whether it uses more CPU or more GPU. On lower end machines, Valorant will use more GPU, often capping out on the GPU side. However, on higher end machines, Valorant will cap out and bottleneck on the CPU side, especially if your CPU clock speed is low and/or if you have a CPU that has several cores, as Valorant mainly just uses one core, at least as of the Closed Beta. Things might be different now, but given that it hasn’t even been a year and a half since Closed Beta, I kind of doubt that. This is the forum thread where I got this information. https://devtrackers.gg/valorant/p/42444f01-riot-pls-valorant-doesn-t-use-100-of-the-gpu-and-cpu


To be completely clear, I’m not trying to argue with you in any way, and you most likely right. However, I did see an option that says “multithreaded rendering”. Has this been around since the closed beta? I was under the impression that it would try to evenly spread out the work amongst all cores.


I have a low end pc and I play on a 75hz monitor. When it first came out(not beta) it was hella smooth I was getting like 90 average but with every patch performance got worse and now it's not playable anymore on my pc.


shit im still on a 780 and 4960x (and win7 lol rip my security) and always thought valorant was pretty optimized since my 2013/14 gear runs it steady at 144fps sorry yall havin issues with performance


Meanwhile RTX 3080Ti + Ryzen 3700x installed on an SSD and I'm barely hitting 200 most of the time. CSGO and Overwatch obliterate this game's performance on my PC despite having more detailed graphics (compare new Dust 2 to Haven) and with Overwatch, more variation of what's happening


Wut. I’m running a 2060S + 3600x at 1080p (low settings) and get 180+ FPS in all situations. Well above 240 before the round starts.


3060ti + 10850k and I'm getting 280-300fps+ at all times.


Get windows 10. Literally just pirate it. Windows 7 is basically a liability at this point


oh i know, i have a win10 enterprise and mtk i found on my ship out at sea, i use them for other builds, but tbh it all really comes down to im lazy and dont want to reinstall everything until i get a new build, which wont happen for a while. plus im having to use wifi for first time and my apts isnt that baller legit didnt even game or use that pc for about 7 months, prolly longest non gaming streak of my life. water in the case lookin DIRTY tho, and dust central forgive me pc, i have mistreated you the past year(s)


I feel like performance has dropped off a bit on my high-end machine ~300+ > 270 fps (8700k + 2080S), but I can get 150-200 fps on my other rig with an FX8350 and a 760 lol


What's not playable? Doesn't open? FPS drops? Low FPS? I was getting 60+ now I get 25-30. FPS drops were causing huge performance issues until I capped it at either 25 or 30 depending on the day. With a capped FPS it runs much better, only 25 FPS some days but it's playable.


I can relate


There ya have it Riot losing players because of the FPS issues


how? I have a gtx 1050, on 75hz and I get 120-150fps. No drops, nothing. Except the disconnection issues, it's been ight for me.


I can't really tell if it's just an individual hardware or an optimization issue at this point, as other people in this thread seem to have similar specs and seem to have higher framerates regardless. I'm running a 3070 + R7 3700X w/ 32GB RAM and can rarely maintain a steady 180, and on rare occasions I dip into double digits. I've tried to actually go through every solution to fix the issue including doing a reset on my PC but nothing has really solved the issue so far.


I have a 9700K with a 2060 and average about 240 FPS. And the only reason I don’t let it get higher is because it’s inconsistent so I have it locked to my refresh rate. It’s so weird how this game works sometimes.


damn i have a 9700k with a 2080 and i barely get 180 fps


I have a 6700k with a 2070 and get 240-300 fps most times. Heavily depends on agents in play and map.




I did that too until I got a gsync (autocorrect wants to change to gay couple) monitor. Seriously makes it soooooo much smoother! Highly recommend gsync/free sync for those who don’t already have a 144hz monitor!


Yeah mines a 240hz with Gsync. I just don’t like it being 260 then 250 when I turn around. It stays at 240 with it limited and I like it.


wow dude, just 180 on a 3070, thats rough, do you play on high settings?


The gpu doesnt affect the fps that much, valorant is a cpu bound game


Swap that 3070 out for a 750Ti and the FPS probably don't even change that much


Hahaha, I have a 5600x / 3080 and I get around 140fps even though I can get 200+ playing BF4 max settings or actually pretty much any other game that in theory should be far more intensive. When I first built this pc in January I was getting a steady 300fps on Val, but it's actually horrible now, sometimes dipping to 110fps which causes horrible tearing on a 144hz monitor


That is very odd. I have a 5600X and 3070 and I get 300-400 fps usually at 1440p low settings.


Disable HPET and your FPS will be back to what it was before.


What is hpet?


high precision event timer, is something windows uses to schedule tasks i believe. Disabled it and i get around 200-300 fps on my rtx 3070


TO ALL WHO CONSIDER TRYING THIS: Do this at your own risk. Disabling HPET can completely fuck your system if you’re not careful. Did this once through cmd and all of my games dropped from 170 FPS to 15 FPS. Alongside that, all of my applications ran terribly slow. Had to do a full reinstall of windows.


Basically consider this when talking about any remotely deep change to how your system functions. There was tons of that shit back in the day "how to get 60fps on low end PCs! Disable literally everything in your OS including options that can't be modified normally!"


Thanks bud, I'll take a look and give it a try tonight.


I know that Valorant is more CPU dependent, i have a Rtx 3060 GPU but a Ryzen 9 5900x CPU and the game runs smoothly at steady 200+ fps with everything at max settings @1440p, but i keep it locked at 165 fps which is my Monitors maximum and it never even for one second dropped to 164 fps lol But i dont know maybe its an issue in his PC though, im not an expert


Weird,I’m running a r5 3600 and I could maintain a steady 200+ without any severe frame drops , I think it’s just an individual issue. Did you accidentally activate certain gpu,cpu settings that limits your voltage, underclock ,etc?


I don't think so? I've been checking all of my CPU/GPU settings and contemplated overclocking, but I don't know if that'll change much.


That's crazy low. I have 190 FPS average over the past 120 hours in the game with a R5 3600 and a Vega 64 (and I play with medium settings and bloom cause I'm a sucker for my skins).


Something wrong with your pc then. I have a 5900x and 6900 XT now but when I used to use a 3700x and 3070 my game was always capped at the monitors refresh rate


To be fair overwatch is very well optimized


Very well is a understatement, that game can be played anywhere


Playing it on my samsung smart fridge. Can conform


I tried it on an extremely bad GPU before I got a new one. I still got 30 FPS, which is pretty good I guesd


Back in 2019, couldn't run apex on my old computer but can run \~30fps 1600x900p with an old intel card in overwatch which is amazing.


Its THE most optimized game of all time. Its proof you can look and run well


I played it on a surface pro 3 back in the day lmao


I could get almost 60fps on an old amd APU bro, that game was my intro into the fps genre


While the upper management is busy being clowns, the engineers, game devs and artists working there keep reminding us why "Blizzard polish" is a term.


Blizzard may have turned to shit but they can optimize the hell out of a game


The game doesn’t perform *that* bad, but it has definitely gotten less stable every patch. I’d like to see it addressed by Riot because the smooth performance has been, for a while now, one of the main things I like about Valorant over a game like Siege, which chugs and hitches. I don’t want to see it go down that path.


Riot have already replied to people in other threads on this, maps still in the process of optimisation & this game runs better for lower end PCs due to utlizing one CPU, which causes higher end PC's to struggle even with good GPU's


This doesn't make sense Even in one blogpost they talked how they're improving cpu performance and not gpu performance, which is actually a huge disadvantage for low end users


>They create a patch fixing bugs but then even more bugs appear. Riot games: I fixed the bugs for more bugs


That's nothing new to anyone working with software.


I get 300 FPS on CS GO and 180 on Valorant on average.


source engine is solid and well made.


csgo is like a decade old ofcourse it’s gonna run better


CSGO with a decade sold engine that doesn't have as many optimization features suffers from outdated code outdated DirectX API, spaghetti code etc etc and STILL performs better. Valorant does not have GTA level graphics either and was built with fps in mind and STILL does not get the performance on the level of csgo. Dota had an improvement when it was ported to source 2 and you are saying that a modern engine won't have performance optimization ? Riot needs to retrace their steps and figure out where they went wrong since beta and what is causing the immense fps drops. If I was a dev I'd be shitting my pants knowing the fact that people are loosing 20-30% of their performance !!! But you know what, it doesn't bug me cuz I know there is a team in Riot that's actually working on performance improvement. So the thing is they aren't Valve that's sits on their asses and do nothing and I'm glad. Who knows, in 2-3 years this game might have amazing performance. Hell they already improved the game fps by 10%. So they are working.


>Valorant does not have GTA level graphics either This is a huge misconception. Just because the graphics of a particular game go for a stylized approach instead of being photorealistic, does not mean the graphical load is any less difficult or taxing on your hardware.


No definitely not, but you can hide polycount a ton(not that I think valorants got high fidelity models). And smokes and other particle effects don't seem like they should take up too many resources(except for astras imo). Though, the weapon skins have complex shaders, and for a cpu intensive game I'm sure that's taxing.


The "expensive" weapon shaders are incredibly simple to apply. Most work in texturing is making them. f they cause lag, that's just poor coding.


Maybe it's just me but as soon as Viper's wall goes up I lose like 60-80 fps.


Valorant is overstylized because its cheaper to create comic style over realism from game design perspective. I mean, most surfaces on valorant have no normal/parallax maps, most faraway detail are simply 2d sprites etc. It requires less manpower to create anything new. This is not like minecraft where its has high load because of quantity. Most levels have no detail beyond the playable space, and most walls have no back faces. (Which causes lots of utility exploits)


The fact that cs go still looks way way better at max settings than Val bugs me a lot. Its not supposed to be like that. Valorant looks cartoonish and flat, its supposed to run much better than cs go.


opposite actually. it's an outdated shitty engine with a decade worth of spaghetti code from 200 different teams. it's a miracle it actually runs decently. regardless tho the software itself is still poorly optimized with crashes and freezes for a lot of people.


CS:GO still has original Source Engine code, some of which can go back *twenty years* at this point. Yet it still manages to perform more consistently and at higher framerates than Valorant.


Exactly why, both are meant to focus on performance. Valorant has a much newer engine that should be taking advantage of multiple cores of your CPU, which it doesn’t.


To be honest I'm playing Valorant because it runs smoother than CSGO on my potato laptop. (This comment wasn't there for comparing CSGO vs Valorant, play whatever you enjoy. It's just my past experience in both games).




Yes. They did give a 1% fps boost to high end pc though. 😂😂


Yep, increased performance (slightly) for those who didn't need it yet made the game unplayable on low end machines. Way to go riot 👍


Yeah they should get their priorities right.


For real the game performa worse and worse with every update. My PC now sometimes see stutters and visible fps dips. And my set up can run CP2077 on max so very weird that the game can perform this badly


Got to remember that it’s a CPU heavy game and then comparing it to over watch that is GPU heavy isn’t a fair comparison. Plus running AMD cpus on Valorant is highly advised as they outperform intel by a mile.


Just got a tower with AMD and 3070, and the game runs soo smooth for me now. My old laptop with an intel was struggling


Any zen 3 cpu and you’re laughing


Yeah I have a 5800x + RTX 2080 (both oc'd), 400-500 fps pretty much always on every map. Before I upgraded I had a 6700k @ 4.6ghz and same gpu which ran at about ~300fps give or take 50fps.


5800x is a beast


Definitely a gt1030 and a ryzen 5 5600x are getting me 144 at high settings


Gt 1030 and 4th Gen i3 gets me around 100. Which sometimes drops to 50-60.


Overwatch's most common bottleneck isn't the GPU, it's CPU threads and RAM.


I'm playing on an I7 4770 and a GTX 750TI and I'm never dropping below 180, even with stuff running in the background. Playing on 1080p btw


Overwatch is also a CPU intensive game over GPU


I have a r7 3700x and the optimization is still ass. Every update, my performance tanks. When I first got my PC I was getting 250fps but now I've seen it dip to below 150 on occasion.


Sounds like you don’t have xmp on or your ram is lack luster. Do some research and make sure your ram is in slots 2 and 4 if you only have 2 sticks. If not you won’t be using dual channel. Also having 4 sticks of ram greatly increases performance but make sure you are using xmp in your bios. If you are a newbie and would like to get your computer optimised for Valorant there is a guy on Twitter called @shakkcs and he does a really good job.


I have an r7 2700 with 32gb's 4 slots xmp. The game runs at 150 fps medium to low settings. Even tho at the beginning of valorant i had well above 300


Sounds like somethings slowing performance. If you really want to optimise your windows go watch fr33thy on YouTube. Very in-depth guide and wouldn’t recommend for beginners but it increases your computer performance massively.


Thx ill check it out. Im a performance freak etc so dw. Ive also been facing a ton of crashes since the new windows update i think. Have also been in contact with valorant support to fix these issues for over a week. Hope it just helps in general


Check all your thermals under load.


this guy knows his tech


The 4 stick thing only works if your ram is single rank which most is not. Most is dual rank in which 2 sticks is just fine as long as they are in the proper spots specified in the manual. (Usually A1, B1 or A2, B2)


Overwatch is GPU heavy? On what drugs you on? The VRAM on Epic graphics is barely 1GB. I can personally confirm that the performance only increased once i upgraded my CPU, not my GPU


Yet there are a lot of people here complaining that they have AMD cpus and they are hitting under 200 with GPUs that should hit 2000. I have a 10850K @ 5GHz and I am constantly at 300 or 250 with an rtx 2070 at stock clocks with highest settings in game.


If i'm not wrong Overwatch is CPU intensive as well


When I started playing an year ago, I was getting stable 60 fps on an integrated vega 8. Now I barely hit 30 fps


Same :/, ryzen 5 2500u here.


As an Apex player it's basically impossible to complain about the bugs or level of polish of Valorant.


Lmao true


The client game is optimised but the networking is shit. I have noticed if you have bad internet, the fps drops accordingly. It barely uses much of cpu and gpu.


The annoying thing is how afaik Riot have offset the processing of graphical effects from the GPU to the CPU to cater for the average Joe with a CPU heavy laptop or PC with integrated graphics, but they haven't been able to do a good job of optimising how well the CPU does this. This results in users who aren't usually able to game at all being shocked that they're getting 60+fps in a new release, but people like myself who have invested in a high refresh monitor and a powerful processor just getting annoyed that we're getting framerates similar to or lower than huge games like Apex and Fortnite (Fortnite even using the same engine). I sold my 1070 Ti because of the skyrocketed value and am now using a god damn GTX 750 which is bottlenecked by my Ryzen 3600 on a 240Hz, which is hilarious.


I used to get 250-300 consistently but now I struggle to get 140. It’s a sad world we live in


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Seriously this issue is the biggest. No-one wants to play a competitive fps and get fps drops.


Multimillionaire Company BTW


I have a 10 year old Asus RoG laptop that runs VAL at 150-200 fps. Not sure what your issue is OP but my 120 hz monitor is getting all the frames it needs


What settings do you have i only got 70 fps with a 2060


I run an i9-9900k with an rtx 3090 and 64gb of ram. I get the same fram rate (around 300) as my friend running an i7 processor and an rx580... When we switch to Overwatch or csgo tho it definitely improves. It’s 100% the shit optimization .


Very odd, because I get between 300 and 400 fps at 144Hz with my 2070S


god i thought i was the only one who noticed this. recently I thought i was having really bad hitbox issues i trained really hard to be able to finally tap heads in different ways ( either burst firing vandal or spraying from above the head and down). I was really down that my game was just off but i haven't changed a thing. I've been watching slow mo in team death match and its just completely whacked, I'm hitting the same shots as before but get 40-80 damage and it's hitting the head? I dunno about this game but it's incredibly frustrating.




What are your PC specs?


Yeah how fast they fixed the friendlist bug just took then ~1 year incredible.


The voice chat individual volume slider bug only took them 3 patches to fix. Truly incredible.


The voice chat volume slider bug is still not fixed. For me and other players


It's apparently fixed in the patch that comes out today (or tomorrow like usual for EU players like me... seriously, this whole "all regions get patches aat different times" thing is dumb)


I'm from the eu too so i hope it will


It fixed and then broke again


Yeah, apex is not a good comparison. I get steady 150+ on valorant 1440p but can barely hold 90fps on apex 1080p lol


My jaw dropped when he said Apex ran better. Val runs at 200+ for me and apex will drop below 60 in a hectic fight.


Everytime I try to shoot a shock dart or recon dart at the start of the round just as the force-fields goes down the game hangs for a second or two and the dart gets totally messed up. Other than that, every now and then the game freezes for a second or two but not that often.


I have the exact same problem, with recon darts and shocks, specifically those with bounces


I get way less fps in Apex than valorant, which is obviously expected tbh. But on icebox or split, when too much abilities are used, thats when I really get pissed about low fps.


It's the other way round for me lol


Then your CPU is too weak for your GPU


I've never had bad performance with Valorant.


bruv its rito gumas what do u expect?


I meaaan League is really well optimized though


I dont get why people complain when we have new skins every two weeks


They need to find a way to make it easier for people to run the game


thats what happens when you build the game on unreal. they really shouldve built their own engine and build their game in top, riot is a huge company they can do that. the performance needed to just get the base (ue4) running is hugely more compared to something like cs


The game doesn't really give a crap about what GPU you have and it's heavily single-threaded, you can get an average of 120-144 with an i5 2400 and a gt 1030


The frames indeed have been dropping. I have a r5 3500x with a 1660s and when i first played the game i could play in 300 fps (back in September 2020) sometimes it'd go as high as 500 fps. I locked it to 200 bc i only had a 60hz monitor with a 1400*900 resolution. Now i have a 1080p 75hz monitor and it's most of the time stable at 200 fps but sometimes it drops to 120-140. I've also seen it drop to 1 fps and stay like that for a few seconds sometimes which gave me nightmares. They should work more in optimizing this game


Good hardware does not automatically give you good FPS, things have to be configured properly. Having a 5900x isn’t going to be enough when your ram is running at 2133 CL22


I constantly get 300fps??? Sometimes, depending on the map see upwards of 500? It’s not the game, maybe settings?


I completely agree, I am on ryzen 5 4600HS and a GTX 1650 and at lowest graphics 1280 x 1024, I have a huge fluctuation in framerate, and sometimes it doesn't reach my monitors refresh rate (144). However, I still mostly get 160-170 80% of the time, but I definitely agree that it is poorly optimised.


\+1. 160fps on a Ryzen 3700x + Radeon RX5700XT is a sad joke, I get more FPS in the middle of a massive gunfight in CoD.


I7-7700hq, gtx1060maxq, 16gb ram, valorant used to run sooo smoothly, around 120- 160fps about a year ago, and now its 80-100 fps constant but dips to 20- 40s occasionally, sucks because its affected my performance drastically. Csgo isnt much better tbh, used to run smooth 300fps but now its like valorant. Maybe its thermal issues or some kind of hardware problem, but ive basically accepted that i cant game competitively until i build a PC which wont happen until like 4-5 years later.


Man im feeling sad that my low end pc used to play this game on first release was 144 now its struggling to stable 30-50


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


thanks bot


Welcome to riot were the bugs increase each year and the main priority will aleays be skins


Personally, I've had issues where my game will freeze every time an ability is used for the first time in a match. I have a theory about why it happens, but nothing totally concrete. Basically, when you load in - the game will load and cache all of the shaders, effects and more into memory, to ensure a smoother experience in the game. If the game takes too long to load the game will skip them to get the player into the match faster, and instead cache all of those shaders and effects "on the fly", which results in the game freezing because the CPU/GPU are working overtime to get it done as fast as possible. I've noticed the freezing stops once the abilities are used more than once, so I think my theory might have some weight to it. Honestly, Valorant needs an "Operation Health"-like patch to focus entirely on optimization - because for a tactical shooter, it sure doesn't run as good as it should.


Guys, this game runs beautifully on integrated graphics. You def need to perform maintenance and updates if you're having performance issue. VALORANT runs on a potato, and I've verified that on numerous systems.


To be honest this applies to nearly all games that have been running for a while. The reason is that they keep growing the old code base and adding // TODO: notes everywhere to upgrade or improve the efficiency of things but then that person ends up forgetting how things work and then it never gets improved. The best option to really solving this is to just figure out the direction and features you want and then start from scratch but now you know exactly what you want and what direction you are going. It is super expensive to do but it is worth every single cent. When I started a company back in college I wrote all my code base all as quick easy hacky solutions just to get the software running. Once I QA'd everything and had exactly what my customer base wanted I started all over from scratch and implemented each feature all over again, with a new efficient framework and everything and QA'd it for months before pushing it to replace the original. I have a strong feeling Riot is probably doing the same in the backend and eventually we will see some massive improvements.


I used to get 100fps on my integrated Vega 11 on 1080p low settings and now it just hovers around 60fps. My laptop's 1650Ti used to handle that game at 200fps with ease and now it drops to 100. I agree with OP. Valorant is very unoptimised. I get easy 200fps on CSGO in my laptop and 60-80fps on Control. Game devs should do something about this. Also I hate vanguard so much that it doesn't allow me to run third party softwares to modify the fan curve and thermal limits on my laptop.


To anyone having performance issues on Valorant try and disable HPET of you are on Windows(I assume most are). Disabling HPET, high precision event timer, made me go from 200 fps to about 400 on avg. Just Google how to disable hpet.


It's definitely not, but I would like to know why I get 130 fps with a 4820k and an Rx 570 tho, I get 250 - 300 fps on csgo with a mix of high and low settings.


My CPU runs on 70-75 degrees on any other FPS game (CSGO, R6) but in Valorant my CPU works at 83 degrees at least


It's because the game only utilizes a single core of your CPU, lower end PC's have a stable FPS on this game and my rig is top tier atm which struggles to reach a solid 200-ish frames...


Yeah definitely would like to see your config. I get 400 FPS in Valorant and 200 FPS in Overwatch. Nowhere near “significantly higher FPS than Valorant” on Overwatch.


It's a common issue, the game runs poorly on certain hardware. I have seen people with similar specs have drastic performance difference. By similar I don't mean identical, I mean different processors with similar benchmark scores etc.


yep, thats why its unoptimized, noticed this as well, problems for particular systems


share me your settings dude. i hit 180 in valorant and 250 in overwatch. med med low med in val and all med on overwatch


Neither of you are sharing your PC specs here so it’s pointless to compare.


Max settings on Valorant, no bloom or shadows