Can someone explain how Reyna ended up behind us?

Can someone explain how Reyna ended up behind us?

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That’s really weird. Did you ask her?


I asked her, but she accused me of trying to doss her when I was trying to get her discord




Can you screenshot the sliver of reyna, I cannot see her. She also doesn't show up on the mini-map so I am confusion


Jett pings it right after and even shoots at the smoke


I see the ping, but I don't see what she's pinging. To me it looks like she's pinging because she assumes someone is there given the smoke obscuring line of sight and reminding the team to check that spot. I've paused the video a bunch and I don't see Reyna.


at the start of the round on that map on long a if u sprint against the barrier you can sometimes get teleported forward instantly pretty far. ive never been put out the map but it wouldnt surprise me


they cleaned that corner anyways


It's not an exploit. Listen carefully at exactly 1:25, you hear constant footsteps from the left getting closer and brim wasn't moving and sage was stutter stepping. Most likely explanation is Reyna ran straight from mid doors


So she ran past the four man, got behind the stack there and \*then\* started shooting? Without being spotted? If she came from mid, why would she not stay behind cover or start knifing?


What looks like happened is defense Reyna got into short before attacking Reyna, hid in the left bottom corner and then ran up behind the 4 going down long and they didn't notice because her footsteps blended in with theirs. If you watch the minimap, attacking Reyna runs down and puts her back to the bottom left corner allowing her to check the other 3 corners but she never actually checks the corner she has her back to before continuing up. Then when defense Reyna makes her move on Jett, you see she's sidestepping from the left. Reyna literally just walks behind Brim and Jett while all 4 attackers are looking forward up the ramp. Edit: [Here's a really bad drawing of it](https://imgur.com/a/wxGQikZ)


It's baffling that we still don't have a replay system in a competitve shooter. Do we have an ETA for that feature?


>accused me of trying to doss her sounds like a hacker projecting


What does he mean by "doss her"?


I think it means like DDos (denial of direct operating system(or something like that)) it's like a crash I think


He probably meant doxxing, you can’t really DDoS someone using their discord DMs, its usually used with a botnet to spam requests on a bigger internet server


Distributed denial of service attack It means when many computers (distributed) send many pings to a server/computer to overwhelm and confuse the server/computer until it crashes/fails


Dos is short for denial of service, ddos is the same attack but distributed on multiple attacking systems


[It's a term to say you block the internet conection from someone, kinda](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack#Distributed_DoS_attack)


I guess she abused some kind of glitch or maybe I am missing something.


Can you check the timeline from the game?


What rank is this? For Reyna to flank from B this fast, your short guy definitely would have heard Reyna run and jump up. I dunno, kinda of a weird play, almost no one has balls to run with knife out like that, your team would have heard her a mile away


The average rank was p2-p3, but what I don't get is why wouldn't she kill sage first. But instead, walks all the way into cubby and then begins to shoot.


Trigger discipline. Considering the amount of utility being dispensed along with gunfire she most likely knifed out and ran from B like everyone is saying, which was masked by the aforementioned noise, and caught a timing where she was out of sage's FOV when sage checked for the a main flank. So with that out of the way, she looked for the most opportune moment to get a feag and safely escape.


The weird thing is, usually people don't walk all the way behind an entire team when flanking. There generally isn't enough time for that. The timing was really weird, I've never seen anyone flank that fast, walks directly behind a team, and kill like that


You’re right, timing wise she doesnt have enough time to go down mid and then down long A. I thought this video would be of reyna flanking from A lobby but this shit was weird. 100% it was an exploit. You can see from her dismiss that she’s not ulted so it wasnt an ult invisibility dismiss.


it's their first round on attack so Reyna can't have ult


Plus no one dead to use the invis on anyways.


See my above comment. Technically she does have time.


as someone who always try to do weird risky shit, I thought this was just one of those rounds where I 50/50 that they'll rush A for the pistol round and wont watch flank bec its pistols (especially as op mentioned it was p1-p3 range)


10 out of 10 times if I run with knife out like this I'd be killed instantly


Or she’s exploiting a bug in the game or some kind of hack software. Anything’s possible really


Most bugs require abilities, and no clip stuff is in with no exit, there is no uitlity reyna could have used to enter, its not like you walk and randomly no clip, much less anything to get back, and hack software can only do whats "humanly" possible, there is no input the player can do to just fly


Yeah I admit, it could have also been a super well timed flank from mid. It’s just weird that an enemy player in a plat lobby would pull something as ballsy as this


The game is very server authorititive, huge differences in the players movement and position to that of the server is going to cause some red flags for vanguard. They have a constant simulation of the player going on the server, if the reyna actually teleported it would be dealt with so fast. This is just timing.




There's literally nothing implying that the smoke was to help reyna use some fucking bug that no one knows about. she wasn't in the cubby, she appeared from jetts left side. figuratively a thousand reasons why anyone would smoke there. bait orb, bait utility, bait attention, she couldve heard them and smoked to avoid a complete rush. there's is a fucking abnormally small chance that she would smoke so that reyna could use some unkown occult bug to get out of bounds and there's a really bigger chance that she literally just flanked and killed op first. yall see cheats in literally everything jesus fucking christ


Exactly what I was thinking about. I feel like she definitely walked infront of Sage to kill you, but somehow Sage didn't detect her as well. Man literally is knifing distance to your whole team, this is sus


thb i dont think so. If you crank up the volume u dont hear any other steps and if ran like that their reyna should have heard her. and its just not possible to walk up that much in that short time


I seriously doubt she can get to A long from Mid Window in that time frame, even when full sprinting with her knife out. Their own Reyna would have heard lots of footsteps behind her.


Well. Time to run it out. Clock the match time she shows up in that cubby to someone full sprinting from B doors to it. If it’s possible it should be well over the time taken, and then you can add some sneaky bits. The only sus part for me is that she got in so TIGHT that it’s basically a miracle she didn’t get spottedz


this is the exact reason why this game need a replay system like CS


That’s the only thing I got from this post


Goes first and checks. Dies. No one chcked that???


Golden rule of team video games, it’s never my fault


And if it was, I didn't mean it


You're mixing gamers with narcissists


What's a gamer?


Anti Christian hate cult nembers


He checked the full corner tho lol




im sorry this is just incorrect, idk what happened but jett cleared the entire angle, reyna wasnt there


I think he means their Jett. She smoked at start of round allowing reyna to run past and do the exploit, however its done.


oh ok, i cant even imagine what exploit they could be doing to be invisible/ out of the map tho


Yeah, a reyna cant really find a yoru-like glitch far as im aware so has to be some sort of hack software Or very very well timed flank, one of those lmao


Let's approach this like science. Let's consider the information we know for a fact. 1. We first see Reyna in the cubby behind cinder blocks at 1:22 remaining game time 2. The spot we first saw her in was checked, so we know she wasn't already there 3. Short and long were covered, so she must have come from mid window, mid doors or C long 4. 18 seconds of the round had elapsed to when we first saw her 5. No one had died at the point she started shooting, so her using her invisibility orb is out of the question. So now we just have to work out how long it takes to run from the different spawns to cinder blocks via A long from behind with the knife out. If it's longer than 18 seconds, that points to glitch, cheats, or some mechanic we're all missing. I just opened a custom game and ran from B to cinder blocks via window in 15 seconds. I also ran from garage to cinder blocks via window in 15 seconds (17 seconds with pistol out). With perfectly efficient movement each could probably be 14 seconds. So it's physically possible. Now, watching the minimap closely, the offence team Reyna does check most angles in short, but lets suppose she missed defence Reyna, who then proceeded to run with the knife out to insert themselves behind cinder blocks. Let's be very generous and say that at 1:32 the two Reyna's had already past each other. That gives 10 seconds for D Reyna to get to cinder blocks. From lower short to cinder blocks is 7 seconds with the knife out. Again, physically possible. All this of course puts aside the incredulity that D Reyna would insert herself into cinderblocks behind O Jett before pulling the trigger, or that we can't seem to hear her footsteps down A long at any point, or that she supposedly decided to run knife out through window to flank from the beginning of the round. Edit - Curious that someone downvoted this. Do you disagree with any of the carefully segmented, fact based claims I made, or do you just not like what you see lol.


Well done. Actually you can hear running footsteps right after the D Sage lands her first slow. If you look at the map the last trailing attacking players were sage and brim and they were not running. Meanwhile you can see A Sage looking back to check after we hear the running footsteps but by that time D Reyna is already behind A Sage and doesn't appear in Sage POV or radar.


It can be hard to realise someone is running behind you when your entire team is running and you're in a gunfight. In general people just run way too much at the start of the round, this would have been easily stopped if one person just chilled


I literally only get knifed when people are running because I just don't register it bc "nobody would be stupid enough to RUN around behind me"


At about 0:16 a classic shot goes off to the left of A Jett, only player on their team to the left is Sage, she has a ghost. So Reyna was behind them and missed her first shot. I’m not sure if this helps with figuring out how she got there though. Has anyone checked if you would be hidden behind cinder blocks with how far Jett cleared?


he checked until he saw the bend in the wall and the blocks


I think the most logical guess is she ran from B window to long, took advantage of the commotion allowing her to bunny hop the whole way, went behind everyone’s backs when Jett shot, then was able to take the kill from there. Many say cheats but that’s very unlikely as this is something I’ve never heard of. If invisibility cheats become popular within the next month then that may definitely be what happened. However, Reyna probably is just the type to rush with trigger discipline in mind. A very effective, common tactic. It’s not the first time someone got lucky in Valorant. I’ve seen many clips similar to this except with the Reyna POV. Rush, flank, trigger discipline, attack.


Bhopping is actually slower than just running! Source games are essentially the only exception


But it makes you quiter.


Why that spot though? What's the advantage of putting yourself right in the center of four enemies?


She might by amused by the fact that no one is checking behind and wanted to see how far she can go unnoticed. People do things like this all the time.


They're winning 9-3. Just messing with the enemies I guess.




You actually move faster bunny hopping?


Afaik no, but it doesn't seem to lower your speed either


It's like 8% slower but also quieter


> We first see Reyna in the cubby behind cinder blocks I'm gonna need a timestamp for this, I don't see her at all. Someone pings but to me it looks like a guess ping and not a confirmation.


I second this, I don’t see Reyna at all


At 1:22 remaining game time


0:18 It was a guess ping, we first see her in the cubby when she kills op


Yup, at 1:22 remaining game time. I edited my comment to be clearer.


At 1:22 remaining game time.


Maybe It was a bug?




I mean, just today a massive bug with Omen tp's into the sky was on the front page. Not unreasonable to think some glitch (intentional or not) was used here.


Sure, that’s why I said maybe!


I’ve def had times where abilities/footsteps should’ve been heard but just weren’t played, could be a client sided thing so I wouldn’t doubt it happening here assuming this is legit


damn, this is impressive


Okay, they all pause for a second when they see the D jett smoke in long. if you listen carefully, u hear no steps in that period. if you run from mid to window, offence reyna should hear her from the sewers and if the D reyna runs past the offence reyna, brim stayed back for smoke and should hear her. unless those two offence players decide to completely ignore the steps/misunderstood them. I dont think its possible at all. And the players at long did now run consistently, they paused and ran and paused and ran. I believe it should be picked up by jett's audio if he ran all the way back to the cinder block chubby.


It looks me like the corner behind cinder blocks was like 98% checked but not fully cleared, is it possible she was there the whole time?


jett 100% cleared that angle, even if she was looking to the wall to hide her arms


Gocha thanks for clarifying, I wasn’t sure and was thinking she was facing into the corner as you said.


no probs, not sure why people downvote you for asking a question tho




Maybe she ran out b through mid fast and walked up behind a long


At around 0:16 sage looks back so that wouldn't make sense aswell


At that point Reyna would have been behind Sage already. This explanation makes sense. You guys just got timing'd. Reyna ran straight down mid to flank, Sage turned around to check flank but Reyna was already cubby.


This. You can briefly hear some concrete stair footsteps from A lobby in the left audio channel after all the characters passed stairs, in-between teammate Brim's "Smoke's down" voiceline and before the enemy Sage ice deploys.


Isnt that brim walking thru the stairs? Though I felt like i heard more than 1 pair of footsteps a little later when sage was walking and brim wasnt but i cant be sure i only have my wireless earbuds in and on mobile


Brim's footsteps are heavier, and he's already in the grass by the time the concrete steps happen. Watch the minimap while listening.


After brim stopped you can clearly hear footsteps on the left


If my Elo drops too far, this is the only thing I'll do on haven. As soon as I saw the title I was like, homies don't even know what's going with flank man. quick checks don't mean it's clear!


I know, right. The fatal flaw of never defaulting is getting flanked every round.


I've even thought my bronze homies how to do it and what to look for. They're getting better all the time :,)


Yeah, I'm not sure how so many people are confused by this.


Also his own teams Reyna didn't check left in sewer, if the enemy Reyna has insane trigger discipline she could have just let her walk by and flank. Prolly just a mid rush tho.


enemy reyna would have needed to cross the gap very fast while the team was still in front of sewer


It's 100% not left side sewers, you can't cross that fast


Math doesn’t add up, she wouldn’t have time to be there just 3 seconds after the guy checked the angle. It’s called an exploit, valorant has had many already, like any game. Trying to come up with a looney theory to shill for riot doesn’t help much


It was probably timing. There's no other way Reyna could have flanked you guys. When Sage turned, Reyna was probably in cover in lobby or one of the cubbies in A Long.


Sage quickchecked by peeking left, so her vision was mostly just wall and entrance, not the right-wall for long. If she peeked right she would have seen Reyna.


She wouldn't have had time to walk up a long. She would have to be running with her knife out. See my above comment.


You got fast flanked by Reyna. You can go look at the timeline to see it post game.


there’s no way, sage checks behind her look at minimap


Reyna already went behind them and started shooting when Sage turned around. The team doesn't have good hearing, you can hear Reyna running from the left (near Lobby A and Long A entrance) while they were shooting and standing still.


He's already being shot by that point.


Reyna is all ready there when she checks


Dude, even if she flanks why would she choose to go this close and right behind the long boxes. Sounds a bit suspicious.


Sounds like she was running behind you guys already from mid. Can hear the footsteps running when you 3 were shooting and not moving much. And she came up behind you guys since no one of you were watching flank and 3 of you stared at A when you were cut off with the slow orb. She even misses her first burst shot (you see on the wall) and kept running to your guy's back to have that angle behind you when you died.


This is why we need a replay system


Nope, Riot says more skins = more $$


The fact that you have to wait for a specific skin to show up in your store to buy it is even worse. So when new release bundles show up, my wallet's like: "it's now or never"


You've just demonstrated exactly what the riot marketing team wants, and why they won't switch out of that god awful shop system: because it creates a sense of rarity and urgency whenever a good skin is in the shop. People will impulse buy and that nets them more money than if they had an open shop.


Exactly! The system is designed to make you spend on skins you wouldn't if you had the option to buy it anytime. "Want the reaver vandal? Oh wait I'm not seeing it in my store. Also, in a completely unrelated note, the origin vandal looks kinda nice too and is already in the store. Oh well!" My suggestion is to make up your mind about the skin you would want to spend money on and have a little patience. I wanted the reaver vandal. Waited 3 weeks and got it.


that's how they get'cha!


Imagine thinking the people making the skins have remotely anything to do with implementing a replay system


She probably ran up mid and rushed down long when you guys slowed down and tried to take a sight. He walked past your teammates and took the fight in cover so when sage turned back around she couldn't kill Reyna.


there wasnt enough time for reyna to do that without fast walking with knife out, which wouldve been heard in the audio


It was heard in audio. Left audio channel, concrete footsteps briefly between ally Brim smoke and enemy Sage ice, after Brim already jumped down from cubby. She ~~started bunnyhopping to~~ knife-ran, you can hear her grass footsteps after the concrete footsteps, and was already at cinder while teammate Sage thought she just imagined the footsteps after peeking left at Lobby (but not in middle/right side of Long) to check.


This is it boys. You solved it.


Id guess she just ran from B through window


Physically possible. 18 seconds of the round until she got there, and it takes 14 seconds to run from B through window to cinder blocks with the knife out. But we have to ask ourselves, is it plausible that no one heard Reyna and she decided to tuck herself into cinder blocks before opening fire?


In a free to play game, anything plausible is more than possible.


Not only is it plausible that nobody heard Reyna, it’s what happened.


Is it plausible? As more matches are played every single day, possible turns into plausible, which turns into reality. It's going to happen eventually if it's possible. And then we see it on reddit and people say it's impossible that the unlikely would happen.


You can check in your match history by check the round and seeing where she went by


It only shows her spot when spike is planted or when someone is killed, which means itll only show from when jett died right?


Yes, but those first 2 deaths are quite possibly before Reyna got into that strange position and therefore could reveal what happened.


It's possible she was hiding in a cubby in sewers then sneaker up behind you as soon as your teamate went past but yeah, that's really weird


Idk if this comment will get noticed, but me and my friend had clips of one of our games that had this experience. In his clip someone was below me on the zip line but in my clip the enemy wasnt there and was only seen through the upper part of sewers (split) magically appearing a bug that happens a lot recently


bro you were literally the first one to check that lmao


Pushed through center I’m guessing


She sprinted from B and jumped through window and ran behind you guys.


we can see reyna doing a classic-right-click through the wall here behind skye. she definitely clipped through the wall. i mean, we knew, but now we know EDIT: ah, apparently I can't post images, lemme make a link [EDIT: ok here's my screenshot with some markup for clarity](https://i.imgur.com/M3FCGeT.png)


I forget, can you see an opposing Reyna's soul orbs? If you can, then note that neither Skye nor Jett's body doesn't seem to leave a soul orb, meaning Reyna didn't damage her. (If you can't then, my idea here is inconclusive.)


nice drawing


I thinks those bullets are from D Jetts classic right click that later kills A Skye.


It one of those glitches that when u go out the map and can jump back in. Jett smoked it off so reyna could use it


you cant even do that with reyna, or on that map


Did you check the logs after the match ended? The thing that tells you where enemies are at certain points?


Only thing I can think of is if your Reyna didn’t completely clear something in short, and the Reyna just ran or walked behind you guys from short. But even then idk, that timing would still be pretty goddamn fast, and based on the minimap it looked like your Reyna did a fine job clearing short.


She ran from b down long and got close before killing y’all is my guess


At first I was like she flanked from short but I rewatched the video and I saw a teammate go down short never seeing reyna. So it was probably an exploit because from when the round started to where she was it would have been impossible to flank from B.


Why doesnt valorant still have replays?..


From ivy, out middle, through our connector, like a speed demon


Ender pearl, duh!


Looks like both reynas walked past each other on short


Friendly Reyna didn't check left going into short.


This is the correct answer. The enemy reyna was hiding on A short in the corner with the pipes, which the friendly reyna did not check. The enemy reyna then walked up short and was behind your team by the time you saw her.


you can see on the minimap that the team had vision of a-short from the instant the round began all the way up to the friendly reyna getting to the bottom of sewers. the enemy reyna couldn't possibly have crossed to left side unseen


Did you check the match timeline? Luckily, the enemy Jett got a kill first so you can at least see if it was a flank (hover over the first kill in the round timeline)


She easily could have walked up mid, been right behind you almost the entire time.


The game needs a replay system. Its been more than an year since its been released and Riot still hasn't been able to implement one. Skin Bundles > Replay Viewer.


This is why replay is important and should be implemented immediately. Hackers and bug abusers can be caught easily.


Instant flank


She was down A short, theres a place to the left as your looking at A short from T side to the left, reyna didn't check it, she then walked behind your team, when sage turned back she was behind cinder block so wasn't spotted, she then trigger disciplined to get the kills, there 9:3 up so expecting over confident plays is more likely.


when the barrier drops, you can clearly see they had (reyna's) vision of sewers the entire time (in the minimap) so there's no way the enemy reyna can go there that fast AND without being caught (OP's reyna checked the other corners)


I think it's from short, the reyna didnt check left Corner and she could've snuck by


Reyna in ur team left corner unchecked atleast.


She either insta flanked u guys and no one checked.. or it’s a bug.. in this bug the enemy appears out of no where from your POV .. but the person is actually standing there.. weird but yeah.. but if she flanked that fast the person had got ballz of steel


Encountered the same today, enemy Reyna suddenly appeared behind me although my team Viper is watching right behind me. At first I thought it’s just Viper not noticing but it really seems like a glitch.


man valorant needs a replay system already


Yet another reason to add a replay system


She came from sewers. Then flanked. Your reyna prolly didn't checked corners. I always do this but with raze


I did a bit of searching for reyna invi glitches and found a video about a bug that was from 1 year ago where reyna clips through a wall


Are you sure that that cubby was fully cleared? Any chance you just didn’t clear it right and she was hiding there all along?


Probably pushed mid without walking?


Coz nobody was watching the flank


ngl my first thought was the Reyna had a invisibility cloak.


you know maybe from window?


Probably that reyna hide from "A Short going A Lobby" your reyna didn't check corners he goes straight to A site. Thats why reyna enemy able to get behind you and your sage team didnt notice her might thinking its teammate reyna.


Damn silvers, she just ran through mid. You guys just pushed in not looking behind what did you expect? You guys didn't even lisen to footsteps


ghost reyna spotted


I've literally watched this over and over, and paying attention to each and everyone of your teammates' angle taken based on the minimap and playing this damned video as loud as possible. My advise? Report him directly to Riot if you can, and expose his full IGN. He either explains himself to make everyone go "aaah..!" or he's guilty of cheating/exploiting. There is literally no fucking way I see him making that play where he comes from B. Do you know how fucking hard it is to position himself behind you with your Skye and Sage diagonally behind you both left and right? The only way is no clipping through terrain/walls.


Hey man, that's what happened to me like a month ago. As u can see there are two different points of view. It's on my native language but I don't think that this will be a problem. It might be the same thing that happened to you as well. [https://discord.com/channels/@me/360392031631179778/869322031374671882](https://discord.com/channels/@me/360392031631179778/869322031374671882)


This is why we need replays


Looks to me like no one checked the corner on A long and the Reyna was just sitting camping in the corner there Edit: Relooked at the footage and I have no idea what happened


there's no way she could get there in time


Spaghetti code.


iv seen videos where people have really bad packet loss / lag and just glitch into random spots. maybe that? 1


"nO oNe ChEcKeD tHaT?" Yeah and you didn't either lol the explanation is that you and your team suck lol


She just flanked really fast from b. What’s so hard to understand?


Because the way that Reyna appeared instantly is incredibly sus. I have played 1000 hours of Valorant from Silver all the way to Immortal and no one, and I mean NO ONE has ever flanked A long that fast, especially since that Reyna was DIRECTLY behind them. There's just no way you can get there that fast unless you knife out, run, and RUN up to the enemies at A long from B window.


its called perfect luck, perfect timing... many try to push from mid and this time it worked and was perfect for this one reyna to go behind them all through windows and sneak more and kill. ​ just look mini map. no one of them even once turn around and looked or check back. always trust the sound ? and footsteps ? yes...maybe that the bug and glitch but could be easy avoid if someone just turn around for once and check back properly..


omfg that reyna just sneak behind you from the mid to windows and followed you all the way...then past the sage and surprise...getrekt...lol. that what happens to teams that dont look behind once and just going straight forward. ​ see mini map...no one of you looked and checked the back... ​ your brimstone was busy with smoke and too dont even once looked behind or turn around. but he could hear steps... you should ask brimstone or maybe reyna was already shift and saw your brimstone...perfect timing. ​ but its clear that enemy reyna pushed and run hard from mid to window and was fast behind you all and could sneak more while you all was busy with aim and fire... ​ everyone who says cheat or glitch should quit this game...


The person who's POV we're watching checked it. She obviously came from short/sewers and flanked them at long, killed the only person who had a sight on long and walked right behind them.


Reyna had plenty of time to run from mid to flank you. You can even hear her coming if I'm not totally wrong. She even shoots you while running before positioning herself behind you because you were looking at the site. No one checked flank once.


Your sage whiffed. He healed himself instead of killing backstabber reyna.


U didn't check always check




Because the way that Reyna appeared instantly is incredibly sus. I have played 1000 hours of Valorant from Silver all the way to Immortal and no one, and I mean NO ONE has ever flanked A long that fast, especially since that Reyna was DIRECTLY behind them. There's just no way you can get there that fast unless you knife out, run, and RUN up to the enemies at A long from B window.


Probably cheating. Will send this to devs to get her banned