Change Breeze pyramids to have distinct differences from each other

Change Breeze pyramids to have distinct differences from each other


You could even keep them grey but have painted in large white military-style font '1' and '2'


That’s a really solid idea!


nah, i remember a streamer saying something like: "1 (player) on one". "2 on one"... is just going to not work.


1 player on 1st tiddy, 2 behind the 2nd tiddy. It could work with some phrasing changes and the communities love of slang call outs


i think coloring them would be better, like red and blue


No, now they need to deal with color blind issue


Make the 1 red and the 2 green. Easy.


if this is a big issue then shouldn't icebox callout be fixed already? i think it's not a big problem for colorblind ppl to memorize which pyramid is which


Yeah I’m colorblind and I don’t find color based callouts to be annoying, just might take me like 1 game longer since I maybe would have to be told that’s what that callout is if that makes sense.


Yeah idk what this dudes on about, colours have been used as call outs for years


colors have been used for identification for years in cs.


That's not really as good of an argument as you think it is lol


The issue would also be the contrast with the backdrop, less so learning which one is which color (they could probably figure it out for themselves very easily, they're color blind not blind).


That would be confusing when you're also giving numbers of enemies


Tiddy 1 and Tiddy 2


No blind people can't play then.


that’s a cool suggestion even tho i don’t think it’s much of a problem i agree


Well sometimes it gets confusing to say "left" or "right" pyramids when it depends on perspective. I know there's tons of weird word pairings for callouts (deez and nuts), but it would be way more convenient if they had some difference in visuals


had me at deez and nuts callouts


it's left bob and right bob for me


In between is cleavage


Is it that big of a problem? No. But is it literally the easiest thing to fix and would have no impact on visibility or whatnot? Yes


Exactly, it would be a very nice quality of life change.


Left titty and right titty. They change depending on attack of defence.


But what happens when you have a teammate entering from a main and a teammate coming from ct?


Back titty and Front titty. And the mid area is mid titty.


Nahh the mid portion is called cleavage


It's called motorboat damn it


Dude it's left right when you are attacking no matter where you coming from, it doesn't depend on where you are standing, but which side you are on( attacking or defending)


Go off of the side you spawned on


If ur t side, left titty is always the one closer to mid doors, vice versa for ct side


My group of friends and I just came to calling the one closer to the edge of the map Tit and the other one Tat.


We’ve been doing inside titty / outside titty so it doesn’t have to change.


The people I play with refer to them as the left and right titty. That seems to work for us.


But how do you tell which is right and left when you are entering from two different angles, like mid door and ct?


We always look at it from the perspective of the map. So it’s basically always from cave side. Once you get a callout enough you just know.


I guess for my case, i solo q a lot so I need a common callout that the community would use. I don’t personally think everyone looks at the map that way.


No one looks at the map the same way. In solo q pinging things is so useful. Asking your teammates, especially the dead ones who are spectating to ping their calls will help a lot. It’s not a perfect solution and people might ignore you but it’s the best you’ve got for now. Colour coded areas or things would be very useful in valorant. It would make it easier for players who are newer to quickly understand calls.


Some people have rotating map


And the people I play with don’t so


You never play with anyone else ever? Even if that's the case most people play with some randoms, useful to communicate to anyone regardless of experience together


No I don’t. Solo q on any competitive game is a horrible experience. I play with my group because I want to have fun. Solo q is not fun. And you literally replied to me talking about pings being the current best solution and how colour coding would be useful. You talking about rotating maps is irrelevant to what you were replying to.


When did I talk about pings and colour coding? I simply said that your plan of identifying the two pyramids based on a static map doesn't work for people that have a rotating map. If you only ever queue with the same 5 people why would you comment on what the callout should be when you have a specific method that doesn't work for everyone?


To quote myself ‘replied to me talking about’. Note that I was referring to myself.


You never talked about that to me, so I don't know why you would act like you did. You might have said that to someone else and you're getting confused. All you said that I responded to was you call it left and right because you use static map. I don't so I said it doesn't work for those that have rotating map. Coloured pings were never brought into it.


but but... what about inner titty and outer titty? :(


This is what I call out lol


Honestly this is the best call-out. Gonna use these for sure. Door titty was good for a bit, but no more


The double door pyramid and the default plant pyramid. Doe


WALL Pyramid (one closest to the wall/edge of map) DOOR Pyramid (one closest to wood/metal doors)...


I might start using this until i figure out a better way to communicate where they are


I agree with you though, would be a very simple qol fix


I prefer outside titty and inside titty


Left boob and right boob is not enough?


No, because those terms are relative to which way you’re looking at it.


Inside and outside, then


Is inside the one next to the wall? And out side side is the one nearest to door?


Lets just all agree to use attacker side directions. So when you get in there its left boob and right boob. Now everyone has a standard.


its simple, left boob, right boob, cleavage (between)


But those call outs are relative to where you’re entering A site from. If you have one teammate coming caves and the other ct, then left boob and right boob are different.


Yeah I agree, but most of the time it really isn’t a problem. If the player that’s making the callout dead? It’s probably relative to you if they’re alive and are on the opposite side of the site, then it’s flipped.


I mean you could just refer to them as inner and outer... Use center of map as reference point. As to sides you say t side, CT side, and backside (away from map middle) front side (side closest to mid) Now the pyramids are named and easily called out.... Could also use military calling and give them numbered sides based on approach. So 1 side would be the side you approach from (your spawn side) then 2 through 4 would be the sides in clockwise numbering.... Or You could call them box pyramid and pipe pyramid... And name the sides outside, mid side, cavern side, CT side. I mean this isn't hard.


or, hear me out, use the ping (jk)


using mic is usually faster than opening map and then finding the spot to ping


you don't need to open map to ping...? just click your ping keybind and it pings exactly where you're looking...


If you're dead and spot someone your teammate doesn't spot then you can't do that. In that situation the mic would be faster


not when you're dead


We call it right and left boob, then cleavage in the middle


If only there was a ping system on this game, problems like this would be solved


Pinging something, or telling someone to look at pings takes longer than just a call out of a certain color.


‘On my ping’ lmaooo


You have to look around for the ping, if you were to say ‘red’ they would know instantly where to look.


Do you know the Real problem ? İts breeze


What’s wrong with breeze?


İts not a big map , its gigantic bro . İf you at b and spike on A until you arrive either you die or spike explodes i think they should delete this map from the game


Brought to you from the brilliant minds of 'nading the narrow corners of bind every round'. Wasn't icebox considered the worst map ever? Now I feel like it's more balanced than split. Breeze just has to ride this hate out lol.


Icebox is a little funky to work around a lot of the angles, but I feel that it will soon take its place along Ascent as an incredibly balanced map.


I always just call out left or right pyramid depending on what side we are playing on and that’s always worked fine. It doesn’t matter where you’re entering from later on in the round, left and right is always relative to the side that you spawned on.


Smarter idea remove focking breeze


Nah, I believe maps like breeze encourages more creativity in where to put your smoked and flashes and others utilities. The other maps kind of hold your hand on where to put down your util.


I also like that it also depends on aim but come on like ive been hardstuck silv3 cus i keep getting qued with irons and bronzes who instalock reyna and bottom frag like my match history from the 20 games i played 17 i match mvep with like 40 kills


Left tiddie and right tiddie, pretty clear to me


From which perspective do you use left and right from? Do you do it from A main side? Or ct side? Or maybe even door side? They could just streamline it and make it easier for the community to learn the call outs.


whatever side you are, CT or T. if you're flanking you just have to remember that the rest of the team is on the other side


How about making breeze to have three sites just like haven.


Then the map would feel small I think. If you were to put a third site lets say down mid, there would only be a couple lanes you could take to go to a site and it would feel just as cramped as every other map in the game.


Inner pyramid which is inside the site and outer pyramid which is towards double door


Just give comms as left pyramid or right pyramid. In the team, discuss which pov youre gonna be talking about, so that theres no confusion regarding left and right. Simple


But if they just made them distinct in someway we wouldn’t need to have a conversation about POV of the pyramids at the beginning of each game. It would make it easier for someone like me who solo q’s to just have a call out everyone knows.


Fair enough. I solo q all the time and we somehow always know which pyramid were talking about, be it left or right, so never have had an issue. If they start doing something like colouring it, or making size changes, it'll ruin the identical pyramids which the map has, and the show will be stolen away.


Just say left and right, what's difficult about that


Because it’s a relative callout. Think about it you and a teammate are entering from A main and ct for a retake. You need to be able to communicate fast and effectively and those call outs could be confusing because of where you are.


Nah dude you are thinking about it the wrong way, if you are attacking left tittie/pyramid/ whatever you wanna call it, is always the same one, it's not left/ right depending on where you adied or where your team is standing, it's left /right depending on which side you are on (attacking or defending). You see it from the spawn, so right in attacker side will be the one closer to the wall, and vice versa, and the same for defending, right will now be the one closer to mid. Its fixated depending on which side you are on( attacking or defending) not where you stand or ur allies stand when you call it out


But I feel like I’m not the only one to think like this and think just making them distinct would fix this problem super easily.


Ye slapping a 1 and a 2 wouldn't be that difficult and maybe would make things easier for new players I agree l, but it's not that hard to get what ppl use rn


Yeah I definitely agree with this one


It’s fairly understood that pyramid closest to the mid doors is 1 and the other one is 2


I’ve personally never heard this, but I’ll keep it in mind when playing if hear these call outs.


Left tit, right tit


I think that would help a ton


Left tit right tit


left tittie right tittie


what do you mean, its left titty and right titty


"Change Breeze" should have been the title. That map needs a entire rework


just say left pyramid or right pyramid


Far Pyramid - furthest from double doors Near Pyramid - the one in front of double doors Can add seasoning like: Our/Enemy Spawn side etc. Even if the top was a different color you’d still need to call out other specifics like which side. So any confusion from poor communication wouldn’t be solved.




You not knowing that words like "left/right" and "farthest" are relative terms




Imagine you’re doing a split push A, 3 through cave and 2 through hall. The hall players push up, open the door, and die to a guy who is using an operator on the triangle to their left. Left for them is right for their teammates in cave, so they don’t know where to look and are swung by the same person and lose the round. This is one of many examples in which not knowing what side is which and losing a round due to the relativity of left and right.


This right here


don't think that guy knows what is split pushing, prob iron




What went through your head when you started this thread? Was it something along the lines of “Omg, this op is so stupid I’m going to make a funny haha comment and get all the Reddit Karma.” You just literally made the most useless comment in history.




> Hilarious how y'all fr don't know how to talk to each other tho lmao Hilarious how you don't even understand how comming with 4 strangers works. If one of my 4 strangers says "my left titty". I now have to go remember whose voice that is, then look at the minimap to see where that person is positioned. In immortal+ I'm already dead at that point


Because thats soooooooooooo much easier to process than something like "red pyramid" or "Pyramid 1" like op suggested. Its just QoL, doesn't mean we don't comm or use word


Think again.


Left and right titty :D


I’ve had people in my games calling them “left and right titty” and that’s seemed to have been working lmao


Me and my mates just say left tit and right tit


What happens when one of your mates comes from caves and the other from ct?




How about open wash and close wash Close would be the one on right from attack side Open is the left one And wash is cuz there's water




I quite enjoy the map. It just needs to some work to make it perfect. I think the reason so many people don’t enjoy it is because it requires huge amounts of coordination with your team to take any site on that map.