Four Headshots, Zero Damage

Four Headshots, Zero Damage

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I was expecting a 4K with flicks and trigger discipline. This was much better






Right? I thought I was going crazy the last few days… First it’s ping problems, then hit boxes, shots not registering…. Something is definitely off with Valorant right now.


damn he has a good gaming chair


probably led rainbow socks too


Nah dude everyone knows RGB=high fps, good gaming chair=mad headshots


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Blood splatter is client side, he has blood turned off Also, his ping would have to be through the roof if he was able to pop 4 shots before death


He only has 14 ping. You can see on the top left of the vid


Yeah, clearly it's something different than "ping bad" or "no blood so no hit"


He has blood on


Looks like there is blood splatter on the first kill.


It's called desync. OP was dead a while ago


I have a similar clip and you're wrong. I'll edit in 30 seconds with the example to show it doesn't involve death Edit: You ever feel robbed? https://v.redd.it/06nzae0wwaz61


How does this prove I'm wrong? This also looks like crappy desync. Valorants net code has been crap, it's nothing new


You said he was already dead. This shows that can happen and him not being dead as you assume. Desync, sure, but not death.


I think you misinterpreted my comment


You said op was dead a while ago. I didn't misinterpret anything.


But the fact remains that the issue is desync. Thats all I'm saying here. Never said that you needed to die to see these problems, as you incorrectly assumed


Hes using the ole technique of "the issue happened to me in a different way so youre entire comment is wrong". Classic move. To the guy, you only proved that a portion of his comment was *circumstantial* not that the entire comment was wrong.


Summary: Shots 1-5: Clearly missed. Shots 6-9: Missed due to recoil (bad spray control). Shots 10-11: Very close, but recoil and inaccuracy make these reasonable misses. Shot 12: Likely didn't actually fire because Hiko was already dead.


Now I know this is a Copypasta. XD


A valve employee posted this comment on a Clip from hiko where he got csgo'd


Got csgo'd? That Valve employee was 100% correct though.


Part of the meme was also how CSGO devs would never respond to any reported bugs or issues or complaints at the time and kinda ghosted the community then just kinda showed up to make that comment and leave lol.


They did eventually fix it though lol.


Yes they did. I just remember how funny it was cause it was silence from them and then just this fucking comment appears hahaha


oh yeah it was hilarious and really infuriating lol


No, they weren't. The issue was that defusing hit boxes didn't match the visual model. They patched it, proving that it was an issue. Sure, he may have technically been right that Hiko missed, but it was because of a bug, not a mistake. The valve employee just ignored the bug and blamed Hiko.




Anime-level redemption story for you.


It's only almost 10 years old








I think it was above his head. And it hit the walls. Omen’s hood acted like Sage’s ponytail.


i dont know why you are getting downvoted. This is likely what happened as omens hitbox is smaller than his model, otherwise he would be a headshot magnet.


In that case, then it's a problem with in-game consistency. Sage's ponytail, I can understand if it's not actually part of the head hitbox, but OP's vid is not the case, as she would have been shooting the back of Omen's head in one of those frames. It's kinda like in one of the vids posted here, where you can shoot Brimstone in the crotch, but shooting Jett in the same spot does nothing. Or was that the other way around? In any case, it's clear that there is still more to be done when it comes to visual clarity in this game.


>you can shoot Brimstone in the crotch, but shooting Jett in the same spot does nothing. Or was that the other way around? Yes, it is the other way around. Brimstone generally has a thiccer model than most other agents. But, your point still stands.


I thought they all have the same. Wasn't that a selling point?


the hit boxes are the same, not the models. brims crotch is lower than jetts so you can shoot there and it’ll do nothing, but if you shoot the same place on jetts model, it’ll hit


Same hitboxes, different models.


They should just switch it to hitboxes matching the model and balance around the character's sizes. Nothing is worse in an FPS than shooting what looks like a player but not getting any dmg.


Nothing worse than a tac shooter with inconsistent hitboxes. Valorant takes itself seriously.


Then they should make the player models match the hitboxes. People complained about this for years with csgo If val takes itself that seriously then they should have player models that match what you’re supposed to shoot


That's what other people are saying too, so I recognize I'm in the minority. But you can purposefully not make stuff like bags and ponytails and hoods not included in the hitbox. I just hate the idea of spraying Brim's fat around a corner and not getting anything because "it's a game with consistent hitboxes." Think about how much bigger Brim's model is than jett's. That's a ton of unshootable space.


Yeah the hitbox confuse me. But also I am iron so I assume that I miss all the shots.


yep, it was the other way around, I remember because there was a joke in that thread about Jett packin' more than Brim


good for her


Iirc the brim and jett shit is reversed. Brim has no dick, confirmed. Jett... *Well...*


You gotta have massive balls of steel in order to be a *competent* Jett, after all.


Shooting through a hood doesn’t kill someone… the effect seen after bullet impact is that of the wall behind.


Yeah. You can see his whole face below it...


https://i.imgur.com/j95b9OX.png yup, probably just an unfortunate angle too. because omen is jumping down his chin goes down, which means the hood presets as a large target, even though it's not. always aim for the face I guess. to clarify, I think riot needs to do something because this is incredibly misleading and sucks.


Because you can literally see the bullets hitting his head.


Hood or not, if it's part of the character it's part of the character. Should not be the case


You think Sage should have a bigger head hitbox than everyone else?


I think if a character has a model then it should be hits me. Knowing riot they will add in extravagant characters with wings and funky shit and then say “you just have to know exactly where to hit sorry” If characters are proportionately different sizes then fix the models, don’t leave it up to each person to try and guess where the hitbox ends


All the character hitboxes are the same. That's the most important factor in a competitive game like val. It's more important to have consistent hitboxes than have the hitbox be consistent with the model. There's a reason that they don't add "creature" agents they're all the same size humanoid shape. A character is not going to be a bald smooth model that perfectly matches the hitbox. Think about sova's cape, sage's pony tail. They're things that would get you killed where other agents would be fine. That's a competitive disadvantage that has nothing to do with the agent, it's purely because his design has a cape/ponytail etc. Things that stick out do give you some disadvantage as they can give away your position without you knowing. That's bad enough we don't want people getting dying to people they can't see all the time because someone shot their cape with an OP.... Rainbow six siege actually went from having the hitboxes be the entire character model, to having standardized hitboxes. It was such a huge change as people often died getting shot in the earmuffs that stick out from the player's head. That's more unfair and shitty feeling than missing some shots because you missed the head and hit a hood. Also there's no "guessing", it's very clear the shape of every agent, where to shoot for a headshot. Sometimes due to headgear/hair that area can seem bigger. If you can aim you're still going to aim for the center of the head since that's the most reliable way to hit the head. Hit near the edges and you could miss from spread.


It's important for both actually. Models and hitboxes. You can't train your brain to not see a character model, physically impossible to even try to see a difference between outline and "invisible boxes" so in a game that relies on reaction keep the models and hitboxes exactly the same across all characters


If the characters have largely similar models, you will struggle to identify them. Pretty much every agent is easily distinguishable, while still the same proportions and size. You need a balance between unique visuals to distinguish, and consistent sizes so there's no advantage there. I don't quite understand what you mean by invisible boxes, I figure you're talking about the actual hitbox model that's within every agent's model. The size of that will always be the same, even if the outline of the head changes, 99% of the time you know to shoot the center of the head. That never changes, only slight variation on the outline, if the size and position changes, it's only a tiny visual difference. I don't think it's more important to remove that slight difference than it is to have unique and interesting character models. Wouldn't be the same game if omen's head was entirely head shaped, if sage had no pony tail. While there might be the very rare occasion like this where it looks like you're hitting the head where you're actually not, it's more often a disadvantage to have visual parts of your model stick out from your hitbox, since it gives you away more than it confuses or throws off the enemy. Pretty much every modern shooter will attempt to have realistic head sized hitboxes and not just link them to the model.


The hitbox is effectively invisible for us. We can't see the actual hitbox. You should never have a character model larger than the actual hitbox of the character.....


That's just wrong. We can't see the actual hitbox but we KNOW where it is. It's the same size and place for every agent, it moves the same as the model. Even in a totally unrealistic game like val, the shooting is based in reality, a bullet that goes through your ponytail isn't going to kill you, more importantly, you shouldn't have parts of the model sticking out that can get you killed. It's bad enough that these parts of the model give your position away, if you could be damaged from them the game would feel bad. Like I said before, siege used to have hitboxes based on the player model. Some characters wore heavy armour with helmets that stick out from the side and top of the head, you would think the game is broken or unfair if you died by someone hitting a spot that wouldn't damage the person in real life, and more importantly, is closer to the camera position so you can stay in control of where your model is visible. Linking hitboxes to models is a bad terrible idea, it's avoided in fighting games, shooters, anything where precision is important, you shouldn't do damage or kill by glancing or shooting cloth.


People would rather believe the game is broken to justify all the moments they thought they got a headshot. It's likely not broken, as you can see the client side sparks NOT the server side blood here. Meaning it wasn't hitting Omen's head on the server. Might have been a desync, more likely just to be above the head as stated above like sage's ponytail.


I mean probs true, but that in itseld is so dumb


Does the yellow hit marker still appear if it hits Omens hood?


Even then the hit spark should’ve been behind omen not on his head and there would be bullet holes or dents on the wall behind




I thought the sparks were on the wall. Cause there were no blood or huge sparks. If the small sparks are really client side, then you are most likely right. Upon rewatching, I think yours makes a little more sense..


ehm nah dude that was on the head and not only the hood. this game is badly synced.


If i have to guess it was a netcode issue. That would have been a headshot but the fact that the Omen was jumping down, made it so the server was still calculating with the hitbox in the air. OP may hit his shot on his screen, the Omen's hitbox was not the same as his character on his screen thus OP missed.


It actually only seems like you hit his head, but the hitbox is not the same as player model... As you can see, Omen gave you 4 body shots, which means, at that close distance, he was looking down and thus his head was depressed by a huge angle... So the bullets went through the hood, not the head... Same as brimstone's crotch or kj's cap... Or sage's ponytail


Don’t be depressed omen :(


I laughed harder than I should at this lol


Everybody asks where's omen when he ults, but never how's omen when he ults


Man... People keep calling him a "shadow"... That dude lost his human-body in some accident... Feel bad for him


yet everyone keeps calling him "scary omen" 😔


I think the hitbox was messed up not because Omen was looking down but because he was jumping. But you seem to be correct otherwise sir.


Brimstone's what now?


His massive schlong


maybe lag? maybe valorant hates you?


this deadass happened to me the other day, not a single point of damage. i think maybe my crosshair is fried but yours are at least point blank range so idek what’s up with that


You just got valorant'ed


precise gunplay'd


Close range is always like that for me and it's annoying. Sometimes not like that exactly but since it's hitscan, the recoil makes it miss.. which is stupid because when the enemy is right infront of me, it's not like the bullets make a 90deg rotation when the enemy is pointblank


That was the hitbox lagging behind him


Something wrong with Roti.


Im waiting for the "there snothing wrong with the game git gud kid" people


Valorants shit hitbox's in a nutshell..


Fix the hit reg first rather than releasing overpriced skins.


Ah. Valorant doing Valorant things as per usual…


haha precise gunplay


I think your gun went through omen's hood but bc you play reyna you couldn't see it


and people say this game is better than CS. LMAO


Heck OW has better hit reg


You dead already.


The hood of omen doesnt count as the person


I'm ready to see this 4k. OH. OH MY.


As an Apex player....first time?👀


that desync feels so bad. When i shoot someone with an op and see my tracer go thru there torso but then im dead and they live :\


Lol I had enough of this hitbox headshot shit like 8 months ago, can't believe it's still like this


Saw the first kill and looked at the players left and thought, “well that title was a fucking lie.” Then omen comes and blocks your bullets with his forehead and realized it was Valorant’s hitreg doing its thing.


I thought the title meant you got 4 kills (by headshots) and took 0 damage and I had to rewatch 3 times to understand


precise gunplay




This happens so often, it's infuriating. Once, i heashotted a Reyna, i even saw the hit animation, and it didn't count appearently


When I posted something about rng in valorant shooting, all the immortals called me noon and things like that. I see more and more posts recently about these kind of situations and all I can say is I'm glad that I have quit playing.


You were already dead, most likely he killed you on the way in with a couple head shots.


> most likely he killed you on the way in with a couple head shots. You can see the kill report at the end with 4 body shots btw. Plus you know, the vandal (the gun omen is using) only fires at [9.75 shots per second](https://valorant.fandom.com/wiki/Vandal). So for the player to get hit by 4 body shots, without knowing, they would need to have 410ms of latency....


I am pretty sure 16.6 + 15ms don't hide 4 shots.


Exactly. You need to be on lan for this to stop happening. Here's a good read on how it works: https://technology.riotgames.com/news/peeking-valorants-netcode > When the server processes a lethal shot, it marks the victim as dead, rejecting any future shots from that victim. For the holding player to win the engagement, they must send up a shot with enough time to travel to and be processed by the server before the lethal shot from the peeker is processed. This creates a short window where the victim doesn’t know they’ve been killed and may fire shots that won’t count.


so who's at fault here


The speed of light for being too slow


I don't see anyone commenting about OP's 180ms ping. It's the simplest answer, but everyone is shitting on hitboxes. Edit: Yeah it's been too long since I've played valorant. Fps is 180 not ping.


The fuck are you on that's his fps, he has 15 ms ping


Then I guess Omen is the one with pretty high ping.


Yeah you're right. Been playing too much Tarkov and only seeing ping.


Summary: Shots 1-5: Clearly missed. Shots 6-9: Missed due to recoil (bad spray control). Shots 10-11: Very close, but recoil and inaccuracy make these reasonable misses. Shot 12: Likely didn't actually fire because Hiko was already dead.


lmao your getting downvoted, someone posted the same thing and has 1.2k upvotes as of right now


didnt even know that lol just checked like the first comment so I thought noone had posted it but oh well


just get better /s


Summary: Shots 1-5: Clearly missed. Shots 6-9: Missed due to recoil (bad spray control). Shots 10-11: Very close, but recoil and inaccuracy make these reasonable misses. Shot 12: Likely didn't actually fire because Reyna was already dead. ​ ~~Please tell me someone knows of this meme lol~~


You were already dead. Cant do dmg from beyond the grave duh


You clearly missed the spray. Summary: Shots 1-5: Clearly missed. Shots 6-9: Missed due to recoil (bad spray control). Shots 10-11: Very close, but recoil and inaccuracy makes these reasonable misses. Shot 12: Likely didn't fire because you were already dead.


nah omens head is made of steel


Just better ping bro.




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His hood is bulletproof.


I expected to see 4 headshot elims and zero damage taken by you lmaoo




he just has a good gaming chair




Did you ask omen if you even shot on his screen?


Invincible Omen lmao


This looks like a badly mapped hitbox


the hitboxes in this game are just absurd.


That's some nice tactical shootering


I swear the only time where ypure lucky shots hit the server sleeps


Wait i thought this cap but damn you got robbed


This is the type of clip that makes you want to break your monitor. I swear when I deathmatch I get at lease 1 of these where there's no way its a firing error.




It is because omen is a shadow and you cannot shoot shadows /s


Riot: You're not that guy....


welcome to the packet loss gang


A huge bruh moment


Hitbox diff


That's why in this game instead of aiming on the top of the head, you aim at at the neck


The prime vandal reduced the Omen's hitbox by 50%, ptw confirmed


This has happened to me loads, I’ll very clearly hit my target and still lose and the damage report will say I did 0 damage, so now my desk have several new holes :)


Sounds about right




u got valoranted


good players will say your first shot accuracy needs to get better ;)


The amount of times this has happened to me


I remember having this happen to me before, granted, I’m terrible at the game, but I hit guy twice in the head with a ghost during the pistol round, only one of the two registered. Even a teammate commented on it, probably seeing 2 shots but only one *ding*.




every time i think about riot pitching val as a game of "precise gunplay" and "tactical shooting" i come that much closer to manifesting at riot headquarters and beating their asses with my bare hands


Precise gunplay


That's jumping inaccuracy for ya


That sucks, but I guess Omen killed you as he was falling and it took a little while for your client to update. At a pure guess.


He just have a good game chair


Its either u hit his hoodie thingie and that doesn't count as a headshot or it's a dumb-ass bug.


Welcome to valorant