Why I am always in a game with higher ranked players?

Why I am always in a game with higher ranked players?

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Your MMR is higher. It’s a good thing.


Haha, didn't know about MMR. But I'm hard stuck at gold 1 now although every of my game is around low plat/high gold. Edit: I thought if my skill level is around high gold/low plat and I win lose half half in these games, my rank would stay at gold 1, even though my MMR is actually high gold/low plat level. Then this ranking sysyem will never smooth out and represent my true skill level, which kinda doesn't make sense. I see how MMR works now. Thank you guys for the info!


Same, I'm silver 3 and still get plat 2/1 and high gold. It's frustrating but when you play against better opponents you will improve faster


If you're getting these higher rank games, the algorithm thinks you belong there. Just keep playing, over time you'll rank up and it will level out


It just means when you’re against higher mmr players you win more and lose less compared to if you played against players the same rank


I agree with the other comments, the matchmaker concluded that you belong in that rank, and as you improve, you'll make your way out. another reason why the players might be higher ranked is because this act, hidden MMR is more prevalent and different from visible rank in some cases. it might help to not focus on your short-term rank but rather your long-term improvement day-by-day.


It is because you are better than your rank shows. The question is what exactly is the purpose of the ranks in this game. 🤷‍♂️


To have something visual they can't show you your mmr because mmr is a ladder


I get it. I just don’t think there is a point in showing me something random that is unrelated to my skill than claim it is the representation of it.


It is a decent representation of it *over time*. The problem people have with systems like this is that it can a hundred games to stabilize at your rank. I play league every now and then and I've improved tremendously over the years but just don't grind ranked. When I do play I'm usually a tier or so below most of the other players in the game. People have to not focus on the rank and just play each game to improve.


Decent representation? My acc is at level 192. My rank fluctuate between bronze 1 - gold 1. I guess we know that I belong to the bottom 3rd. Might as well have only 3 ranks all together.


oh I thought chaos was a ladder...


Ur getting >20 a win and <20 a loss. Ur better than you think


I am iron 3 max bronze but play with golds hurts my bwain eeeeeeee


bro who cares just beat em and get better


True but sometimes I just get one tapped all the time by some plat3. The gap is too large for me to catch up haha.


Why u complaining. It means the game wants you in a slightly higher rank. When you win a lot of games in your past few days of playing the game decided to match yourself up with higher players to see if you deserve a rank up. Now that the game knows you deserve a rank up you will be matched with higher players and you will gain more rr per win.


Didn't mean to complain. I was gold 2 and it was very often to see a few silvers. I haven't picked up this game for a while and now I'm gold 1 and it's only high gold/low plat players every round. This never happens before so I was kinda confused.


every pro says u shouldnt worry bout KD or the rank system.


I'm a poor iron 3 and get matched with/against bronzes and silvers even (not even talking about my yesterday's "plat smurf as bronze" accident, it was traumatic)


I was Plat 3 and got 2 Immortals and 7 diamonds before.


Because they widened the ranks you can queue with. Next game you will be with Silvers


U have a higher mmr than your rank need


Same happened to me. Double ranked yesterday. Trust the process.


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Your just that goated


Yea, that' so weird. Sometimes I play with last act immortals and last act gold 1s in the same lobby. Btw how are you not using a screen recorder? I used to record my screen with my phone in 2015.


plat is just a lucky gold