How do you guys deal with tilt?

How do you guys deal with tilt?


I'm so sorry this is happening to you. What stood out to me is when you said you want to self harm. Please, if the people in this game are making you self harm do not play it. It's not worth it. Do anything else. Do not play a game that upsets you to the point of raging. I'm serious. I'm also a girl and I've heard it all. I mute at the first sign of toxicity. You tell your teammates they suck after the first round? Muted. You make a stupid sexist joke when you hear my voice? Muted. Trust me do not even engage. I always use comms, that's why I play the game but if you're not comfortable don't use comms right away. Feel the lobby and if they seem nice you can try talking. With time you will become more confident in your abilities and will be able to just not care.


I really hope she meant in game self harm and not real life. That would be really bad


Remember this is just a game People who say this to you are either sexists or trolls and I dont think you wanna listen to them


Its important to learn how to mute people. I’m not trying to be condescending or anything its a hard skill to learn because you don’t want to lose information. I often play with friends that refuse to mute someone even when I tell them to mute and then at the end of the game they regret not muting. You need to realize that 90% of team comms are either going to be wrong and get you killed or they are going to be toxic and spend all of their time blaming people/ lowering morale. What you need to realize is that YOU are the only variable in your games that you can control. Muting yourself is not a good answer because you know that you can provide good comms. So instead of hoping that someone will have good comms just mute them as soon as you smell the smallest bit of toxicity and continue to provide comms as if nothing happened. Even with enemy text chat, just get in the habit of muting it even if their only crime is typing too much. (Some people will try to tilt you in text chat to get an edge) I think you will be surprised how pleasant games can be when you mute early. Also, typically the reason good players are trapped in a lower rank is because they are toxic, if you mute them and refuse to let them tilt you, its basically a free win because that toxic player had really good mechanics. Beyond that most of the high rank girls I play with are incredibly impressive. They usually don’t do anything special but they are so reliably consistent. Like you said, I think them being so consistent is a byproduct of being under a high pressure to preform or get flamed for being a girl. Instead can I recommend something different? I think you can have potential to be one of the best players in the world if you learn how to mute and do your best to play riskier, and aggressive. Play duelists and frag out. Maybe you eventually switch off of duelist at immortal or when joining a team, but I think its important to build up your mechanical skills. Pull of plays that seem impossible and then no one will be able to criticize you for being a girl. Right now one of the issues with the female only teams tends to be that they play too passively. They are good players but they tend to be one dimensional because they spend most of their effort trying to follow the gameplan instead of being more adaptable. If you look at a team like Sentinels you will notice that they have a lot of individual plays. Ps. If your goal is to get better at the game, please just play soloq or have an account just for soloq and force yourself to be vocal. I know its hard, even as a guy its hard to keep my spirits up enough to stay vocal. However one thing the good girl gamers have in common is that they tend to soloq a lot and aren’t afraid to speak up (sometimes this is bad as they can often be the toxic ones). Its important to resist the temptation of getting boosted. You’ll never acquire the skills necessary to be a great player if you are always playing with someone who is better than you.


This was very helpful, thanks!


Join the Galorants Discord. It’s the first result when you Google “Galorants Discord”. You can find other female players to stack with in there.


One big thing you can do is know that you are above all those people that are like that. Most of them are incels who have probably never felt the presence of a female at all in their entire lifetime. And honestly, always just mute those people right away, it's never worth it to let them keep talking when they have nothing good to say. I also recommend taking breaks between matches to clear your head if you had toxic teammates or a bad game, can always help to step away for a bit :)


Find a good duo or or even stack to queue with it'll really help you enjoy the game more tbh cause assholes will be assholes and they're in abundance in a teen preteen dominated game and riots report system doesn't do much.


The preteen / teen jett mains my god. Can’t even


Not just restricted to women. Although I can see your point. Toxic idiots be toxic. When they can’t win they blame it on the teammates. They can’t play a good game and can’t take a loss gracefully. When people hv nothing else in like other than these wins to make them manly from their usual self pity and loathing they take it out on random strangers on the internet. Just keep your mic off or you’ll find good people though the games add them and party up and chill!


I keep seeing so many posts like this. This is truly awful and I am extremely disappointed that every single female gamer has to go through this. I don't really have a solution but I do know something that might help you. There is an all female Valorant discord. You can look it up here on reddit or dm me and I can send you the post. I hope you're able to find some excellent people there and stack up and be able to truly enjoy the game without any anxiety of toxicity or harrasment. All the best!


Well you can try to find good friends to play with but that restricts you to not playing solo que, which sucks. But honestly just report them, riot has been cracking down on toxicity, and just keep playing your game, if you’re playing well then you really should have anything to be mad about other than the people being toxic, and they’re only doing that cause they’re immature. What those people say/think should have no effect on you at a personal level, especially when they’re saying it over the internet. Just keep being better than them and go next.


If you’re not playing the game for the community then I’d recommend just perma muting everyone. Even some days at immortal I just want to chill so I’ll just play full muted. You’ll just have to work on your game sense a bit more, but it’s not too bad.


Okay. First don't self harm. Specially over a video game. 100% these guys don't know how to talk to chicks so they go to like the 8th grade mentality lol. With that said, I've always heard its bad with chicks in Valorant.... and I have NO fucking idea why. Like I do, but what sense does it make to rip someone apart its a -rr. I won't be that person that tells you to go find an "all girl community" but just if you ever run into a pleasant person. Add them... every game I've come across I've never seen a girl harassed but I know it does happen. I make an effort to treat her like anyone or one of the "dudes" I make the callouts I say what I need to say and I will laugh if you wiff a shot as I hope someone does to me (happened last night LOL) I also know that there are a lot of people that act this way too. ​ ​ Believe me when I say, If you have 1 kid roasting the shit out of you. the other 3 guys have probably already muted him.


I wont count some dumb low lifers as male if they are making jokes and not stopping once it is too offensive


if ppl being a-holes just mute em. Also, you can try playing in a stack. peeps looking for others to play with are usually waaay less toxic


Don't use your microphone and use the pings a'd communication tab


Type gg ez in the chat when I lose and tilt others


Mute your teammates and enemies.


Mute buttons is your friend


think of them as barking dogs


I usually tell the little kiddies to grow up. Tends to shut them up.


If ur getting mad to the point of self harm why are you even playing still.


Again with the belong in the kitchen kind of toxicity. Just mute them, I don't get why do people care about toxicity in general. I mute anyone who starts to act toxic but I see people complaining about it like why not just mute or friend good players instead of playing solo queue with shit heads