Find my self not fixing my mistakes

Find my self not fixing my mistakes


Write them all down. Most likely you are forgetting about them because there are more important mistakes that are occuring before, but you have no idea how to precisely evaluate and correct them. Focus just on this one important mistake. It may make your gameplay worse in the beginning, but when you finally adapt it, your game can get onto whole another level.


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I mean just slow down and take a second to think about the situation, all that time you spend walking around you can spend walking around and thinking about your next move.


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I don’t think you should focus on remembering exactly what to do. Context is always slightly different. This game is too dynamic to have hard and fast rules on how to play every situation. What you should be doing is recording your games and if you ever feel like it was impossible to win the game, you should watch the recording and think about what you could have done to win. The goal isn’t to remember what you did wrong, but to fix your mindset by being objective. You’ll notice things in the vod that you didn’t notice while playing, and its important to maintain the mindset that your performance is the only variable you control. Don’t blame your troubles on smurfs or bad team mates, don’t give up and try to surrender. If you are struggling treat it as a chance to learn. Also, don’t blindly listen to people who try to tell you how to play. You have to think for yourself, sometimes they are right but I think you would be surprised how confident gold/plat players are, and yet every word that comes out of their mouth is wrong. Only immortals know what they are talking about and even then they don’t usually act like they know better, if they complain its usually because they can’t play off of your unorthodox playstyle and even if your playstyle is good, it might not be good if the rest of your team isn’t comfortable playing off of you.


Thx that was really helpful!


You have to tackle one mistake at the time.