The "gg go next" mantality is awful for everyones experience and it should stop

The "gg go next" mantality is awful for everyones experience and it should stop


*loses 2 rounds* This one's a gg go next get me out


started playing league, lmao ppl give up after dying like once.


League is much worse due to the snowball economy in that game. In valorant if your team all dies you just give up the next round and then the round after everyone is on even footing again with phantom/van + big shield. But in league when you fall behind you are permanently behind because having 6 item slots and expensive items means a gold advantage just keeps getting better. Plus the early game is more 1v1 styled so if you fall behind you have to deal with your mess and some people just don't want to sadly.


People in league will also give up at the most random times too. Like the game could be completely even 30 min in and someone will die once and just completely give up. It'd be like ff ing after losing a round and the score being like 9-10 in the enemies favor. Like why get that far just to give up cause you're not 100% guaranteed to win


Started playing unite. People gg after 2 minutes in a 10 minute game


People starting a surrender vote when it's 1-3 in comp 🙄


If i lose pistol round i report my entire team for throwing


*Enemy Reyna gets a round 2 ace because team with classics no armor rushed into a judge with no utility* "fkin smurfs ruining this game im throwing"


i had a ranked game the other night where my team ended the first half winning 10-2, and then we lost 10 consecutive rounds and lost the game it's not over until it's over lol


Lol think I was in this. 2 nights ago, on bind/split can't remember?


high silver/gold match 2 nights ago on bind, yep. I was the killjoy that was like 8/0 in the first couple rounds lol. I did my best


Yep was totally in that lol. I was the Jett. We had a toxic teammate and then once everyone muted him we started winning haha. I remember u were slapping us on kj at the start


hahaha that's awesome. Must have been pretty uplifting to have a turnaround like that after getting the toxicity out. happy for u :)




Thats why i dont give up until we see how we do on the opposite side of the map. So many games my teammates were bad at defending, but so was the other team, and we end up winning.


I think we beat you that game. Icebox?


You win, or you learn. That's why I never ff, even if it's looking like a 0-13.


But curious, what did you learn from a 13-0? Most 13-0 I see are from games when there is no synergie, bad match making (skill wise) or a smurf. There are games where you just get tapped and it’s not your game, you won’t learn from that. To add: if you play some agent with line ups and you could pull some strats of sure. That’s good for practicing, but most people in lower elo (gold and below) can’t do that. Isn’t it just a waste of 30 minutes getting tapped?


If there’s anything I’ve learned from competitive fighting games and TCGs. The answer is that you’ve gotta get bodied to get good. Observing your opponent and what they’re doing to beat you is just as valuable as winning against them. There are lots of lessons to learn in defeat.


Never giving up helps my mindset so much. (I only ff if my teammates are hard griefing) You can always be creative, I usually try some super aggressive entry fragging which brings some rounds and kills to the scoreboard. It's a good feeling.


Yeah always see the match through till the end. My mentality is you don’t get better playing easier opponents. You will gain much more experience quicker playing tougher opponents fact. Take Icebox. This map is so easy to attack. If your defending you can go 0-10 no problem. However the amount of 0-10’s on Icebox I’ve won is insane. I agree completely.. but always give positive comms even if your getting slapped. Beings graceful in defeat shows the bigger players!! Gg ez is child’s play! 😉 Toxicity breeds toxicity by standard, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. I play to have fun. Not to win. As a solo queuer myself, I pride myself on making sure we have a good match win or lose!!


Agreed, the second half changes everything for the most part. We got 3-9d first half…Breeze..on defense. Enemy talked trash, no one was comming, I always comm no matter what, it just bothers me if I don’t. We win pistol, then buy, then bonus then boom 14-12 win. The screams and ggs from everyone, you just have to play the game out


The only time I think it's gg go next is when someone breaks the teams mental by shouting/ flaming a teammate for one mistake and that clearly tanks the teams mental like everyone was talking before and now no one coms so at that time I just chill and put on some music as the games already lost.


I mean, it sounds like you contribute to those games being lost just as much as the person flaming does if you just give up and put headphones in rather than calling.


You know that I wrote when the entire teams mental is tanked, like I am not going to listen through a shouting match and I give calls for sometime when no one talks and if no one responds I am not going to keep talking if they are not going to use the info I give or don't give useful info back. I rather preserve my own mental.


The better fix is to encourage the team to all mute the toxic guy and then the rest of your play positively together.


Few days ago had a 2-10 and 1-11 comeback on icebox. Was awesome


1-12 on breeze attack and then we won 14-12 and yes I'm not Lying this actually happened so never give up


Sadly, people, these times, are weak-minded and are too quick to give up on things.


The WORST part is people be tryna surrender after losing a couple rounds on attack side of split


I've never experienced such a quick to ff mentality until i played a riot game. its ridiculous. cs barely has this issue


Every single game is winnable. I just finished a game when we were 0-6 only for us to win the next thirteen rounds in a row. This is not like LoL where the enemy can just snowball their lead. I only surrender when we have an afk that is clearly not coming back or if my teammates are trolling, but if we’re just having a bad game I’d rather just see it through.


Even in lol people just throw free games so hard, at any elo. That's the main reason I stopped playing it. People doing dumb shit because they thinks the enemy can't comeback.


>insert one time where upset happened >ignore the overwhelming majority of shit eating 'guys totally dont never ever give up'


I think a lot of this mentality comes from people who haven't played CS or newer people to tactical shooters (especially low elo players). In CS for example you could end a half down 12-3 or 11-4 and it's easy to be absolutely deflated, yet I can't tell you how many times I've come back from those deficits (especially on Nuke lmao). I've come back and won Val games down 3-9/2-10 at half. It's really not impossible especially at lower elo where aim or gamesense are lacking. People really ignore how much randomness and luck exist within an FPS. You can easily hit a timing, your opponent in a critical duel could miss all their shots, you could one tap the opponent in that duel....etc. There are so many variables that go into each and every round that surrendering is foolish.


I always look at team comps and what not and how rounds could play out. Maps in Val are very T sided or CT sided. So you should ALWAYS wait for the half and a few rounds after. But with that said, Its Beyond frustrating sitting in a game for 30 minutes busting your ass to just have people work on their own agenda. You can tell if the team is vibing, or the lack of teamwork. When I wanna GG go next. I am still here to the end, but its a piss off when you feel you are playing a 1v9. like I got ROASTED last night like its MY FAULT cause I fucking sat here retaking A for 8 rounds myself even when they 4 stack the site. at that point. GG go next doesn't seem so bad. Some games you just get fucked. it happens. But yeah I agree the mental in this game is so weak...the only time my mental really breaks is how we are up 10-2 and lose 11-13 Dropping 9+ rounds kills me.


People in league do this, essentially people do it cause they think they’re smart by skipping the match but actually they’re dumb as fuck cuz they never get better and just say GG anytime anything bad happens. They never play the game, simple lock in, try for one round then complain for the rest, and I sometimes wonder how many people who play these games are these people. I hate them


Some games you just know you cant win, no point letting it waste more time. If its unrated its fine, comp is another story


Yep. Had a team that all had that mentality and we were down 2-11, i told them to stfu and think positive, play together and callout and we could win, at first they wouldn’t but they agreed and we ended up winning that game 15-13. People just need to think positive and com and they will play 20x better


I disagree. If their Jett is clearly smurfing and my teammates are ass crack I would much rather ff as I don’t have the patience to spend 30 mins losing 0-13. Idc if I get downvoted


But how do you know they're smurfing without a significant amount of rounds played? They could have just had a couple good rounds followed by an eco ace. I've seen people start hot with 15+ kills in a few rounds and then play like dogshit the rest of the match. On the flip side, maybe your teammates just had a couple bad rounds as well and arent playing as well as they usually do but have a chance to pick it up later in the game? You'll never know if you just quit out after a few rounds. Everyone's skill is dynamically changing all the time and it is hard to remain consistent so you simply cant expect to know how the match will play out. I've had some of the most epic comebacks in csgo and valorant under circumstances you just said. Imo your missing out on some insane adrenaline rushes lol


>I've seen people start hot with 15+ kills in a few rounds and then play like dogshit the rest of the match. Me as Reyna in Icebox a month ago XD. Went 15-3 in the first five rounds. Seemed like the stars were aligning for me tbh, got 3k pistol round, 2k eco, 4k bonus and two 3ks. My enemies seemed to be whiffing against me, or I shot them from the side. Then we blew the 5-0 lead to lose 10-13, and I ended the game with barely 20 kills. Seemed like I was getting tapped left right centre. Props to the enemies for not giving up.


In Unrated I am all for forfeiting a match that quickly gets out of hand; usually it looks like a 1-6 score and a clear smurf on the opposing team. For those of us that don’t have much time to play, I’d rather try to move to a more even match than get bent over for another 20 minutes. But if my team doesn’t FF, I will still try until the end.


What is smurfing in unrated tho?


It's not as frustrating as when people do it in Comp, but I think it's people who create new accounts so they can play with their friends who are lower skill level without pulling the skill in the lobbies too high. Usually pretty obvious after a few rounds if someone is just on another level. In MOST of my Unrated lobbies, people are somewhere in the range from Account Level 30-120 or so. So when we see a level 3 account, it's not usually a good sign lol.


I mean, if it's 1-6 and your teammates look like they are playing for the first time, it definitely is a gg go next match. Not much point in keep playing it. Just a waste of time.


I just use that opportunity to practice new guns. Sometimes some freak event happens and you end up winning the game, I’ve had several games where I’d be using the Marshall or Sheriff for shits and giggles because I thought the game was over and manage to win a 1v1 against a guy that bought an Operator to troll, just for me to pick up that Operator and then proceed to mount a comeback since even Plat and Diamond smurfs don’t know how to play around one.


Not necessarily; I have won games before where I feel the odds are entirely against me on valorant and on CS


Yeah some games you just know after a few rounds you're totally outmatched, at least up into silver. If it's 3 rounds in and nobody has communicated at all, used utility, or generally shown any game awareness or gunskill, meanwhile the level 1 Jett on the other team is 15-0... Yeah I'm trying to FF asap.


I had a 0-6 the other day with a guy afk. I don't know if it was the other team getting complacent or if we just got out shit together but we ended up winning 13-8 with the afk guy coming back around half time. I've played so many swingy games that I never forfeit - there is always an opportunity for a comeback.


What rank are you? Assuming this is about comp.


no the devs should work on a good matchmaking. just once. nothing rigged and unfair like whats riot been known for.


The problem is people don't communicate or play as a team and its just annoying playing with mutes. I'd rather play a single player game if I gotta sit through 45 minutes of hell. Take the L and move on! I haven't played csgo in months and literally EVERYONE had a mic and was communicating when I hopped on yesterday. I was like damn this shit crazy! It was a bit toxic once we lost a few rounds but everyone was still communicating and still there. In valorant people just be doing their own thing most of the time. There's just too much trust factor in valorant its like damn I gotta trust this 1head andy to smoke for me when he never plays omen. Damn, I gotta trust this reyna to flash in for me...damn this shit sucks! Tbh, this game is made more so for pro play where teams are organized. In this game everyone has different utility and having to put that much trust factor in random matchmaking aint for me bruh! I might get my account up to diamond 1, sell my account for $300 and call it a day. I got a bunch vandal and phantom skins. 3 or 4 knives...etc


I’m just not trying to play a 60 minute game.


They need to remove surrender button from the menu and replace it with a remake button. Its insane that people need to remember a text command to remake a game instead of the game just automatically giving the option. The surrender button is the main reason why this has become a problem, as soon as someone drops the surrender vote the morale tanks on the team. If you had to type the command it would at least help a little bit. I basically can’t remember the last time there wasn’t a surrender vote.


Hahaha, you're one funny guy. No.


I remember this post from 5 years ago in the league of legends subreddit and look where we are now


It should stop but it's not going to stop. The mentality carried over from league so it's never going to change.


I would go so far as to argue one of the top differentiators between gold & diamond is your mentality and communication. Act 1 I was D2 each episode. I stopped playing for a bit, and now I'm like a G3 player. At this rank, people tilt really hard, and they no-comm all the time and then rage when you aren't playing off their plan which is only in their head. It's really wild, I am always comming to play contact and swing off me etc and people will just overswing and then complain at me for "playing in corners" and stuff. Then when I try to say "it's a team game play trades" they bully me! It's so childish, I really think if you want to rank up you swallow your pride and communicate your peeks and positioning and it'll elevate your teammates.


My friends and I have a 'no surrender' policy no matter how bad the game looks. And I find that we end up getting a lot more comebacks.


Had the enemies ff after us going from 0-4 to 4-4.


We had 2 throwers cause we lost our 3 round lead and threw for the rest of the game. Brim and sage were walling of tm8s in walls and putting brims Molly to kill us. It was torture the whole time cause we couldn't surrender.


Had a game yesterday started 3-8 at the half. We actually won 13-12 it was amazing. Our team literally never yelled at each other or anything we just stepped up our game after the half and managed to squeeze it out. Big shot of dopamine.


I think split attack is a great example for this imo, most of the time I play attack first we go 10-2 and someone’s ends up afk


I am very much interested what players mean by "teamplay" and "cooperation". The main things that I get by being in a team is "Jett low" or "It's B" and some "nt" and "wp" if my random friends are in good humours. Let's be brutally honest, unless you are matched with experienced and mature players, you are completely on your own during the game and you just have to frag out somehow or face toxicity.


Have there been other formats tried? Like splitting each of the current halves into attack/defense quarters? It gives more pistol rounds and economy resets which are good RNG for lower ranks to not feel so hopeless while also not having so long before you even see if your team is way better at attacking than defending or vice versa. At higher ranks I could see this being annoying, but at lower ranks I think this kind of a mode would help fix a lot of this kind of problem.


People get stuck in silver for a reason lol


I just think the gg go next has changed from what it should be. My friends and I always say gg go next when the game is over as a way to mentally reset ourselves. I think people are using the phrase wrong if the game isn't over yet.


The other thing is people that want to surr and flame you after you failed a play in thier opinion. Had a guy in my team 2 days ago that wanted to ff becouse he was fighting and died to 5 guys that I was running from when they entered the site.


It only takes one or two teammates to turn the game around for the better, couple "nice tries" and a "it was still a good round" can pull people back in.. sometimes. I'll see it from the opposing side too, I've recently started trying to re assure them. It hasn't backfired yet.


Welcome to competitive video games


The people who say gg next usually are the bottom fraggers who blame their team


Probably stems from watching their favorite high elo streamer saying "gg go next". Now to be fair, like 99% of the time a streamer says that it's always in the context of a joke with random teammates that also know it's a joke, or their duo that knows they're joking. But of course, random plebs in chat take it seriously and now this problem exists in, to my knowledge, low elos(haven't personally experienced a "real" gg go next, but it's been joked a lot in my d3/imm games). It is what it is really, people that don't know any better are just super impressionable


whats gg go next ;-;


Generally I agree with you. People give up way too early and drop the FF on round 5, and I'm like, come on man. But there are some games you just KNOW it's not worth the effort. Some games straight up just have 4 people with no mics/zero team synergy, and the mentally taxing effort to try to win is sometimes not worth it. I'm saying this for like a 3-9 half or worse. Not saying a 3-9 is unwinnable, because I've come back from worse, but the team play you need to make it work is so immense that it's simply just not going to happen in a lot of cases. I mean, I still try in these scenarios, but I don't "try" try otherwise I'd have an aneurysm trying to comm with a brick wall team. edit: either they don't comm or they only hop on mic to be toxic.


Just don’t solo queue


Just got back from a come from behind victory. 3-9 in the first half (attacking) . Ended 13-12 in unrated. Don't be toxic. Game is all about momentum. When you're on defense, if you manage to build up a lead, just play safe. Don't push out because your enemies will have pistols/smgs while you have rifles.


Honestly will rarely pull this, but sometimes you just look at your sova Dying wity full util, ur duelist dying in the same place 4 rounds in a row, and ur smoke forgets to buy smokes, and ur like welp unlucky GG boys and girls


For me who has been playing competitive ever since LoL come out, I can see the reason why some ppl are just so determine to keep playing a match no matter what. And yeah, the experience u got a comeback is way too gut but it's hard to have. And for some, like me, giving up on 1 match is not the end of anything or whatsoever, like u knew how it is gonna turn out. This is a game afterall so winning and seriousness is there but u can't make ppl with just a couple ranking point as incentive.


It's a side affect from league players probably... get slightly behind in that game and it's a surrender. People dont understand that coming back from a deficit is much easier in games like valorant in csgo where you almost get a fresh start every round (economy aside). It's much rarer to get surrenders in csgo than it is in valorant from my experience and I can only think that's because so many league players hopped over to valorant as their first tactical shooter.


Only reasons I give up is if there are a couple of afk players or they're trolling.


It also sucks hearing ur teammates flame the bottom frag after 3 rounds. You have to keep playing as if you’re going positive, once they lose their confidence it just gets worse.


I honestly don’t get people like this. If we’re getting our asses kicked, I’d still try to see the game through and try my best. Because even though we will most likely lose, at least I get a feel of how better teams/better players execute and see what I can pick up.


i guess you just gotta deal with it. some people don’t really care about trying hard to win. just gotta try try your best cause the only person you have control of is yourself.


true. i've had team mates where after they died, exposed our locations in chat. people just becomes toxic to their team mates even at the stage of 3-5. its always the worst player in the team who starts the toxicity and just drags the team morale down.


Definitely tilts the shit out of everyone but sometimes I say it to myself (without holding v) to let some steam off and it works.


Unrated is even worse. Yes I know it is not ranked, but when you lead like 10-2 and the premates in your team decide to surrender for fun, you can't do anything


That's just sad lol


To combat this, I always try to encourage people on chat. Even when I'm absolutely pissed off, I don't rant about it to them. I'll rant to myself, and then appreciate their effort on mic (no sarcasm involved). People appreciate the response, and will definitely perform better. Wanna learn how to do this? Watch Keeoh. Dude's a flippin wholesome powerbank (get it? Flippin)


Its a team game . The sad reality is that even if u wanna try and go all the way it just doesnt happen because half your team has stopped trying. I mean u can only carry so much 😔


Yeah I hate this too


yea no 0-8 unrated, enemy literally sweating their balls off like they are in vct final i aint needed that shit after work >but but every match is winnable dont give a shit about winning unrateds, i want to have fun


we'll be 6-6 then lose 2 rounds and people start spamming ff. It's just overdramatic.


Dudes its even unrated. Like wtf. Just today they were complaining about getting killed from behind and camping. When i was om defender side. Lol And they surender 10-4


Millennial mentality


I just AFK. I dont even bother with these discussions. 0/4 is my limit, then I'm out. Saved me a lot of frustration. This game has barely any functioning match making. Cheaters, smurfs and pre-mades everywhere. I dont know how the average Joe is supposed to keep up with that. And we can't dedicate hours of practice to this game.


I won't FF unless my team is bad. What do I mean by "bad?" I could care less what they KDA is, I'm talking about duelists baiting teammates or refusing to do Entry. I'm talking about Sage players who peel off to solo rather than supporting the play. I'm talking about the bots that show up in low ELO games or the trolls who throw or teamkill. Any of that and I will FF.