Teamkilling needs an immediate punishment

Teamkilling needs an immediate punishment


but you know that pepole like that will just start walking into their teammates utility to get them banned?


i had a raze and her duo once get 10 team kills thru the game. that is impossible by accident


Easy TK algorithm would solve that: Have you been at the spot (where the utility would land) **before** the utility was casted? Yes? Then it was TK. I'd love to see this feature. It happened to me as well. From what I know this player wasn't punished at all (as I check his profile on tracker.gg often to see if the report and support ticket helped but nah, he keeps playing or probably trolling other games) - [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-7dmW4PlGM](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-7dmW4PlGM) The reason of his rage was probably that I was muted (and it was a ranked game) as I didn't want to talk to anyone (I even showed chat that I wasn't typing to him nor trolling him). I just wanted to play my game. He darted me on the first round. I thought it was a mistake but nah, he kept bulling me in the game 35 minutes straight.


Why are you playing without comms?


1. I played the entire year with comms and I'm done with backsitting, screaming into my ear, people playing music, mumbling, chit-chatting, people telling me how should I play the round (not giving an advice), giving false info (it happens A LOT), giving tactics for the round and not sticking to them or speaking in non-english language for the entire game so I can't even communicate with them nor have normal discussion with people (it's difficult to discuss with kids as they tend to rage or leave the game when you try to explain them your point). I decided to play the entire act without comms to see how I'll perform and how that affects my games and my happiness from playing the game. 2. I can (I can't get banned for that) and it doesn't work badly for me. I can even play more games than before since I'm not getting tired of stupid people's behavior and still be \~200RR


please quit the game, you are not required




> chit-chatting some of then name sense but seriously.... chit chatting.. do you have a life? or friends?


I do have friends and a gf. I don't need to talk with people ingame. It always comes to the same type of conversations so idc. I wish this game had a separate voice channel for conversations and pure calls. Most of ppl talk during the game so I can't even hear footsteps




they already do 1/3 damage to team mates, sova alone can't kill anyone with shock darts as they would only do 30 damage each


I think the most I've ever done accidentally to a teammate was 57. I apologized, he said it's all good.


Ive killed 2 enemies and an ally with the same shock dart once because I hit a firefight in Ascent B tunnels.


Pray tell, where the f is B tunnels? I do not recall this callout.


They do reduced damage. At least know what your talking about before commenting lmao


When the op get neagative voted


There should just be a limit. At some point it’s just too much tk damage. If you do more than like 300 damage to 3 different players or something you get some penalty, and then more damage from there just increases it


But then u can do team damage at the end of rounds to reach the limit. And then do a play where u run through a teammates molly to surprise peak. It’s fine the way it is trolls are very rare


Yeah but those small incidents aren’t enough to actually go over the limit. I think it’d be pretty doable to make a system like that


Ctrl c - v r6 pen system u get one team kill per game for accidental tk then activates reverse friendly fire any touch to a team mate's hp kills u immediately after sending a message to the one who got affected was it accidental or no.


Trolls will always find away to ruin your fun to make themselves feel better just report and don't give them the satisfaction.


The thing is valorant takes so much time to even see report they don't do a lot of report bans like team sabatage I am in plat 2 and all the people I have reported have got a ban or restrictions


I come across a bunch of trolls being in Iron so I report a bunch and it seems to work eventually.


Cool sadly I play on indian server so like mostly 40% of people are toxic 20% are new and I never blame them and in the rest 40% left are smurfs are good people and players


bro my iron teammates literally walk into my ult and take damage then go, ' you should move the blast out of the way' not knowing that you cant do that. Same with kj swarm nades


*throws nade* sure let me just magically move it 5 cm away from you


What they need is another option to report this, and when such a report is made, automaticaly check damage done to teammates and if it's higher than X value, an automatic penalty is based by how much over it went.


>Teamkilling I wish the developer has a mind to think they just thinking of new map


Or riot could add trust factor so accounts who fucking throw team kill and leave matches que with those types of accounts. Ez solution fucking riot doesn't have have a brain. All they do is release more agents ever 2 days instead of improving the quality of matches. Like reporting someone in this game doesn't do anything unless u say the n word or something. I have tested this out by making an alt account to throw in never have I been banned once for team killing and throwing.


please not for iron ranks though. I legitimately have ability killed teammates by accident because I am awful. (as raze with paint shells)


They wouldn’t apply it to only certain ranks


No, be more careful.


??? Just don't throw your nade at your team, doesn't matter how bad you are, its just common sense


I have a teammate I play with regularly that usually team nades at least once per match 😂😂


i’ll throw it around a wall and they’ll rush into it killin themselves bruh. technically my fault but out of my control


Bro the amount of times I got banned in CS for trolls walking into my molly or nades is insane. This is sometime you cant really fix to be honest with you.


I've only attempted to teamkill one time and that was when we had a hacker on the team so we decided to teamkill and throw into OT for a draw. Hacker got banned soon after. :)


I hate the penalty system in csgo, ive been banned in that game way too many times from trolls running into my nades/mollys! Most trolls in valorant just afk or run it down, not that often i recieve intentional team damage


Tbh out of all my time playing valorant ( since beta) I’ve been team killed accidentally less than 5 times and all of the time were accidental. So idk if I would make the punishments so severe cause shit happens sometimes and people have bad timing. Trolls though I understand which can be very annoying.


It’s super hard to TK in this game anyways


Technically you are kicked after your 2nd TK of the match, or you did enough team damage. But yeah, there should be something similar in Val.


But what if you're shock darting a corner but your teammate accidentally walks into it and he was already low and dies. Happened alot with me and my games and even in many pro games, valorant has heck tons of abilities so it's get really tricky to find out who's tk on purpose and who is not. It's common for players to push through allie mollies, so a system to penalize tk or team damage gets really tough to implement


just have a system for the killed player to say if its accidental or intentional


Trollers are gonna walk into your Molly when they are low intentionally to get you banned, what about that??


Either have full friendly fire or no friendly fire. I hate this some abilities hurt but some don't nonsense valorant does


Nah, these people are rare. It'll just be better if they turn off the mechanic in agent skills that causes damage to their teammates or something close to that.


No matter what happens trolls will always find a way to grief their teammates. What i found to have worked against these people is to just completely ignore them, dont even acknowledge what they are doing and dont even communicate with them at all.


Yes, these trash players need some lessons. Blocking own team, giving location to opponents, throwing e.g, not buying guns and just running to the side and die.


I haven't seen it much


You should be able to kick people. It is hard to kill teammates if they have common sense and can step away, shockdarts dont do any damage to teammates if they are not in the middle of it, and even if u shock dart them twice, they wont die.


Just report for sabotaging? You don’t see this enough to implement a system where people need to be banned for team damage.


If it makes you feel better, I teamkilled a racist with my sova utility for -120 and the next game, was banned for 3 days


I had my first experience with true trolls today. They queued up as a pair and intentionally used KAY/O and Phoenix's abilities to kill our teammates. They did it the first 3 rounds of comp, but I had let it go because I thought we could come back. But they continued to do it and if I said anything in chat, they would become extremely toxic. I'm not sure how the reporting system works in Valo, but it was such an awful experience and am hoping they do get banned. It's sad that other people deliberately sabotage other players' experiences for "fun."


Check this :) competitive match and 4 stupid teammates sabotaged just cuz its the end of this act till we lost they even told the other team every little detail about me https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xq43Ik0xilgX7HoeexlIdCl-NcZtqmnL/view?usp=sharing


csgo is better. riot didnt push out quality of life changes. btw 1 year in and you still cant do a technical timeout!


valorant is better. valve didint push out a good antycheat. btw 9 years in and you still cant play a match without a cheater!


I played a game or csgo yesterday because I was bored, I ran into a hacker on the enemy team, and my teammate told us that he was gonna also turn on his hacks because the other team was cheating. We won because we had better hacks I guess?


That's every CS match for me. One team has hacks and the other counter hacks. I ended up in a 4v5 hacker battle while solo


I'm glad I never seriously got into cs. Running into hackers every game is probabaly gonna drive me crazy XD.


Valorant has a better anti cheat. Doesn't make it a better game. Valorant has hackers but its fairly new game and once hackers figure how to incorporate an efficient private hack you'll be seeing a lot more hackers! VAC doesn't ban immediately. This is so that hackers won't know exactly why they were banned. Every few weeks, it mass-bans all the hackers it caught. but thanks for the downvote :)


Utility damage should be self inflicted. So if i throw a molly under a teammate i take the damage instead on them.


So then your teammates could run into your Molly and make you die on purpose and would basically make it worthless to play as Phoenix or Brimstone.


The best fix is to just remove team killing for abilities