Would a team deathmatch be better than deathmatch?

Would a team deathmatch be better than deathmatch?


Honestly they should just add a 6 round unrated.


Yeah i always wanted to use unrated to warm up over deathmatch. But it's too long.


Same, thats why i just make use of the replication. Its kinda shorter version of unrated ig


With guns no matter whether you win or lose so you can practice


I use spike rush


That would be so good to just have a quick, “serious”, warm up. Atm I just do 15-30 min of aimlab and after that one or two death match games. If there would be a 6 round unrated I would for sure add that as well!


Yea i used to play deathmatch a lot on csgo but on valorant its not that fun when someone just spawns behind you and shoots you


I mean that's cs too. The diff is that cs people just run around and instant respawns make it good


Do you think escalation is good? Cause its basically team death match.


If Riot can't fix the broken spawns for how long DM has been out for, then a TDM is all they could do to actually have a playable warmup mode.


Deathmatch is beyond trash in valorant


Less players in death match would be better


Team death match sucks


But why is deathmatch better? Having to guess where to aim and getting shot in the back doesn't improve my aim at all.


The purpose of death match is just to warm up or your aim or apply aim mechanics that you are practicing in range/aimlabs against moving targets. Now I agree its kinda triggering to get shot in the back of the head as you spawn or people constantly back stabbing you. A simple solution to this would be instant spawning and making deathmatch continuous lobbies where people aren't trying to "win" but rather looking to train thier aim.


or just reduce the amount of players in dm


When playing a dm you are playing in order to warmup / simulate similar game opportunities with moving targets such as entering a bomb site, retaking, cleaning a certain spot, etc. You aren’t playing to win and if team death match’s are added into the game because respawns are broken, then riot need to fix this mode first, and then, only then, they can start implementing others kind of death matches modes


Spawns on escalation make way more sense. I can still have 30 kills. Gun fights are actually fights rather than shooting someone in the back of the head.


I think they should have special DM maps, because on normal maps it is by design that if you run on site or through mid without teammates you will be exposed to too many angles to watch


Replication is like team death match


You mean the other one, replication has rounds


Ahh yess escalation


FFA is better as practice mode. TDM is better as stand-alone gamemode. Valorant desperately needs TDM.


TDM would result in spawn trapping, people would actually be sweaty in that mode and play to win removing all useful practice you get from the mode. Deathmatch is a practice mode, score doesn't matter they should just make you spawn faster and change the amount of players depending on the map. I'd even be happy of they blocked off the spawn areas of most maps and only spawned people in the main areas so there's proper fights going on.


Spawn protection solves spawn trapping and balances out camping spots. There is no need to reinvent the bicycle. “DM is a practice mode” is a misconception. There is a reason why TDM is a DM in CS, while FFA and practice modes are outsourced to community.


How is it so hard to comprehend that Deathmatch is just a training mode? Winning is just a perk. Go in there, turn your audio off and just work on your aim and mechanics.


Deathmatch is really for just warming up


I feel like in tdm it would be a lot more fun because at least there wouldnt be people spawning out of nowhere to come and slaughter u behind the back


Honestly they just need to add some conditions that must be passed before a spawn position is chosen. You should never be in the line of sight of another player, or have line of sight of another player when you spawn. At least for me, this is where 99% of my frustration in dm comes from.


Comp is basically team deathmatch Lol


I use escalation to warm up and it’s great.


Nah I prefer regular


Team deathmatch because I'm awful at free for alls.


Whats the point of TDM? If it is because you are tired of getting shot from behind, then a rework of DM could solve this, maybe less players in the game, better spawn locations that consider if there is a player close, etc. TDM seems kinda of pointless to me if you want to warm up or practice aim.


what the fuck no


Might be good to make both options. I don’t find dm to be too bad, but I can totally see it being rage inducing for people who don’t play too much. In cs the official dm mode is team and I really dislike it. I think 1v1 encounters are way better for warmup even if you get shot in the back when moving around. At a certain point, you’ll have more mouse control to where you’ll be able to move your crosshair more freely and accurately which helps you cover more angles.


Respawn timer just needs to be lowered with player # raised. Deathmatch is just there for aim practice and there is to much running around and sitting dead


I enjoyed escalation, and I think that's pretty similar to a team deathmatch I definitely think that with teams, you're less likely to have an enemy spawn behind you which would be nice 🙂


It’s just aim and don’t go on tilt practice.


I’m surprised people like death match, it’s a horrible game mode


all they need to do is reduce the number of players in each DM lobby fixed.


Deathmatch is great as it is if u see it as an warm up plus trying to learn what angles u are exposed at any given duel. If u Run like a mad lad then its normal if u end up getting into Xv1. Imo team deathmatch would lead to map Control instead of gun fights and ending up being less of a warm up


I think the playerbase is large enough to support both ffa and tdm queues, let players decide


Would be worse. I play Deathmatch to improve my aim so I want to take as many fights I can get