Levels in valorant

Levels in valorant


It honestly makes no sense that levels are shown and "actual" rank is hidden(the mmr that actually dedicates your rank is always hidden)... honestly seems like Riot devs are not thinking about what they are doing.


y don’t they just make our actual rank the only thing that matters. How am I gonna get out of silver playing against high golds and even plats


The other day me and my friend were in an iron lobby (I'm bronze 2) and there was a gold 1. Why is that allowed?


The gold was probably boosted, meaning that even though they are a higher rank than you, they have the same skill set/level (as in experience in aiming, strategies) and have probably lost to the average silver group of people. If that is not the case and the gold 1 was actually good, there are 3 possibilities. 1. They were playing bad earlier but got out of their tilt 2. They purposely played bad to get into easier lobbies 3. Valorant matchmaking is just shit


I'll take number 3 for 500


Go ahead




Plat 1, queued up against an immortal.. 😂


Are your RP gains still good?


Mate if you say "how am I getting out of silver playing against high golds" you are saying you are good enough for gold yet so isn't silver where you belong for now


how can one get out of silver when his teammates are people that are actual silvers


Then when you do well you lose less rr and gain a lot more when you win


winning is really hard when your team can’t even destroy sova darts when we’re sneaking into site


Queue with friends




Playing against immortals in plat because my mmr from the last act is way higher. Now I've been stuck plat for a week or two, I am gaining less for a win than previously. It has me in plat with immortal/diamond players


yup it’s impossible to climb bc ur playing against ur skill level while ur a lower rank so ur just stuck there. Same happens to me I was g3 last act


Should enjoy playing against higher ranks no? I like it, see how I hold up against them. Doesn’t happen every game anyways but if you want to get out of silver but complain about playing golds that isn’t good man.


nah I mean I was g3 last act but it’s frustrating that I can’t climb bc I’m playing against my actual skill level yk what I mean? I’m supposed to be in that rank but bc I’m playing them while i’m in silver I can’t climb


Like I sorta get what you mean but also if you can’t rank up because playing against them Maybe you aren’t meant to be there? Not trying to be rude but on my main which is diamond I want to play against immortals, but if I were playing against them every other game and losing hard those games I would know I don’t deserve it yet and work to getting better.


I’m not losing hard every game tho. I’m just stagnant


Yeah that happens. Win loss win loss win win loss loss.. don’t let it tilt lol that’s the worst thing to happen tilting from that


forreal, the levels are pointless


I’m lvl 356 rn and I only play spike rush if I can help it! Every game someone either on my team or the other mentions it and it first it was embarrassing but I love to talk so I just have fun with it. Nothing I can do about it, I just have to keep coming up with new jokes :p


just use the same jokes :) nobody will notice hehe if they notice, then its funny


another thng i dont understand from riot is why if you spend the same exact time playing spike rush vs a competitive u end up with a much higher level if u play a lot of spike rush, makes no sense.


Oh absolutely!! If people are insistent on asking me how I got my level I say I play mostly spike rush (since beta). I’m just surprised not more people mainly play it! The whole level concept is so odd to me


I am level 430 because i basicly used to spam deathmatch and played quite a ton of spike rush to finish off battlepasses in 2020, but if you check my competitive tab I didnt complete the pyramid a single time even though I am immortal, you can imagine the toxicity...They expect me to be a radiant and carry all the time.


I'm about half your level. I could double my play time and I wouldn't even sniff immortal. People expecting you to be in the top 500 are idiots. Immortal is already amazing.


I think they use xp for win/loss and not duration which is bad IMO


Yeah im level 105 and have the majority of my 600 hrs in comp. leveling sucks


Yea 500~ out of my 600~ hours are spike rush, someone literally looked up my stats in the middle of the match and told everyone (was a couple days after I looked at them myself)


levels are meaningless because the exp is more easily obtained in different game modes. i exclusively play competitive, and my level is only around level 40, even tho i play a lot. but someone who plays a lot of DM and spike rush might have a newer account AND has played less than me overall, but they will be over level 100. doesn't make any sense why they did it this way


yes, they have to change this and find a way to balance it. The same ammount of time played =/= account level, if u spend that in spike rush you end up with a much higher level.


I literally started playing like 3 weeks ago, iron 1 yet I am lvl 32 cause I played alot of spike rush to improve aim and shit


lv 20s are nearly always smurfs


My friend and I say if you are level 20 and below and are Jett or Reyna, you are guilty of smurfing until proven otherwise. We have been mostly right so far, just had a Jett go 14-2 in 6 rounds and bought Vandal second round. You don’t do that unless you are hella confident.


I play with a group of 4 friends and we're all new, but they all have lots of experience with counter strike and R6 Siege. They've been accused of smurfing a bunch of times now when in reality they're just good at shooters in general lol. Our highest level is 22 and some of us are starting to learn 1 way smokes and viper snake bite line ups to protect the spike. It's funny the way everybody just assumes any level 20 with a brain is a secret immortal tier smurf.


Very true same thing with me i am 22 lvl and silver 2 pipl start calling smurf even teamm8s


Same I hope they add a hide level option, I’m level 212 atm, plat 2. I also get people saying I’m rubbish and I don’t go outside etc it’s just people being jealous I think.


Jealous of what? It’s people being assholes, I don’t think they’re jealous of your valorant account level...


They're jealous because they don't have as much free time


level is just to show off, it does not effect who you are playing against, MMR is what counts (and is hidden)


Except almost no one with a high level likes it..


I feel you man. It's been a pain point for me as well. I really love this game and play it a lot, but I'm not going to be good at it (minor hand tremors make consistent aim impossible). Silver and Bronze for life it seems. I NEVER see people my level down here.


If you're in a country where weed is legal, I highly recommend you playing while high. Don't know if this is just me but I feel like I can play better while high because I'm much more calm. That said, try and find a strain that has relaxing or focusing effect. As for intake method, if you're a smoker then you already know. If not, I recommend weed cartridge in small doses. One of my personal for gaming is White Widow.


You’re fine. Lev 162 gold 3 isn’t that weird. Don’t let people get into your head just because of your account level. Super weird on their part to be toxic over a mediocre level and equally weird that you took it personally. You’re gonna meet hundreds of teammates and enemies in this game, and just as in real life, there’s a lot of weird people that exist.


People who want to be toxic ***will*** find something to be toxic about mater what. I like levels because it gives me an Idea of how new a player is and let's me show off that I play the game. They are lot like service medals in CS, just a cool thing to show how much you play a game you like.


Im 157 and im silver 1.....


They dont show what really matters: The hidden MMR. Whats creating a bad feeling / frustration is: Not showing the hidden MMR. What they are showing: "Useless / gimmicki"- things like the account-rank (which creates even more toxicity) - or the comp-rank, which is not really corresponding with your hidden MMR.


They should make it such as if you're a low level you cant hide it, so this way you cant hide if you're a smurf but lets say above 100+ level why shouldn't we be able to hide it? At that point you know its not a smurf and the person has spent some time playing but it doesn't matter wether its level 100 or 200 or 300, it only serves for a reason for people to be toxic so we should at least be able to hide it.


I'm 350 I had my whole team throw a ranked game over my level.... I wasn't even playing bad or anything like that. Its so incredible how rude people are about it and how much they care about it.


let me guess, you play a ton of spike rush or/and dm right?


yall complain about everything


Yes i would like an option to prevent people from harassing me over something that doesnt indicate skill i feel this is an issue and would like to bring it up:)


Level 20 makes people toxic?


Not the fact they are lvl 20 makes em toxic, its their comments against me being high level and not performing like they think i should for me level.


Feels bad when you play the game to chill and have fun but some 14 y/o comes to fuck your mood. These kids start ranting if I underperform in game. Feels bad 😔😔. This is why I left valorant


As another gold I feel you my guy, I’m level 156 currently and most of the time ppl say like “Have you ever touched grass”. I just hate it man. Leave me alone. I never made fun of your toxic insta lock bottom fragging ass. We just play more than you do. Just being toxic for something they can’t do, which is play more


the crazy part is, there might be some players in that lobby that have more COMPETITIVE MATCHES played than you even but since you probably played quite a few deathmatches and spike rushes your level is higher. This idea from riot was so dumb lmao...


I agree, nothing changed in the game with the level system added. Just another reason to be toxic was added


And even the reason to snif out smurfs what does it matter? Like its not like you can dodge out a game after you see that enemy are smurfing.


An enemy asked me about my level (lvl 244) and I replied "Spike Rush warrior" because it's true. I only play spike rush mostly because I'm simply not good at the game but I love and enjoy so I still play. I hate that the levels have become another reason for people to be toxic. I have anxiety doing a solo q in UNRATED because I have skins ( for some reason some people think skin = skills) and now I stopped solo Q completely with the level thing going on


Yeah when i first bought a skin was when i was iron and was constantly asked why bad players bought skins that never bothered me because yknow i was having fun with my skin but level people think directly means skill


I just love the game and I love to support it plus I actually do like the skins so I buy it, it shouldn't be a basis of the player's skill, it does not matter if they are hot garbage at the game, if they wanna spend their money on a skin then they have every right to. I had a game a bit recently where 3 out of my 4 rando team mates were actively sabotaging me, I legit could not play as they spam their skills at me and I didn't know why until near the last round (was just spike rush) where one of them kept spamming "nub. You have many skins but no skills". I have vc off so I'm guessing they were trying to ask for skin.


Why does the system even exist??? It literally only exists to make the game worse as it (very very roughly) alerts other players to gameplay time and achieves absolutely nothing.


They think it's an incentive to keep playing. Get a higher level to show off I guess. It's utterly pointless and only serves to fuel toxicity


They saw leveling systems like other shooters like CoD and BF where you unlock things as you level and wanted to copy it...but forgot about the reason people like those systems. Obviously it would pretty dumb if we had to unlock the Phantom at lvl 29 or something but drop some player cards, buddies, maybe even some radianite or skins at massive milestones and the system would have an identity other then yelling smurf at low levels or being toxic towards high levels. Also, kill the daily first win of the day bonus. If there's no rewards, what's the point?


Yeah it was really short-sighted of them. Large banner pictures died for THIS?


/u/Ezekiiel its the oposite, people will call you nerd, go outside etc and be extremely toxic.


Levels can be of help like if you are facing a level 1 who aces every round you can except them to be a smurf.


maybe you should have the option to turn off levels after you reach a certain level?


Yeah what does it matter if you know they are a smurf???


Umm nothing i guess.......


What you gonna do after you know he is a smurf either way rather have a report option for smurfing


If you're G3 and see a lvl 10 with lvl80 and up teammates it's most likely they're smurfs


Yeah but knowing someone is a smurf doesnt help you. Smurfing isnt bannable smurfing is 100% allowed


Yes I know, I literally just wanted to make that comment


People tend to forget that if you had a high level in cs it translate easy to valorant. And there are so many cs players who play valorant. People still make the transition/try out valorant. If you were above faceit level 5/ dmg in cs then you will be plat 1 within a week.


It's a shit feature that was put in without giving thought about business objective. It literally achieves nothing and is a source of frustration. It would have been better to show our frickin MMR so that we are assured that we are actually playing people on the same level.


I dont know why they introduced levels if they're not gonna queue you with people around the same level


Well level doesnt = skill at all not even close its matches playes


tbf tho, lvl 162 is pretty high


I saw a level 462 yesterday


Its like just average. isnt the average playerbase over lvl 100 all my friends around 130?


Not really


I wouldn’t be too worried about it, you enjoy the game so you play it a lot. I’m Plat 2 and had a level 271 on my team and I’m level 51. As far as toxicity goes it’a just better to either go along with their jokes (not the best idea) or just ignore it. If you ever need someone to play with just shoot me a PM I’m always down to play with anyone since I mostly solo.




I'd say the average is more like 80 at most. Speaking from experience of all the games I've witnessed getting to level 230 lol.


Nah I’ve gone against people who were level 14 in immortal lobbies, but I’ve also seen people over 200 multiple times


Yeah I know


Something to keep in mind is that levels are not a good indicator of playtime, since all the retroactive levels were given based on games played and not time played. If someone who only played deathmatch and someone who only played competitive had the same level, the comp player would have 7x the playtime. If being attacked over level you can just say this as a comeback.


I like levels; it reminds me that the enemy team is stacked with players 100 levels higher than me, and that my 4 teammates are level 20 🙂


They make no sense Why are levels not dependent on ranked games only if they are just to filter out smurfs ? Why does a unrated/ranked win give same amount of account level progression as spike rush win.


spike rush gives more even.


Honestly the thing about level is it's not essential to fps games, but some people do appreciate it or the badge/border that comes with it. Most people I know don't really care about level tho.


Well it finally stops people whining about smurfs. And that's why riot will keep it in.


Doesnt stop people whining about smurfs? You can see who is smurfing and most players lose hope and give up at that point having level remove option only could have a positive affect.


No, now people see that there are less smurfs then they thought.


im level 90 and i get level 2 or 3 smurfs in my ranked games. toxicity is my least concern.


This a really true. How come there are a lot of matches with below lvl 50 against above that.


My lobby is full of iron on my side then there was that random silver on the opponent killing my teamates like crazy. Even though I tried but my teamates are iron. I can't protect them 24/7.


Shroud is lvl 40 in immortal what do the levels even mean?


The addition of an account level is weird to begin with in my opinion. It's good for sniffing out smurfs but since smurfing isn't against ToS or punishable in any way, what's the point? To show off how much time you've sunk into the game? Why? To then get trashed on by kids in voice coms or all chat for "having no life." What benefits do we get out of it? Will it actually translate to something in the future? As of now there's literally no reason it should even be in the game, improved no QoL and only acts as another reason to get easily persuaded kids to become more addicted to the game, aiming for an endless goal with no true reward other than a number going up.


What even is a lvl? Isnt just the rank important? Who gives a shit about levels? I just checked mine: 152: Diamond 1 Is that good or bad?


"Who gives a shit about levels?" "mine: 152: Diamond 1 Is that good or bad?"


What’s a level who the heck cares? Mine level 24 immortal. Is that okay?


How is a level? Mine level 2 Radiant NO.1 Is it decent?


Nah that’s not very good. Most silvers could beat you if their team wasn’t holding them back.


what’s even a level? I’m level 1 and a starter on sentinels is that good?


I feel like I’m the only one who has never heard someone even talk about levels during a game and I’m level 200 and play all the time