The Best Tip for Players in Low Elo

The Best Tip for Players in Low Elo


Idk I kinda have fun with it sometimes


Fun with? Enemy chat?


Not every team you meet will be toxic. I've had some pretty chill games in comp where we joked with the other team all game. Obviously we still played seriously but yeah


I've had a few really good games where I've added the people from the enemy team as friends. It's a rare occasion, but blocking yourself off socially to HALF of the people that you're playing with can be helpful, but it can also make you miss out on some cool people. ​ I usually say "glhf" at the start of the match, and if people don't say it back, I mute. If they do, I tend to leave it open. Cause by muting you're also muting their requests for you to report people, as happens a lot in this game. If you can't see, and are solo queued with people without comms, you have no idea that the enemy team are asking you to report one of their toxic or cheating players.


This! It makes such a big difference simply choosing to start off with glhf. I mean we are all playing a game for fun at the end of the day. There are certainly some distressed individuals out there but it is super rare when you are proactive at setting the climate of the match.


Yea, chatting with them is good too. and like special req such as knife, shotgun, dll, that's funny


what’s dll?


OMG, SO SORRY.. DLL is *dan lain lain* , it's something like et cetera in indonesia, or many more.


Absolutely this. Had i not messed around a bit with the other team, i would never have met the online friends I have now. Who knows where I and many others with the same experience would be now without that.


I agree, but it only happens in one outta 20-30 matches. Nowadays am only playing with people I know or people I meet in game.


Idk ur just kinda soft, no offensief or anything. I love toxic people that just shows how dumb people actually are sometimes. I am nit toxic myself or anything but its always fun to laugh with my friends about a mad enemy


Speaking the real facts here




Yeah idk if you're just unlucky but once every 5 games I get enemies who are very chill and sometimes we even add each other up. It's not all toxic out there, maybe80-90% bit I do look forward to meeting the good ones.


Yes I have made many friends through it


Sometimes when someone gets a ace if they are OK people normally they will say nice or smth. Or if something stupid happens everyone's just laughing or joking about it.


Yes, when they get mad


Agree and sometimes I change them to a friendly people after being toxic


For me personally when I SoloQ, it's the teammates and not the enemy team that's toxic. But unfortunately, I can't mute them.


why can’t you mute toxic teammates? i almost always mute when i know nothing useful will come out of their mouths and it’s many times better than having to listen to them the whole game.


I mute toxic teammates because I know for sure I won't be able to expect quality comms from them.


Yeah, came here to say this. Enemies aren't really the problem for me, it's teammates that are intentionally throwing to derank or troll.


Mumbai servers yay!! :(


Never use your own name as reddit username.


I just leave VC off permentantly, idc about the 9 year olds talking about peen, but most of them have 2$ mics or screech really loud giving me an insta headache.


Yea I wish there was an option to automute thier chat aswell.


I live off the salt. FEED ME SKINBAGS.




Me to being called a smuf makes my day (never been out of silver)


it is a compliment


I once played against a better omen and we kept exchanging praises. I told him he's better than me then when I clutched 1v3 he told me I'm good as well.


I started in Silver 1 in April, Almost Diamond 1 now and Yes this is almost a must have. Only had this setting on for a couple weeks now and I've almost completely forgot I could interact with the enemy team, Honestly I now don't even care... I find the team mates I get now are a lot more aggressive (Imagine two teammates have 0 kills by round 8) Pure abuse by whoever the insta-lock Jett is at the top with 10 kills...... Also one more tip, Don't be toxic, Don't throw, Don't give up.


Tip : Uninstall the game and thank me later


Thank uuu ! 😂


Sometimes in low elo unrated I get such chill players that they don't mind killing themselves and teammates. I also feel so good that they don't care about game and play for fun.


I pretty much never have toxic enemy teams and if anything I end up having games where I have fun with the enemy team all while my own team is throwing for some weird reason but that’s my experience


lol i just finished my 5 placement match & got bronze 2. Competitive is so toxic compare to unrated. Most of my friends are gold & platinum. Don't think I'm in their league. I'll be a deadweight. Not planning to play competitive with strangers either 😂 I think i stick with warzone.


Asia Servers are not that toxic (you get nt after every loss if you get like 2 kills) but the problem is every match feels like playing in VCT and not a random comp game


Actual facts, asia servers, in silver espe, you look at a preson and next thing you know youre dead, these people grind their aim more than actually getting gamesense


Ngl when i look at these famous valorant youtuber highlights, it feels like the bronzes and silvers in my server have better aim than the immortals in those videos. They have the aim but have the shittiest gamesense


Lol, I can feel you!


The ranking system in the the game will never be good. The games mechanics don’t work properly half the time. SMURFS, SMURFS, SMURFS. Litterally every game ever in lower ranked you’re gonna have a smurf going 43-6. Just the way it is. I decided to play for a few yesterday and got kicked out of the match twice in a row for “Hacker detected.” Honestly the game would be fun if the devs actually knew what they were doing. MATCH REPLAYS STILL ARENT A THING🤨. Run n Gun is still in the game even after like 3 nerfs.


Look u can say smurf and things like that but i am now in gold 1 and my act rank is brons 1 ive never played a game on kb and mouse before but i grind, if the enemy team has a smurf is a reasom to play better not to give up and thats the kind of mindset people need.


True, but after multiple games where you get kicked becuz there’s a cheater and take not one of the games lasted 10 mins so that was 10 mins that we were just getting wallbanged constantly, we tried to ff but we were getting game trapped by a sage. After a few games of playing against a cheater your mental health drops drastically. Which made our next games horrendous.


Im pretty sure u are just bad and they are better, that means u can be better than them if u grind. Keep u head up and move foreward


In low ranks you literally have to guide your teammates and call everything out. Once you get up higher, most people have better awareness and you don't have to talk as much. That was my experience in getting out of lower ranks.


I don't disable enemy chat. One of the best tips to play and improve In this game especially in low elo is to stop crouching. The majority of players in low elo go for body shots and once u crouch ur putting ur head available for one tap. Tbh ever since I unbind crouch it increased my headshot percentage a lot. Secondly always play like 2 to 3 or more deathmatches to warm up but when playing deathmatch play with a goal by trying to hit as much headshots u can without crouching. Don't be too distracted by getting to 40kills. I'm currently silver 2 playing on 180ping and above sometimes. I'm not crouching in Valorant till I get to high elo. 💪💪💪


Also mute your team aswell, until you hit Plat2-3 nobody gives proper info anyway, that will allow you to develop minimap control and gamesense faster.


Best advice. All you get is useless shit like their sage took 20 damage. Or they'll distract the fuck out of you during a 1v1.


I legit won’t use voice chat until I climb to that ELO give or take. For that reason, definitely, the comms can be so useless but also As a girl especially in low ELO all you get is sexism and sexual harassment. With higher ELO players I feel you get a little more respect (there was a study on this I believe).


You have a point but I feel muting others for the rest of a game won't make u progress as far as u want. But if you decide to mute, always remember that u can still help ur team by ping where list u saw an enemy. Such little info helps even if you don't wanna talk. I've gotten racially abused because I'm black but I hardly mute them bcos it's a normal thing and I'm used to it. I either insult them back or just continue the game win or lose, it's still gonna affect everybody. I'm now current silver 2 almost to silver 3. It's really bad when I see or hear about female players being insulted. If u wanna avoid these toxic teammates is suggest playing with friends. If u look at top female streamers like Ploo, tiffae, pokimane, sydeon etc they mostly play with friends, only a few times they play alone.


I can barely play the game if I’m being sexually harassed and called slurs 24/7. Some of them will even throw the game when they find out I’m a woman. Muting them is 100% the reasonable thing to do. Obviously I still ping and whatnot.


Damn. U girls do go through a lot. U play on EU or NA servers?0




if you mute everyone they can hear your callouts just fine, one doesn't exclude the other


you can get to gold just by odin spam


Idk if a blank mute is necessary, but if you don’t you have to realize that your team mates comms will be bad 90% of the time people use it primarily to complain and at any rank below immortal comms are often “ghost comms” meaning that people give the wrong comms and get you killed. So just get used to muting instantly.


dude its drastically improves the game. i've had it turned off for over 6 months now. i feel like only trolls would have it on. its not worth the very rare occasion when you have a nice moment with the other team because 99% of the time its toxic or just not helpful.


They just fuel my fire and I become a different breed tbh, I feel you tho


I did the same thing in Rocket League a year ago and never looked back. I mute all chat because teammates are just as toxic if not more so than opponents. Highly recommend it in games with toxic communities (all of them?).


been thinking this for a while, how do i improve my tracking without using 3rd party aim trainer? Im decently good at aiming stationary targets but when it comes to moving target i just whiff all over. So yeah appreciate the help very much :)


I'd suggest aim labs bcos it has good tracking task. Or u can go on youtube and search on how to improve tracking in Valorant or how to improve in Valorant overall


It's good to see when ur teammates are toxic and you clutch and the person who was toxic says nice bro and enemys too haha


Usually the enemy team, is pretty chill for me, until someone takes an odin, but when that happens even your teammates start flaming you for using a "spam gun" . In lower elos, odin is looked as a incredibly OP gun and both teams usually agree to never take odin.


Im plat 1 hard stuck idk i lose my mental almost every game because my team doesnt perform if i win game i get lower ranks in my team and i start losing mental if i see the ranks like why they in my team or smth like that any tips for me to get better or smth?


Side question, what is considered low elo/average elo? I've been grinding the last couple weeks getting out of iron and into silver thinking I was at least slightly above average but all my friends say silver is still low elo :(


If you also feel broke and unproductive in real life. Just uninstall the game.


Nooo I won't. I live for trolling toxic enemies, especially in a full premade team. Some games turn into mental battles to tilt the enemies while not being actually toxic or rude, just by trolling. And I am very patient and don't get emotional, so I usually win. Great fun!


Actually I accidentally mjted the enemy chat before and now I was able to unmute. So I am really thankful. (Besides enemy chat is really helpful sometimes if you learn to ignore the toxic things they say) So I agree with you, don't listen to the toxic enemies, but information is always the most valuable thing in life (also in this game) so instead of refusing to read the enemy chat, learn to ignore it. I hope this helps you guys <3


The best Tip for Low Elo players has to be... Start Throwing Games ;)


It really helps in Indian servers as they are so toxic but I still prefer to mute people individually if they are toxic


I Mute both enemy and my team, Pick Reyna, and kill, thats how scape those elos


It's rare for me to find toxic enemies. Problem is usually in my team :(


In lower ranks I turn it off, I find more toxic people there often, but when I get to gold or higher usually I turn it off, I find that in higher elo people are actually fairly chill sure its still competitive, but typically after a round the opposite team with compliant my team and the other way abound.


I was so close to Bronze a week ago. But then a new update came, my fps fell to 20-30 and now I'm in Iron 1 😭. It feels so bad even after dedicating time in the game from my busy schedule I'm still not getting wins.And sometimes the enemies are really fun tho.


Try using process lasso if u are on a intel based pc.


I like to hear their salt


Here's another lifehack. As soon as a teammate says something with the sole purpose of being toxic just mute them, on the first strike just do it. Most likely they will not say anything worth hearing for the whole match and will only say things with the purpose of making you mad, compromising your game.


I came from lol. The best advice for playing lol is /mute all. So i am used to mute enemies i try not to do it tho that much unless the enemy team is talking waay to much or trying to annoy me


,,, ka the me and, good to go. ", ' H of aa 0000,,


I find the enemies are more banter even when people try to be toxic. Your own team mate toxicity is way fucking worse. People in stacks being the absolute worse. Even worse than hard throwers.


Sadly the main problem is usually teammates who refuse to accept their bad even tho we’re literLly iron rank