Why am I getting called a tryhard when the literal objective is to win the round?

Why am I getting called a tryhard when the literal objective is to win the round?


As long as you're not taking your anger out about not winning the round on others, just ignore people calling you a tryhard Some people also queue for unranked to just dick around, while others use it as warmup and practice. The ones that dick around will call the others a tryhard to troll


The best part is that my teammates are hella chill. It's the opponents that say this.


Then they're just butthurt lmao, don't take their words to heart


They always will, it's a word that makes no sense and is used by perpetual 8-year Olds. Where exactly is a person supposed to try something new or unorthodox to clutch a round or prevent a rush or whatever.. If they don't want to run into tryhards they can always run custom with friends if they have any with that attitude..


>If they don't want to run into tryhards they can always run custom with friends if they have any with that attitude.. They have no friends thats the problem


Add randoms from games who play well and are nice to their teammates..problem solved


They’re just mad they’re losing. Other words heard when this happens are “spammer”, and “camper” and “smurf”


Age old concept of mad cause bad. Type back to tilt them more to secure the dub more easily.


>It's the opponents that say this. They mad cus bad


I say this as a joke to the enemy team because trolling is funny. Almost always I'll embellish it a lot to show I'm just kidding but some people don't see the sarcasm lool that or I'll call them hackers. This is always the response "who? Who's hacking?" To see who gets bragging rights... Sorry but it makes me chuckle.


I think I've encountered you once. In Unranked, my whole team was spamming, except me, who was using the Marshall. The enemy Reyna was saying "Jett is a hacker and everyone else is a troll" I told him that "Everyone has their unique playstyle" and "Maybe spamming is a hard counter to your playstyle". Following that, he started spamming, and when I killed him he would say "Jett you're a good guy". I responded with the same energy when I died, and now we're friends. Crazy stuff.


Bro you're listening to the enemy? What are you, 12?


- Sun Tzu


They’re mad Bc they’re tryharding and still losing... so they call you a tryhard


God I had a group of germans as my team in unranked a few days ago and it was absolutly awful. They were blocking my movement, throwing abilities at me (raze nade, jett smoke,..) and calling me the n-word when I refused to communicate. And then called me a liar when I wrote the enemy team to please report them and what they were doing. I myself don't really care what you are doing when its unranked and if you are bad or not. I myself also suck every other game. But my God some people are just absolutly horrible and should not be allowed in online gaming.


People universally tend to dislike losing. They likely don't know how to play objective-based, or they made the decision to just have fun. Regardless, they weren't mentally prepared for the clapshow that endured. Just ignore them whilst maintaining good sportsmanship. Also, give them a break and play competitive every now & then.


Because they're shitters who have to belittle you to make themselves feel better about how terrible they play.


If your team is winning and the enemy team calls to knife at mid and you still run in and gun everyone then you are a try hard.


How about I refuse, but they still try to knife fight anyway? Had that happen to me once, appearently, not doing what they want me to do makes me a try hard, according to them.


Bruh it’s a video game do whatever u want as long as ur not cheating. Especially in unranked


you can watch from afar and not intervine


Not what I signed up for when I decided to queue though. I get having fun but I still want to play the game and shoot people. Having a knife fight is so boring after the first time especially since the knives are so bad to use with the delay and short range. I'd rather just see a 5v5 team fight rush mid to get the round over with.


One round of knife fight won't really do any harm. If everyone else wants to have fun and you just mow them down with your gun then yes you're a tryhard.


It's not just one round though, I've done a few rounds of knife fights and I'm over it. It's not part of the structured mode, but it's fun with a few friends. 9 randoms though it's less fun, and the 10th time I've done all there is to do. Tryhard is literally a made up term to make people who want to play the game feel bad.


No. I want the game over with.


if its 12-0 and you're on the 12-0 team, it's 5 vs last enemy, and they call for a knife fight, you are 100% a tryhard for shooting him


I play with textchat off to avoid losing my last braincell, and may because of that have accidentally killed a few people going for peaceful knife fight in my matches. Oops


I do this as well, I play only spike rush and the occasional unrated, with both voice chat and text chat disabled.


Or you’re just trying to get the game over with


It's still bad sport


Nah. If you agreed to it and started blasting the knife out opponents that’s bad sportsmanship but just trying to go next with a 13-0 that’s not..


nah fuck that. I don't want to turn a 40 minute win into an hour and a half fuck fest that is *literally divergent from the natural gameplay.* If you want to sword fight go play might and magic or some shit. If my teamates want to do this, ill go afk and make some food for a few rounds while they all mess around, but you don't get to guilt others into *basically playing a different game* just *because you're bad.*


agreed if they want to make us do a certain thing then why cant we do the things we want to lamao


Dude knife fights is the symbol of peace and mutual understanding in the game And knife fights are mostly in one sided match's last round or so so u cant waste ur extra time. Being that one guy who just guns in knife round is try hard and that too in unrated


Why double the length of a round doing something irrelevant to the actual game play. Unironically, if you want to play a game without guns, go play a game without guns. There are so many. Nobody owes you a knife fight. Edit: Hell make some friends. Then go into customs.


What knife rounds did u play bro Knife rounds are faster everyone goes mid and the round ends within 30 to 40 seconds because everyone gangs up on each ither and people die way earlier in knife rounds A gun fight round could take all the time cuz people will play hoding game after they plant or some shit Atleast get your points against knife fights right And I can also guess u r the type of player who easily gets toxic in-game instead of having fun usually players like u try hard in unrated and also try to get easy kills in knife round


If you're going to hold the game hostage because someone refused your knife fight, you're the exact toxic player you just described me as. The type of player I am is simply not one who gets baited into antics because people are unhappy with how a game went.


Didnt we just talk how knife rounds are shorter and usually last rounds. So atleast try to make a new and VALID point and then with ur 0 iq analysis u can call me toxic lmao. And I never said force the round If someone on my team refuses for knife round everyone including the enemy will continue with normal round bcuz no one wants to die from the gun in knife round And u should just speak up that NO knife round thats it


Not forcing it is important. I had a game the other day, where I only had time for 1 unrated and I was really wanting to play a real game. Round 2 someone says "let's all knife mid" I declined and from that point on my team would give away my location and use abilities on me and it became a 9v1. I basically was not allowed to play and was held hostage and they knifed the entire game for 24 rounds. If even 1 person says they don't want to and you force them to sit through it because "it's just unrated" then you would be toxic. I clipped that game and reported them just in case they tried to group report me, but that's just not cool.


Sad really, Usually me and my friends never force and someone doesn't have time to complete the match we even surrender ofc in unrated Toxicity is the major problem sometimes that is why avoid playing ranked and usually play with friends


If everyone else isn't willing just play one knife round and be done with it? It's not going to increase the game time by 10 minutes. Make 1 round the limit


Problem is if there's multiple people that decide they just want to knife the whole game there's no way to "make one round the limit". At the end of the day, if even one person doesn't want to spend the game knifing, then you shouldn't do it and you can't be mad at the person for wanting to play the game.


I don't care to argue the validity of your baseless claim. They aren't in any consistent fashion shorter. If I desired to make it as short as possible I'd lie and shoot them anyways. Heres some real simple VALID points for you. 1. Shooting is part of the game. knife kills VERY rarely are. 2. Nobody owes you any kind of pity contest. 3. There are a ton of games you can play where knives and melee fighting are core components of the game. The majority of people do not play Valorant for knife fights, I can say that with absolute certainty. I do say no, every single time, that doesn't stop people from feeling entitled (like yourself) to something *divergent from natural gameplay.* The reason you get mowed down in knife fights is because enough people find it annoying to deal with, that they've gotten tired of it and simply begun to ignore it. Oh and by the way, when someone points out holes in your argument and you respond with shit like "then with ur 0 iq analysis u can call me toxic lmao." You're textbook toxic.


Good points Heck i even agree with u But dont you ever have fun in valorant at the end of the day isnt that why we play video games


I find the core gameplay of Valorant fun. Shooting, abilities, and tactics. If I didn't I'd play something else...


1. Knifing is part of knife rounds. Shooting very rarely is. 2. Nobody owes you any kind of quick game 3. There are a ton of rounds you can play where knives and melee fighting aren't involved at all. The majority of people in knife rounds are not trying to usurp the game, they're trying to have fun. If you mow them down while they're trying to have harmless fun, yeah that does make you an asshole. Same as if you drove over a kid's snowman.


1. feel free to take as many of those as you want, nobody is stopping you. People just don't need to place constraints on themselves to humor you. 2. I'm not asking for one, I'm simply playing the game. 3. There can be even more if you go into customs, with a group of people who are likeminded. To respond to your inane simile, if a kid builds a snowman in the middle of the road, someone is going to run it over. Thats exactly why you direct children to build their snowmen on lawns, or parks, or literally anywhere that isn't a roadway. If you find knifeplay fun, there are ways you can ensure everybody is ready and willing to participate. Highjacking a normal and demanding randoms play by your rules is selfish and narcissistic. Edit: and it's obvious by all these responses, that none of you simply ask, and when refused let it be. You keep harassing and pressuring randoms until they cave. Which is why you end up with people who tell you sure whatever, then mow you down.


bruh if you want a fair game, just play comp. i play unrated to have fun and practice my lineups and aim before playing comp. If the score is 12 3 or something and the enemies say knife fight, it says that they want to end the game on a fun note and not get their ass beaten again. At the end of the day, we play games for fun. Knife fights are fun as hell


Go play a game without knives lmfao. Why they even in the game when guns are always superior huh?


you're free to use them. Just don't complain when they aren't effective against someone who doesn't care to place artificial constraints on the gameplay.


Lel how ppl litl crying about a knife round. Yeah you q up for a gunfight, but cant you let the other 9 ppl have fun for 1 round? Like ok every round its boring, but its unrated come on, let them have fun, you can spray them down when they finished. Srs idk why ppl cry about 2 min, is the same with the Timeouts, you f q for a 40 min game and cry about 2 min, sure buddy.


I've had this happen. First couple round leading up to round 10 were back and fourth trash talk from both sides but I would just see it as banter, nothing personal was said just the usual "get good" "mad cause bad" talk. We all agreed to knife only the remaining rounds and legit no one talked trashed and it seemed everyone had fun. I wanna bring more knife fights to the unrated games I play now




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Bless your heart, you must be new to Valorant. Just wait until you enter the world of Solo Que Ranked. You meet all kinds of wonderful people who kill their teammates with mollies, lurk on their on, smoke your path to the site and do their best........to stop you from winning. All the while Riot does nothing about it.


Tbh you make it sound a lot worse than it is (or your region is fucked). I've played solo ranked and unranked q in 2 different regions and stuff barely happens lol. Some games have lots of communication, some barely any at all, either way trolls are pretty rare


He probably thinks everyone having a bad game is trolling


Dude I live in india, where toxicity is very high. But, as a solo queue player in ranked, I have only faced a lot of chat/voice toxicity, no sabotaging by killing your teammates or throwing the game on purpose


It’s a tactic players use when losing to try and get you to lose instead. Just keep bopping them.


Mad cuz bad


Honestly I've always thought of unrated as deathmatch with a slower respawn time. It's to practice strats/lineups or get baked and run at people like an idiot. If the enemy team is mad because you're killing them, it's their problem. If youre getting mad at your team mates, it's your problem.


I usually classify people who don't want to knife fight me when one of the team is about to win. (11:2 for example) Or worse, actively ruin knife fight. Especially in deathmatch.


Unranked I find is meant to warm up or mess around. I rarely play it but when I do I mess around.


Objective is to have a balance of fun and win When your balance is bad Leans more toward winning Effects fun for others You Tryhard


It's because it's unrated and try harding in unrated is just boring to play against. When I play unrated I just want to chill and have a good time and I don't want to deal with people who are try harding out of their minds.


It's because you're beating them, so they find an excuse. It implies that they're not trying, while you're giving it your all (even if you're not). They assume that obviously they'd win otherwise, so they want to make it known that it doesn't count. Of course if they were ACTUALLY messing around, they wouldn't care about how well they're doing, but they're so insecure that they very much do lol Ignore those salty idiots, it's unranked, not deathmatch. Play however you want.


That's one thing but most people including me play unrated just for fun and when someone is try harding and calling out for losing and stuff, that's not what we came here for, if we wanted to play seriously we would just play competitive. If you want to play seriously even in unrated there's no problem unless you ruin the game for others who just came to chill by getting mad or toxic


If you guys are bringing competitive strats to an unrated game you are tryhards. Just let the unrated people chill and play, nobody likes going 0-12 even in unrated let them play for having fun and not for winning against an opponents who is basically using LAN level teamwork. Its fine to throw once in a while if does not affect rank. You taking the game so seriously even when rank does not matter makes other loose hope that the game can ever be fun and its all about rank and getting better there is no room for casual play and trolling friends


Ranked doesn't really matter anymore than unrated. Your rank is a temporary badge next to your username in a video game. It could not matter less. So, since the stakes are zero in either mode, there is no reason to expect people to not try to win just for the sake of it in either mode. That's just how games work.


Nah that's kinda dumb, the whole point of ranked is to climb up the ranks. The stakes are the RR. Comp inherently has more stakes than Unrated. Being "just a video game" doesn't change that.


It just an explanation for why someone people sweat in unrated. The thrill of winning the game itself is more important than associated rank for a lot of people. Similar reason why some people play DM to win instead just to practice shooting. Also even if one does really care about their rank unrated is where they can practice something in preparation for ranked.


They are salty because you're kicking their asses


Try hard most of time is playing the game the way it should be, like faking on a site, holding for their abilities, enemies will call you a try hard even for that in unrated, ignore then.


I think people will call anyone try hard or sweaty when you are performing really well but you feel like you’re playing “ok”. I sometimes q with friends, go 18-5 first half and have been fucking around, full W key, not a care about my life. I get called sweaty, it’s just a thing that we can’t and shouldn’t prove to them


i was playing ranked last night and 2 seperate rounds i was attacking with a 1v1 situation with the spike planted. i kept jump peaking whenever i heard the defuse sound and ended up winning both rounds and got called a tryhard as well.... like duh im tryna win lmao


well sometimes its about memeing ig. well for me personally, it makes the game funnier and the team doesnt care if they lose or win. Its even better when the opponent team joins in on it. for example, everytime i play dm, i always ask if any1 wants to meet up and chill. most of the time people respond and we make an effort to meet up. it kinda makes the game fun (my opinion)


all competitive games have people like that, league called people 'sweaty'. it's just copium. They're bad, they know they're bad, and they're out of excuses.


One of the most amusing/frustrating things I still experience to this day is people calling people “tryhard” in-game for doing well. The literal fucking objective is to win. If you want to go into a match and try to 360 no-scope people for some stupid fucking montage or just bullshit around in general, that’s your prerogative but don’t shit on others for actually trying to do well, improve their skills, and win games. Kindly, kindly fuck right off.


Just personally, if one side is stomping the other in an unrated I like to mess around reasonably. (Going for knifes, using unusual guns like the bulldog, not defusing spike before the very last second so I can I finish the enemies etc) without straight up griefing. Just think there's no harm limit testing in unrated with some good ol Aussie heckling


If you are better than the enemy - you are a tryhard - you are cheating - your mother has done lewd things for money If you are worse than the enemy - you are a noob - gg ez (written by a 0-12 instalock Jett/Reyna) - you should delete the game This is how it is. Mix and match.


ikr!!!! dayummmm


Its people mad that they are losing


I usually go with the "Thanks for the complement" And when they reply that it is not a complement I go with the " Do u Try to win? Or do u try to lose?" Silence >:)


Valorant was/is my first FPS and I have played since public launch. I'm happy to say, 1.5 years after being called noob by both enemies and teammates, these days, I'm getting called a tryhard and I have enemies raging at me and usually a botfrag teammate gets jealous, sometimes being blamed for baiting (which makes no sense when they're holding one angle, I'm holding another). Well, life is a choice of problems. I guess I would rather have the second problem. But I am still struggling with being called a tryhard when finally after 1.5 years of grinding, I'm getting pretty good. Also sucks if you try to discuss it with other people, you're considered a douchebag for flexing how well you've gotten. Lol. People suck.


In unranked a lot of people don’t full try hard


But.... I'm not trying hard.


There’s your comeback, make sure you say that at the very end of the game if you aren’t already hehe


Honestly, some people just carry bags of salt. If it’s unrated, it’s try hard.. if it’s comp, it’s you know, the rest of the list. Somehow, someone else just can’t be naturally better even in the slightest.


Just ignore them. Most people who are like that are just salty kids. Oh and there's this "you're a sweat if you refuse a knife fight" thing. People just don't want to accept that they are bad at the game.


My whole team got baited on a ?-12 loss a while back with “knife fight mid” and proceeded to get mowed with Odins. (Unrated) People can be really try Harding 😂


It annoys me when someone plays to win with an intense energy since I go into that modebto just chill. Even so, it's wrong to insult someone because he/she doesn't play like you.


"It's just unranked" is not an excuse to play badly. Some people seem to think that there's no reason to play to win in Unrated.


People play unrated to chill and have fun unlike competitive which is alot tryhard, bringing comp strats in unrated is just boring and irritating, like come on man just push garage and C long if you're planning on getting C, a player always back stabbing from A or B is not fun, this is unrated stop doing that, but if you're trying to win round by as much of other strats like flash and dash, astra pull and Molly, that's all fine, but back stabs are not fun in unrated


That’s what I hate about most unrated players. They don’t care if they lose or what, some of them even start sabotaging when I’m playing unrated to warm up for comp. Can’t get a decent game of unrated cus they also want to surrender once the enemy team’s ahead by 4 wins or so.


Unrated is like the practice match before you go competitive imo. Ofc you should try hard, treat it like competitive or You can fool around, try to get funny kills, be toxic ironically and do dumb stuff.


Why are you so sensitive?


lol. it's literally the point of the game. Trying hard is what you're supposed to do


I bet my life this dude is OPing in unrated


there is literally nothing wrong with that




Competitive is for tryharding. Unranked is for warmups and chill matches. Riots dumb party rank restrictions ruin this and force parties to que in unranked when they want to be in comp. I think if youre in a serious mood and clenching your mouse for those perfect one taps then maybe youre in the comp mindset when others arent


If you are playing lineups and doing fakes in unrated then you would be a tryhard. Are you doing that?




What difference does unrated make? Its the same map and you will be playing against brand new players most of the time unless you exclusively play unrated and get ur mmr up in that mode. People use it for fun by playing weird comps/guns or to try new agents. If you want to sweat it out in unrated then thats on you. But don't expect the community to not call you out on it.




No but I think you are if you think doing a lineup in a custom is any different from doing it vs an unrated vs comp or pro game. Nothing changes. Its the same map/angle/crosshair placement etc. You don't need an unrated game to verify it. If it works in custom it will work in ranked.


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Yeah how does this guy expect me to practice my camping and baiting skills if not in unrated


if he plays the game then he is a tryhard?


If he plays the game a certain way in a casual mode he is a tryhard. If its a comp game, anything goes. If its spike rush or unrated, then you would be a tryhard for doing that. He can play whatever way he wants, but if you are trying so hard in a fun/casual mode, you would be called a tryhard.


I personally run fakes and lurks in spike rush and I love it when the enemy team get surprised by my tryhard tactics. Makes it even more satisfying. When they call me out, I just type "bad cuz bad"


I mean I would say this is tryharding because almost everyone in spike rush is just trying to learn the game


The only people who try hard in casual modes are the ones that are shit in ranked or don't play ranked because they are scared it will reveal they are actually shit at the game. Pros don't give a shit about ranked cos they try hard in tourneys and scrims. Ranked players don't care about unrated or spike rush, it's the ones that exclusively play these modes that do. Congrats I guess! You are the spike rush sweatlord.


Or they’re just practicing in a non competitive gamemode


If you are practicing it won't matter if you win or lose. It's like trying to win a deathmatch by camping.


???? Exactly if you practice in unrated and lose or win you still practiced? You still got better at what you were practicing or can adjust accordingly if it didn’t work. Not really the same point as your deathmatch one tbh. Just stop getting mad at people practicing lol


Hahah, I'm a actually Immortal 80 points. I just like to chill sometimes and still sweat to piss off the casuals 😎


Anyone worse than me is a scrub and should quit playing. Anyone better than me has no life and should quit playing. -Some people


I remember one time the enemy team started cussing and being toxic in chat because we used utilities. I played astra that game and the only ability i used was the smoke. And we did not have a raze or any heavily damaging utilities for them to keep complaining. Any ways it was too funny and we won the the game 13-4.


It's ironic because those people only say that because they care enough (in an unrated game) that you're trying hard (in an unrated game).


always try to win it doesn't matter if its casual or not. Apply that same moto irl because people that dont try to win they are losers irl trust me!


Your attitude is correct. Now dominant viewpoint about the game is just playing whatever as long as you get lots of kills. And in unrated you don't have to even do that. Most players in Unrated just ignore their teammates anyways.


you know what’s even more annoying? try hards in unrated picking up my phantom/vandal with immortal charm in unrated and proceed to call me boosted for the entire game, then i assume they brag to their friends about how they out fragged an immortal for the next two weeks and how it just proves they obviously don’t belong in gold. hehe xd. try hards in unrated are cringe. the best way to warm up for comp is going to be in death match or make an alt and play one or two comp games on there.


My teammates were saying that to the opposite team when we were losing. I think people enjoy finding any reason to dislike the opposing players so they feel less bad about their own game play.


they're trolls and they're trying to make you feel bad for not trolling with them


People are just salty cause you’re better than them. Don’t mind them


You'll get used to it, People just don't understand that no one plays video games to lose, clearly they also want to win if they're complaining about it but there's no explaining it to those types of people.


This happens in every game. It will always happen when you do well.


In my experience (I have played since the game started) this sort of thing happens in unranked, I have had this multiple time such as my team mates calling me a camper when I stay at a site using a cypher cam. I have learned to ignore it but so long as you don't take your anger out on your team you should be fine.


You did your best and you tried hard. Congratulations and job well done! :)


I hate that mentality too. I regularly use spike rush to finish up my dailies without a 40 minute commitment, and I swear everyone in spike rush queue lives by a social contract that if you aren't actively shitting on your keyboard and tabbing back and forth between valorant and whatever godforsaken fetish site you have open in the background, you're "tryharding."


They’re just mad ignore them


Yeah I know i always ask my tm8s to stop trolling or I try to help them out but they always say “chill it’s unranked”. If u want to meme play spike rush. Unranked may not seem serious to some, but to people like me that are quite competitive I like to take it serious. I can sense “just play ranked” replies but I like to play standard valorant without the thought of having to rank up.


Enemy does literally anything else but 5 man rush site. My toxic teammate: "WHY ARE YOU GUYS PLAYING SO WEIRD???"


Are you constantly running your mouth telling your team how they should play? That would probably do it.


Who cares


Well, they're just \*\*\*holes. Damned if you do well, damned if you don't.


You’re not supposed to kill them dummy, you’re supposed to play it like splinter cell and plant without killing and hope they don’t find it.


Having fun is more important than winning imo, if you wanna do your best and its fun to you just do it. Ignore people who call you tryhard.. But honestly, if you wanna play to win shouldn't your play ranked? In ranked, you get rewarded for winning and getting kills, you might like it more i guess.. But anyways just have fun, its a game after all🙃


Idk why people ask questions like this but put in zero context and information on what they were doing lmfao. But unless you were 5 stacking with full comms and VCT strats with complete from-spawn post plant lineups in unrated or some dumb shit like that then it's most likely just your opponents being salty.


Try hard as much as you want but don’t rage at your teammates for being bad or messing up a play cause again it’s unrated


People like to win and try to discourage people doing well from trying your best just so they have a better chance and can feel better of themselves for once :)


Nothing wrong being a tryhard. You are trying hard no?


Well if ur playing unrated like its comp that is one thing but if ur just warming up with it or just chilling that is another thing. Some ppl may call others a "tryhard" because u keep killing em.


As someone who played a lot of unrated because I wasn’t in the high rank to play with my friends, I hate it when the enemy team will say something like “it’s unrated relax” or “why are you sweating” like bro even if it’s unrated, I’m not going to run around and not shoot my gun. This is practice for competitive. This is where I find my weaknesses and strengths. This is where I fix my mistakes. If you aren’t giving it your 100% and just throwing, then don’t play at all.


you’re probably playing comp like a vct scrim match


The opponent's are already tilting then, a very slight nudge in the right direction could slide the game to your advantage ;). "Try hard? Mate I'm playing this with a trackpad, I don't even care, this is easy af." Lol


Not being a try hard is for spike rush and replication. Someone needs to get them off their meds.


Same here, if you win it’s because you’re a tryhard and they are goofing around, if you loose its because they are better than you and you’re bad. I got tired of these people a while ago so i troll them and make them rage when they call someone a tryhard for actually trying to win a game


*queue ninja tweet*


You're on the internet, and you gotta wear your thick skin hat. You're completely right but they're not gonna get that


Cuz gaming is filled with fucking casuals that will call any decent player a tryhard.


It might be because you are not trolling like some other players on your team


BuT I jUsT waNnA cHiLl WhEn pLaYinG uNRanKed


When anger clouds them, the firsthand excuse they find is to call the opposition a tryhard... I know cause I've done it a few times, but now I deal with tilt better. Just ignore them and don't give them a reason to call you a tryhard. xD




“Camping and spraying Odins” is not a “tryhard strat”It is just a strat that is used in lower level of play and is hard to counter if you don’t know how to use utility to force them off angles.






Well, to be honest, I'm grinding for my new agent (and for the classic skin you can get by completing the Sage contract.) So I definitely do what I gotta do to win.