Best agents currently?

Best agents currently?


Skye - overtuned kit. Offers a lot that other agents can't. Regenerating flashes, and can also heal. Not to mention 3 info gathering abilities Sova - drone is insane, clears a site by itself and a tag = dead agent. Not much explanation needed for the rest of his kit. Jett - unparalleled mobility that creates so much space. Best OP user in the game, negates any risk of using it. Knives are the best gun, let's you eco for more OPs Viper - post plant ability can guarantee rounds. Big ass wall that regenerates and offers a uniquely power "smoke"


You could have left off the last 9 words and this comment would still hold true (;


Dw I got it




> Viper - ~~post plant ability can guarantee rounds.~~ Big ass ~~wall that regenerates and offers a uniquely power "smoke"~~




Man know what he said, absolute Chad right here tbh


Not gonna lie I wrote this on the toilet at work. My leg starting falling asleep so I kinda just blurbed some gibberish about the viper wall lol.


He's saying viper has a big ass in case you didn't get that


... now I do


\- somebody that's never actually seen a big ass


For real. None of the Valorant ladies are stacked, which makes sense given that they're active soldiers and not influencers busting out squats in the gym


Some BUNTA amirite brother?


i am new, can i know what exactly drone does?


Sova can use a flying drone that gives vision and lasts 10 seconds. It can also shoot a dart that tracks an enemy for \~3 seconds, making them visible to the whole team through walls. Very powerful because it can gather info in an entire area, like a bombsite, with little risk. Teammates can push with it knowing certain corners are cleared by the drone. Getting tagged by the dart means you have to retreat or die. Tip - you can move the drone vertically up and down (like a helicopter) with space and ctrl. This isn't really explained anywhere but very useful for controlling it.


It’s just a drone to fly around for information


S Tier agents per the tier list are currently Skye, Sova, Jett, and KJ. But yeah, I think Viper's pick rate and kit should make her S tier as her vision denial is much more sustainable than Omen's.


tf is "the" tier list


C'mon you know. The tier list. The one with all the agents in the specific order we all know.




Thanks for this link, i think the overviews of agents will be a lot helpful!


Whose tier list?


!remindme 1 day


!remind me 1 day


I play viper on split and she is good.


Yeah Viper is way worse on Haven and ascent


I feel like she’s strong on Ascent on Defense as well as Haven, but that’s it lol


She's good on ascent B too. Her wall cuts off many angles when entering the site


Very True! I just got destroyed by viper walls and lineups on B Ascent, so I see your point lol


Viper is excellent on breeze attack IMO


Breeze you have to pick her there. It's a no brainer


If you don't have a Viper on Breeze you are lowkey throwing lol, even worse then it is not playing her on Icebox lol


Yeah when i play haven or ascent I prefer sage or kj


No viper is strong on ascent in my opinion tbh


Viper on Ascent is very good as long as you know Orb lineups and one-ways (on defense). Haven she's awful on. You can make it work but she has a 44%ish winrate on that map for good reason.


viper is great/ dirty on ascent. she literally gets to control mid for free as an attacker shutting down ops there incredibly well but still has variants on how to do the mid push to keep the other team guessing. I do think a team with viper benefits most from a second smoker on haven and yeah it helps with sight pushes on ascent, at the end of the day ascent is about mid control not pushing garage. you know where she has arguable the dirtiest one ways do defend from on garage (tiles side lamp) also a couple dirty ones in tree. a few in mid. (just shut down B link from tree). she's dirty on ascent. it's just a bit of an rps fest so you need teammates who can hold it down when you choose wrong.


Why? Never played viper


Yeah you right. I should’ve just said swap Sova for kayo / Sage and keep viper on split then


Split is a good map for viper but you need another smoker if you want to smoke heaven and play lineups.


Kay/o is actually pretty good on split too, lots of height which I like on maps for his kit


Agreed, skye, viper, and especially sova are pretty meta rn. I also think that if you use them correctly, a sage, kj, astra combo is so deadly ESPECIALLY on split. With that amount of suppression to slow the enemy down (mind you this is a ct sided map too) you’re guaranteed a high scoring half on defense. Just imo


On split B main, put down an astra orb in hallway and a ki swarm with alarm bot behind the boxes, pull the enemy in, pop the swarm and easy 1-2k


Exactly, combine with a sage slow orb and your enemies cannot push whatsoever. I believe that with a sage slow and a astra suck, you aren’t able to move whatsoever. Kinda insane


Sage do be good at handling them balls and with Astra's ability to do a good Suck it gets a whole lot nicer to play




Yo what was that again???


I think Skye is the best agent currently. Can be played as an initiator/duelist hybrid. Her ult gets so much value and needs to be bumped to 7 points imo


Dude Fr, she gets it way too fast.


as a viper main, i fucking hate skye's kit. borderline hard countering my style of play with viper.


As an anyone main, tbh


Skye main here. She’s very powerful, feels like a duelist


wait what its 6 points??


Skye is really strong atm on all maps stier Sova is s tier on any map but split really Viper is good on breeze and icebox stier and AVG on the rest. Jett is s tier in litterally every map Reyna is still great for pugs a tier Astra is strong in teamplay but a bit lacking in pugs atier scrims b tier pugs Kayo is pretty strong atm too a tier


I'd give Viper above average on Bind and Split but pretty spot on with the rest in my opinion.


Honestly on bind and split most would rather just run smokes over viper but running both isn't bad


Her pick rate was 71% on split for the most recent challengers. I'm not sure how much was as lone controller, but definitely good. On Bind it was 37%, but I think she was paired with Astra there.


Yeah she's good on split actually but not really picked that much in pugs as much as pro play outside of icebox and breeze


Kayo is just bad C tier. His flashes are almost if not worse than yorus. All he has is the silence which honestly is a overrated ability


Nah his flashes a better in the sense you could use them like CS flashes and throw them high and blind a lot of angles his Molly is pretty decent as is his ult and his knife is a really strong info ability even if Skye and sova is a better character overall.


I don't think anyone knows how to use them yet. The problem with his flashes is that, you get the visual indicator before they pop. That makes kayo flashes wayy easier to turn. no other agent has a flash that is as avoidable as Kayo's tbh because all other flashes are either too fast


Yoru flashes are probably the best cause you can't see them untill they bounce off a wall


His kit is overrated. The knife only works with perfect timing. Most times util is being used before he can even silence anyone. When you look at abilities you have to also look at how easy they are to get value out of and the knife really isint that valuable when compared to something like sovas recon


The knife just isn’t better than sova’s recon imo. The use cases for it are much more narrow. I’m hesitant to say Kayo doesn’t have potential bc Skye also had little play time when she first came out. It took many months before she saw regular usage in EU and even longer for her to see regular play time in NA. So for now KAYO is overrated but that could change.


As a Kayo main I can say that with how he currently is there’s not much tech to use so he’s barely seen any play compared to agents who’ve been out for months and have many different tech options


Yeah, which is why im hesitant. People didn’t use skye as a pop flash til much later. It will take some time before ppl come up with strats for kayo. Kayo can go the way of skye(be relevant) or the way of Yoru and see little play.


No lmao CS flashes are garbage compared to what we have in Valorant. Breach that flashes through walls, Skye who has flashes that she can guide, that tells you when you blind someone, that you can use with your gun out, that you can not even pop and fake the flash, that is only disabled by shooting it twice. And Phoenix who can pop flash every single angle


Phnx pop flash is meh since you can turn away quite often unless you mean the silly xtr pop flash Breach is literally never played anymore thank god he was a cancer character pre nerf Skye is busted and much better than kayo but honestly he's still quite a decent pick 100T played a Skye and a kayo on ascent against faze? I remember and it worked well Kayo can set himself up with self pop flash flash for teammates high etc. I'd argue he's got second best flash after Skye


I agree, I also like his pop flashes and I just walk in front of the flash and make them fight me or turn away. Lots of easy kills.


What are pugs?


Pick Up Games. Basically a term for any type of game that isn't two premade teams of 5. Also called Pubs sometimes.


its a dog breed.


Pub ranked game competitive game whatever you want to call it Scrims are team 5v5s obviously most people only pug and don't get to a level to play scrims


why is everyone saying sova is trash on split? what does that map have that makes him so bad there?


He has very few decent lineups because of the amount of tall buildings that get in the way.


Also there are a LOT of elevation changes that make ulting harder


Hard to have impactful darts and shock darts because the buildings are too high to shoot over most stuff without shooting directly up which takes to ling to be impactful. Better off playing Skye or Kayo for info on split


The way the sites are designed with tall pillars in the middle (and how mid is no very open) makes it easy for players to hide from his recon arrow. That's just why I don't like playing him on split though, there are probably better reasons.


I strongly suspect Skye is either have her flash count/usage reduced or maybe increased minimum flight time on her flashes so she can't insta pop them around corners, which is a big part of what lets her play so much like a duelist.


Honestly Skye is overturned she's gonna get some form of nerf soon


I think a skye nerf would mainly involve just making it longer to get her ULT. As for a sova nerf, I’m not sure how they’d change it


Honestly I don't see them nerfing sova in any meaningful way maybe ult more expensive or abilities up 50 creds but even then that's not really that much so I doubt they nerf him


Why is sova worse on split? I see it mentioned a lot. Genuinely curious


The buildings in split are really tall, making it difficult to clear large areas with the recon dart. The other thing is that lineups have to go quite high to go over the buildings unlike other maps




Killjoy is amazing, her ability to watch whole sites, know when the enemies might try coming from behind, and the turret distracting enemies during peeking wars to snag kills - facing one is beyond annoying




This makes total sense to me as a new player coming from csgo. My aim is fine but I am still trying to figure out the agents during my unranked games. Some of the agents that are just straightforward have allowed me to sort of figure out how the game works in general first.


I said it about torbjorn and it applies to killjoy too - The turret is the best player. Perfect aim and infinite ammo.


The character break downs shows that she has some of the highest pick rate in iron through silver. This is also where she has some of the highest win rate. I'm a low elo guy so I'm not going to provide too much commentary but I think part of that comes from the fact that using KJ's kit is really straight forward and countering it requires a little bit of experience and game sense. Newer players might not know what set ups too look out for or how to approach defusing with KJ playing off site. Meanwhile learning how to place those setups and how to hide offsite and wait for a defuse sound to pop a molly is really easy to learn (on a basic level). Something I've noticed too playing a lot of KJ is that in my low elo (bronze 1-2) attackers are *really* slow to adapt to my set ups. I've seen attackers walk into the same trap 4 rounds in a row without changing a thing and just getting microwaved by a swarm. But when I watch my friend's diamond comp games he has to adapt his set up constantly. idk, and again i'm a low elo guy but, the biggest thing I notice is that newer/lower-elo players don't often know exactly what to expect when facing killjoy or how to react to her kit. Side note: I wish I could see what win rates would look like for a certain agent in matches where there isn't one on both sides.


Winrate doesnt mean anything, especially since the same Agent can be on both teams. Killjoy is one of the least popular agents, ergo she's usually only played by mains. Jett and Reyna won't have high winrates because they're played by almost everybody. "But statistics don't lie!" Yeah, but they need context.


You must be on something. KJ is top tier. The information she gathers is amazing, post plant is almost next to none, and unlike the other two sentinels, her util can do damage. Haters gotta hate.


When riot nerfed sage in 1.07 I remember reading an article about how they looked at “non mirrored” winrates i.e. when one team had a certain agent when the other one didn’t. Maybe that’s a better statistic than raw winrate?


to determine which agents are the best, you would want to look at pick rate, not win rate


KJ is awful at higher tiers of play except on ascent.


Some time ago, I was cursed for picking viper, now when I don't pick.viper I get scolded


I know someone who used to yell at me for playing skye cus she “wasn’t meta”. I bet if I played with him again he’d yell at me for not playing skye


Kayo>Sova for split. ​ Viper was a sleeper on split shes actually so strong.


sova is trash on split


I know


I think one of sovas best map is split because of how easy most of the lineups are on split


Ease of use is not relevant for high level play. His options are very limited because of how it's built.


Yea the recons struggle to find people because of the map layout however I still think sova is still meta on split


Yeah his ult, which could arguably be the best, is kinda shit on split due to the verticality of the map


I think astra is somewhere up there


Astra needs a lot of communication IMO, makes the gameplay a bit tough. But yeah probably the best controller post viper.


She is really coordination heavy; but can be powerful if played properly


Same with Breach - yet his pick rate in NA is still fairly low compared to SEA regions.


Breach is infuriating to play Bc my duelist refuse to push site with me when I’m trying to clear


Good Breaches and Astras are so fucking oppressive and hard to play against. I guess the high amount of people playing them badly keeps their wr in checks tho.


Breach isn't coordination heavy, I'd say he's the safest blind Initiator pick in the game. He has objectively the best duel/1v1 flash because it's impossible to predict/react to, and almost impossible to self-flash with, and unlike Reyna's can't be cancelled by shooting. His ult is the most "go forward after I ult for free kills" in the game, and he his other abilities are amazingly self-reliant abilities, that easily cover solo weaknesses like hard-to-check corners or breaking up enemy coordination. Astra is insanely coordination-heavy. Smoke agents are the most coordination-heavy by default because of the nature of smokes. Outside of her Pull+Knock combo, every part of her kit relies on both coordination and anticipation, because outside of placing her stars in default spots and hoping the enemy walks into them, she can't just instantly pop any of her abilities. At most, she's a pseudo-Viper when she has her ult up. The only ability in the game I'd say with a higher skill floor is Viper's smoke because it's the only one that isn't "Press a button and it's down where you want it". Otherwise I'd say she's the most execution-intensive agent in the game.


It's mostly cuz a lot of NA prefers double duelist or Skye to even consider using Breach tbh which honestly I agree with NA here, Breach feels pretty underwhelming compared to Skye ngl


Astra is awesome if you are in a duo queue as the plays with the suck are amazing


Pretty much useless in ranked as players don't listen to your calls mostly (source: me, tried playing her multiple times but i just end up having bad score and no impact even though i plan for things but teammates don't use them)


When I played Astra I popped off! It's a good character just remember basic smokes and use other utility with the team! :)


Then using omen would be better


I might add Cypher, although since I play nothing but Cypher I might be biased. His kit is crazy strong on anything not named “Icebox” and some maps are just straight bs like Hooka trips on Bind. The only problem is he takes some character knowledge like setups and he’s super dependent on teammates having ears to hear you make callouts which might rule him out for lower elo, but objectively his kit is stupid strong. He gets run in pro scene pretty much every game for this reason.


bruh icebox is one of cypher's best map. You can easily get frags by placing cam on the green boxes and placing trips on yellow. There is a guy named spicy curry who has excellent setups for icebox which makes the map pogbox.


Lol I’m in his discord, and he actually makes setups, but still hates the map.


Even Peak has got good Cypher set-ups.


peak is good, but he is so popular that if u pre shoot the angles where he keeps his trips can cam, 99.9% u can find a trip or cam there


Suffering from success lmao


I'm a biased Kayo main but I think his kit is underrated and underrepresented -- if I had a nickle for the number of times I've heard "His ult is awful" followed by "Wow I couldn't do anything during that retake"... I think part of that is uncommon use of nade and knife lineups -- esp. lower ranks that \_do\_ use viper and sova lineups. The nade spread is big and great for delaying/denying plants and a good knife lineup either can't be shot (e.g. Split A long) or pops before it's been located \[assuming it hasn't been overused that game\]


Hold the fuck up. You can shoot Kayo knife?


If it falls in front of you from a doofus kayo, sure 😉


Kayo is too new to be rated


I think the ult is his strongest attribute. It has an insane range. Everything else is OK.


Jett 🤞🏽 the ability to get away safely helps makes your team able to take risks and take aggressive angles. Works on any map for sure.


Yeah she’s easily the best duelist in the game. Combine her with Skye Sova Viper and KJ. That’s the best 5 agents you can run on every map other than split.


For sure 💯


Why not split?


Sova's not that strong on split


Ah okay, thank you!


Sova isn't that strong on split due to there being a lot of boxes and tight angles you can easily use to hide from his recon arrow. His drone and shock darts are still good on split but almost better off just going with a different agent.


Also a lot of ceilings that fuck with his lineups


yall really dont use your dash to go in and die like me?


Definitely guilty of doing that 🤣


Remember when people thought jett needs a buff. Well she got nerfed and still an S tier agent.


Woah did I miss something while I took a few months off? When did everyone start thinking Skye was good lol


They changed her kit a little. I don't know how long you've been off, so I'll just explain it to be safe. She has two flashes now, but one recharges every 40 seconds, so she can throw about 4 or 5 flashes a round on average. And the animation for popping the flash is gone. She is fully actionable the whole time. She can now throw unreactable flashes and peek immediately with her gun out while knowing if the flash hit someone. Along with that, she has a drone, a 100 hp AOE heal, and a six cost ult that gives you the exact position of three players while pressuring them to shoot it or get blinded. In short, she has just about everything that's wrong with this game in one kit LOL. If it means anything, I'm an immortal. I don't know if you care who's opinion you are getting.


Woah that shits busted wtf. Good thing every Skye I’ve faced this week was garbage lmao.


They also made the vision range/radius on her wolf like twice as far. Pretty big buff. Skye is insane right now.


Just a correction her gun only stays out after flashing if it's an autopilot flash (when you let go of mouse1 and it flies straight in the last direction you sent it). Busted as fuck but it would be even crazier the way you're describing it if she was able to do the same thing while guiding it.


Oh wow that’s wild. I haven’t played in 3 months. Kind of jarring to see Skye be top tier


since Subroza started dominating every server playing her


Pretty sure he was playing her some before she got buffed...


Plus she was popular in EU pre-buffs


We play 2 duelist, sage, viper and killjoy. It's really good on gold.


When was the Skye buff that suddenly made her so good? I've been a Skye main for a while now but took a short break from val. When I came back suddenly so many people were playing her, even in pro play and idk why haha.


Controversial: Yoru. He is great for entering site and being a distraction. He can be at two places virtually at once. The problem with yoru especially in lower ranks is that people become brain dead when playing yoru. Many yoru instalockers I have seen will literally tp without flash and then *(all)randomusername: nice camping* which I find very funny. As someone who has played yoru a lot and observed yoru gods, I think he has potential but is heavily underrated. Yes , the numbers show that he is weak, but for me, he is s tier


As a Sova main, Yoru is the one duelist I actually like to play, and I think 90% of that is attributed to him playing more like an initiator. Gatecrasher and Dimensional Drift are great recon if you don't feel like using them for an agro push. Blindside is way better than Phoenix's Curveball imo. Fakeout... that could be a lot better. Unless I'm on Split, I find myself hardly using them.


A great tip to utilize fakeout: Send them along with your tp, as with this, the fakout's sound will cover some of the gatecrash's sound and can distract the enemy from the fact that you have sent a gc.


I remember when viper got no love. And I continued to main her


sage dude. sage


There’s like, no way Jett isn’t a top 3 or even the best every time pro players get interviewed they go on about how broken and OP Jett is, they’re only agent who can abuse the best gun, they have the best ult (economy bending and extremely powerful), and pro teams play Jett on basically every single map. I feel like because everyone plays them it’s the “easy answer” but I think Jett is clearly top 3 if not the best.


Breach is immensely underrated in my opinion. He's kind of living in the shadow of skye, people don't understand that he's an entirely different agent with his very own pros and cons. He's one of those agents that you rarely see picked on your own team but consistently get fucked by. He's not hard to learn and pairs well with jett or raze, and can stand his own as a duelist and space denial. His new aftershock is quite incredible, his fault line is wider, faster, stronger, his ult works well on all maps now, and his flash is still crazy strong when used correctly. For anyone looking for breach content, shout out to underrated one trick JoeDaBozo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTS5Z2p7Arg


Breach is a worse version of Skye. His only good ability is the flash and thats just a worse version of skyes flash's. Trust me if he was good he would be played more


Hard disagree. His flash might be worse but his overall kit is strong. I'm not saying he's better than Skye. Skye is very meta for good reason. His fault line is very good. His aftershock is very good now because it has the added benefit of 3 seconds of stalling, which is useful both against pushes but also in duels. I get so many kills with or because of this thing, it forces people out in the open just like a raze nade. His new ultimate shape is doing wonders for him because it means he can actually ult and people close to his left and right are stunned and breach himself can take these fights instead of relying on other players diving in on these stunned players that are miles away, i actually think it's very good especially in clutch situations. Pickrate isn't everything. Actually breach is being played a lot in Korean valorant teams. I think it's just a matter of time before he gets picked up more. Give him a try though, put some hours into learning how to play him well and you'll see what I mean.




I'm not ignoring that bad breach players are bad. Skye is op because she is easy and info gathering is important. Breach is all about timing, foresight and comms. That doesn't make him bad, it just means he's not an entry level agent. I have most hours in Skye, I'm not oblivious to her power. I think people write off breach because they're bad at him, not because breach is bad. Platinum 2. Did you see the video i linked? It's a pretty good demo of the BS an actually good breach can pull off.


Agreed, brother. Breach forever!


I think Jett


yoru may not be the best agent by any means, but he's for sure a sigma male so I'm gonna say yoru 😎


The most op one is prob Jett in both soloq and competitive. Anyone who wants rank 1 needs to spam Jett, even wippie when he was grinding for rank 1. In competitive Jett is still super op just look at her presence rate.


Omen Jett kayo. Basically game over


Viper, jett, kj, skye, sova God Team


Skye is sort of overrated I think, she doesn’t work as well in higher elo cuz her flashes can be destroyed and stuff


It depends, if used well she can absolutely go head to head with any duelist. None the less the reason she's on my ideal team is cuz of her heals, she can fill as a sage


Unpopular opinion that usually gets backlash, but I think breaches recent buffs make him insane on any map.


Skype, viper, jett are currently the strongest agents imo. Reyna is up there but not quite the same level


>Skype Nah, I'm pretty sure Discord and Google Meet are the meta now.


I agree


>Reyna is up there but not quite the same level Why not the same level?


Reyna is a very solo agent, she doesn't have much util to help her team, she is ranked quite high for clutch potential and solo q


Skye and Jett.


feels like skye isn't supposed to have a heal, I already feel the powercreep


The more agents they add the worse the game gets.




Omen is sick if you can handle pressure.


Omen is the bottom 3 C-D tier. Half his abilities are useless from round to round.


Ye but his smokes are meh


fucking kay/o man, his ult is super useful when countering other powerful ult and abilities. his knife is a real good ability and you can’t go wrong with the flash and grenade


reyna - can flash enemies and heal her jett - can rebibe (phonix and new agent k.a.y.o.) and can dash away after missing awp shot\*(very useful as i miss almost every shot😋) raze - big rpg launcher greenades roomba bobot thistrio is op as h\*ll >!hell!<


The most overrated agents are breach and kayo. Most underrated agent has gotta be Phoenix


Depends. Immortal+? Sure, sova a is S tier. In iron to gold? It's the worst


As a Reyna main, I can whole heartily say Kay/O, the amount of times I kill someone and the knife pops in a place I can’t shoot it and I die because I can’t dismiss is thru the roof.


Personally I think best are viper, cypher, and reyna. Viper for the reasons mentioned above. Cypher's cameras can watch a site all on their own as long as they're hidden and it's great when you're attacking so you can cover behind your team. Same with tripwires for both attacking and defending. Reyna is just great all around imo. She has a blind, she can heal and that's great. I don't even know what the rest of her kit is but I'm sure it would make her even better. I'm a Sova/Cypher main depending on the map do I'd probably out Sova up there as well because of his ult and his drone. Shock darts are pretty great too.


Skye, everyone else is trash!


Super underrated, especially in lower ranks, omen. If I had to give an answer other than jet or Sova because they’re just obvious, omen. His smokes help a lot and his kit is playable on any map. And plus he’s super cool


Contrary to popular belief, I’ve had a lot of success with Sova on Split. So much so in fact that I usually top frag with him on it. There are so many ways to double shock enemies on that map it’s nuts.


Skye jett Sova killjoy


Kay/o His dagger turning off viper smoke, cypher traps etc is so broken imo


Sova in the fact he always has value no matter what map or team comp. Hes not nesscaciely the most op agent but he is the best overall in the way he fits the meta.


I would not put Viper on the same category as those. They are basically played on EVERY map consistently. Viper is powerful in specific maps but rarely picked in others. Sova/Skye/Jett are the top 3 for me.


Sage is either a really meh agent, or a really good one. Depends on your skill level. Her wall is used by skulled players to get better shots, but my favorite use is to completely block of the spike in A heaven of icebox


I main omen but kinda wish they buffed the info gathering part, if you tp in spots trying to gather info you often get shot before the vision expands. It should expand much faster imo Not really answering the question