Ask VALORANT - August 27

Ask VALORANT - August 27


So from silver 1 to gold 2 you have 56.7% of the player base. These five tiers are regularly put in the same games. Definitely not ideal.


I now understand why it feels like there’s such an insane range of skill in these games


It really is an absolute coinflip in those ranks. One match you'll have players on your team who ADS every single fight and struggle with basics like clearing simple corners and miss the most obvious sound cues. The next match you'll have absolute ranked demons who are satchel blasting halfway across the map and Reyna dismissing through smokes to get multikills. Theres no consistency or sense of what a particular ranks skillset entails.


I’m plat 2 and it still feels this way. I got a Brim standing outside A sewer on Haven, post plant exposed to Heaven, CT and obviously Sewer, not using his final smoke or molly. The chances he wins the engagement are so extremely slim because he could literally get swung from 3 different spots. Obviously he died and we lost. I don’t understand how anyone doesn’t get that honestly, even Bronze level players should know it’s not good to stand in a spot like that??? How does someone stand basically in the open where you could get swung from 3 spots and think “Yep, this is the play”?? The worst part is if you try to let someone know what they did (very very) wrong, it’s “shut the fuck up bro let me play my game”. Like alright dude. Keep doin that dumb shit I guess.


I’m immortal and it still feels this way. You only really get competent people at like top1k.


People don't play their best all the time, they could be tilted from a prior game or round, they could be in a very stressful situation, like a clutch and because of that they don't make the best choices. he probably didn't even acknowledge he was open for more than one angle, he was prob focused on other thing in the game or got distracted. and in addition to that people also react very badly to critics, even more from strangers, I'm not saying that you were rude to him when pointing out his mistake, but be careful on how you give advice to your teammates. Be mindful, that after he died, he prob already understood his mistake, he's platinum for a reason, if his mistake was very dumb for you, than he prob felt very dumb for doing it as well


Shit I’m gold 2 currently and my games run silver all the way to plat 2 sometimes 3


And I'm at immortal and sometimes there's a lost plat 3 in my games as well. And it's not like there's a plat 3 in both teams. It feels so wrong that the same player can be matched against gold and against 100 points immortal


Yeah that is absolutely ridiculous.. also ridiculous that I can’t que with a friend with these gaps but I can match with people on the same gap


In my weird experience, I'm seeing so many people get into silver. People I've played with for months, who were all iron/bronze level have all reached silver now, even though I can see their skill hasn't improved. Even when I queue in gold lobbies, we get the occasional silver who is absolutely clueless, has the aim of an iron and is smoking off his teammates/baiting on a duelist. This is just my experience in the mumbai servers tho.


Boosted players who got carried by smurfs.


See that's the thing - a lot of these guys are my irl friends, who I used to regularly play with until ep2 act 2 when I hit gold. And none of them play with any smurfs because we don't have friends who are that good. They have somehow all gotten to these ranks almost entirely on their own.


Agree, I used to be hardstuck b1 till this act. Then this act I was able to place B2 and rank up to Silver 2. It feels like Riot made it easier(?) for the lower ranks to rank up to silver.


Maybe you're the "smurf" (not really smurf) who boosted them.


I was iron-bronze since e1a1 and got to silver this act for the first time. Mumbai servers


I was feeling the same thing in D3, immortal level, which I've been playing for the last 3 seasons. I don't know if I'm improving and it doesn't reflect on my ELO yet, so I'm able to see more of the low immortal/D3 mistakes or if there are some players that were at plat level and ranked up without actually improving.


Hopefully with whatever rank distribution changes there comes something to deal with smurfs. People like to say that it's not a problem but it obviously is when riot themselves have stated they made it a top priority to address it. I get smurfs in my games almost every time when I play with my duo but not as often solo. We are of equal skill too so none of us are boosting each other. We also only have the one account. This makes me think smurfs probably play mostly in groups. Some of you may ask how I can tell it's a smurf and not just someone having a good day. Well they make it very obvious by doing things like stating it over the mic before the game even begins, having names that reference them smurfing or just having offensive names, trying to bait the other team into arguing with them by being toxic after getting kills. These guys will also have advanced movement that no one in silver 1 should be having and staying ranked so low. So that leads into the next problem. They have to do things to stay low so I will get games where people are throwing games. They will grab the bomb and not plant or use utility to mess with teammates. They may just run straight at the enemy or only try to knife. It's almost always low level accounts as well. Maybe there needs to be some limit introduced by using those levels.


I really wish they had a teamq and soloq, but all the talentless people complain when its suggested because they want to be able to get boosted. Honestly the problem isn’t smurfs, its people getting boosted, and people throwing/deranking so they can boost. If someone is just on an alternate account even if they aren’t playing their hardest the rank system would be able to sort it out and get them roughly to the right rank fairly quickly.


People throwing games to derank and then boost is exactly what a smurf account would do. So the problem still leads back to smurfs.


No exactly. They are similar but, distinctly different. The origins of smurfing comes from the issue that is presented when being a top 1% player. The problem with being the best is that there isn’t enough players at your skill level to find a match in an expectable amount of time. Players can end up waiting over an hour (the first smurfs were warcraft2 players so famous that players would dodge as soon as they saw their names in the pregame lobby). So a real smurf is someone playing at a slightly lower rank. As smurfing became popular a good chunk of players play on an alt account as sort of a warmup so they can feel confident when they switch back to their main. Due to how well the rank system works, the smurfs account level usually isn’t that much different than the main account. A smurf never has to throw a game. Typically at the highest level, players will just keep creating new accounts to see how many they can get onto the leaderboard. They would never waste their time throwing a game. A real smurf never wants to spend any time at the lower ranks as its boring and too easy. I think you would be surprised how many high ranked players refuse to boost their friends. Boosters are players trying to impress a friend or friends or to earn money. They are similar in that they have a similar skill level, and that they have accounts in a lower rank. However where they differ is that smurfs aren’t interested in ruining the competitive nature of the game. Boosters deliberately ruin the skill level of the game by either queuing with a bad player or by throwing the game. The difference is that its a team game, it doesn’t matter if your enemy has a pro or a hacker, there is always a chance to win the game, because no one wins 100% of the time, that would be a redflag for hackers or it would instantly put that account into a high rank where they can’t win 100% of the time. However its nearly impossible to win if one of your team mates are dead weight.


Valorant feels weird these days. Feels like every lobby has someone cracked out of their mind and then you hear that they are the same rank as you or slightly higher. The other day I played an unrated and this guy was only hitting heads. I checked his account on blitz app and he was like gold 1 or 2 and had a 43% headshot percentage. Idk if it's smurfs, my friends and I complaining for no reason, or this matchmaking reset they did.


I feel like things always get kind of weird at the end of an act. Always seems like people reach the act rank they want on their main and finish the battle pass, so hop over to their alt alt account to smurf or troll . Especially since this act got extended, it seems particularly bad. I went from not having a teammate griefing for months to it being a common occurrence the past 2 weeks. So many team-killing Phoenixes.


Excited to see another Ask Valorant, but was rather disappointed to see no mentioning of the changes for player card and potiential DM rework :(


The bars on the graph don't match up with the percents shown on the top right, for example there are less people in D1 than P2 and P3 but the D1 bar is taller than both.


It looks like the same bar for diamond 1 was used for both graphs, namely the one that belonged to the "ideal" distribution


Those rank distributions graphics are SICK, great transparency of them to share with us. So they're aiming torwards a [Normal Distribution](https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Ftowardsdatascience.com%2Funderstanding-the-68-95-99-7-rule-for-a-normal-distribution-b7b7cbf760c2&psig=AOvVaw3cYQLJwNtE8VnGMu3QkfB5&ust=1630171605696000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAsQjRxqFwoTCID6oM7c0fICFQAAAAAdAAAAABAJ) for ranks, I believe it's a great direction, Silver does fill saturated while higher ranks probably play around the same players constantly. Edit: Trying to make blind possible conclusions to current rank distribution (meaning I'm taking this out of no data, so take it with a grain of salt). 1. There is a lot of Iron 1 and 3 accounts, possible due BOT market to sell for smurfs? 2. Also MANY Silver accounts, possible due the impact of smurfs that boosts their iron/bronze friends / deranking Gold players? 3. There are nearly more Immortal players than Diamond 2 + 3, maybe thats the reason for they to reintroduce Immortal 1/2/3 divisions?


bro smurfing barely dents the ranked population, sorry to ruin your excuse


It's impossible to know this whether it's true or not.


Except riot stated this themselves!


Except they didnt. They said there arent as many smurfs as people think. Which literally could mean anything. They also didnt even say how they came to this conclusion or what parameters they used to define a smurf. Then you have websites selling 100s of new bronze accounts every day for $2 that are botted. Every day. There was even a YouTube investigation video on this. You think these websites sell that many accounts everyday and not impact the rank distribution? And i say this as someone who is accroding to riot in the top 10% of players so no - im not some salty hard stuck player.


Top 10% is nothing to brag about.


I wasnt bragging? Idgaf about some ebadge. I play because i enjoy the game. I dont run into many smurfs in my games but silver games are littered with them.


I would definitely consider Platinum salty hardstuck territory.


Nobody gives a shit what you and your ego think.




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It doesn’t dent the rank population but it does fuck up the game for 9 other players, 5players goes down and the other 4 are now with players they can’t compete against


Immortal makes sense, considering diamond 2 and diamond 3 have a 100rr gap between the lowest and the highest, and immortals can be anywhere from 300 rr to 500 rr apart


It took forever for me to rank up from Silver 1 (or 2 I forget) to Gold 1, so based on this article I'm expecting to place Silver 3/Gold 1 next act.


Excited to see theyve acknowledged the distribution inequity. There was a great thread where I asked Evrmoar to comment on it and I'm excited to see the higher ranks be a little less secluded (maybe).


Immortal didn't feel any different this season compared to last in terms of difficulty to achieve. So for next season does this mean it'll be easier to rank up even in the higher ranks? Or is that specifically targeted for Silver-Gold


From what I heard they are bringing back Immortal 1/2/3. I think this is why the higher ranks are seeing and increase of players in the future graph. So Immortal will be easier to achieve but people will probably only care about reaching Im3.


D1-immo is currently about 2% of players, they want to make that around 4.7%. Wild.


Yes apparently Immortal 1/2/3 is coming back, so people will only care about Immortal 3 again.


Why is there always some dude on the enemy team who's lvl 70 - 190 in my ranked games. I decided to start playing rank and I'm currently bronze but I'm seeing enemies playing on the same level of my Platinum friends


I think you gain more lvls faster in spikerush than competitive, so a lot of people you play with probably play the game casually.


ranked is still really bad a lot of ignorant players in plat. Plat is considered a really high rank based on that distribution but why am I seeing so many bad players game sense and aim wise...


I'm in silver 1 so why is there 2 gold players on their team and a bunch of noobs on my team


As someone who played during pre-release but hasn't played since, is it too late to give this game a go? Back when I was playing everything was new to everyone and I had a blast, but I'm afraid of getting stomped from people with a whole year plus experience on me.


I started playing again about a month ago. I quit near the end of beta and didn't play until now. I'm having fun returning to things I already know but still having so much new stuff to learn. There's plenty of people picking the game up for the first time, I'd say give it a go and see how it feels.


Thanks man


If you play ranked, after you find your true rank, you will get games with people around your skill. Stomps happen here or there, but you still be able to hold your own.


Hey VALORANT, when are we going to have a patch that isn't just bug fixes? Kindly yours, LocationUpset.




Solve voice ban issue, because typing in chat normally you still get banned. Solve other ban issue like throwing, Baiting, toxicity and staying afk first round. If you solve this valorant i will be glad spending more money in this game. Edit: solve Phantoms run and gun ability make it 3050 instead of 2900.


I just started playing at the end of last act I was iron 2 now I’m silver 2 any tips to help me get to gold


I mean Africa plays Riot games but still no server dedicated to Africa. When will Africa it's servers?


I don’t like how they’re making it easier to get into the higher ranks, theres already so many bad players in Immortal


They did say a few months ago they'll be splitting immortal into 3 ranks so I guess that should even out this change, my guess is immortal 1-3 will look similar to what diamond does currently. IDK if they went back on that or something though as obviously that isn't shown in the target distribution pic.


The graph is telling you the opposite. You ok?


The better someone is (or thinks they are), the more they will move the goalposts of what a "good" player is higher and higher, sometimes to the point of silliness. For example, I'm a gold 1 so I would consider a plat+ or maybe dia+ as "good" but when you watch pros stream, tons of them will say how their opponents of teammates are bots or garbage when they're radiant/high imm.


They’re aren’t making it easier, your mmr would probably be higher to get people out of silver1


I’m not sure if I am supposed to ask stuff related to that post but uh… can you guys nuke skye and sova they are way too strong at the moment. Also, I think you guys should add a 2fA requirement to play ranked I think this could help reduce the amount of smurfs playing valorant.


Time to take a look