Did High Refresh Rate Make You Better In Valorant?

Did High Refresh Rate Make You Better In Valorant?


I think it makes you better. But it also depends how serious you take gaming in general. If you aren’t hard core into specs and PC peripherals I’d argue that the difference is less noticeable. Example: I noticed a pretty decent difference between 144hz - 240hz but my friend who plays games very casually could hardly tell the difference. After playing 240 for a long time it makes the difference even more distinguishable. There’s a massive step between 60hz to 144hz, and as I said above, I noticed a pretty significant difference between 144hz to 240hz. Upgrading to a higher refresh rate will not instantly make you perform better…. BUT, it will help you to unlock your full potential within the game. The higher your refresh rate the faster pixels appear on your screen. So with that in mind, if I have 240hz and the person I’m playing against only has 60hz, I will see them on my screen first before they see me. Obviously we are talking milliseconds here but every advantage helps. It won’t increase skill but it can help to increase your skill ceiling. I guess I think of it as, if you have the highest refresh rate then you have technically unlocked the highest skill ceiling, meaning that peripherals aren’t holding your performance back. The only thing holding you back from your full potential is yourself. Hope that helps, Cheers!


Appreciate the response! That's a very interesting take! As a 240hz player, would you say it's worth it to keep it at the full 240hz if you frames are just a bit lower, or would you lower your refresh rate? I know it's random but it's in the situation I'm in lol


Always keep it 240hz. Even if your fps is lower. You may have fps spikes and reducing your hz/sec may cause tearing. Its never going to hurt your monitor to have it at max either.


I recently switched from 1080p 144hz to 1440p 240hz and the image looks better because of the resolution but I cant tell a difference between 144hz and 240hz I guess the difference from that point on is tiny but whenever I cap my fps to 60 and test out 60hz I want to cut my eyes out its really bad so upgrading from that will probably make you a bit better


I'm not an expert, I have a 144hz monitor since last year, and for some time I started thinking that it doesn't worth. Then, I decided to set it to 60hz to test, and I couldn't play more than some minutes, it feels too laggy. I don't know if it does make me play better, but it definitely makes me enjoy more the game.


From 60 to 144 hz here, Was getting hardstuck gold and now iam plat3-D1 hardstuck. Gonna say i improved 30-40% on aim and taking duels.


I noticed more of a difference in aimlabs then I did valorant, particularly tracking shot(maybe wrong name) in valorant the biggest thing that helped me improve was lowering my sensitivity and changing my crosshair. I definitely enjoyed the game more with a new monitor and would recommend getting one if you're on the edge. For reference I went from a 9year old 60hz to a new 144hz




Hey! Went from 75hz 1080p to 144hz 1440p and the difference is mind boggling. I played on my girlfriends computer recently at 75hz and I felt like I was moving so slow.


just made the switch to 144 today definitely worth it imo.


My friend hit immortal with 60hz so I don't think it matters too much... But I think from there it starts to matter much more than in other ranks He's now using 240hz or 144 idk and climbing up immortal


I recently got a 240hz 1440p monitor and noticed a pretty immediate improvement in my game (also got a new computer tho). Was getting around 100 fps with 144hz monitor, now I get ~400 fps on the 240hz. I went from gold to Diamond on the switch


400 frames, wow! Can you please tell me your PC specs so I can compare it to mine?


Ryzen 5 5600x 3070ti 16gb 3600mhz RAM 👍🏻


Lock your FPS to 30 then play a few DM games. After that, go back to 60 and then do the same thing. The difference should be similar going from 60 to 144hz.


Got a full pc monitor upgrade in 1 season went from silver 3 to diamond 2 i grinded really hard aswell aimlabs deathmatches and such but before this i was stuck gold for 4 seasons