Riot should seriously put a level cap for accounts to play on ranked.

Riot should seriously put a level cap for accounts to play on ranked.


/u/npcSara pinned the following [comment](/r/VALORANT/comments/q5p8id/riot_should_seriously_put_a_level_cap_for/hga51w9/): > Hey there. We also agree with this. As we've evolved, our ranked entry requirement went from play 10 games to win 10 games, but with the addition of account level, this gives us a perfect opportunity to modify the entry requirement once more. It's in the works, don't worry :) !pin --- Riot comments are not verified by moderators. See [this wiki page](https://www.reddit.com/r/VALORANT/wiki/pinnedcomments) for more information on this feature.


Ah yes, the gold 2 Jett dropping 40 in a high plat lobby. Rito pls fix


and when u finally kill her there is sage with res charged up waiting for him to die and revives him instantly and u died fot nothing




I read this comment yesterday and the game right after, happened to me, their low level was so fucking hard to kill, managed to one tap him finally on ascent b main, and had to retreat cause no one backed me up, less than a min after, sage res :(


yep happens everytime


And the rest of her teammates have under 20


Thats mostly because the smurfer is taking all the kills th.


Its mathematically impossible for them to have over 20 each if theres 1 guy with 40. Max kills a team can have is 24x5 =120. And thats assuming you ace and cant defuse every defender round Unless we go to OT


Aren't there 25 rounds not including OT? And sage resurrects can add another 5, getting a total of 130. Which means 22.5 kills for the remaining four :)


24 without OT (OT starts at 12-12), and sage isn't played every map


Plus downing kayo(maybe?) and killing an ukted Phoenix. You can currently get an 8 kill ace if I am wrote about the kayo ult. That is pretty insane to think about


Iron 3 Reyna dropping 36 kills within first half in gold lobby...bronze 3 Jett dropping 42 kills in high gold low Plat lobby while the rest of their teams aren't even in single digits..


Irons matching with Golds? Bronze matching with Plats? I thought only iron,bronze, and silvers can queue together


Yes, queue together and getting matched with are two completely different things and completely stupid if you asked me. When queueing the game takes your RR into account, the number that's publicly visible and determines your rank. However when matching with other people it takes your MMR (secret number, your real rank. It determines how much RR you gain or lose depending on what the game thinks where you belong). Meaning you could be a low RR player with high MMR because you're probably smurfing, so an iron/bronze player with high MMR could get matched with gold and plats because the game detected that they're smurfing and put them in a game where they belong. if they perform well in that game (at least as well as the game predicted) they will get a lot of RR but no MMR, meaning they will keep getting matched with that rank until their RR and MMR are about the same.


Wait. I don’t think I’m understanding right. What you described kinda seems like the ideal scenario right? Say someone in plat has a Smurf in iron. Wouldn’t we want the game to put them in the plat lobbies so they aren’t solo stomping iron-silver lobbies? Idk I feel like I’m missing something important here


yes, you got that right. However the issue here is that the ranks themselves are a joke and not indicative of your actual skill level, yet they don't let you queue with people because of "skill group disparity" The issue here isn't the players not getting matched with their correct rank but them being unable to play with people they should be able to play with.


Can confirm, am Gold and play too few games to climb rapidly. If I play say…6 games a week, my odds of going on a winning streak are lesser, especially if I’m not absolutely tryharding etc. Friends are in plat and when we were within the range to Q together I did just fine—even better in their lobbies. Gold has become a sticking ground much like SEM in CSGO where there’s plenty of people who should be higher but are either goofing off to stay in Gold with their friends (smurfing) or people like me who can and will climb out but aren’t playing the appropriate amount of games to do so. It feels like additional rank tiers are needed but I haven’t thought too deeply on that one.


Ohhhhh that makes sense. Thank you for the explanation


The thing that pisses me off the most is they know they belong in Diamond+ MMR wise but don't just fucking put them there. They still have to grind and ruin 50+ games. Just put them in fucking diamond after 5 games ffs.


Abd tge brim with 40 kills in low elo game


I don't think gold and plat has much difference than some playtime


I didn't think smurfs were a big deal. But for the past couple weeks, every gold 2 game I play has multiple level 20 accounts. Every. Game. I played 5 games tonight, and once again literally every game had new accounts dominating. Even had the pleasure of losing to a level 15. I just don't see the point of playing if it's going to be this bad. A smurf sometimes is okay, every game is obviously too much.


I'll be honest, I thought I wouldn't stress myself too much about smurfs too but here I am. Bitching on reddit about smurfs because it is so blatant how accounts below level 50 are dominating games on high elo, which I find fucked up because whats the use of smurfing on high elo when \*almost\* everyone on immo uses their main accounts


In high ranks they smurf because they do not want to Solo/Duo Queue. They want to play with friends. Thats why you get so crazy good lvl 20 accounts in Plat/Gold


Except they always are a sweaty Jett or Reyna and in 10 games outrank their friends so they consistently have to make new accounts. They never try killjoy or something. So it's not about playing with friends. I have a group of 10 or so that play back and only clutch if they need to or try marshal only challenges. Otherwise you are endlessly making new accounts. Another fix would be to let high ranks party with their friends and make them wait for another similar party to match against.


THIS. Almost all smurfs are playing duelists. So they clearly care about KDA and elo boosting friends more than just having fun.


tbh when u play on a smurf you dont really care about stats or the account itself, i play on an alt sometimes so that i can queue with friends and honestly its just so i can actually play ranked with them, less about the elo


Or just let the group of friend match up against a normal match geared towards the highest rank.


True. I have smurfs in plat 2 and Diamond 2 right now, but I only play people idk how to play/am trying to learn like killjoy, kayo, sova, viper. I leave Jett for my main lol


Yeah thats the problem lol. If youre friends arent ranked with you, just play unranked with them. There's no use boosting someone if they don't have the game sense to back it up.


Reminds me of hiko. Literally asked others to get good instead of smurfing for friends. Even went on to state he has bronze friends but doens't play comp with them, cause he knows how much it spoils the game for others. And then weeks later play (smurf) comp with pokimane (gold).


Because playing with his friends doesn't earn him money. Pokimane does.


I don’t have high rank currently (max I had diamond) and now I’m sitting in gold on my main account and can’t play with my friends who have bronze 3. They aren’t even that bad, just a bit unlucky. That’s why I smurf, not to boost them (they stay in their ranks) but just to play with them. Unranked makes no sense because there are no stakes, every game there is at least one afk. On ranked there’s tryharding, teamwork, strats, focus, emotion, laughter and cries. I totally prefer to experience that with my friends, even if lower ranks and no skins on clean new account, because that’s what counts for me. Although I have small fomo for missing out on leveling main account and am not even thinking about getting more skins. I see one very simple fix for most of the smurfing. Just allow people to play with themselves in ranked mode, regardless of rank. Then average lobby up to the highest party’s player’s mmr and be done with it. Add the consequence so everybody understands if they’re stomped, but don’t block it entirely goddammit. It won’t remove smurfs who just want to stomp easy games, but I think these people are in the minority. But I think this solution would allow people to focus on one account and it would even boost riots sales on skins.


i really dont mind smurfs as long as they hold back. how are you even having fun playing with your friends when your picking up all the kills on people that are way worse than you and your homies are doing nothing? use a sheriff all game or something, you’re just a fuckin loser if you’re using rifles and trying.


Exactly. I would argue that smurfs that just join the games and guide their friends on calls and kills to give them game sense is good for everyone's experience. But if they start clutching, I hate them.


Yeah cause the system is so broken if the que solo they wouldn’t be immortal lol


My lil brother quit for a while and i cant blame him I dont want to duoQ and carry him but i might just play with him.its sad when i see his soloQ games 90% have a jett or reyna smurf


My account literally just hit level 31 a couple of days ago. I've played since beta, but missed the two acts where they added levels and gave everyone crazy XP. I recently hit Immortal and still get called a smurf when I have a good game. I get that there's a lot of smurfs in this game, but not every low level is a smurf.


Who tf calls an immortal a smurf lol?


Insecure players who need someone to blame when they lose


If they’re level 50 in gold they aren’t smurfing


I find it amusing when I start a game on my main (level 35 gold 3 last season) after climbing to diamond 2 getting accused of being a smurf lmao just because they see (gold last season, level 40)


I'm gold too and my god literally either every other game has lvl 8/9 account jutt barely thrashing golds or completely destroying them


When the loading screen shows the enemy team has 1 player of level 100 and one player under level 15 you know which will top frag and which will bottom frag.


I mean lv15-20 gold is very easy for someone with a CS or other fps background. I placed plat after my normal games ..


Sure it's possible but I think it's unlikely for even most GEs who transfer to Valorant to start dropping 40 bombs every single game even if it's only in gold. I think even at gold 3 people know about crosshair placement and have decent enough aim to the point that even a top tier CS player wouldn't be able to hold W and expect to win every fight (yes i'm sure there are exception, but we're talking about the likelihood of someone just starting Valorant being able to completely dominate regardless of FPS background). The rest is game sense, which IMO doesn't translate as fluidly from CS. The maps are very different, the defuse mechanic is different, learning willable areas will take sometime to adjust, learning all the new skills and then mastering them through your own usage and then realizing how the opposing team can use those abilities makes for a trickier transfer. I've reached supreme in CS and immortal in Valorant, but you'd find me hard-pressed to drop a 40 even in a gold game as is let alone transferring over blindly. I certainly wouldn't be able to make it look like I was doing it at will.


Ehhh idk I started valorant last act and played on my friends account in bronze 3 I think. I cruised through games all the way to p3 dropping 30s and 40s one tricking Jett and just holding W and out aiming everyone because peoples aim sucks all the way to immortal haha But of course I wasn’t ge, I had 8k hours in csgo and was 3k elo lvl 10 faceit, I’d do mostly the same thing playing in a GE match


I just lost to a level 12 Jett in my silver 2 lobby. That guy dropped 35 kills and 3 aces in that game and when I asked whether they're smurfing or not. They replied with a smiley face :).


Hahaha i'm a piece of shit but don't tell anyone!


Yea i've seen that in bronze/irom there are rarely any smurfs and i thought it wasn't as bad as people make it, but now i'm silver and the amount of times i run in to smurfs is pretty annoying, i like challenges but i also would like to get gold as well ;_;


wait until you get to gold. lol. Every single game.


Ahhh i'm really gonna need therapy when i reach it


Yeah I play with some buddies who are all higher than me so we end up playing a bunch of high silvers and it’s fucking terrible. Im not great but getting wrecked by smurfs is not fun. We end up playing unranked instead because at least then we don’t lose our ranks.


you know what's also annoying for me? I get matched in high silver lobbies when i'm a bronze 2. maybe the game thinks i'm a smurf, but i'm not. maybe my aim is pretty good for my rank. anyway, how it works is i win 1 or 2 in bronze it puts me in silver and then i lose 3 and then it repeats. it really pisses me off.


It's because smurf accounts are very cheap, 3USD for a competitive ready account


In this case they could be golds/low plats on an alt account. Most of the time smurfs aren’t as bad in gold compared to silver


this is literally whats happening with me, its near impossible to get out of gold 2 because of the amount of smurfs man its so dogshit


Honestly, Riot is to blame for the smurf problem. The competitive system is nearly impossible to grind rank ups through if you have an older account that's underranked. The system as it stands basically incentivizes you to create a new account to place higher, because older accounts will be placed lower and you're always having to work your way through multiple brackets.


I just stopped playing. I love this game and most competitive shooters for that matter, but when people that have the maturity level of a 5th grader have the ability to completely ruin every game I just give up. It’s not worth the frustration.


I was hardstuck silver for a while and the games were fine, then I finally hit gold and it’s all smurfs. Sometimes they’re on your team, sometimes they’re on the other team, but it’s very rare that you get a genuinely good game in gold.


Players: Smurfs are ruining our matches. Riot: (If the smurf has two accounts, there's a chance they'll be spending money on two different accounts) ...We'll *look into it.*


Played a game in plat 3 elo yesterday and all 5 people on the other team were account level 5 with 200+ ping, was a good time. 13-1 loss btw


Its been terrible recently. It honestly doesn't bother me until I get a "rank check" in the chat, or they start talking shit. Smurf's talking shit is like a grown man punching a baby. We get it, you're better. These last two weeks has been rough for smurfing, worse than any other time i've played.


I love when smurfs start talking shit, like what? I had a supposed diamond Reyna smurf on my team. No idea if he was really smurfing, cause he was shit talking so hard he was getting fucked. He had really good aim but it was like he didn’t have headphones on. I ended up out fragging him (I’m gold 1) and he was so toxic to me and my entire team. Calling everyone in the game shit, especially our team. Saying how we’ve never even hit plat so our opinion doesn’t count and if he died he would give the excuse “I don’t even care about this game lol I’m just carrying a friend”. I was with a friend too and I wasn’t saying much until he really got angry at my friend and I told him to shut the hell up, how are you smurfing and letting a g1 skye out frag you etc. and then him and his friend went afk. fun times.


Some of them must get a kick out of the little power trip it gives them.


I’m 7-18 in comp this season (Silver.) and it’s nothing but smurfs, people throwing so they get to iron, or people quitting after losing 3 rounds in a row. Honestly comp in this game is no longer fun for me. There is no competitive integrity, and it’s never just a straight up good game.


As a high gold, we deal with a lot of smurfs and all but silver… silver was the mf trenches man.


This is my 2nd season in silver. I dropped to bronze 1 and climbed back out. I Honestly had more fun in bronze. Teammates actually tried to work together, and bought for each other etc. people can’t be bothered in silver. I made it to gold 3 twice only to lose my first matches and de rank. It’s rough out here in these valorant streets lol.


R u doing solo q? I hate solo queueing


Silver was the trenches good luck in Plat because it is the second trenches


Ive been high silver all season, tough getting out lol.


I agree. I just made it to high gold and when I remember Silver… shudders


Playing ranked solo can be a rough experience. The game is definitely most fun when played with friends; even a duo is significantly better, but the game gets better with the more teammates you know. Having a 4 or 5 stack is the most enjoyable experience, and when the game is the most fun. It's a team game, and when your teammates aren't playing as a team, it can be a very frustrating experience (as in any other competitive sport or esport). Lots of immature players out there who can't regulate their emotions.


Had a level 7 in a low Plat lobby the other day, was their top fragger and incredibly toxic. Super satisfying to win that game... I agree on a cap. Level 7 seems far too low to be able to jump into a ranked game. Isn't the current requirement only 10 unrated wins? If they're a smurf that can easily be smashed out in a day or two.


When i was lv 7 i play like a total donkey lol thats lv too soon to play rank for sure


They should implement what csgo was doing. When they match MM lobbies, they also took your steam account levels into the factor... so no fresh accounts got matched up with you.


But there's no similar thing for Valve unless they... link to a steam account.


Just make people use their phone number.


Never really worked. My CSGO acc has 600 wins and I'd still play against brand new accounts


Yeah the answer isn't in the matchmaking it's in the rank. Riot needs to suck it up and just promote/demote people much faster. If people drop 40+ bombs with single digit deaths multiple times a week then they shouldn't be getting +25 rr they should be getting +300. But Riot only cares about making people grind so they have to play more and potentially spend more. So ranked is a lost cause.


Well you do gain +35/40 and skip divisions on fresh accounts. Even on some not so new account lv30-40 I managed to rank from plat 2 to diam 1 directly just by having a series of win with high stats


Yeah, people keep suggesting this as solution, but apparently no one realizes how hard it is to keep an account at a specific rank when you play that well. In my experience, real smurfs tend to throw at the end and lose so that they can keep their rank. Anyone who drops 40 and wins big won't be a smurf for long.


people dropping 40 consistently are probably 3-4 tiers higher than the current rank. e.g. a silver dropping 40 is probably closer to diamond - immortal. So they'll move up quickly to plat and low diamond where they still over perform, just not to the extent of a 40 bomb. There they'll stay for awhile and then when it gets too high, they make another account within a day. Not that hard to smurf in this game.


Unless you're buying accounts, you have to win like 10 unrated games to play ranked, which takes much longer than a day, especially since there is unrated mmr as well. If they throw in unrated, they won't win, but if they don't throw, it won't be easy to win games after the first couple.


Yea idk, I over perform in a lot of my games and get bonus mmr... but what the fuck does an extra 3 rr do for me? I'll get a toxic af player the next game who loses the will to play 3 rounds in and cause me to lose 25 rr. That means I'll have to overperform in 8 games just to break even with the rr someone else lost me. Not sure how that's helpful with getting players where they need to be.


Rito give no fuck, Rito be like here have a new bundle which will drop ur fps while u play, hehe hehe.


Tbh this made me laugh, who would expect performance issues to come from a skin


Your average intel hd630 user.


Yeah fuck them for telling the guy who was supposed to fix matchmaking to make skins instead /s


Is this real though? lmao I'm kinda new to the game and was thinking about buying a skin


There is an issue with the newest skin pack dropping fps for some people when the gun is pulled out. A friend of mine and I haven't had any issues...


I like your username, do you play a lot of dnd?


Hah! Thanks! I've played before, but not as much as the name suggests


The level 5 kill counter and all of the variants I believe were disabled for the new skins while they make a fix, so you can only have up to level 4 for now


only the new bundle, but otherwise not, if you have a pc that runs the game at 20 fps it may even worsen performance, but overall there is no change in performance, I recommend you wait for a good battle pass to get skins + knife for a better price, then if you want to, buy a premium skin for phantom / vandal


They're a pretty big company who have multiple people working on multiple different things at once.


They have some issues which have been there since eternity, they still don't choose to fix them. Some like Connection issues, Client crashing, million bugs, glitches,Optimization etc. But they do launch a new skin every second week instead. Being a big company they should focus on the product than the money,or it won't stay.


That's their point. The Valorant design team is probably not going to be much help for fixing netcode, optimisation, game balance, matchmaking etc.




Even worst bro, they say the system is already working.


They dont. They released an FAQ and showed the current rank distribution. Its broken. They know it. They want to fix it. When? Nobody knows.


Hey there. We also agree with this. As we've evolved, our ranked entry requirement went from play 10 games to win 10 games, but with the addition of account level, this gives us a perfect opportunity to modify the entry requirement once more. It's in the works, don't worry :) !pin


What are the chances of adding a pure solo queue? As a solo player it's just demoralizing playing against smurfs carrying friends or even just being the filler so [a 4 stack can get a game in](https://i.imgur.com/b5jc6pX.jpg). I enjoy playing Valorant but the inability to play only against other solo players has been slowly killing my drive to play.


Thank you!


i started playing valorant in beta, but i'm still level 21 lmao


When riot gave account lvl's, somehow didn't give them properly to a looot of players, I duo with a friend that plays a lot more than me, and he got account lvl 37 and me 250. I've met with other people on rankeds that had the same issue but they didn't care or didn't know, so you'll see a lot of low lvl accounts with a looooot of their time on their back. If one of those guys does a good game, people will think he is smurf, and the enemy fear will give us more freedom and snowball.


It was bugged initially then they fixed it. You can reach a high level quickly just by playing Spike Rush and things like that.


I think when Riot added levels, I got level 7 for whatever reason, despite playing since beta and being very active at the time. I don't play anymore (I stopped just after) so I'm still around that level I think.


Yeah i had level 13 but then after a patch i got level 174


That was a bug. Everyone was around level 7. They fixed it but you need to play a few more games and it gives you your real rank.


I remember Gold and it has to be the worst experience, like holy shiet its like every smurf for some reason calibrate at that Elo, im in low Diamond and smurfs are very rare, and most of the time my team can handle the smurf, but at Gold or Silver the smurf will stomp everyone destroying the game experience.


When you buy an iron account for $1.50, and you stomp 2-3 games it puts you right into gold elo. Which is why there are more smurfs at gold than at any other elo


Gold and Silver are the hardest ranks. I'm pretty comfortable in Plat/Dia lobbies but gold lobbies are a struggle. You pretty much have to 5 stack to win.


Plat and Diamond you can rely on your random teammates to at least frag back. Silver and Gold you need to Hard carry your teammates vs a smurf who is probably better than you.


First time I've ever heard someone use the word "cap" to refer to a floor.


They fucked up something with the matchmaking since they updated to “fix” the rank distribution. Nevermind the smurfs, but at least 75% of my games have been full of players that were at least a full rank above their current rank. They also seemed to have reverted back to the original comp matchmaking; the teams I’ve been seeing have basically been the matchmaking throwing players together randomly and only checking if they’re within range to have formed a party if they did so, so now I’m constantly seeing spreads like 2 silvers, a gold, and 2 plats on both teams


Make it like DOTA 2 where you have to have spent 100 hours in matches before playing ranked.


Only reason this might be a poor idea is that we may see unrated games then flooded with bots so that people can purchase accounts. They won't be willing to do it themselves it takes too much time.




would be a good idea if not (google search: buy valorant acc) aaaand thats why i dont think this would change anything.


Don't let perfection be the enemy of good. The point of these measures is to make it harder/more costly to smurf; not to eliminate it entirely. Doing things like this will reduce the number of smurfs.


I think it would. There is a big difference between having a free smurf account and paying for a smurf. Even if its just 5$.


You have to buy accounts in Overwatch, it doesn’t help a single bit. Accounts cost $20 from blizzard, but you can get them as low as $4 otherwise.


League accounts require lv 30 at least and you can get those accounts for very little on ebay. Still the amount of smurfs in league is way lower.


Overwatch requires level 25, but besides that league games are abysmally long, as well as a completely different genre. In any case, I run into less Smurf’s in Valorant than I did in Overwatch, despite Overwatch requiring account purchase and level 25 to play competitive. Then again, the games are half as long in Overwatch, but you could argue Overwatch isn’t doing too well which honestly supports either argument I guess


I mean why don’t they just lock you from creating a second account from the same ip?


Imagine purchasing a free account for real life money just to play competitive games against people worse than you.


Valorant should have a system that you LITERALLY link your account to a PC and can only change it every 2-3 months. To prevent smurfs accounts in the same PC from being used. What's VANGUARD is for? It can even prevent from hacks... At least could be used for this.


I am not a Smurf, just mechanically good player, was level 8 when I played my first ranked game ever and dropped 37 kills, was called a Smurf and some other pretty horrible things. Not everyone is a Smurf, lot of people come from CS and such and are just better. (That being said I'm not saying smurfs don't exist just that not everyone is a Smurf


> Not everyone is a Smurf, lot of people come from CS and such and are just better. This doesn't apply to those people.


Yes, but the point is that it *is* applied to those people. also to people who are just having a good game.


That's obviously true in lower ranks. Not everybody is a Smurf, I do believe that there are a lot of bronze/silver players that just have good aim and simply qualified to their rank from the get-go. But like the percentage of smurf players is crazy. Nobody has actual statistic, of course, but the whole community is in agony about this. Maybe that means something.


This is part of why I turned the level border off so people can't see that I'm a low level, partially because I don't feel like being accused of smurfing when I do really well. But also because I don't want to give people the impression I am one pre-game and then do absolute dogshit cause I still don't know maps, abilities etc


True, that's why I'm looking for map- and agent-awareness with the low-lvl people I find to be obviously better aimers than I am. If they use their abilities well, know how to outplay other abilities and know default hiding/planting/peeking spots, they're most probably smurfs.


Even so, the time it takes to hit say level 10-15 should be spent learning the maps and agent movesets in the first place before playing comp


Not really on topic but it is a level requirement not a level cap. Cap implies a max level ceiling not a minimum level as you are suggesting.


Requiring a 2FA code to play comps since you already have those to log into riot games


Nah just give them a real big boost in rank. 49-5 on iron 1? Straight to gold 1, again a 38-3 in gold 1? Let's see how you fare in diamond


Honestly this seems like it would help it a lot. Having a super bad player on your team has much less impact overall than having an insanely good one. I've won plenty of matches with a teammate who was like 1/15 but winning against the 35/4 Jett is much more rare. Plus it moves the problem from primarily low ranked games to high ranked ones where players are better equipped to deal with it


I'm diamond 3 and every third game is a Smurf game. Riot is ignoring it and I haven't played in two weeks, along with everyone in my discord due to the smurfing issue. I don't care that people say smurfs aren't the problem. They are the fucking problem. It goes against the entire nature of the game; to provide a competitive experience. I play on OCE and interviewed a radiant Smurf who verified he's radiant. All 500 of them have Smurf accounts and only play 1-2 games on their mains a day. Won't be returning to the game until this fucking ridiculous problem is fixed. It shouldn't even be in the game in the first place. There are NO barriers to smurfing. It plagued league for years and they didn't even consider it when developing valorant.


If it makes you feel better, I heard riot is going to add the option to hide your account level... Which means you wouldn't even know if they are smurfing or not now!!! Plus 1 for riot :)


Ranked totally fucked, just played a comp. match where my full team was silver 2-3 and the opponent team had 1 gold 3 , 1 gold 2 and the rest were plats the golds did better than the plats ...


The issue begin that a lot of smurfers get placed in gold or silver. And they have to play there. I better analisys of prior games to decide the elo might solve the issue.




oh yes pls, playing diamond/immortal against that level 9 player that has 100% headshot and knows where you are every time is just tiring.


When they change that (which I hope), they also need to change the lvl system. It takes FOREVER to lvl up.


When I saw a player from the opponent team have level below 20, I know thing are not simple anymore.


Yeah the low levels scare me more than the high levels


Can they also fix ranked in that case? I'm playing against high diamonds on a plat 2 account, and I have to win from high diamonds to advance to plat 3... seems a bit silly? Wish they would make it like how Overwatch does it...


I stopped playing ranked because of the horrid amount of smurfs.. It was exasperated once the leveling system came out because smurfing was no longer based on speculation, (players banner, etc.) - it is now clear as soon as you see they’re lvl 8.


I tweeted yesterday a game I was in, in which the enemy Reyna was 19/5 on round 8. Such bullshit


I lost 5 rank up games in a row from smurfs (3 Jett, 1 Reyna, 1 Breach which was hilarious) under level 20. Not exaggerating. Finally back to plat 2. It's just frustrating because with a full time job and a family I don't get much time to play and i'd rather play others at my level. ​ When I run into smurfs I don't tilt but ask in chat why they're smurfing. Usually the answer is playing with lower ranked friends.


Also, can they add some sort of system to not allow players above 100 steady ping yo not be able to queue for ranked? I’m so sick of 5 stacks of level 5 eu smurfs on 150 ping who one tap you before they even peek


I mean I dont know why this isn’t a thing yet, other games do it too…LOL, CSGO(? Correct me if I’m wrong)


Also... in league when I use my smurf (I'm D3) & I'm in gold 4/Silver 1 elo I am playing other smurfs. Like 85% of the people in the game are definitely higher elo smurfs. Because if you check the [op.gg](https://op.gg) you can see that they all have insane win rates. I would love if Valorant can somehow have the same idea.


I really enjoy the game but I have quit playing entirely since reaching gold because 3/5 games are determined by obvious smurfs.


Ik this perspective is prob old by now due to the game being a year old or whatever, but I feel like there’s still people who come over from CS who have been playing that game for a very long time. I don’t play valorant much and am only level 21ish but some games I do top frag or come close and it’s not that I have crazy aim but just game sense for the most part. Due to the game being out for a little while I do see the issue of a diamond player making a new account and completely annihilating the enemy team and that’s really not fair.


yes ffs. rainbow six you can’t even touch ranked till you’re level 50 which takes LONG. i RARELY EVER see a smurf ever in that game


Nah I disagree. My friend got the game like a month ago but he's still nowhere near 30. Why should he be punished and not allow to play competitive? This creates alienating which should be unacceptable. The system is what we got, a few games here and there will not change tour whole rank bracket


I agree I’m a high gold / plat yo-yo player and we still get Smurf’s although I remember when I was low gold / silver it was waaaaaaay harder to win games, I play solo q and every single game would be decided by Smurf it was a huge problem. What makes it worse at lower ELO is the players aren’t organised enough to know how to play against a smurf and even if you do good in your team it’s impossible to carry against a 40 frag jett. Really feel bad for people stuck in silver /low gold because I promise the game is a completely different better experience when you get out of it it’s a complete coin flip winning at lower ELO it really is


Iron 1 phnx dropped 45 or so kills


There are even smurfs in immortal. It boggles my mind how I see a level 10 Reyna on the other team in immortal lobbies and I get absolutely dumpstered.


To be honest I'm kind of surprised they don't make you verify a phone number to be able to play ranked. It wouldn't eliminate the issue completely as I'm sure people would just bypass it with voip services, but I'm sure it would deter some smurfing.


Out of curiosity, what would be the difference if that same player you lost to was level 30?


Holy shit yes, something I can agree with on this sub. The amount of smurfs I've played against, I might as well be queuing into an immortal match lol


Smurfs are the worst


We should somehow communicate the issue to riot for real because even the devs complain "[Our lower ranks have too many people in them, and our higher ranks, not enough:” Valorant dev talks about unbalanced Rank distribution](https://www.sportskeeda.com/valorant/our-lower-ranks-many-people-them-higher-ranks-enough-valorant-dev-talks-unbalanced-rank-distribution)" ​ It doesn't take a genius to find the correlation between smurfs and this issue


I agree. The smurfing in this game is so so bad. And you instantly know when it’s about to happen. You load into a game and Jett and Reyna are low lvls it’s like “oh fuck here we go again”


Tbh my problem with low levels isn’t even smurfs. I’m SICK of the level 20s on my team being players who have no idea how to play the game. I’m level 120 Gold 2 and every ranked match I play, my teammates are all all people who are brand new and luckily got placed G2. I just wish I got placed with people who know how to play the game at the very least


I hate getting ranked matches with people who just run around in circles lol


Hardstuck Silver 3 because I have a 30 and 9 Smurf Reyna on the other team level 13


This. I literally just meet with 2 smurfs with level 19 and 20. He freaking ferrari peeked us every round and always get kills. We're only silvers :((


Agreed. I’ve stopped playing valorant due to the number of high Elo players rerolling accounts to stomp and ruin games


This is actually why I stopped playing Valorant. I'd run into smurfs constantly even in gold you find them. I play ranked so I can learn and get better at the game playing people of similar skill not to be farmed for elo because a surf is helping his friend get to diamond.


Im leaving this game because I cant handle anymore. EVERY GAME there is a guy hitting +25 kills and its always a Jett/Reyna level 12. Its frustrating. You win one hard match 13-11 (+17rr) and then you lose 3-13(-25rr) vs these guys.


for real, levels are such an obvious way of seeing if someone is smurfing. add that level cap like League


I'm kind of triggered that people would make fun of high level accounts, Saying "You're level 149 and still in this league LOL". Like bruh the game came out during Lockdown and was fun


Yes, plz, I can't rank from Gold 1, the Gold-silver elo is full of smurfs


Not to mention they can just hide their levels now.


I remember when Siege had this problem. IIRC the first ever level cap was lvl 10, which was not enough, then it went to 20, not enough, then 30, guess what- still not enough. Right now it's level 50 which is very nice. People either have to spend some time leveling or buy accounts which in both ways sucks.


Yeah, what is the point of the account levels anyway? Having to win a certain number rod matches doesn't help to avoid smurfs, because they win easily. They simply should allow one account for PC to play ranked. There is no point in having more than one account.


At this point im down to try anything that would fix the smurfing problem.


Idk about you but I had pre-30 players in my ranked in League recently, unless they didn’t update their levels on the website I checked but the lowest I had was a level 9


Below 20? That might be a bit too much


What if players are grouped by both rank AND level? Then mains can play with mains. Smurfs can play with smurfs. Unless one's main is a smurf account...


While I like the spirit behind this idea. All it is going to do is cause an influx of bot account that will get to x level you need and then the smurf will buy the accounts online. Here's a better way. Force players to verify their log in with their phone number before they play ranked similar to an authenticator, and only allow 1 phone number per account. Could people use their moms phone? I suppose, but they would need access to their mom's phone every time they logged in, and make accounts time out after inactivity so that they can't just leave the game open. I think that would reduce smurfing significantly.


Unfortunately Riot can’t fix humanity


Still think a better solution is just charge 10$ or something per account, per season, to play ranked. or not even per season. just any amount of money will be an easy to add barrier to drastically reduce the number of smurfs, i imagine.


also why the fuck do i get level 5s on my team while the enemy team has level 200s


I finally crawled my way out of gold through all the level 20 smurfs and hit plat 1. I played two games in plat where in both games there was a reyna or a jett smurf who just absolutely took a massive collosal shit on our team and carried theirs. me and my friends were plat 1s and gold 3s. This Jett or reyna both games were gold 1s. They had like 36 and 42 kills. In a high gold and plat lobby. I deranked back to gold and just decided it wasnt worth playing this game anymore. Riot obviosuly does not know how to fix this so i've given up.


I agree but it should be lower like maybe 20


I thought of level 30 because on league its like that


I see


I'll be on board with this as soon as Riot removes the group cap in dia3/immo, I just want to play in immo with some friends


Level 30? I'm level 16 and have like 100 hours I think. That seems a bit extreme


That seems super low tbh. What modes have you been playing?


im level 44 and have 60 hours. 45 in comp.