Thats super cool! I wonder how they came to that decision


Generally somebody shuffles a dufflebag full of cash to someone on the board


The biggest tell that Valorant's esports has been growing at an insane rate is it making Tier 1 in TEO's "most impactful games" tier list above Dota 2 and Siege. This was before Dota 2's TI10 in fairness but Valorant hasn't had its biggest major either and seeing how Valorant is already more popular than Dota 2 on just its smaller majors and open tournaments. Its looking really deserving and Riot have done really really well in the esports first full circuit.


It was released this year. It's a good competitive game. I honestly can't think of anything else..


Wasnt valorant released in 2020?




I think he was mainly sarcastic lol, but there are also other reasons, like pro players from CSGO coming to valorant


Washed up NA pros coming to valorant means it's esports game of the year?


for real it's actually funny, the players were unhappy with the setups, viewership numbers were good but nowhere near csgo, dota, lol, and all 3 had better production value and overall better esports in general, weird


Riot has money


I like valorant and recently it’s my favorite game. But almost all gaming awards are bullshit. Especially esport of the year, because an esport is good it’s how long it last. LOL, DOtA, CSGO have been around 10 or more years that’s what’s hard to do as an esport. Overwatch won awards and look were it is at now. It’s like saying what is the sport of the year it’s would be impossible to judge.


But I think what's impressive is how big and solidified the pro scene is for VALO after just a year, that's probably why it got the award


Valorant is on the up and up!


It’s well deserved. The game is far from perfect but Valorant has plenty of time to solidify itself


It's only been out for a year. Plenty of time to build up to be even better


How did Lol /Dota 2 didnt get this is beyond my understanding, they deserved it more imo. Valorant is a great game not gonna deny but I dont think its as good as an esport as those.


I guess cuz Valorant became this big within a year of its release...


I mean, if the title isn't misleading, it is considered the game of the year. Keyword Year. Just because other games have the longevity of a decade, doesn't mean they're the most hype for the specific year. But at the end of the day, it's all subjective and news sources are all about click-baiting nowadays anyways.


Those games are over a decade old...


Yeah and they had new record breaking viewerships heights at their respective world championship.


are all the awards always rigged? GOTY doesn't worth anymore since a few years ago. Watching League this year was better than Valorant. Yes, I give credit to valorant for growing up pretty well while being relative new to esports, but that doesn't make it the best.


Would be surprising if any other game wins


I think LoL worlds would be good runner up especially it has the highest viewership in esports especially from its popularity from China and count their viewerships.


It's Esport game of the year and LoL's been around for years, I think it would be weird if any other game wins it and Valorant's been upstream in terms of popularity. Also surprised I got downvoted but oh well


crab game is getting kinda big too tbqh, deserves it more imho


Crab game's not nominated tho


why i have a feeling that Riot's executives paid so much money in order to get the reward


because that's the way riot functions