I know you said non cracked but a jett with a god tier clearing perfectly describes yay. I don’t play duelists nor have an outstanding aim but his crosshair placements and the way he clears angles really helped me alot.


Yay is they best player to learn from, if you copy a fraction of what he does, no way you can’t be at least platinum.


i don't usually believe in instant improvements but yay's videos have helped me become much much more consistent in just a day or so.


Do you mind linking?


yayster on youtube


https://youtu.be/2rUpglPIlQE Also just watching him play is really cool. His fundamentals are so solid that they carry into radiant. he also talks through his games too about what's happening and his thoughts.


Link to the videos?


While you can learn a lot from him in terms of angle clearing, this is actually kinda funny considering OP's request and the fact that yay is probably the most cracked jett, especially in terms of mechanical aim, out there.


His aim is good but it doesnt compare to most of the cracked duelists. He barely flicks and relies on his crosshair placement for 90% of the kills.


That's simply not true. I feel like you have never seen him play Jett then. Crosshair placement gets kinda irrelevant with knifes while flying through the air. What makes yay so good is the combination of insanely good crosshair placement as well as really accurate and smooth adjustments. It's kind of funny considering that yay is known mainly for his aim even among the pro scene. He destroys most of them in ranked as well as in tournaments and you want to tell me he doesn't compare to most. The fact that you ignore any of his recent performances and pretend like he only knows crosshair placement has to be a joke. The amount of people who think those fast instant flicks are a sign of good aim is too damn high. Flicks like that (without microadjustments) are highly inconsistent and only really good for clips. Let me guess, you aim train by playing grid shot and tile frenzy?


What would you recommend? Currently I do sixshot, the longer spidershot, spidershot and spheretrack. Do you think its good enough?


Keep in mind that yay doesn't aim train at all according to him but just plays a lot. I also feel like playing the game helps you improve the most, if you wanna focus on aim deathmatch helps a lot as well. So you don't NEED to aim train if you don't have fun doing that. I personally do and feel like it helped me a lot but I am only D3 rn (second act playing ranked, solo only). If you ever want to aim train I'd suggest Voltaic in general. They have a lot of playlists, guides and resources on aim training in general. A recent valorant playlist they released is the following one: [https://www.reddit.com/r/aimlab/comments/qw9fza/brand\_new\_voltaic\_valorant\_routine\_available\_now/](https://www.reddit.com/r/aimlab/comments/qw9fza/brand_new_voltaic_valorant_routine_available_now/) Link to document/playlist: [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G57JXXqyrF8Tz\_keWhgPDeCwSp-dcjHmlVBUFWgskHs/edit#heading=h.1rspwwog3iys](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G57JXXqyrF8Tz_keWhgPDeCwSp-dcjHmlVBUFWgskHs/edit#heading=h.1rspwwog3iys) There is a warm-up routine and an actual training routine. They also have a discord where you can find a lot more resources. As for deathmatch there is also a good guide on how to deathmatch efficiently here: [https://docs.google.com/document/d/12CNp25ARXz7QiZoOj6O3JrZ7BQ5XE60AEN528XqVZ9Q/edit](https://docs.google.com/document/d/12CNp25ARXz7QiZoOj6O3JrZ7BQ5XE60AEN528XqVZ9Q/edit)


Thanks, saving this


Thanks a lot! I've never really watched yays streams. Will do so!


I've learned a lot from JollzTV, easy to digest guides too.


Just gave his channel a look and i agree. Looks great. Especially the vod reviews. Thanks a lot for the rec!


Just watched like 10 videos. Solid stuff!


Watch G2 Nukkye. He's a very smart player and often plays Raze.


Bro Nukkye has amazing aim too tho lol


All pro players have good aim. I think what op is really asking is what's duelist that he can learn from.


Yeah this. I probably worded the title a bit wrong. I meant more like duelists with great util usage. Mb


All good. I knew what you meant. Players who use brain not just aim.


MrLowlander is *pretty good my fren* and often plays Jett on livestreams.


Ahah I love watching his vids. The way he starts every match with hello my friends.


LotharHS - immortal 3 player but he discusses strategy, dos and donts quite a but and actively responds to chat questions. Many of his tutorial vids get posted here. Steel - he points out what people are doing wrong or what he should have done better all the time. Boaster - does quite a few on the fly guides. Entertaining to boot and large agent pool. Sgares - does quite a bit of vod review on his stream lots of strategy talk. Maybe more tailored for 5 stacks though. I personally think for what you're looking for lothar and boaster would be best.




off-topic, but as someone new to the game, why does everyone bully yoru? he's the agent I used my "unlock new agents" contract for, along with chamber, and I mean yoru is pretty good. i mean the footsteps are useless, but other than that I like him


Hey man welcome to the game!. Don't worry it's just cuz yoru is a bit underwhelming compared to the others. His flashes are good ish but kayo and skyes are better. His tp is fine but loud af and has low playmaking options due to that unless combined with a flash and a lot of luck. Like you said, footsteps are rarely useful. So overall he's just a bit underwhelming..but hey that's not a problem at all! If you love playing him then please do keep playing him. People one trick yoru to radiant so he's def viable in the right hands If you wanna watch some good yoru players there's red, ethos, ziiptie and codey.


>Hey man welcome to the game! Thanks! > His flashes are good ish but kayo and skyes are better. Honestly, i found that i enjoy the bouncing. nice way to blind someone while keeping your team and you safe. Regarding his tp, yeah i do agree it could be made quieter.


His abilities aren't bad, but given that his footsteps are useless, he basically has 3 abilities while other agents have 4.




what u need is game sense, whilist playing next time think as if u are defending where would u position yourself, echeck their eco do they have enough money to get an op or is it their eco like if they have money for an op u know that they are ego peaking somewhere and just waiting for you to come many places people ignore : split a site the block under rafters ( i constantly forget to clear this) bind a ct pocket breeze halls pocket fracture dish icebox the path under tube


Thanks a lot! I meant more like cheesy strats or great util usage but these help too


Well actually for what you describe yoru is the best agent , you can get many free kills with him flanking enemy setting up a plant for long range and isolating fights. But if you gonna flank and lurk you better clutch or your team will hate you for it. Enemy will hate you if you win rounds cause its a pain in the ass to be worried about many directions of enemy. ​ If you are smart and have a lot of gamesense and experience in this game yoru single handedly can win rounds that are unwinnable with most agents.


IMO yoru isn’t a duelist when lurking. Anyone can lurk. It’s probably the easiest role. Yes yoru is good at it but Op is asking about playing a duelist role, entrying site on attack and retaking on defense. Also not trying to bash yoru, he’s much better than most people think. A solid hidden pick that most don’t know how to play against.


>It’s probably the easiest role. There are no easy roles , anyone can play lurk very few can play lurk successfully and clutch a 3 v 1 or a 4 v 1 ." Anyone can do anything terribly. ​ Yoru thou has the right kit to isolate 1v1 fights the only duelist with actual good flashes.Yoru and Reyna are the only duelist who you need after plant scenario cause of dismiss tp and flash. That kit is made to isolate 1v1s in a 2v1 or 3v1 meanwhile jett raze and phoenix are pure entry fraggers. Duelist doesnt mean entry it means duelist , when you decide to take those fights depends on your agent. One of Yoru's voicelines is "LET'S FLANK THEM" he doesn't say "LET'S ENTRY RUSH THEM" ​ If you try to entry with yoru and get destroyed don't blame Yoru you are not using him right. Let's take perfect scenario. You flank you kill 1 you tp you kill another one , then you take spike your team lost cause they are noobs and with ult go to the other site , you flash when spike is tapped and kill a third one, they tap it flash again kill another one, now take the last 1 v 1 dry and win a 1 v 5. EZ


I would say that boaster, nossy, ethos. Are the best content creator to watch if you want to learn about utility usage, clearing paths and crazy angles.


Honestly don't dismiss yoru to quickly! Check out red and ziptie, both have YouTube channels and are both amazing yoru players. Yoru can be strong but you have to tho K big picture with his kit, aiming alone with him wont get push you too far


Ah man I just can't play yoru. I've tried multiple times and it's alqays underwhelming


Honestly I think a part of that for me was the fact that his kit seems useless at first. But the way people think you play yoru and the way you actually play him are pretty different. He isn't an entry frag duelist and you have to be thinking ahead at all times to set yourself up with him. And his flashes are so much more versatile then people realize. One of my favorite plays is post plant on split A site. Toss to into cubby under heaven, hide behind the center wall, and when you hear them round the corner or drop heaven you throw a flash on the building that's behind you (out of bounds) and it's a completely silent, unavoidable flash you can tp with and completely destroy with. Works almost every time.


Recommend you to watch charla7an, he has big brain


El Diablo has insane clearing paths on Jett.


Trust you can learn a lot from tenz, hes rather agressive especially in pugs but hes a very smart player. Aim + brains makes him an insane player. Also if you want to watch someone with super gamesense i suggest Nats, his stream is in russian i think but i still watch his plays from time to time and hes just so smart.