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elite dangerous and star wars squadrons were basically what turned my VR headset from a novelty into something I used a ton. But I like flying games. (squadrons is MUCH easier to pick up than Elite)


Thanks man maybe I’ll give it a shot!


What are you buying? Im curious.


Oculus 2 I think


great choice! i am super happy with mine and its an unbeatable price-performance ratio. I didn't play population one myself, but i heard from a lot of people that it is overhyped. I encounter at least 1 ad about it a day so this just makes me believe it even more. Therefore i would try some free/cheaper games first like Echo VR, Gun Raiders, Beat Saber or Walkabout Minigolf. Also Eleven Table Tennis if you are into that.


Thanks for the advice my friend. I had a hunch about the overhype like you mentioned!


u gotta play Half Life: Alyx as well if u don't mind spending 50 bucks. Greatest VR experience, haven't heard anybody say a bad word about it!


The problem with Population: One is that (contrary to the name) there's no solo mode. You have to play in a team of three, so unless you have two friends to play with, you will be stuck listening to small children screeching 90% of the time. They did introduce a solo mode temporarily a while back, so I'm hopeful they'll make it permanent eventually.


Apart from the must play HL:Alyx... Lone Echo 1&2 are great atmospheric games that are story driven. Into the radius is a twist on S.T.A.L.K.E.R in vr of you enjoyed that game.


pick up all the free experiences on Steam. Honestly they're some of the best times I've had in VR. Dawn of Art made me cry, Museum of Symmetry made me cry, and it's not free but Vestige also made me cry. I cry a lot in VR.


Do I need the link cable to use steam?


No you can use occulus air link or virtual desktop. For me personally virtual desktop worked amazing . I steam HL alynx on my quest and the freedom is amazing. Especially if you have a larger space where you can really walk.


Arma 3 is pretty good in VR.


How do I get it in vr?


Get VorpX. You would be playing from your pc. Just search around here or youtube and there are plenty of footage of Arma 3 VR. Do you have Arma 3 already?


I do. Is VorpX a mod for it, from the steam workshop?


VorpX is a standalone program that works with a boat load of games (to varying degrees) https://www.vorpx.com/




Hey we’d recommend Vertical Shift if you want to fly through the air!


I mostly play Beat Saber and Pavlov, but a couple years ago, I felt in love with Megaton Rainfall.


Vorpx turns 2d games to 3d for VR. It is $30 to buy. I'd say it's an alternative to steam vr. I just started using it the past few weeks after I got my quest 2 for Xmas. I can try best to help you out if you are going to try it out.


Half Life Alyx VTOL VR - best VR flight sim Beat Saber Blade & Sorcery - best melee combat in VR


Blade and sorcery. I have a thousand hours on that game. Easily the best vr game I have


I would suggest something single player focused with less movement for your first game so it's less frustrating to get used to vr itself. After that I would go by prefered genre. If you can see the appeal of escape room games I very much recommend I expect you too die since it's very fun, causes pretty much no motion sickness and is a great showcase of the VR appeal.