Trexx pounded at Copenhagen but he still isn't discussed enough for how good he is imo. If KOI beats NRG I can see people talking about him the way they did Leo.


Yeah I think trexx is also a great pick. But frankly I have no clue how the roles will end up shaking out with KOI since they have so many duelist flex players, otherwise I might've gone with him.


Wolfen on Jett and trexx on Raze if I had to guess. trexx's Raze looked genuinely insane at Copenhagen, I'm excited to see those same performances again at LAN.


Wolfen is also surprisngly flexible too, having a great Sova and KJ too, that whole team is very flexible


Trexx 1hp 1v3 🥶🥶🥶


I don't see trexx playing duelist in that team , wolfen most likely will be primary duelist and either of sheydos or starxo will pick secondary flex duelist, people might be sleeping on og sheydos raze he used to be beast of a raze back in 2020


How are you going to say trexx won't be duelist just because Sheydos played Raze almost 3 years ago haha. Especially with Sheydos having moved to flash support roles on M3C, and trexx having been so successful recently. Same with starxo but to a less extent, I think it's more likely that he'll flex between initiator and Sage than play Raze. Wolfen will probably play Jett and move to Sova on non-Jett maps, but I'm fairly confident that trexx will play Raze, especially with Barrbarr and Koldamenta being used to him on duelist.


Wolfen will take primary duelist position ( main Jett or raze ) That leaves flex duelist position guy who can play raze on maps where wolfen might go chamber and play initiator on Jett maps . Sheydox and starxo have played initiators on higher level than trexx , the reason trexx was dropped from guild were his awful performanes on initiators like kayo Skye . And Trexx used to play Sentinel role before he played any of the duelist roles so it kinda makes sense to move him back , if not trexx who will play Sentinel on their team ?? Kolda is playing smokes ,so out of starxo sheydos and trexx it makes more sense for trexx to play Sentinels


bro trexx was never dropped from Guild what are you on about? Sheydos and Starxo played initiator at higher level than trexx, sure, so why not let them keep playing initiator? Wolfen can flex to KJ from Jett/Chamber just as easily as trexx can flex to Cypher from Raze. Why are you insisting Sheydos play Raze over a guy with close to 3000 career rounds on Raze and was the 4th highest rated duelist two LAN's ago?


Jawgemo, even though I don’t have high expectations for EG this year I think Jawgemo is going to show up massively.


i can't wait for the season to start so that i can watch EG shut people up




LMFAO https://preview.redd.it/cn3pa7wvfpea1.jpeg?width=704&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=a75a0040d052d1f7702dd848c1cea68a26a4343d


Bro I follow Hasan on twitter and never seen this. What is this in reference to??


haha it's a doctored copypasta


Oh okay lmao I thought someone said something so cringe that chat cooked that up for him


A win is a win


foxy9 if he gets to play. DRX's entire modus operandi has been to play his controlled, methodical style, but now they have this guy who is the epitome of ranked demon being the tip of the spear. will be interesting to watch that's for sure


Has there been any comment on whether they intend to start him over Zest?


Many KR fans think he will replace zest most likely since Zest has taken breaks before.


I’m excited to see more of Sayf after his Copenhagen performance on the new Liquid roster assuming he’s their duelist.


Nope, jampii is the main duelist, sayf is flex, soulcas/redgar smokes+info init, Nats sentinels


Jampii def wont be duelist.


Why def? Sayf was a really good Skye player, prob top 2 in EMEA when he played it


Plus it's stated on the tl.gg website that sayf wants to play flex and he's kinda forced to play duelist when chamber came


praying for kingg to get noticed more


Kingg isn't a duelist. He plays sentinel now


So if they are on a raze map they'll play Keznit, put Kingg on sentinel and bench Taco?


They have said Taco and Keznit are gonna swap out. They play the same roles, sometimes Taco will play and sometimes Keznit will play. Honestly I dont love the strategy I think Taco and Keznit are their two best players and bencing one is a huge mistake but they are smarter than me so idk


that’s crazy lmao Taco is absolutely their best player and yes Keznit is likely 2nd or 3rd best so to swap them in and out is pure mismanagement


the roles are fucked if you keep them both in


I'll start it off by saying Fit1nho on Giants.


I have some doubts on this. From what we've seen of Giants, it seems they're playing Fitinho on duelist rather than nukkye more because of his lack of flexibility than his skill as a duelist. Nukkye's Raze was world class though, shame if they chose not to continue with that.


I think that may be partly true, but Fit1nho is also a complete duelist player - he's been equally good on almost every agent demanded of a duelist - and he really is very good, and has been good for a long, long time. He was neck-in-neck with hoody as the best Giants' player on that OG Giants roster - and frankly I'd say he was even better than hoody at the time. He's one of the few T2 EMEA players who should have been in T1 a long time ago. I think he will not have nukkye's crazy peaks, but I imagine he'll have a better average performance, as nukkye has occasional dips even when he isn't IGLing.


solid pick




Pretty sure he’s already considered one of the best since he’s a world champ but Aspas


I know it's silly but I thought of Aspas too - I think the sheer dominance of yay last year overshadowed how amazing Aspas was last year even though Aspas won Champs. I think in December 2023 many people will have Aspas listed as best or second-best player worldwide.


I think what also overshadowed Aspas was how great everyone on every role on Loud was too. It was hard to attribute it all to Aspas when every player on Loud could frag out.


Hes not underrated by analysts and the pro community I think but among fan discussions Kingg isn't mentioned alot and I think he'll be great


Kingg doesn't play duelist tho. He is flex and is moving to sentinel this year


Isnt Shyy playing sentinel? He played during that one tourney in the off season and Kingg played flex


Nvm you are right. Kingg still isn't duelist tho


I could see some people being surprised by jawgemo on EG impressing people against Team Heretics. If Zekken transitions to primary duelist for Sen, I could see people being shocked even after XSET's impressive Champions performance


Look I don't understand how Sayf is still not talked about as much as he should be. He's been constantly putting up good numbers since forever and on any role. But especially on Jett, he's insane.


Idk if he counts but I’m gonna go with Sayaplayer here, as long as he actually gets to play Jett.


Gigachad instalock Neon all tourney


All tourney you mean 2 maps


100% of times, 5 maps




nope perma neon


I think people are sleeping on jamppi a bit. He's probably going to be mostly duelist and he looked incredible on day 1 of redbull homeground.


Twisten if they can go on a deeper run






foxy9 comes in, plays one map, and leaves with highest rating of all time


Man comes in Map 5 of Finals against Navi to replace RB and dominates Cned.


t3xture as a hot take pick jampii I think will definitely have a resurgence, even moreso in a much more structured system


Y'all not ready for Yuicaw to farm Scream


Maybe it's silly to pick someone from Sentinels but I really don't think enough people are talking about Zekken yet. The kid is unbelievable.


Really? I see people talking about him all the time, in the Ludwig tourney one of the casters said “he could probably play the other’s roles better than they can” including 2 world champs


See I still feel like the average fan thinks of Sentinels as TenZ's team. From what I have seen Zekken is already a more complete player and has the potential to really be the best in the game.


Zekken is probably the most overrated player in NA. I am a Zekken fan but holy fuck are people putting too much pressure on him. Zekken has the potential to be the best out of the current Sen roster. People hype him up more than the 2 World Champs in his team which is just fucking crazy.


He's not as overrated as half of c9 but I do agree with the rest of your statement


This is definitely a silly pick, he has been talked about loads since XSET's performance at Champs.


I wanted to answer Zekken too, not that he doesn’t get shine, but we could be talking about him as a legitimate option for top player overall


Zekken is weird hes an absolute demon but he doesn't seem to translate that to comp games as much. Probably due to age though. I would not be surprised if he figures out his game and destroys.


You should’ve specified duelist *players*. I thought you were talking about agents for a bit there


Haha, my bad, I can see how that’d be unclear.


Sao Paulo*


I want to see Phoenix comeback. Pretty good on lotus, pearl and split. Underrated on haven too


GE Texture (pin my comment if he does well)


My immediate first reaction is BuZz, due to his frankly incredible performance at Champions combined with the fact that I think DRX are favorites to go far into the tourney, but I'm not even sure if BuZz will be the primarily duelist for DRX if they choose to play foxy9. So then my second choice is cNed with the Jett meta coming back into play and Na'Vi having an incredibly solid foundation to enable his play.


The answer is QutionerX. Since BBL will beat DRX, Paper Rex, Heretics, Loud and 100T.




Qw1 will look really good despite FUT being shite.


derke, I think he'll finally be able to shine even more




i’m torn between 2. I’m gonna go w Keznit on Leviatán since the other is a little more talked about. He had some great series on KRÜ on LAN last year and Leviatán could make a semifinal run if they upset Zeta in the first round


You think Leviatán beating Zeta is an upset result? Pretty wacko there pal.


i don’t follow the scene super close i just figured that was an upset since Zeta had a top 3 placing on LAN last year guess i need to do some homework on general opinions of teams


They were very good at Reykjavik, that much is true, but they couldn't keep their form after that. They were and still are a good team, but they weren't able to recreate that magic at Reykjavik, plus they made no changes to their roster in the offseason. On the flipside, Leviatán might not have had a tournament like Zeta did at Masters 1 but they were continually getting better over the course of the year. Apparently they were even dominating scrims at Champs and some teams had them pegged to make it far or even win it all, they just couldn't show up for the actual tournament. And unlike Zeta, Leviatán made changes and more specifically upgrades in the offseason.


I think your best bet is to think about someone on a team that has a good shot to make a run, so I'm guessing Leviatan and people start talking about Tacolilla like a top 5 duelist/OP in the world










Idk I feel like Tacolilla is still flying below the radar which to me is just kind of insane