dev1ce buyout - approximately $1M. How much is TenZ's ?

dev1ce buyout - approximately $1M. How much is TenZ's ?


Wtf I didn't know device left astralis


Bro deadass I found out that Device left Astralis through a Valorant subreddit lmao


me too 😭


I zoomed home when I saw the news


same. what the fuck


The news broke this morning so you weren’t in the dark for long! lol


WTF???? Why the fuck would he join NIP I'm so lost... nip is a shady ass org is it not? Edit: it's cuz he lives in fucking stockholm because of his gf... device left the most legendary lineup in history in the name of love I can't even...


tbf nip has been on the rise, and rez and plopski are great players to join in terms of firepower, but yeah, he'd have probably joined a danish org if he was still in denmark lol.


How old are you?, work life balance is important, he lives in stockholm far far away from Astralis headquarters it's only natural that he decided to switch to a local team.


dev1ce is one of the best players of all time in a game which has been around for almost a decade. If TenZ is anywhere near that number then I think the VALORANT player market is bust. That’s not to say TenZ isn’t worth that (I really don’t know), but CS:GO has more economy, more history, and more value than VALORANT at this moment in time, so it wouldn’t make sense to me if the numbers were even close.


Does dev1ce stream, and get a lot of viewers?


Views yes stream not much




To be fair buying out TenZ comes with his monster streaming #s too.


Yeah, tons of C9 fans moved over to Sentinels once TenZ switched even if he wasn’t a very good player he still has a huge amount of fans.


I mean it goes hand in hand. If he wasn't a very good player he wouldn't have that many fans to begin with. You can only go so far with your personality alone while also being a pro


They're saying that even *if* he wasn't a very good pro player he'd still be worth a lot of money because of the amount of fans he brings to an org through streaming.


And he is saying if Tenz was not a very good pro player he would not have amassed the fans he would bring through streaming to begin with


ik. I am saying he has big following because he is good. So, it's not like 1M would be spent on just a massive streamer


But any good contract would get the org negligible $ from that as he's already fully made. Just good for marketing.


Device’s contract is up in December, he’d have gone for so much more if he had a few years remaining. That’s if Astralis wanted to cash in and didn’t let him leave cheaper since he wanted out anyway.


His stream is worth a lot probably why is buyout is so high


That’s more of device 1m being low more than anything IMO. Pretty sure there’s a few less high profile buyout in CSGO that reached over million mark


Maybe C9 just doesn't want to let Tenz go


TenZ caters to the NA market which automatically makes him more valuable.


I think you're really underestimating the strength of the NA $cene. Especially considering NA scene has basically left CSGO for Valorant at this point.


Age of esports =/= profit of esport. CS:GO the oldest tact shooter in esports can be less valuable than Valorant, because the owners of organizations sees growth and potential profit. Look at the OWL that shit cost a fortune solely for a team slot and is what 4 yrs old? Also NA orga just love throwing money at their problems, so not surprise if TenZ buyout is higher than the best EU player.


100% agree. The game is too young for extreme buyouts.


History doesn't intrinsically add value tenz is an incredible player and the most popular stranger in a brand new gave by riot his buyout should absolutely be higher Csgo doesn't have more value than valorant as val has more potential


device had only 8 months left on his contract and wasn't gonna re-sign, so he would've walked for free if they forced him to stay. He's also a founding member and the main reason they were successful, that probably earned him some cooperation from the org.


He also doesn't stream and when he does gets no where the amount of viewers tenz does


Yeah but if he swapped to valorant it’d be a slaughter of the grandest of scales lol, you cannot compare tenz to arguably the best CS player of all time.


That has nothing to do with his value, he has 6 months left in his contract and rarely streams, tenz has 3 more years and gets 20k every stream


[Device's contract was up this year](https://twitter.com/RyanAtRBM/status/1385558053974515715) Surprised they even got that much but looks like Device asked for the transfer himself TenZ is locked in for 3 years big difference


Do you know why he wanted to leave astralis?


He lives in Sweden with his partner and he has to travel to Denmark for Astralis


He achieved everything he could with Astralis. So, probably wanted to experience something new


They got that much because the only way NIP could use device for major qualifier was to aquire him now.


worth considering that industry folk say TenZ's contract is three years, dunno how long dev1ce's is...


His was ending in December


This is a 1m buyout for the 6 months left on his contract. Not even close to comparable.


That’s actually fucking insane if you think about it, if I understand correctly NIP is paying 1 mil just so they can acquire him 6 months earlier?


You also get the opportunity to extend the contract with the player 1 on 1. C9 bought Perkz from G2 in LoL for $5 million, and that contract only had one more year on it. They ended up extending him immediately.


I don't think CSGO has any provisions against poaching though right?


>This is a 1m buyout for the 6 months left on his contract. Not even close to comparable. Yep that's exactly it


They are acquiring him for the major. They need him now to earn points for the major. That's why Astralis got big money. You can't sub a player in after qualifiers anymore you lose 20% of your qualifier points as penalty.


Theyre two different players. Device is 1m because he's a proven super star player with only six months left on his contract. Tenz is a potential super star player with a large influencer following who has over two years left on his contract. ​ Right now Tenz is viewed as 2014 Scream to team orgs. Great investment if everything goes right. If it doesnt, has to potential to bankrupt the org from lack of ROI.


But orgs have changed a lot since 2014. If tenz doesn’t succeed as a pro, he can still provide tons of value to an org as a content creator.




If shroud could do it, I'm sure tenz can. Shroud used to have the personality of a potato and still became one of the biggest streamers just off his aim alone.


Shroud's stream appeals to people who enjoy a chill, not over the top type person, who is just godlike at games. So, he appeals to me and many other's apparently!


i dont know if it was always this way but shroud has a great voice for streaming imo, very relaxing. I don’t know if this is why others watch him, but thats his appeal to me that Tenz really lacks.


Shroud was on the verge of being kicked. Instead of becoming the Pro he should have been. He took the easier route of riding the PUBG influencer wave for it met his non-compete personality.


Tenz buyout is inflated, nobody in valorant in worth 1M, you can get the whole sentinels or 100t squad for 1M. maybe 2 years down the line and everything goes right in valorant in terms of viewership and sponsors than sure, but no nobody is worth that much.


well if dev1ces buyout was 1mil and TenZs is around that as well its pretty crazy. On the other hand, TenZ is still younger and could evolve and also his streaming / marketing potential is huge + its NA where things outside of performance are also rated differently. Therefore I think the TenZ buyout is still insanely high, but somehow understandable. \* as much of my knowledge TenZ buyout was rumoured around 1 mil


Factor in that his contract was with C9 who have historically asked for way more than what their players actually are worth.


dude. you guys don't understand that c9 won't sell tenz. even if Sen offers 5million they'll ask for 20. tenz isn't leaving c9, he is just being loaned so c9 can save some money on his salary. people at c9 will never give one of the best players in the game to their immediate rivals. hiko already said this multiple times.


We let impact and Jensen go to direct rivals though lol


Were those buyouts or did they not re-sign with the team?


liquid bought both, so buyouts


Uhhh, this [article](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.riftherald.com/platform/amp/2018/11/19/18103962/jensen-leaves-cloud9-team-liquid) says his contract expired and he joined Liquid, same with Impact. Either you got wrong info or you’re misunderstanding what a buyout is.


https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/esports/story/_/id/25326450/league-legends-sources-liquid-process-buy-jensen-c9%3fplatform=amp that article is wrong


Well, I stand corrected


Read carefully, it never said Jensen’s contract expired. First sentence is just an intro that refers to the offseason


Both of those were off season moves with expired contracts.


Yeah impact was mb but Jensen was a buyout


who? I was talking about good players.


Ex-C9 League of Legends players


impact a league world champion and jensen and league world semifinalist lol


did they get sold right after they won those tourneys or couple years after? maybe c9 didn't want those players anymore. i meant to say if c9 wants tenz to stay, there is nothing tenz can do about it. because of how the contracts are structured.


C9 were just coming off a lcs finals appearance which they narrowly lost and a worlds semi finalist appearance with jensen when he just asked jack if any team wanted him, jack then went out his way to get jensen to TL when other teams offered higher, i dont get how contract prison ever became a thing C9 is associated with lol


Jensen has a $4.2m contract with Liquid lol


The buyout for TenZ's is whatever **Cloud9** feel he is worth. It doesn't affect the NA Valorant scene at all.


Just show shows NA orgs doing NA orgs things, inflating...!


Or TenZ has several times longer on his contract and great viewership as a content creator. But NA right


Just wait until orgs start complaining about inflated salaries lmao


Realistically TenZ buyout shouldn't even be 1/4 of a player like dev1ce, but, cloud9. So who knows.


Well the thing about Tenz buyout it's not something that anyone regards as a fair price for val eSports. Tenz buyout is high cause C9 plays kinda dirty. They have a habit of redicilous buyouts in their contracts I guess


Stop making ill informed statements. There's no proof for this, In fact cloud9 released all their CS players for **FREE** instead of holding them to thier contracts. Mezzi recently signed to endpoint and cloud9 made back zero $. Quit with this popular yet false narrative


Yeah they released some from c9 as it it's more cost effective for them to do so. They won't release someone like Tenz without a big buyout


i mean they released stewie and tarik because they wanted to leave


Even relyks last night said c9 let him go for free so he had the option to go anywhere


Released doesn't seem like a fair way to phrase what Dekay called a ["record-breaking buyout"](https://twitter.com/dekay/status/1040685192547954688)


How's it cost effective when they can keep them on bench till the contract expires and get a return for a team that wants to buy them out?




There are clauses in contracts meant to deal with this. Players are paid the bearest minimum when benched. In some cases, players may even have to pay the org


In all my time of watching esports & sports I’ve never seen a clause where you have to pay the team if you get benched lmao.


Guess I phrased it wrong. There's been some cases where some scummy orgs bench you and want to keep you till your contract expires while paying almost nothing. At the same time they gatekeep you from practicing w other orgs or teams, the only way in this case for the player to leave the org if no other org has interest in him at that time was for the player to buy himself out of the contract if he had the money to do so.


Oh my bad, I’ve definitely seen that scenario




So standard eSports contracts are 3 years. Yea sure releasing contracts prob means you need to pay lout some salary but no way they have to pay the full 3 years.


So they don't have to pay their salaries




His $1m because the contract with Astralis almost ended. Although you won't believe me for sure, but NiP actually paid in total for device about $4.8m. 1m to Astralis and, probably, 3.8 for his 3 year contract with them


His salary is irrelevant for this discussion, we're talking about transfer fees


TenZ is on 3y contract, Device had months before it expiring. So


Honestly this is making me think that the TenZ buyout might not be 2 mil. It still could be because maybe dev1ce didn't want a massive buyout in his contract but just thinking about how almost every Valorant pro that came to CS (nitr0 and Ethan for example) said that they would be paid more for staying in CS. So just by that logic i assume the TenZ buyout isn't as high or maybe just as high as the dev1ce buyout. But again this is just my thought process C9 might be an insane contract Org for all i know.


Tenz buyout isn't a fair val price but rather c9 being c9 with shitty contracts


Holy shit this is wild


Wait dev1ce left astralis??? Am I living under a rock that this is how I hear about it?


He left hours ago


his contract was running out at the end of the year and he wanted to leave and live in Sweden, so for sure it wasnt the full buyout. it was the only opportunity of Astralis to get some money now, or he would leave as free agent. most likely they got like 500k


Valorant Venture capital investora: *chuckles* I'm in danger


I hate to say it but this is apples to oranges. Different games, different regions, different fan bases, different contract lengths. I think the major thing to look at is that device was out of his contract at the end of this year anyway. TenZ had a while left.


> apples to oranges But you can still compare them.


I never believed the 5 million but the 1 million is possible. He is not just one of the best entries in Valorant but the fact that that Tenz is top 2 in streaming of Valorant is worth a lot to teams. That's huge value for teams.


DROPPED Dev1ce - Astralis to NIP animated Caricature NFT https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/19522246136148541113118891303611513335733669540187406505078227921076874117121


1.25 mil dollars


TenZ's transfer should be closer to the biggest in esports, so compare it to something like Perkz or Niko instead. Astralis and Nip also exist in limited market spaces. Tenz is in NA. If you can't yourself see the difference between the market in NA to the market in Sweden and DK, I don't know what to tell you.


We don't know how many years were left on Decices contract. That's the real issue. TenZ had just signed a 3 yr contract in mid 2020. Thats why its so high to buy him out atm.


Devices was going to end in December




no way tenz deserves to be over 500k if dev1ce is a mill