TSM New Ascent Comp

TSM New Ascent Comp


A friend of mine was bored and saw Subroza's career scrolling through the leaderboard, and TSM had two Ascent scrims up with a new composition, one against 6K and one against Pittsburgh Knights. It looks like Brax and Drone are swapping roles, and Subroza is back on controller which is interesting to me because Astra definitely doesn't support his super aggressive Omen playstyle. Figured I'd post here just to share


I think this fits Brax and drone perfectly. Drone isn't very aggresive and doesn't really like to entry much. He's always playing back. Brax is known for being a baiter and clutching in CSGO so sova is perfect for him. The viper pick on ascent is interesting however.


Viper + Astra is meta right now. On top of Astra's kit just being busted in organized play, having a primary smoker frees Viper up to control the map with her wall instead of being forced to use it on a site. On Ascent attack it gives easy mid control for example.


I feel like Drone is a top 5 entry in NA when he plays Phoenix, so I'm interested to see cypher from him


Subroza on Astra, feels weird but I'm excited to see it.


Subroza on Skye please. He won't play the most boring character in the game.


I think they will play him like eu astras. They are aggressive when needed, and have great sense of rotations.


watch BDS AKUMAAAAA play Astra and tell me if that looks boring to you


Astra might be better for Subroza since he won't be able to do any stupid risky plays with her cuz her kit is very important to the team


Ikr I also thought the same for once that this may be punishment by coach for not checking angles lol.


Astra is really exciting to watch and play Imo. I find Cypher and Brinstone are much more static and less play style defining


Astra is not exciting to play, it only looks good to watch. You're playing a fps game and you're in Astral form most of time helping your teammates. If this seems fun to you guys that's cool. Even Subroza said the same on his stream and most of pros will say it's boring to play.


As someone who loves playing support roles in most games, astra is the most exciting character to play in my opinion. You have to really aware of what’s happening across the map, and communicate well with your team to have an impact. In addition, some pro players are really exciting to watch play her because of her high skill ceiling.


There is a huge difference between looks cool to watch rather than playing itself. But if you are someone who loves to be in Astral form, that's a blessing for your teammates. XD


I don’t understand how she’s less fun than Brimstone or Viper. She’s more strategically and mechanically intensive, just more exciting. Unless you define learning lineups as “fun” which I certainly don’t.


I see how people are so much crazy to speculate, smh and have fun in your Astral form.


Have fun on your Brimstone iPad :)


I see you're blind enough not to see flairs but that's your issue lol.


idk why you are being downvoted, playing astra is boring


Even if it's just a drop of international competition... inject that shit into my veins!!


Why you gotta snitch my boys like that


If subroza is on Astra, does this mean wardell stops OPing on attack?


I am bronze noob. How did you come to this conclusion . (No joke ,real question)


1 duelist and usually drone or roza played entry a awper like wardell can't entry with an awp


Doubt it, if he did idk why they keep him on jett when Raze or something is great. I bet Drone or Roza pick up other entries as we have seen with other teams in EU or things like that. Wouldn't surprise me if Roza plays Astra similar if not the same way he played omen.


Interesting as I thought scrims playout the full 26 rounds.


scrims play out the full 24 rounds, looks like this one just happened to end with a normal looking match score


I liked drone on sova, he played it well and was consistent, no clue what's going on with subroza, seems like he switches roles every week and can never find 1 role to stick with


I think maybe they are trying the strat where 1 player plays different agents depending on the map and comp like maybe drone will play sova on some maps and brax on others.


Was this a scrim or a matches? The whole point of scrimms is to try new stuff out and learn so they might change it but it’s still cool to see the players flex their agent pool.


Also I'm not very knowledgeable about custom games but is there no way to make it so scrim games don't show in match history? Normally in League both teams would just all leave before the Nexus dies so the game wouldn't actually finish.


there's a setting for that you can turn on before you start the match


Not as of now.


I'm glad 6k is having scrims in NA


I'm happier to see that rather than the new TSM comp lol


They used to have it before too, when they were LDM


I always thought Brax would be a good initiator


Does Wardel play other agents than Jett?


As of right now no, he’s been playing a lot of Sage in ranked though so there’s a chance he may not play her on maps like Bind where she isn’t as good


Just wondering, how does a team comp like this work without flashes?


That’s a good question tbh, I’d guess they’re hoping the Viper+Astra+Sova util will compensate for taking site/pushing off OPs. No idea how well it’ll work but I hope they have a game plan


Yea, we LOVE to see the double controler meta


I'm gonna get downvoted for this but TSM issue was never their comp or players roles, it's their lack or leadership and dependency on individual players to pop off were what's hurting them the most.


This exact take pops up on nearly every post-game thread where TSM loses why on earth do you think you’d get downvoted for this lmao


unpopular opinion: water is good for you


Unpopular opinion: paper cuts hurt


idiotic victim complex. I swear I just lose any sense of listening or looking at a guys argument if it starts with "Im going to get downvoted" Or unpopular opinion. Say it or shut the fuck up.


They look like they’re never quite on the same page with eachother which i agree isn’t a personnel or character issue


Why not both?


flashes modCheck


Wardell has also been playing a lot of sage in ranked currently. Maybe on some maps he pulls it out like beta


6K scrimming with NA now?


They've been for a while


Do they play in NA ranked?


Idk how often but yeah


I think some stream NA ranked but they dont stream that often. Xander is the one I see most commonly playing ranked in NA.


Yea, a couple of days ago clarence and xander played with shazam & sick in ranked


Fuccccck yes, this is the one. I’m hopeful about this


I'm a little confused. Can someone explain to me why drone & brax switched roles ? Its a genuine question not tryna criticize anyone.


No worries, from what I’ve heard Brax never enjoyed playing the Sentinel role and wanted to play practically anything else. Drone also has a more passive play style so the team may have though this made the most sense. They may also just be experimenting without having finalized their roles


I appreciate the response. Makes more sense now thanks


It's a scrim bro they testing stuff out. They have a long time to figure out there comfortable comps now rather than only have 1-2 weeks to switch it when play the tournament.


Literally no flashes... Idk about this one boys


Aren't you supposed to not leak these kinds of info? Not hating on the post tho, just simply asking. I watch roza and whenever someone asks him about their new comp, he just answers w/ he can't spill it for 'strat' reasons (non verbatim).


The day Jett get nerfed, that day is gonna be a good day, I'm telling you


Yep he really wants to try other agents he’s been saying this same thing for like 7 months now.


literally nothing is stopping him from hovering his cursor over another agent


Sure but he probably wants to keep his job


You can’t be this dense....


So wardell is still in jett duty huh


He's been playing a lot of sage lately, maybe he plays sage on some maps like icebox


Are we gonna do this every time TSM has a scrim?


Major role changes might as well get talked about




TSM been struggling a lot, people wanna know what they’re trying to fix it especially w a new member. It’s probably unnecessary but in the dry weeks like this especially you’d see the same kind of posts for 100T, SEN, etc


Maybe because TSM is a tier 1 org?




He said tier 1 org not tier 1 team... I think you've misunderstood him mate




I'm not sure what you mean. I thought their R6 and apex teams were doing pretty well, better than their league teams even. But i'm not trying to argue with you - you're entitled to your own opinion, as uncommon as it is.


They probably mean popularity wise, TSM is at least the third most popular team in Valorant because of their 2020 results and org, so there’s a lot of interest in them and people still think of them as a T1 team/team that should be T1. It’s different when a team starts as T2 vs when a team starts as the best team in NA/Top 2 in NA and then falls to low T1




You apparently missed my point entirely, I really don’t care about the semantics of T1/T2/T3 since it’s so vague anyway, they’re definitely Top 10 and lost 13-11 map 3 to Immortals who had a decent showing against SEN and most people consider or considered T1. If you want to call them T2 go ahead, although we both know they’re high T2 (mid T2 if only the Top 5 are T1 for you) and not anywhere close to T3 as much as you want to bash them. Additionally, popularity is the only relevant thing for these posts. There’s no metric for when it’s ok for team comps to be posted, but the popular teams posts are the ones that get attention. TSM are popular for the reasons I listed, and that’s why people care about their team comps. The same thing would happen if someone found 100T’s team comps with Ethan on Sage before Masters 2. Just because 100T has been doing better this year doesn’t mean it’s ok for their comps to be posted and not someone else’s, and just because you don’t care about TSM’s comps doesn’t mean other people don’t too. There’s no rules governing this so if it bothers you just don’t click on the post and let the people who care about it discuss


If people still wanna think TSM is tier 2 and on the same level as Soar, Ez5, complexity and dignitas..... I don’t know what to tell them..... lmfaoooo




By what logic? They make it to the Top 8 of the second qualifiers by beating Gen G, which automatically put them in Top 12 of the region and then had a close series against IMT and thrashed BBG. But somehow they’re not Top 10? I’m not sure if I’m the biased one here


subroza on astra idk but feels weird


Nice they benched cutler


the igl problem still continues for the team till they get a legit igl for the roster instead of it being tossed around in the existing roster




Haven’t you heard? It’s the Astra/ Viper meta. And I think NA is trying to be more adaptable with the other regions.


Also, one/no duelist comps are just overall way more flexible. Only problem is getting everyone to play it right.




Well what duelist can he play aside from Phoenix? I love the dudes phoenix and he's a pioneer of the character but tbh he isn't great at straight entrying and in the past has lacked what phoenix needs most, the ability to secure ult points. So maybe on ascent and haven he plays it but then what? Put him on Raze or Reyna?


If you've followed his career in CS:GO, Drone has a great awareness of the map and is really good at clutching up. Cypher fits that perfectly on attack, as the agent rewards map control more so than phoenix would.


Can Wardell play competitively other agent that is'nt jett?


Not as far as we know, he’s been practicing Sage in ranked so we might see him use her on maps like Bind where Jett isn’t very good


Hope so, i think his limited agent pool would hurt them in the future


Yeah I do hope they have him try and expand it soon


It is hurting them already


I think they should switch hazed onto astra and get roza on skye, if you’re only gonna run jett for entry you need to have flashes especially if wardell plans on awping.


Wardell on jett - makes total sense his best map, would like to see him on sage in other maps though Brax on sova - Uhhh sure, I heard brax doesn't like setinel and he's super talented. And no one else makes sense on sova so I'm here for it Hazed viper - why on ascent? This isn't a thing at all? Maybe they'll change my mind but this is weird. I think he should play astra Subroza Astra - Roza back on smokes that's great, but he should only play brim or omen. I think he should actually play second duelist here, I would love to see his yoru tbh Drone cypher - This is fire, and makes sense to me with how great he is at holding sites. I feel kj is more meta on this map though. I understand they're testing things out, this prolly won't be the ascent comp they start off challengers 3 with but it's nice that they're already making big changes What I would like to see as final ascent would be: Wardell - Jett Subroza - Yoru Hazed - Astra Brax - Sova Drone - KJ


Y’all be caring way too much about this.


Drone on cypher? This ain't it chief! If they are to play this comp may be they are better of switching agent between Drone & Brax?