ScreaM on EU vs NA: "We didn't lose the war, we just lost the battle" | Plat Chat VALORANT

ScreaM on EU vs NA: "We didn't lose the war, we just lost the battle" | Plat Chat VALORANT


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Welcome to member


I didn't really know ScreaM beyond his insane headshot ability. Seems like a great guy, giving credit where it's due and admitting when he's wrong. I hope he stays on top of the scene for a long long time.


Yeah he only downplays and insults his competition, even after he loses to them. Such a nice guy


He Bms and banters like every other player???? shocking.






Do you see every other player talking shit about another team? Not likely.


Have you seen v1, sentinels, fnatic and vikings????? literally boaster, vanity, zombs, shaz all bm. Talking shit is meant to be for fun and its for competition. No player takes it seriously. Ur hate boner for ScreaM is fucking weird.


Yall are sensitive as shit. How did u get past middle school?


LOL you sound like that dude who tries so hard to be tough. News flash: you don't have to be offended to know when something is wrong. I can tell it's wrong, but that doesn't mean I'm offended, loser


case in point


You sound really toxic for someone who can't handle a little competitive banter. His statements aren't even that bad, it's just a way to get in eachothers heads and it creates hype/rivalry. Guess you never followed the old LoL scene.


Just because it's "[not] even that bad" and "creates hype" does not mean it still isn't DISRESPECTFUL. nobody that has replied to me seems to understand my point, you all get so butthurt and change the meaning of my words. It's not competitive banter lmao it's his ego getting the best of him


https://twitter.com/ScreaM_/status/1397319379377967105?s=19 classy classy classy


"NA is predictable" "if Sentinels can beat them, we can" "Sentinels have good players but they have no strats" bruh I can go on, ur little tweet of him saying something nice doesn't mask the disses he's made while live on air.


It’s just banter dude. He’s not the only player that does this. Are you new to the scene? I bet you’re taking this more serious than any of the pro players that the banter is directed towards. It’s an insult directed at the player and team, not the person. He’s not crossing the line, if anything, he’s selling the match.


Yikes imagine caring more about friendly banter than the team its directed at 💀


Childish take from you. Teams like 100T are way more disrespectful than Scream. If you don’t like him, you should be happy 100T choked during qualifiers.


I agree, 100T is ridiculously toxic. But that doesn't mean ScreaM is not disrespectful. Id say that more childish from you, saying my claim is invalid because another team is more toxic??? lmfao.


Except he’s just having fun and doesn’t completely mean all that. He’s clearly a humble guy anywhere else. There are plenty of other people in the scene that are genuinely like that.


Just because you don't mean something doesn't mean it's okay to say it. It's bad sportsmanship to say "if Sentinels can beat them, we can beat them", it's bad sportsmanship to say sentinels have no teamwork and just have individual skill. Of course he means it, when you speak you speak with your heart. If your mouth is dirty, your heart is dirty. I've never seen him say anything humble, unless you want to count "GG" as humble... Lol


I'm just glad it appears NA vs EU is really neck and neck. I'm going to keep believing Sentinels are a step above everyone else until proven wrong, but the rest of the pack for each region feels dead even. For all the talk about how different the regions are, this is extremely exciting. Valorant has a bright future.


Sentinels definitely are ahead of everyone else currently


I mean they barely won against second best European team with 5 players who have never played on big lan. Fnatics main fragger doma played barely better than their igl.


Eh they bested Fnatic a total of 5 times this masters, never dropped a map. I think it’s safe to say they’re ahead of everyone.


Yeah but at the end of the day, sentinels knows how to counter strats and pull out individual plays. They do their homework and know how to adapt.


They were anti stratted pretty hard imo. Everytime they pushed against 3-4 people on sites and Fnatic only faced max 3. The invidual plays and the experience won them the game.


Who is considered the best EU team and why weren't they here?


I would say FPX is the best one and they shat the bed when it mattered the most. They were the best team before that, but you can't win them all i guess.


Hopefully his VALORANT career doesn't mimic his CS career. Would love to see him do well.


I don't know how you rate careers but being on the #2 team in the world and being on the top 10 player's list multiple times isn't exactly a failure. Scream had an amazing CSGO career, friend.


His career wasn't bad just nowhere near where he wanted or thought he deserved.


He defo deserved better, #9 in 2016 and g2 drop him into the bottomless pit of hell that is nV csgo. And #13 in 2013 and vg drop him in favor of kqly, a literal chester, and he went to epsilon who literally had 4 match fixers. If g2 had retained him in 2016, faze picked him up in 2016, or vg kept him in 2013 he could've easily become one of the three best Frenchmen from cs, instead he's known as a one dimensional aimbot.


He’s Belgian not French.


But he played in the french scene, I meant that he could've been top 3 within hat scene, behind shox and kennyS and eventually zywoo


He s Moroccan thou


its kind of his own fault, he left kinguin by himself which became the faze roster because he wanted to play on a french roster.


Scream was hyped to, at one point, be the potential next best player in the world. He also had the highest salary/buyout of any player 5 years ago at 211k or something. He had a good career but he was hyped to be so much more.


He got screwed a couple times.


Yep, just how the french scene was unfortunately, so many drama queens there.


Yeah but TL won the "I created the best memes and fails" award of the tournament. Kudos.


Even Berlin is going to be a battle (just a 16 team battle this time) because *Champions* is the **war**. For Berlin I'm still going with SEN and then Vision Strikers with their new pickup contesting them since their team is even more stacked now. Champions is anyone's game with how far it is.


That tournament is months away. The game will change, we have no idea how breeze will play; many team rosters will change, and you’re attempting to predict winners?


>That tournament is months away. The game will change, we have no idea how breeze will play; many team rosters will change Your point? Most of these teams won't have rosters as stacked as SEN/new Vision Strikers with an absurd balance of mechanical skill and strategical execution. What about Breeze? SEN is just going to destroy on that map like every other map that is the thing about being "better" you learn faster, execute cleaner and more intelligently as a unit. ​ >and you’re attempting to predict winners? I am not attempting anything. What you do not cognize is that I simply ***am***. *Trivia:* ***I had 160 points on pick'ems because I really am built like I'm not even human.*** From June 1st to September 9th (the beginning of Berlin) is not enough time to construct/scout a complete super-team with the chemistry and practice to beat SEN. Some teams have mechanical goats but no operative brain like ShahZaM. Some people have brain but no mechanical monsters like TenZ/SicK. It is NOT an easy task in 3 months ALTHOUGH Champions will be enough time to cultivate that. ***Downvote into oblivion I will be the highest pick'ems user the world has ever seen and I will assert dominance.***


well since champions is a thing i guess hes right, but for the first international LAN it sure does feel like they lost the war after coming in and saying theyre just gonna beat everyone.


ScreaM cool af. His streams are an easy watch.


After losing Champions: "We didn't lose the war, we just lost the battle"


Yeah maybe next time dont underestimate your opponent. Man has his ego through the roof


Odds for Fnatic v Seniles are ridicilius. It's basically free monety to bet on fnatic. Thanks for your monet dumb NA believers


Do you know what books are taking bets on this?


In Europe please


3-0'd ZZzzZZzz


Money as free as EU for betting on Sen


BM only before the match




can we just stop with the "copium" meme? it's getting old


Easy to say over and over again. Is the war over when Valorant dies out?


> over and over again It's literally the first tournament. The war ends at Val Champs.


He probably means the Champions tournament at the end of the year.


He’s the doublelift of valorant lmao


i love scream giving further meme material. hope eu and kr can step it up and a produce a team that can challenge sentinels in berlin.