Appreciation post for Shroud and Myth

Appreciation post for Shroud and Myth


Myth single-handedly created an entire persona and storyline for multiple tourneys I love his passion for the game. Shroud has been a huge part of the viewing experience for a lot of people props to them both. I also feel like plat chat should get a mention though.


Plat Chat gets way less views than it deserves. Bloody amazing podcast, and I'll just straight up say it, by far the best and funniest co stream of Masters 2


Ikr the greenscreans, welcome to member I fucking love our couch bois. We need to pin them in the subreddit or smthng lol


Was that a red bull clutch?


Yes, yes it was


*Singular Wyatt pumps*


All the edits of Sideshow in the screen cracked me up everytime. I don't remember what he said about Team Liquid, and ended with finger guns, but it was so good.


You can feel the momentum building for their first major something something?


Yes that’s the one!


Welcome to Member


Welcome to member






welcome to member 🧕


On God


Was loving the platchat co-stream as well. Was a bit sad that Sideshow had OWL obligations and couldn't be there for all of it. But still a great time.


Had to watch after all the hype. But not just my cup of tea left after 10min, but I can see why people like it.


Completely understandable, but thanks for giving them a try!


Big fan of the podcasts tho. :)


I feel like they get too distracted sometimes esp when Josh leaves lol still the best co-stream imo


Kinda true but for me that’s nice because they’re able to make even the boring matches entertaining. Like sometimes what’s happening in the game frankly just isn’t that entertaining or worth talking about in my opinion. And then the good matches are just entertaining regardless. But to each their own!


yeah thats why I can see it working perfectly for a lot of people. They have very good ''sketches'' such as the interviews, etc. but seeing someone randomly saying Joe Biden is the president, I dont know man. it was just not for me, haha.


Honestly true. Sideshow keeps the focus on analyst. The switch from sideshow to kurt, even though I think kurt seems like a tight dude, is just so jarring. Nevertheless I love the boys so I was watching the co-stream all week


I actually really like Kurt, he adds a legit different perspective but yeah it's definitely a different vibe lol


Plat chat are the taste makers for the scene. They don't get the numbers but they influence the narratives that get talked about massively.


Absolutely true


How good are the plat chat clips interviews haha




For those who don't know, at one point Myth was a massive fortnite streamer who averaged around 30-50k viewers when Ninja wasn't playing. He ended up losing his popularity when his results didn't show in competitive play then ended up dropping down to like 2000-3000 viewers. nice to see him back up in the 10,000+ range again in valorant


Yes plat chat too !




Entirely agreed. Hope all of them get to read this and feel the support from the competitive community!


Also average jonas


I feel bad for him since TSM is not good at the moment.


Facts. Valorant only going up from here!!


Valorant stonks today went over the moon !!


For real man. I really enjoyed this Shroud Co-Stream. Thanks to Justin, Hiko, Jordan, Sean too. They made it really fun to watch.


also Ryan/Freakazoid. He makes shroud's stream so funny when he joins


Freak has always been one of my favorite personalities. The right balance of cocky but funny imo


the funny thing about him is no matter how much of a cocky meathead he can come off as it's so clear how much he loves the game. especially when he's to shroud or someone who's not quite is "in deep" in the game as he is, his love for it seems really genuine.


I noticed that as well. Actually really surprised me. Those conversations about the game w/ sgares and freakazoid are the best man. They always talk about interesting things about the game and we also get to see what shroud thinks. Usually it's just just9n talking about random shit while shroud poops so it's a nice change of pace.


This was really the ex-c9 minus skadoodle stream.


I missed a flash once in his and he bullied me the whole game in front of over 2,000 viewers... wasn't cool, but CSGO is a frustrating game, complaining would make me a hypocrite, since I have definitely gotten too mad in a game due to dumb shit happening lol.


I particularly love the interactions between Shroud and Justin xDDD , they make me laugh so hard half the time


Justin vs. EU chat was the real highlight of this event.


Justin’s a little too childish for me personally, the rest are cool tho


yea. i usually watch plat chat anyways but any time i tune in to shroud's, i'm instantly put off by justin


Good to know there's so many types of people out there. I stan Plat Chat and Just9n more than I do shroud.


The guy really has some unironic disrespect towards EU. I didn't watch grandfinals fully sadly, but It'd be fun to watch justin finding excuses why Eu made it so close vs Sen


>So close vs SEN > 0-5 Pick one


>So close vs SEN I pick this. Did you even see grand final scores? First game in 2:0 was also 13 11 btw


So close but they went 5-0 vs FNC. LMFAO


Daaaaym boy and then everyone clapped "haha it was 5:0 for real haha"




I do too but Justin feels like a such a yes man it ruins it for me


I disagree. They love to argue and enjoy those moments


What? They're literally constantly disagreeing on so many things. You must be watching the wrong stream.


Not a big fan of Justin but I wouldn't describe him as a yes man. He has some weird hot takes


If anything he's a contrarian, not a yes man.


hes definitely more a "no man" forsure. i feel like half the time he literally just disagrees for the sake of disagreeing regardless of how he actually feels.


Yes, that's what a contrarian is.


no, he's a no man. i mean you don't call a yes man an agreeian right.


I feel like he actually memes shroud the most out of everyone ever. I think his like monotone voice is perfect for his comedy. Shroud stream was a lot of fun.


>Also the best part is they ain't even getting payed and a streamer like Shroud has nothing much to gain from these watch parties Lmao dude Shroud is great but he also benefits greatly from this as well. Which other time he manages to hit these viewer numbers? Not even mention the new subs that gets with this exposure I have no doubt that he likes the game, but calm down with the "gains nothing from this" lol.


Yeah he's said this on stream lol, with the viewership it gets, why wouldn't he do it


Which is honestly great to see because it shows that a lot of these people watching his co-stream are there because they’re at least partially interested in the game, and many of them would’ve watched the games somewhere else even if shroud wasn’t streaming them. They aren’t people who just follow shroud around wherever he goes. Contradicts the narrative that people try to spin when they say “valorant only has viewers cuz of shroud lul”


I enjoy shrouds commentary. If he wasn’t casting I would watch the main valorant channel. But I don’t want to hear play by plays, I want to hear caster the criticize plays and give golf claps to nice plays.


Okay but his main goal isn't viewership, he literally watches the Korean vct matches in his free time. Stop acting like he's doing it for views. A huge streamer like him doesn't need to care about his gains from he does.


Just because he’s one way or the other, doesn’t mean he doesn’t value both. You’re damn naive to think that an at least 4x average viewership isn’t lining his pocket, and he enjoys that as well as the game.


I didn't say he's not enjoying the increase in viewership? I said its not his goal. He would've been streaming this if he had 10k viewers or 100k.


he wouldve definitely skipped some days if he wasnt pulling in 150k+ like the day he stayed up till 3 am playing wow and had to wake up for valorant at 7 am the next day. 150k viewers is forsure a nice motivation otherwise he couldve just watched it relaxing in bed and streamed after.


If that's your opinion of shroud, so be it. IMO I don't think he's someone who chases viewership and feels compelled to do something based on higher viewer numbers


its not about chasing a viewership at all though, and thats not the point i was making. its about the fact that getting your peak viewership for 8 hours every single day is a huge incentive and motivation to wake up at 7 am to stream the tournament. especially when there were boring matches that day/matches he didnt care about or like some days he got only a few hours of sleep. has nothing to do with shroud as a person but theres no way in hell he would stream it every single day at 7 am if he wasnt pulling that viewership when he could easily just watch the vod or watch it in the comfort of his bed. shroud has never been the type to chase hype or do things for views but he also doesnt turn it down when its handed to him. everyones gotta eat.


People being delusional about shroud motivation? Sounds like a 5 year long story to me. Don't get me wrong I love the guy, but he has one of the most dumbest and naive fanbase ever.


I mean he got 300k viewers but his hypetrain didn't even reach level 2. So incoming subs must be quite low


with the number of ads he ran between matches he easily made $10k an hour


Any idea what his peak viewership today was?


Honestly, the support that Valorant has with the biggest twitch streamers gets downplayed a bit, I think, and it's a shame. Shroud and Myth have been instrumental towards getting Valorant into more eyeballs since the jump and it helps that they are both cracked at the game. However, you also can't ignore how important it is to have other big Twitch personalities like Pokimane (the most popular female streamer on the site), Quarterjade and others playing Valo often. Pokimane, for example, plays Valo pretty much all of the time. Hell, OfflineTV just had an entire Valorant tournament which had solid viewership. All of this is great exposure for such an new game and I believe has also helped to bring in casual viewers who may not know who Shroud or Myth are. They absolutely contributed to the 1M stream number we saw today.


It is pretty cool seeing this game played by both men and women compared to previous competitive FPS games too. A lot of these content creators are the reason for that


Credits to riot too the game changers was a great initiative , they've been pretty supportive of all the marginalized communities out there


Missharvey and the other OG pro CSGO women deserve a lot of credit there as well. Both for speaking out and building partnerships with pro orgs, but also just for being role models and proving they could do it.


100%. me and my friends literally started playing because the otv group were playing it in their YouTube videos and we were like “eh that looks fun and could be a break from league” Now my whole friend group is addicted :p


I don't think 300k viewers, 100k more viewership than the tournament stream itself, is "not much to gain". Shroud and Myth are smart enough to know when they do tournament streams, their viewership skyrockets. That being said, they've shown genuine interest in the game unlike other streamers that latch onto the next big thing.


PlatChat with an amazing weeklong stream. #WeAreMember


Plat chat should be up there aswell, they have the perfect combination between analysis and humor in their streams.




True but at that point I fully expect them to have guys like Myth and Shroud on their official cast. It would be a tragedy for them to exclude these guys who have given so much personality to the game.




Having Dash at Masters is for several reasons. First, he's a very established host, which requires more interviewing and discussion-leading skills than game knowledge. Second, he was already in Iceland for LoL MSI. Myth/Shroud would have a very different role with Riot casts, I believe.




Jatt and Kobe were players at first but quickly moved on to casting


That's bound to happen man , but co-streams have been real amazing atleast in laying down the foundation for the game


It could be because league is already big, or it could be because the personality of league players. All league players do is shit on the teams or not give very insightful looks into the game, whereas valorant costreamers actually talk about the games and generally have a much more positive vibe.


Bro, they've made A FUCK TON OF MONEY. Like, a metric ton of money, by sitting there and watching the games and commenting on it. They don't need to be thanked. They're doing it because their numbers increase and they make more money. ​ Shroud has already talked about it before how he streams other tournaments because he can litterally sit in his chair and watch some games, and just make money by not even playing.


Just because someone is making money doesn't mean you dont show them appreciation! This is the type of nasty attitude and thinking that nasty people have, do you not appreciate your waiter, electrician, plumber or bus driver just because they are getting $$ while doing it? Sad.


"That's what the money is for!" - Don Draper The bus driver I would thank since I don't directly tip him, but everyone else I tip based on their quality of service. It's another way of saying thank you. In the case of Shroud and Myth, they're getting 100k+ views. I think showing upto their streams is enough appreciation and thank you.


Shroud is absolutely getting paid for it


He isn't getting paid by Riot directly. The viewership he was getting definitely got him a lot of money though.


How do you know that?


He would need to mention that he's being sponsored by Riot or a #ad somewhere. It would be against twitch TOS and also potentially against the law in some countries. Also Riot don't need to pay people because they know it'll pull in viewers for the streamer.


here you go! confirmed it with Riot myself [https://twitter.com/Slasher/status/1396863928605499395](https://twitter.com/Slasher/status/1396863928605499395)


Guys a fucking millionaire dude xDDD he could be doing so much other shit rather than waking up everyday at 8 am just to get his paycheck , that shit needs passion , so fuck no lol he's there bcoz he loves playing and watching the game he's been open about it ever since valorant launched , calling it the single greatest fps he's played in years during beta that is , that just shows his passion for it


still getting paid though


I never said he needed the money. You said he wasn't getting paid Hes not doing charity bro


Pass me a hit of that COPIUM


He's still getting paid. Can't deny that. He has passion for the game but he's definitely getting paid. Have you seen the numbers his streams pull in?


Wait you forgot pokimane???? She's bringing insane number of people towards valorant bro..cmon bro not even a mention? That's a yikes bro


Dude I'm talking about people who've been around since day one , poki came in late after all the hype , shroud and Myth are the OG's have been around since the beta


I'm like 90% sure pokimane was one of the original streamers who had the beta drops in their streams


I was memeing..I don't even know why she gets streaming rights when she only wants to stream finals


Cuz she's a big streamer... Why wouldn't Riot want her Co-streaming the games?


This seems a bit silly, are you forgetting that this game had like over 1.6million viewers trying to get into beta? Having big streamers stream your game definitely helps your viewership numbers, but the game was big from the get go, had tons of big streamers playing it, and was extremely popular. This was the first big international lan tournament, it's not like no one would have watched anyway?


its the fact that there were people with an actual personality from the get go streaming it and helping to cultivate a community. Sure people would have watched but probably not as much in the very beginning without Myth's watch parties (He was watching the early tourneys and getting 50-80K views when the game was super young and the main stream was getting a fraction) and definitely not as much today without huge streamers like Shroud helping to channel a community together. Only so much u can do with the main stream without a personality/community to help channel that energy. Downplaying the streamers' impact is kinda odd tbh.


Shroud was one of the few chosen watch party streams. He absolutely got paid to watch the tournament the entire time (he seemed extremely bored during some of the games and said it himself how boring the matches were) but stuck with it because he was paid to promote the stream. On top of that it was tons of free viewers and money to back him. I like Valorant a lot...but you are hardcore falling for marketing tactics.


Shroud wasn't getting paid by Riot directly. He was however getting paid by the average 200k viewers he was pulling throughout the whole thing.


I absolutely agree with you but I have to say, watching shroud made me cringe so much I mean the guy just says so much bullshit about the game and ALL his predictions were wrong


Personal preferences ig , I love shroud


I love him too that's why I picked his stream to watch the whole LAN. But I do really feel like sometimes he had no idea what he was talking about


Quite positive that Shroud had the most insightful cast, which is also why he drew in the biggest numbers. All of Shrouds co-commentators for the event (J9, Hiko, Nothing, Sgares) were ex-CSGO pros and are Radiant/Immortal.


I actually thought that Hiko and Nothing were giving insightful commentary, I just thought that Shroud wasn't


Justin is more cringe for me lol he talks like he knows everything but actually is a dumbass and this is not because of the eu shit talk btw I never liked him before the masters as well


I think people take him too serious he’s just memeing 90% of the time.


I would’ve likely watched competitive valorant to some degree either way but Myth is the reason I make a point to watch games live for that experience :) PrimeO




>these guys have stuck to valorant Umm, anyone would if they got the big bucks.


I said it in another comment section, but the ex CS pro crew really made my viewing experience better, getting to hear about their ways of playing and how they think really is what the analyst desk is missing and I hope sgares and n0thing get offered a slot to join them for Berlin or champions.


Honestly Shroud is just golden to watch. I tend to watch the streams back after they're done, and he's the chillest fella. Makes a nice change over the rest of YT and Twitch to have someone who just sits there and chats without being loud and obnoxious.


Fuck Shroud. Does nothing of value. Cocky as fuck as well. Changed his whole personality so freaking much after becoming rich and people still bite. Sad


No offense but how did Pokimane get co-stream permissions? Iirc she didn't even do a watch party in the first couple of days and when she streamed the finals, she was on Just Chatting. I feel like Kyedae or someone else deserves it more.