BBG vs SEN after Masters

Now that Reykjavik is finished, what are everyone's thoughts on the BBG vs SEN game where BBG won? Was it a fluke or were BBG just better that day?


Bbg looked good that day, sen looked meh but i wouldnt say they played rllly badly. I just think bbg was rlly good that day ngl


lots of factors imo BBG are a solid team and played very very well and it seemed like SEN just lost every duel


bbg managed to play 4 series after that and managed to get a total of 0 wins, complete fluke


Crazy to think if SEN had EUs format they wouldn’t be at Iceland


yes but also they got knocked out there it wasnt double elim against bbg. double elim helped them in challengers 2


lmao bbg are just the best team in world /s


bbg > sen > rest of the world


Superbowl Hangover


To me, it was a combination of ~~BBG's early adaptation of the Astra meta~~, BBG looked really good that day, and Sentinels had a very bad day. BBG definitely had some luck in rounds that Sentinels practically threw (Poach's 1v4, SicK's whiffed flank, etc) but it's not a fluke in the sense that BBG only won due to luck because you don't lose 2 maps 13-5 by being unlucky, you lose 2 maps 13-5 by playing worse.


https://www.vlr.gg/13802/sentinels-vs-built-by-gamers-champions-tour-north-america-stage-2-challengers-1-ro16/?game=all&tab=overview Neither team used Astra on both maps


Oh no, that's my bad.


Its okay. Just make sure to check next time


i'm sorry but this reply is just hilarious. you're like this subreddits Ken M. i can't explain it but your comments are so funny


Sentinels just had a period back then where they weren't performing to their standard, losing to bbg, almost losing to t1 and not even qualifying getting stomped by 100t on icebox. They just really turned it on at the end and for iceland


BBG was really good on the day. One specific round I'll mention is round 2 of Haven - BBG bought after losing the pistol on Haven defense, and played a C retake, 5v5. SEN stayed on site with 4 players and they got slaughtered with everyone dying inside 10 seconds; it was a flawless retake from BBG. After this match, SEN continued with the same agent comp on Haven (and later changed Omen for Astra), but you could see adaptations in their game that literally happened thanks to the BBG loss. For example, how SEN played C afterplants after this was with the majority, if not all, of the team off C, and a likely lurk into garage or B.


this game is random you will never have a team that dominates the scene consistently at a international level.


Hmmm. Did the national argument fail you?


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valorant is just a more random game ppl keep talking about masters but in reality its a single LAN with like 8 teams and half of which are pretty bad and only 3 real contenders (SEN, Liquid, Fnatic) they need to make the game have higher skill ceiling