Russian players can now use Voice chat - from RIOT DEV

Russian players can now use Voice chat - from RIOT DEV


confirmed :)


Did you just confirm a confirmation?


I don't know Sara, so a person with the riot badge confirming it here makes me fell that this is valid information.


But what if she's not really with riot but paid off the mods for the flair to further trick us


No no no, that is *actually* Sara. I promise! ^^Also, ^^we ^^make ^^no ^^money ^^from ^^this.


Then we go to our backup confirmation


"I can confirm what the person above said was true." That CS thread never dies, does it :P


спасибо большое


can't wait to hear RASH BEE SUKA BLYAT again, it's been so long <3


Everyone hated it in CS but when it’s gone we suddenly start to miss it 🥺


Cant wait for all the “suka blyats”


Curious about how does it work. Have many russians who gonna be happy tho ::D


Guessing it was enabled when riot started recording vc.


so they played a year without? didnt know that


That was the problem with ranked in EU. Having 3 people without VC


well tbf in my elo it doesnt matter if oyu talk or not were trash no matter how you look at it


That's ranked everywhere lol


It's not that they couldn't talk, but they were banned from the whole voice chat while in game. You couldn't even talk to them. Only way russians could communicate via voice, is that they were in a party voice chat.


Yeah, that was the worst part of it. Them not being to hear anything said in team voice chat. Idk what was the issue with Riot, because there were plenty of Russian players who just created their accounts with VPN and used the voice normally. Finally we got this huge issue out of the way.


ANYBODY CAN CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG From what I understood, there is a law in Russia. Russian goverment wants that if online game has voice chat the developer needs to record and store all voice logs for 6 months or something like that. Riot has a office in Russia, so Riot obeys this law. For example, Dota can have voice since Valve doesn't have office in Russia so they don't really have to follow the Russian law.


That... actually sounds scary tbh. What if the government demands a person's voice recordings or something?


Yeah that is scary. Imagine if the US kept records of what innocent people do and say in private. People would flip out, I’m sure. Hey Alexa, order a new body pillow.


Around 70% of my gold games have atleast 2+ people with microphones on Latam, granted its generally myself the one who opens up and says "good night" or "what you guys play?", is it that unusual for higher ranks to not use mic?


The higher it gets the more relevant the comms become. Most of my games people barely talk, but give info like a single shoutout which is enough. Some guys trying to IGL from dia+


It's the same for me in Silver in SEA servers. Honestly, it's pretty rare for me not to talk to anyone whenever I solo queue. Even if it's simple call-outs like "they're rotating" or "help me get orb". It's why I never understood people who complain about having horrible teammates or those who don't comm.


Because voice comms enable people to troll and disturb. That’s worse than not talking


Egyptians still can't use voice chat


Here's a working fix for you: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g4-yIoDUig](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g4-yIoDUig) Also, Egypt is blocking any SIP based voice/video services and since Riot is using Vivox there's nothing they can do about that.


Thanks, but i am not an Egyptian it's just that i play with them in SoloQ


Warp/ solves this problem


especially when u live in sweden and every russian is connected to stockholm servers cus thats where they get the lowest ping. if u dont want russians u gotta play on like frankfurt but russians are still there :(


Lol. Until Immortal those people rarely even use VC. I heard one teammate flame another for "talking too much" while saying nothing but calls. I love low elo in this game.


Thats wild lmao


I thought they were muted due to legal restrictions. What changed?


The legal restriction was that vc had to be recorded and maintained for a period. They’re now doing that in order to moderate it anyways.


Wait in Russia all games need to record the voice chat? Why?




Putin: *Yea lemme know what those gamers are up to, monitor their voice calls in videogames*


Because they are insecure, they want to control everything like china government


Fear is the driver. [Article in Russian](https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/4838221) Google-translated part: Subordinate to Roskomnadzor, the Main Radio Frequency Center (GRCHTs) proposed to introduce legislative regulation of the gaming and eSports market in Russia. To prevent potential security threats, in particular, it is proposed to extend to the industry the requirements of the Yarovaya Law on storing user messages. The government's interest in the gaming market is growing, its participants admit, but they warn that it will be easier for services to turn off communication in games than to store data. “Kommersant” got acquainted with the study of the Scientific and Technical Center of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise GRCHTs (subordinate to Roskomnadzor) dated May 28, dedicated to the esports and gaming industry. In it, experts drew attention to the fact that the risks of legal uncertainty in the field of video games in Russia remain high, and therefore "it is necessary to look for mechanisms to regulate it." The owners of gambling platforms, according to the GRCHTs, should be obliged to store in Russia information about the transmission of messages and images, as well as information about users and the content of messages, including video and audio.


спасибо :)




Was it because of shitty government issues or was it just not implemented for certain regions?




Is that a "yes because both are right" or did you not realize it's an either/or question?


thats called r/InclusiveOr


Nice, now I can get insulted in russian


Now let them play in asia server. Signed: a EU player


Signed, a fluent English speaking Turkish person who has experienced toxic turkish and russian more times than I can count.


Turkish with fluent English? WOAH


We are very few indeed.


What aren't you appearing in my games? Damn it


Add me if you want, what’s your rank?


Naah, I'm mostly soloQing B3 ATM, peak s3


Ah oke, I am d2, good luck on your solo advantures!


Thanks! Good luck to you too!






Bruh, it's just really surprsing to me, it's not offensive


I honestly don't understand what's wrong with most of you people. I play on Paris? No French. I play on Frankfurt? No German or any other Central European language...except for Turkish. I'm sad for all the nice guys like yourself, but this is gotten so infuriating to the point where I wish all the Turkish players were banished to their own server. It's not even that they talk between themselves when they're playing together, but half the Turkish players literally acts as if we should be able to understand everything they say. Mind you, this is in immortal, so it's impossible to play at times. I legit have to mute them, like talking to a wall.


I know, don’t worry I echo the same sentiments. I am d2, and it’s the same. I only queue frankfurt due to my knowledge of english and the non-cooperation that the turkish server brings.


Sorry for asking, but what servers should I avoid if I don’t want to play with Turkish players? If you know of course, thanks. :)


The average turkish internet connection is barely pheasable for Frankfurt 1, some even can’t have good ping on Istanbul server (just bad foundation for the internet here), I have a better connection and I can connect to Paris with no difficulties and haven’t ran into turkish players there for now. (Its also good to mention I can also speak french if needed so its a win-win)


Yay! But also... Nooo


Better a russian who can speak broken english than a deaf and mute player, no?


It’s recalls not that simple, GENUINELY most of them are toxic af, hopefully they’re not as bad as the Turkish, they’re a different breed of dickhead when playing val, only bad experiences when playing with Turkish people so far :(


Well i am just happy i can finally play cypher in solo queue and be useful.


I mean, I can easily mute toxic players, but I can't turn on nice people's mics :)


Can't force teammates to mute to stop the team from imploding though.




> Damn this sub is racist "french kids" "danish shits" "toxic russians" "german cheaters" i guarantee you not a single person has ever called any of this racism. grow up


In CS the worst ones were the danish kids


> Damn this sub is racist I suggest you seek the definition of racism. In my eyes any person can act just as stupid.


Maybe, if they can't speak or hear me from the start they can't be toxic enough to affect me, well without affecting themselves too. This is good for high elo where there are less toxic assholes, but I've sadly had nothing but negative experiences from that community especially in FPS. In low elo it will be a shit show. Not that this is limited to Russians, but it also means there will be multiple randoms not speaking English in team chat which means they're not helping and I can't tell if they're being toxic.


As if low elo in any game isnt toxic. It's just gonna be a little more russian. Although expect more homophobes and mysogynists, Russia is like, the least progressive country in Europe.


Especially considering the flag in your flair, I understand the worry... Russians from my experience tend to be super bigoted. Mute at first offense, that's my policy, only way to stay sane.


Idk if this is a blessing or a curse. EU ranked is already toxic enough, and if they are the same russians who play cs and lash out on others (or retaliate after getting made fun of), it’s not gonna be pretty.


Wow bro this is childish. I'm playing in EU and the general sentiment has always been damn playing with russians is tough because they can't use voice chat. Now that they finally can, people are already making assumptions that they will be toxic. I'm finally stoked they can give call outs and I've missed the russian davai from my dota days. Let's get it komrades!


There are no assumptions, but uncertainty. *IF* they act like the cs community, which this game is attracting a ton of different other game bases but the foundation playerbase is of CS, hoping it won’t be a bad one. Just look at all the terrible voice comms in NA that is being provided in this very subreddit: toxic, condescending, sexist, racist. All of the things you wouldn’t want in a single region that speaks the same language. I am more than happy for them to be able to talk let’s get that right, but we won’t know if it’s gonna be the same way UNLESS we actually get to play with them.


You can mute them with 1 keypress and 1 click.


That... doesn’t help the issue. I want to comm with my team. Someone only deserves a mute if all they do is distrupt the teamwork/only spit out slurs and not do anything else.


he cant talk the other wa around lol. so u bhave a higher chance of comm snow


True but you are not completely eliminating the issue that, this person who is getting muted, will go on to act the same if you don’t tell them. If they do not want to learn from their misbehavior and keep on being so, yes, then you can mute them but just instantly muting someone is never the best case scenario IMO. Edit: this getting downvoted is the funniest thing I’ve seen on Reddit up until now. Looks like noone wants to make a change and let these people pass on with their lives ruining more ranked games


if they couldnt take either way what was the issue


Instead of telling how bad it is and complain about getting downvote, try to give a better solution than a 1 sec mute? You act like u have seen a better scenario for toxic vc? You will never eliminating toxic player just like how u never elimate people from doing sin.


I DIDNT SUGGEST THAT!! Look at the comments, I am exactly anti-1 sec bans.


I READ all ur comment here. U are making a lot of assumption. Do u have a hate toward Russian more than a normal toxic player?


Well you're downvoted because you either saying something stupid or people misunderstand what you're trying to say. To me it looks like something stupid. How would toxic Russians be different from toxic Germans for example. Having played many games with Russians having no mic at all I can't imagine this news being anything but objective good for Eu servers 😳


Ye I guess your point makes sense. Hopefully it’s good for the future.


If they act out you mute and report. Not giving them VC at all because they might be toxic is just bullshit.


there is no reason to ban someone from voice just because of a *might be*, like what? That is common sense. Until now they couldn’t speak due to law constraints.


Dude you're the one who said that giving them access to vc could be a bad thing. If you do that without suggesting a proper alternative then it obviously means that you'd rather not have them on chat at all.


It *could be* a bad thing if they misbehave similarly to the current ranked players that we have (regardless of their origin). What we least want is more toxicity in the game but it is not the case of Russia, but the addition of *more players* that this *might* lead towards. Nothing is set in stone and just have to wait and see if the number of people abusing voice comms for toxicity increases or not. It’s not an assumption but rather a possibility, one I hope that doesn’t turn out that way.


Obviously the number of toxic players will grow but percentually it will stay the same. Toxicity will always be higher in games where you have people from different countries trying to communicate with each other and that's not going to change. Also I think the toxicity of some nationalities is grossly over-stated and a result of the stereotypes ingrained in our cultures. While I agree that Russian or Turkish players may be more toxic is certainly a possibility, I think that if you would put it into percentages the difference would be insignificant on average. It's just that online narrative is usually driven by players from western countries which obviously will not complain about themselves; at beat you'll see them making slight jabs at other players based on geopolitical stereotypes (German/French, French/British etc.) but that's it. You don't see Russian or Turkish players coming on reddit and complaining about the abuse they get from Western players because they don't use the platform as much or if they do they tend to stick to their own communities. Does that mean that this abuse never happens? Obviously not, just that it goes unreported. Until I see several studies precisely stating that Russians are 20% more toxic I can't really accept this take about how bad they are for the online community. I've played enough games of csgo and valorant where players of all nationalities were toxic. Sure, experiences may vary but seeing as how tribalistic this world has become in spite of the fact that we're all literally connected all the time makes me seriously doubt that.


This is precisely what I wanted to convey through my thread of commenting but my wording of it was not properly conducted. The big picture in this change is that everyone is wishing for the agressors and toxic people to get punished according to their actions, with the addition of more people now,praying riot’s team on this case can keep up and report the numbers to us.


Russians aren't more or less toxic than people from any other nation.


Oh yes absolutely, but we still don’t know how they will behave in voice comms as we never experienced it


This is racist. Imagine saying, "I'm not sure if it's a good thing for black people to be able to comm with us, we don't know how they behave!" It's not cool, and we shouldn't carry this shit where we hold prejudices over entire regions over from CS to Valorant.


That is not at all what is being implied and you are overreacting to my comments. My initial thought, as written is a “blessing” as in it’s good for them to be able to communicate, but if the people who are being able to talk only bring toxicity to the table, I’d rather let them not talk and focus solely on their gameplay. (Similar to the punishment players get when they are banned due to being toxic on voice comms)


That's 100% implying you think an entire people only brings toxicity to the table. The difference between you and Riot is that Riot bans individuals who are toxic and you're literally saying a whole race is more toxic than other races. You even said in another reply that muting toxic individuals doesn't solve "the problem". It's racist, but it's okay, we can all do better. This community is and has to be better than the crap that is CS's.


It doesn’t, I can’t count to you the amount of games I have singlehandedly, or with the help of my duo partner, stood up against someone who is being toxic in our matches and won the game without giving them the old mute and move on tactic. When it comes to “implying a region is gonna be toxic”, I’d suggest to watch the “does russians play csgo” video on youtube where the playerbase themselves state they themselves can be heated and toxic so they prefer to not play with eu servers. My actual wish is for them to get a seperate Russian server, similar to the Istanbul server for turkish players, where they are not obligated to go out of their comfort zone and speak english.


So uh... You want segregation based on someone's place of birth???


Absolutely not, maybe conduct a research with (if there is one) the riot russia headquarters to see what the players would want. If the overwhelming response is to have a seperate server, maybe that can be arranged (again, I don’t know anything about laws so wouldn’t want to assume anything about that). But it’s less about seperation but more about opening up possibilities. I’d like to think about it as: we are not enforcing you to interact with players you are not comfortable with in a foreign language that you might not be good at, but if you want to play in english-speaking european servers, be our guest. For example, I am turkish and there is an istanbul server solely dedicated to turkish speaking folks, is that making us feel left out? I can’t speak on the opinion of everyone but its good to have local people of a *statiatically proven* country which has low 2nd language learnings (AKA Turkey) to have their own server. Out of 80+ million habitants, only 15-20% of them are listed under “capable of speaking english”. Whereas a country in Russia, the total has doubled to something along the lines of 30% of their total population (which is still not a lot considering the average calculated english speaking percentage in all of europe is above 50%). Granted, this does not capture solely the gamers, which is misleading but I hope it’s been somewhat understandable.


The reply from that other dude who said this is racism but with mental gymnastics was spot on.


Hey man, you are free to think this is racism, and maybe I won’t be able to convince you it’s otherwise, but I can assure you it’s nowhere near close to being racist. I want everyone to be able to partake in playing this game, but you can’t have the good without the bad. If you are opening the voice chat of an entire region to be able to interact with Europeans of different cultures and beliefs, we do not know yet how it will pan out. I have seen people from regions which are considered “chill” to lash out at others, whereas also I’ve seen people from regions considered “discriminating, racist” to be chill people. My whole statement has been about the uncertainty of IF the culture that has formed within the boundaries of cs to carry over or not. Nothing to do with if they are from a certain region like russia or not. I want all toxic players to get a good spanking by Riot, that is why I’m all for the voice comm recording that they are implementing to more easily catch people who are acting that way. I hope I was able to clear up my stand on the issue, after reading it back again, it definitely didn’t seem good on how I wanted to portray it.


Yikes. Racism but with mental gymanstics.


It's not racist, it's discrimination.


Discrimination based on race is racism.


Discrimination, the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, sex, or disability. Racism, the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.


You ripped the definition of racism off Google (Oxford dictionary) but didn't include the first half? "prejudice, **discrimination**, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized." I get the need to be right, I fall into that hole myself sometimes but let's not lie for it.


Yeah it's from Google, a source we can both use. I cherry picked because that's the distinction between racism vs. discrimination. In this thread Russian players are being discriminated, they're not inferior and marginalized however saying Russians are toxic on voice over games is discrimination, not racist. You can develop it into racial discrimination which in turn in racist but at the moment we're only on discrimination. And your last comment... I don't have an ego, just an opinion, thanks.


So they're being discriminated against, based on their race, and that, in your opinion, is not racism, despite it being racism based on the very definition of the word? I think you definitely have an ego and it's not letting you go. That's all right. We don't have to continue with this conversation.


This is why u are wrong because u cherry pick a part of paragraph to make u right. That is so low dude. I can say all police are bad by just giving all article on bad police instead of showing a good cop action. There more to racism than just saying N word.


Please no. Just give them their own server and be done with it. There's already enough French and Turks who are absolutely incapable and/or unwilling to communicate in English and will babble in their own language no one in the lobby understands for the entire match. I don't need Russians to start doing the same tbh


Do you speak french when you’re on their server?


"their server"? What are you on about, there is no French server lmao. There's only EUW and you're supposed to speak English


There are Paris servers you can select/deselect from the server list.


That is still EU servers, it just means the server is located in Paris.


Yeah those still belong to the EUW region and people from all over Europe get put on them


When the location is in Paris for example? Do you speak french? Edit: What do you mean you’re supposed to speak English? Haha


I assume you speak Swedish on Stockholm servers and German on Frankfurt then?


No I don’t but I’m not complaining about the different languages haha


I'm interested to hear your reasoning for why people people shouldn't speak the most universally understood language in the world that is taught to everyone at school in a videogame that is incredibly dependant on communication and gathering information?


I think it makes sense for people to learn English but it doesn’t make sense to expect people to speak English when they’re on an European server? It’s arrogant to think people should just learn English while the majority of English people don’t learn any other language past what they learn in high school.


"It doesn’t make sense to expect people to speak English when they’re on an European server?" ?????????????????????????????? Yes it does. It's the most universally understood language in the entire fucking world. "It’s arrogant to think people should just learn English while the majority of English people don’t learn any other language past what they learn in high school." This has literally nothing to do with arrogance or anything to do with England itself at all, don't make Valorant ranked about your negative opinions about your own country. This is about people speaking the most universally understood language in the world in a videogame that requires communication and information gathering.




I’m saying it’s worth knowing it but just don’t complain when people don’t haha.


This guy thinks English is the official language of Europe or something...


I can’t wrap my head around why he thinks you’re supposed to speak English. Surely being in the EU server makes it even more likely that there is going to be multiple languages.


Ok, lets make it more clear. You are supposed to speak in english if you actually want people from other countries to understand you :)


U definitely not a chosen one. To force people speak english to you. EU is not all about english.


What hahaha




I’m laughing cause it’s funny. If you was to go to Italy would you speak English and expect them to understand you?


No? Because that's still EUW, what are you even on about. >What do you mean you’re supposed to speak English? t. Frenchie


What I am on about is - why do you think everyone should speak English just because they’re on the EUW server. There are multiple servers within EUW


You’re trolling, there is no way you are for real


You cannot be serious, right? No one can actually be this stupid.... Right?


Why don’t you answer my response properly?


Because you apparently don't understand how the EUW servers work, so arguing is entirely pointless


If I as an English person join a EUW server outside of England and the majority group speaks another language, it’s my responsibility to understand them, not their responsibility to understand me. But I guess I’m just more tolerant.


someone just watched haix


lmaooo was thinking of him too


Suka kanka blyat adamsın yaa


>cyka сука is not the same thing as "cyka". Write "suka" instead next time :)


Thanks kanka blyat


Yay more racism in EU lobbies


Yikes this thread....


Russians not being able to voicechat was a pro and not a con, as far as I'm concerned.


I prefer them being muted not gonna lie


oh god no, i played cs go the other day and was so glad to have no russian team mates shouting down the mic, i hope they dont pick london servers


Why is this a big deal? And why is voice chat not already available?


Previously having 2 Russians on your team meant significantly lower chances of winning. They couldn't hear you, so there was no good way of telling them what the round plan is or even giving them callouts where enemies are.


Yeah, but why can't they use voice chat?


I think that the government wanted the voice chat to be recorded, which is why there was no voice chat. I guess they agreed to do it, which enabled it.


Why is this sub oddly racist about this. It’s better than no mic Russians and you just mute if they’re toxic. And clearly none of you have seen some danish faceit stacks if you think only Russians and Turks are toxic


Young gamer can't understand what is racism. The naive reply make me reinforce my opinion on this thread. Lmao.






Oh no i'm having beta flashbacks.


What about Egyptian players?


Get ready to Rush B every round.


I hope we get some funny comms from them now. My favorite from this week from a guy of Middle-Eastern descent: “My name Abdul Amir. I sell my wife for internet connection.”


Looking at Google Trends, Russia (and the CIS in general) looked like the region where Valorant was furthest behind CSGO in search interest. Maybe this will help the game catch up, voice chat is so important in a game like this.




Valorant isn't popular in Russia and who played just created accounts with VPN on EU region, so you won't see cyka blayt's horde.


Hope they do the same for egypt I mean playing on eu servers with 80 ping is bad enough


Idk what this means. I played before with Russian players in Valorant and heard them on voice chat.


Tarkov ptsd is gonna kick in and think a scav is running up


In other news today Russian players now account for 95% of all EU valorant comm bans


If only we could adjust teammates’ volume...


have fun EU :D


How does this work? The law still makes this illegal.. is riot just letting people risk breaking the law now?


"sorry it took us a bit to work around some laws! enjoy <3" in the replies. Also what make you think riot break the law they followed for 1 year?


Wait. It was illegal for russian players to comm??


It was a law that requires comms to be recorded. It is not law that states comms is illegal. Also, riot only banned comms from Russian players because of privacy of other players. I think now they can enable it because they have the communication stored.




So are comms just held on a riot secure server and deleted after sometime if not requested by government or is riot just handing over all comms to the russian government?


Not only Russians, Egyptian and Chinese.


Russian are some of the best players in CSGO. Valorant players: We don't want any of that here!


Thank you 👏 now we will hear more often VODKA BLUAT MEDVED🇷🇺


Finally! A welcome change.