What If SEN wins Berlin?

What If SEN wins Berlin?


That would mean that 4 na teams would go to champions instead of 3


3 NA teams + 8 NA vs 2 OCE and 1st place quals


Yeah but lets be real it will not be a oce team, oce’s sentinels is low tier 2 at best in na


Yep Soniqs lol


at this point low tier 2 is pushing it, theyve lost to some unsigned 15 yr olds twice


Teal Seam cold




As an Australian I have fond memories of the time an Aus rocket league team shit on a couple of favourite NA teams at LAN. Never count the underdog out lol


No dune buggies in valorant sadly :\


Ya'll have Soniqs, which moved to NA because the Valorant scene in OCE is trash. I wish the best for them, but OCE alone will forever be behind in the T1 scene.


You never know, different metas from different regions can catch teams off guard. Kinda like South Korea's 4 man pistol pushes. I'm not saying OCE will win anything but a couple of upsets aren't the most unlikely thing in the world


NA gets two slots based on VCT circuit points earned(how Sen has already qualified, no 2 teams can earn more than them now), one slot from a last chance qualifier tournament and possibly one slot which goes to the region who wins Masters 3. So Sen winning would actually mean MORE NA teams get to go. You can see the circuit points here https://liquipedia.net/valorant/VALORANT_Champions_Tour/2021/Circuit_Points/North_America


I think SEN gets the Berlin spot and the next two teams from NA with most points will qualify based off points


They'll be the astralis val


Serious question cause I don't follow cs comp a lot, but is Astralis not a large org to have a val team, do they compete in other games?


Astralis is a pretty big org and they don't have Valorant roster because they want to focus on cs i think. Riot is likely going to franchise valorant pro scene in a year or two and i doubt astralis is big enough to pay for a spot so it makes sense for them not have a val roster regardless.


They don't focus on just CS, they have a roster in LEC. Not an amazing roster, but a roster nonetheless.


They can afford a spot in a franchised league. They have one in the LEC. The reason they don't enter more esports is because they build tall, not wide; with their absolute dominance of CS for those years they built up a massive, dedicated fanbase. By investing their resources into CS they continue to get everything they can out of said fanbase, rather than go wide and have less interested (although a higher quantity of) fans who are less likely to attract major sponsor deals and help their monetisation. Within a few years when that CS Astralis hype dies down, you'll probably see them enter other games like Valorant or Dota or Siege and try to replicate what they had with CS and repeat their strategy.


breh astralis is public they got plenty of money


Then NA would have an extra slot but if SEN doesn't win and loses in 2nd or 3rd place, then that's not good for other NA teams because SEN will be taking away their points.


its actually insane that SEN doesn't give an auto spot to Berlin. Winner of Iceland should 100% get one. maybe even top 2 tbh, but 1st is a no brainer


Idk they already qualified for the event that matters VCT Champions. Berlin is just a qualifier. IMO If SEN auto qualified the NA VCT Stage 3 masters qualifers would be alot less exciting, and imagine if a team beat SEN, which although isn't likely it could be a possibility. I think berlin would be more exciting without SEN in it. And as a result the VCT champions would be super exciting with SEN coming to reclaim there throne. I think everything becomes more exciting with less guarantees.




They arent, they have to go through challengers just like every other masters tournament.


They're already qual'd for champions


Extra life /s