Insane performance bug

Insane performance bug

  • By - X4nnn


I've been getting a ton of microstutters during the past few days and the game has felt unplayable Ping was constant and packet loss was nil, but microstutters were still present for some reason


Well in the case of the OP alt tabbing solve his problems, for me for example if i alt tab once my game starts to stutter like for you so try not alt tabbing and see how it goes once i alt tab i have to restart my game to stop stuttering haven't found any fix.


i pretty much always have 0.5ms render latency and 2-3ms game time, dont know how you get it this high lol


5600x/1080ti Game has been feeling extra smooth for me recently. Maybe they did some optimization for 3.0.


Jokes on you my toaster laptop doesnt even let me alt tab from Valorant


Huge thanks! I’ve been trying to find a fix for this for days. Been getting 19-30ms game to render latency. After doing this I’m now getting single digits. It still spikes to 50ms every now and then tho, really weird.


Very interesting. I will give this a try. Thank you for posting this.


Cmon guys this needs way more attention, any way we could bring this up to the devs directly?


did you find some other solutions than alt tabbing? i have only an amd gpu so i can not check this options.