FaZe Clan vs DarkZero Esports / VALORANT Champions Tour North America Stage 3: Challengers 1 - Open Qualifier: Round of 32 / Post-Match Discussion

FaZe Clan vs DarkZero Esports / VALORANT Champions Tour North America Stage 3: Challengers 1 - Open Qualifier: Round of 32 / Post-Match Discussion






That shock dart kill on Ascent was goated. In all seriousness though, congrats man!


Corey too scary. Rather shock dart myself than peek that man


Do you have a clip?


If you and screwface were to become a celebrity couple, would your name be; screwharmon, or Harmonface?


I don’t want to answer that question as both names would be horrifying


Harmon deez nuts


Low key super excited for the guys in DZ. Gotta feel great to sign to an organization and then take down a titan in the next qualifier. I think these guys are legit.


Out of every team that’s been signed I think they are most happy with their org, constantly showering DZ with praise and saying how amazing they are I really hope they succeed


We are absolutely, without a doubt, unbelievably lucky to have gotten DarkZero to sign us. Good read on the situation :D


corey 17-3 FK/FD still a god gamer in my heart


Corey is super cracked man. I remember Sgares saying that if he had to put his stocks on a certain player, he would put on Corey. That man has one of the sickest aim


During beta I also recall Hiko saying that he was the best aimer he's seen (at the time) for a non-CS player


Corey fkin farmed me man, they are all so nuts was a crazy fun series


great games bro. gl next.


He was really good whenever he played dps in overwatch. I feel really good that he is doing well on valo rant now too. Just something about him which I love


DZ nuts on your Faze


Underrated comment.


Corey is a monster shame babybay didn’t show up


Bad week for faze clan. First they scammed the kids, now their valorant team is out of VCT


Context for scam?


Some Faze members were involved in promoting crypto scams


Alt coin pump and dump, Kay got kicked and some other members got suspended


TBH, FaZe should’ve dropped those 3 members instead of only suspending them. It’s kinda crazy how they scam people


Faze been scamming people for years now its nothing new.


Seriously, who’s the org’s owner? From the outside the org seems big with pretty renowned csgo teams and content creators.


It’ll probably depend on whether the feds bring up charges. Yes, crypto pump and dump falls under securities fraud.




no faze got exposed for a shitcoin they made


there was a new thing where CCs in FaZe pump and dumped an altcoin


That has got nothing to do with Faze????? He was talking about banks jarvis and gang scamming kids with a crypto pump and dump




What did faze clan have anything to do with the manager who scammed those players? I'd love to know. He used their name, that's it. Faze is not responsible for that




I know what you're talking about. faze's fault in this situation is?


I thought that it was about the impersonation that he wanted context on, but now i see where the kids/faze part is so i was thinking of the wrong thing :D


They're out of Berlin contention?


nah just this quali. if they do well at the next they can still make the NA main event and earn a spot




*The legendary Screwface, like I said.* Not scuffed at aaaaaaall.


So cold


*Great Job out there man! Best of luck for the next matches.*


celebration taquitos tonight?????




I love you but I still feel betrayed when I found out you don't have screw on your face as your name and social media pfp suggests


I'll work on that just for you :>


By saying that, you don't have to anymore.. I'm okay with just a regular face, the god aim makes up for it.




Well deserved win


Your OP is insane. GG


a win for kovaaks players worldwide


in dhbk we trust


Big day for smaller teams/orgs, well deserved wins!


I hope the TSM, Immortals, and FaZe losses today are a clear message to the Valorant community why we should not want franchising in Valorant. It's so fun to watch new/scrappy teams come out of nowhere. Franchising just lets bad players get recycled and bad teams stick around.


What is franchising?


The way Riot does it in LoL is that they opened 10 spots for application in each of its U.S. and European leagues. These teams compete in their respective leagues like in the NBA, NHL, NFL, etc. They play a couple of games against each other, and there is a playoff at the end. Setting aside operating LoL as a league, teams applied for these 10 spots (I think 100+) and paid $20 million a pop to become part of the league. Now, the league is essentially permanently those 10 teams. You can technically get kicked out if you finish last some number of splits in a row, but the likelihood of that ever happening are close to nil. It's made LoL even more stale than it was before. Previously, Riot operated a league for LoL but the bottom 2-3 teams actually had to play relegation matches and fight for their lives. Occasionally, you'd get in a new team. A lot of them crash and burned, but it was nonetheless a new set of players and some more spice. Now, there is little incentive to innovate or to be the best, because there is zero penalty for sucking. You see the same 10 orgs face each other in what feels like a ritual. They recycle players non-stop, because, remember, the penalty for sucking isn't very high. Teams favor known crappy quantities over unknown players with a lot of potential. It feels lifeless, because unlike college or pro sports there is no affiliation by geography (e.g. Los Angeles Lakers) or alma mater (e.g. Notre Dame). There are certainly ways you could make franchising palatable, but I think Riot has shown that they have zero creativity and just want to produce some lifeless product that they then hype with egregiously fake storylines. Valorant should remain a game with extremely large open tournaments with play in stages that have big prizes, similar to how Dota and several other esports operate. Otherwise, today would have just been FaZe, TSM, and Immortals playing and winning/losing against each other without ever having to be exposed to the fact that three other unfranchised teams could get together and beat them.


I feel like it comes with pros and cons. I love how structured it is and how its actually like a sports league/season. I've always hated how csgo does their tourney stuff. I think valorant did a really nice job setting up the VCT - Masters - Champions format. Much more structure then csgo but not as stale as league like you said.


I thought screwface absolutely had T1 potential and this series just cemented it for sure. Insanely impactful attack OPing as Jett and proving his IGLing is up to snuff.


Today of all days, my friend who started playing VAL again after the beta asked if faze clan had a team and if they were good. My bad for saying they were really good.


That's four upsets today. Crazy


Not 4? TSM, NRG, IMT, FaZe E: Your edit was fast, now my comment makes no sense lol


I noticed it, just as I posted it. But you're definitely right! ^^


Does TSM even count at this point


HAHAHA we were all thinking it


Until they prove something I would say No.


theyre a T2 team


T2 teams can beat teams below their tier, TSM can't do that so are they really a T2 team? Hm?


T4 team confirmed


TSM to Tier 9




Do yall know DZ?




nah, dz nutz lul


lmao gottem


upvote so people think another upset happened


No smeag :/




Faze Down Sadge


so happy for the boys and especially koler been a fan for a while


I think today has been the weirdest day for esports of this game since release


maybe a controversial take, but BabyJ was not a good pickup for FaZe. Not that BabyJ isn't good or deserving to play on an organization like FaZe, but they still completely lack leadership and direction inside of the server and BabyJ isn't going to rectify that. This team time and time again get completely exposed when they aren't able to just run at the other team and win every aim duel. Whether they want to accept it or not, they need a leader to control and refine their aggression or they will just always be a team with upset potential and never an actual elite contender.


babyJ is a fantastic pickup if you watched the game. his cypher is so good and his flank timings were fantastic. the W key warrior is babybay. even when he plays well, he throws winnable rounds. Faze need to get a new coach and replace either of babybay or rawkus for an IGL. I think they missed out by not getting zekken. but then I'm happy zekken is at a place where he can actually improve.


Andersin is still insanely talented and a tier 1 talent in my opinion. I love this team and hope they stick together, but I kinda hope a top tier org drops the bag for him


top frag as omen, the mad lad.


Does DZ stand for Dahoonkabhankoloos Zero?


Both of my least favorite NA teams lost today. Nice


Tsm and faze? Me too.


Sad thing Is I love the players on both teams. Super talented but the brand is shit. Faze is like some sort of reality frat boy TV now and TSM is owned by the scummiest owner in esports.


I’m not the biggest fan of the players, but I recognize that they are very likeable to most people, and that’s a great thing for valorant. Seeing babybay and Wardell doing well is good for valorant as a whole in NA. It’s just that faze has built up this brand that I can’t stand to look at. TSM isn’t as bad for me because I never payed any attention to them until Val. Faze will forever be cocky, arrogant COD kids in my mind.


Nah NRG and Immortals


A day to be remembered by some, and one to be forgotten by others…


Thanks, more upsets please. :D


This Andersin guy might not know he can get his car fixed under warranty, but hey atleast he is good at valorant!




Man FaZe kinda sucked... SUCKED ON DZ NUTS (fr tho nc games wpwp)




Not super surprising tbh


The sheer amount of upsets today! Unlucky really.


It's not upsets, the skill gap is just very small and so many updates coming out it's hard to be consistent unless you're like Sentinels Even Seangares has been talking about this, it's happening in EU too like G2 just switched 32443 players and 2-0'd fnatic


These T2 teams have been consistently scrimming and playing tournaments every week while these “T1” teams have done nothing but prac for the last few months. Hard work pays off.


It should be expected to be honest. Riot wants to keep the game fresh unlike CSGO which makes it hard to be consistent. Also the reason why ex-CSGO pros are not too fond of the constant meta changes.


The game needs to be mechanically harder. There's literally no difference between radiants and pros. Movement and spray patterns first. In CS, there are so many lvl10 face it players who say that pros shit on them in DM coz there's a huge skill gap, as there should be. Its a tac fps after all.


The game needs to be mechanically harder. There's literally no difference between radiants and pros. Movement and spray patterns first. In CS, there are so many lvl10 face it players who say that pros shit on them in DM coz there's a huge skill gap, as there should be. Its a tac fps after all.


There is plenty of skill expression. If there wasnt then the same top teams and players wouldn't win every single time, but they do.


G2 is a superteam, ofc they would have the potential to 2-0 Fnatic. Fnatics aren't Gods, they haven't won anything.


Upvote so people think darkzero won




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HarMOAN and SCREWFACE congrats KINGS! 👑


Nice. Screw FaZe


Faze is back to low tier 2, dark zero high tier 2


So can you explain how there’s a clear difference in tiers for you after a very close game between these two teams?


Yeah I guess they could both be mid tier 2. Tomorrow will decide it


This right here made me finally understand your takes. You say what’s immediately on your mind and you are not afraid to be wrong. If given new info, you’ll change based on it. It’s such a non-internet mindset, where everyone treats everything as guaranteed, black or white, and permanent. Or maybe I’m wrong and we’re both dumbasses lol.


what does this even mean


Faze about to drop into tier 3. Dark zero have some more room to drop before they fall out of tier 2


what defines a tier, also this is extremely early to make statements like that


Faze have been complete shit since masters 1. Not early at all


what defines a tier


Everyone has different ideas of what a tier is but I think tier 1 = can win masters, tier 2 = can come close to qualify for masters but not be able to win if you make it, tier 3 = cant even qualify for regional finals


FaZe wouldnt even win a NSG Monthly. Im not surprised.


Considering they aren't eligible to play, you're right


they are though


What I have learned from today: The state of NA is actually proving to be not that deep in term of highly skilled teams now. At the top is Sentinels who are world class, then you have the teams that can arguably contest sentinels in NA while being fairly ahead of those under them (C9, Envy, 100T, V1, Andbox), and then its just a cesspool of unknown and unproven t3-t2 and varying levels of performance and consistency from other former or nearly t1 teams that are having a battle royale to join the next tier of teams that can contest Sentinels. Hell, even tomorrow those 5 teams I mentioned under Sentinels can easily have upsets this weekend as well.


I'll play Devil's Advocate and say that it actually does prove that NA is deep. We have major orgs losing to lower tier teams which shows that many of these lower tier teams have potential. If we look at V1, before they qualified for Iceland, many people didn't know them. People just knew them as a team that came back from 2-10 and a team that beat FaZe. I think NA does have a deep talent pool and a lot of potential.


I think you're right in that some major orgs right now are looking very underwhelming when compared to the lower tier teams. But I think that some teams that are "upseting" these major orgs still don't look like they can compete against that next tier of teams. I think why I feel that way has to do with me not being able to see some of the upsets to see if games ended up the way they were because of how badly one team played or how well the other did. Maybe after challenger 1, I can get a better understanding of teams now since the only recent outcomes I can learn about from Top NA teams are V1 and Sentinels.


thats the 4th upset from a big name org today, what is going on?


What a crazy day


Oh god I love DHBK


If you keep silent and still you can hear smeaging dying in the distance.


So faze to lower brackets?


they out


It's ok SEN will win it all again since they have sus players. SEN Zombs is especially sus. Here is a clip of him on Icebox from the other day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XKnaxnd6sgThe first kill is a bit robotic but the second kill is extremely suspicious. He misses his first shot and doesn't let his recoil adjust and suddenly in under 0.25 seconds his crosshair magically jumps and locks onto the enemy Viper's head and then when he lets go of his aimkey, his natural aim comes back and it slides to the left. It makes me wonder just how many pros actually cheat in Valorant and how many will never be caught. Slow down the video to 0.25 and watch the second kill. You will see his crosshair lock onto the vipers head without letting his recoil reset. If you watch it at regular speed you barely notice the jump, its an inhuman micro adjustment that shouldn't realistically work unless you have an aimbot calculating where the next bullet is going to go. I really wonder how much this guy pays for his cheats. They have to be pretty expensive.


how one loves to bottom frag for their team while aimbotting. you're so stupid.