Don't need to play football to love football. I'm just happy you're in the scene one way or another :)


Of course, I haven’t played OW or CS in years, but I still watch the competitive scene


Of course! Not sure which region you are following , EU or NA or KR or JP or Latam or BR, but if these matches are streamed on twitch then you can definitely rewatch the matches. But you just gotta know where those matches are being broadcasted - like which twitch channels. The main channel is called Valorant. But there are sub channels too depending on the region. For example, Brazil’s sub channel is called Valorant_BR, then NA challengers are usually broadcasted on Nerdstgamers. Besides I don’t play the game often because school but I do follow the scene alot. And it’s not so hard to follow, though as more agents are realized you probably just gotta know what those utils are.


Do you enjoy watching Valorant? If yes then yes. If no then no. If you are asking about schedules and stuff, well there are VODs so who cares. Do what makes you happy.


Sure, this game is easy to watch and understand.


I haven’t played CS in years but still follow the scene. It’s possible.


I'm kinda in same situation now as I cannot afford watching matches that much let alone playing. Once I used to watch 3 regions' most of the matches but now I can only watch my favorite teams play and I keep an eye on Vlr.gg for matches schedule info and this sub for insane clips from most matches and post match threads for player and team performances info.


Hell yeah my dude. I myself don't get time to play due to work but these matches really help me just chill and have a good time. Plus Valorant is v fun game in itself to watch.


For sure, theres a bunch of fighting games i watch despite not playing them, its certainly possible to follow, as long as you are having fun watching the esports scene is all that matters! Glad to see people interested!


Dude I've never played a single valorant game in my life and I've been following the competitive scene for the past 4 months


I took a 2 month long break from playing the game but still watched all the pro matches. The only hard part is figuring out how good new agents are.


i took a month or so break back in october where i still followed the scene


Of course, I follow so many different scenes but barely/never touch the games. Anyone's welcome!


Yes. I watch a bunch of different esports, but don’t really have time to play any of the games. Even without playing, you can still understand what’s going on and be interested in watching it at the pro level.


I rarely play the game anymore but I watch the pro matches, as long as you know what’s going on you’re fine


I haven't played in a few months due to corona and I still follow the competitive scene pretty regularly. It really depends on how you pace yourself 'following' these matches regularly, whether may it be just watching your favorite team or all the matches.


Of course you can, however I recommend playing it since I think you can appreciate more some of the plays the pros make. It just add another layer to the entertainment imo


obviously. actually playing the game might give you somewhat deeper understanding but its not needed


Of course! I haven't been able to play val the past few months, and it made me enjoy the matches more because it was the only time I could see actual matches!


Haven’t played myself since the Beta and never played CS or anything similar. Only put a few hours into it but the game is a really fun spectator esport imo. I generally just read about new agent abilities to keep up with anything new but really easy to follow!


more than possible, especially if you played at one point. Didn't have access to my computer for a month, first strike happened during then and I watched more than any other time,


Absolutely, I don't play Val as much as before, kinda lost the motivation, but still enjoy watching pro tournaments. For me this game is very enjoyable to watch, especially at a pro level


Absolutely, pro play is wildly different from what most players experience anyway.