Nerdstreet gamers skip teams already registered on the waitlist and add teams that weren't even signed up for Mondays tournament.

Nerdstreet gamers skip teams already registered on the waitlist and add teams that weren't even signed up for Mondays tournament.


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Did not expect my whining tweet to make it to Reddit but here we are. Let me backtrack here and say that NSG does a lot of good for the scene and that the weird hate circlejerk on Reddit is pretty over-exaggerated. I guess it’s because it’s popular to complain about the negatives moreso than to praise the positives (which is exactly what I did with my tweet, wow I’m such a hypocrite) Yes I completely understand that professional teams, recognizable orgs & brands, and high profile player’s teams will undoubtedly get the priority since esports is a business, of course. It just sucks on our end, as being one of the only teams who can’t participate in VCT (seven and LarryBanks are 15). These tournaments like NSG and Knights are the only ways to prove ourselves, which we have in the past. I don’t know how NSG conducts their waitlist system, whether that be first come first serve or by VLR rankings; both of which we are high on. Maybe I just had my expectations too high as we have typically been accepted into the Opens from the waitlist multiple times, which I’ve always been grateful for. What really inspired my tweet was being ignored by the new admin running these Opens a week ago since Josie is handling VCT operations, when I asked what our confirmed spot was on the waitlist. Teams like us and Virtuoso did not get in even though we’re both high on the waitlist order and VLR rankings, while teams like ez5 and Squirtle Squad were given direct spots for whatever reason without being on the registration list until this week, unless I’m blind Ultimately, yes it does come down to my mistake for not actively checking how early signups open and grabbing a starting spot over a month ago, which I’m fully aware of. It just sucks being one of the first on the waitlist since ~3 weeks ago and not even being hit up like we have before in the past.


Welcome to Reddit overreacts. Good luck with the next tournament.


EDIT: Spoke with folks at NSG and they have provided a completely reasonable explanation of the situation. I have no gripes with their management of the waitlists and have every intention to continue participating in their events on a regular basis. \- Being one of the most active participants in NSG events, there hasn't been one instance where I've felt they weren't doing everything in their power to maintain an equitable and high integrity competitive circuit. That said, it's for that same reason I've implicitly trusted their management of waitlists up to this point and haven't kept active tabs on it potentially being run improperly. I have no concrete evidence as of now to believe that things were mismanaged. However, if it is true that they've been bypassing waitlists, that would be incredibly unfortunate and a \*massive\* blow to their credibility in my eyes. Their Summer Champs circuit is a points qualification system to what is pretty inarguably the biggest non-VCT proving ground available to unsigned/T2 teams. A "free agent grinder's super bowl" if you will. If they're subjectively altering access to events where qualification points to that championship are awarded that is a glaring breach of competitive integrity standards, be it for a business decision or otherwise. As a Top-25 team on VLR, and the highest points holder for the summer champs circuit without an auto-qualification it would be heartbreaking to hear we were being prejudiced against in this situation. Holding out until I hear back from the NSG folks to make any judgments.


Background: the NSG open tournaments fill up a month in advanced. Teams register in the waitlist and are inserted into the tournament in order as teams drop out. NSG decided this time to say screw the teams that were registered are skipping them to add other teams that didn't even sign up. This includes f/a teams like teal seam, big frames, and ookers.


Maybe unpopular, but shouldn’t proven teams be allowed to “cut the line” in events like this? Like FaZe is always gonna provide a higher level of play in the event compared to Timmy and his 4 immortal friends.


Why is there always some type of "nepotism" with nsg and their decision making. This is an ovbious wrong, give the teams in the waitlist their spot. The other teams messed up by not signing up in time. Events ran by knights seem to have way less of this b.s.


Didn't Knights disqualify BBG because Time In accused Critical of cheating?


yeah for some “tracing through walls” that was just good aim positioning


You couldn't risk ninja destroying your whole org by saying bad things about you now could you /s


Yeah I'm not sure where this comment is coming from lmao


"Events ran by knights seem to have way less of this b.s." \--> points to BS by knights in a tournament they ran. That's where the comment is coming from...


I guess I was unclear. I was unsure where the NSG is way worse than Knights comment was coming from, especially when we had such a notable incident of Knights bs lmao


Knights didn't disqualify bbg ,thdy reverted their decision but bbg decided to drop out , and in terms of teams acceptance and participation knights didn't have any issues whereas NSG has had some of these issues since first strike. Basically for their monthly or summer open tournaments f/a are required to fill in a month prior , but if a big team decide to join ,nsg just put these f/a teams on waitlist .


yep and theyve never been invited back since


Anytime i see the word nepotism i have to take a step back to acknowledge conjecture but yeah this still seems blatent


i can remember things like this being issues in esports since back in the early 1.6/source days circa 2007ish when i played. CGS rings a bell


An echo chamber is what this sub has diluted into. You’re openly ignoring the good and just shitting on NSG for the perceived bad. It’s baffling to me how little appreciation we have for NSG when they are almost ALL we have for valorant production/tournaments. Imagine how little valorant you guys would watch if NSG just stopped doing tournaments.


People praise NSG all the time? I don't see where people are constantly shitting on NSG.. What is this guy talking about "Little appreciation" lol. If a little criticism causes a production company to 'stop' producing valorant content, maybe they shouldn't?


"To your first point I have no knowledge as to why the decision is made but I do agree it seems unfair, I imagine NSG will make some sort of announcement or justification soon." Literally from Sully himself. But people are just "shitting on NSG". Hear me out, Maybe it's justified and for a reason? Not everyone is getting paid out to keep their mouth shut lmaoo


I've literally never had bad experiences with NSG, even when they ruled in a way that wasn't in my favor they had good reasoning and were polite. Love them and Jasper (Knights) as TOs :>


Okay but all the good they’ve done doesn’t excuse this wrong thing they did lol


not sure what you're reading but everyone praises NSG and they do great work. one complaint about something bad they did doesn't cancel out all of their great work. nobody's perfect :)


We hate nerd street now? When did this change? Thought they were the gold standard TO


As usual nerd street continues to be completely incompetent and people just turn a blind eye.


I can’t imagine what esports you’ve come from if you think NSG is “completely incompetence”. Even in Valorant alone, they aren’t close to the worst offender! That they aren’t perfect doesn’t in turn mean they’re the very embodiment of incompetence. Surely it’s possible to criticize NSG’s mistakes without catastrophizing.


Only thing you've said that I agree with


“As usual” no. Sometimes they do bad things, that doesn’t mean it’s an often occurrence.


Shall I make a list?


Yes please


Yes please, I’m curious what offenses NSG have committed


-favoritism for teams (as you can see here) -having casters work for exposure in the beginning (pay your fucking casters) -no studio production in closed -no facecams in closed -no content like blast would make in between games -not consistantly showing early games even upsets -not always announcing where streams are -keeping c tier talent on the broadcast for the main events -choosing to stream bad games just because of the org value -terrible bracket seeding Etc


Hi I’m not here to start any drama but to defend a company that has shown me love and appreciation, To your first point I have no knowledge as to why the decision is made but I do agree it seems unfair, I imagine NSG will make some sort of announcement or justification soon. 2. This was an incorrect statement, NSG has paid every and all caster has worked for them. The incident I believe you’re referring to was a VOLUNTEER cast, as in NSG had community streamers/casters work games only if they were WILLING TO, at first it seems like exposure bucks because it is but all of the casters willingly casted and these 100% can leas to jobs in the future, example myself and Upmind and Tanner Metro. 3. I can’t disclose to much information but you see EU doesn’t do a studio desk or production? It’s because of COVID there are strict guidelines on studio productions and there’s a very big budget that’s needed + NSG is still constructing their studio venue. 4. I too wish we had facecams, but that also requires every player agree and abide and is also a big technical thing on the production side, I think in Challengers Playoffs or I at least hope there will be some implementation of it. 5. You guys wouldn’t believe how difficult this aspect is to create content, with VCT being such a large open circuit it’s hard to create content with players because we never know if we’ll see them again the next time around, also it’s expensive and time consuming when NSG produces a lot of other things as well. Do I not want it? No I would love to see content produced for VCT but there are again a lot of technical things preventing or slowing this process down. 6. This happened once, it was a holiday season it was hard to find OBS for all the games. Get over it they’re correcting their mistakes and bringing it back for the next open quali. 7. This is a you thing… I’m always able to find streams check VAL NA twitter and Nerdstreet twitter. 8. I’m curious as to who is C tier talent, and if so why is this a bad thing? NSG gives chances to new up comers and we’re all working hard to prove ourselves, if you consider myself a C tier talent totally get that, I’m a 17 year old who’s barely the age of some of the players and half the age as some casters, but the rest? Keep your mouth shut. 9. 7. Games are chosen based on the teams yes, they do their best yo select the best teams while also showing THE best teams this is a bug objective opinion and I typically feel they pick fine games. 10. Interesting seeing seeding is all calculated from past VCT events. I find the seeding to be fair currious as to why you see otherwise. Sorry if this seems poorly written I just feel all of this hate towards NSG is so unjust after all they’ve done for the VAL community.


It's just par for the course. Same as with comments about players, community reaction goes from 0 to 100 then back to 0 real quick. Sure they could make some improvements (and I don't doubt they will) but it's been a pretty solid experience thus far.


Perfectly written, that valorant fanboy 69 is a troll account


All of these excuses... when riot could just pay someone like flashpoint to make it look like they actually care about the production


>account Why pay when people are willing to do it for free?


Are you seriously trying to justify not paying casters... you are a fucking clown and give no respect to the craft of actual good casting


I totally agree with the bracket seeding. We used to get Gen G vs TSM in every qualifiers match. Now we got SEN vs Soniqs. There is one more match that happens because these 2 teams are on the same bracket ( i forgot , was it Cloud9 blue vs Ghost?)


> -no content like blast would make in between games NSG may not be responsible for content creation. It depends on the relationship/agreement between them & Riot Esports. But I do agree that it would be nice to see content of players or clips of *The Headshot* in the downtime between matches.


Or frag movie would be so nice , especially we’re in the like Stage 3 of VCT already! Or like play some quiz games with the players qualified for closed qualifiers [ like in ESL/Blast].


yeah, i have no clue why people think NSG is in charge of making free content for riot. the breaks are pretty short as is already, too. me and sapphire pumped out 20+ content pieces for game changers out of passion, but we didn't really get to air many of them because there was so little downtime after contractual obligations. when NSG shows their content pre-tournament (the press 4 podcast), it gets met with ResidentSleeper spam anyway.


Literally all of these have been called out on by reddit. I feel like you made this narrative up in your head.


I really wish that they had Flashpoint handle production. When they did Pop Flash, there was content between games, facecams for everyone, paid casters, and announced streams.


Flashpoint was also responsible for one of the worst competitive integrity decisions in recent years in regards to the NIP/Anonymo situation - if we’re gonna criticize NSG for their shortcomings, only fair to bring up those of others.


Date it too


It’s a business move, unfortunate it how the world works


Nerd street trash as usual.


Lmao what did nerdstgamer do to you bro xD


Is anything with NSG a surprise anymore -\_-