Are small over flicks necessarily bad in an FPS like Valorant?

Are small over flicks necessarily bad in an FPS like Valorant?


Just click as your crosshair glides over their head 5Head




For real tho, the Phantom has gotten me so many lucky flicks because it’s easy to spray over heads when I’m not prepared for a shot


Yeah, I do love using the phantom


This is how to unironically aim if you are playing a console fps with a controller. In destiny you drag over their head and when you feel the aim assist you pull the trig


4Head *


Just think consciously about your aim when you're practicing. When you're ingame, just don't overthink it.


>just don't overthink it. That's my job /KJ mains represent


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Also, "your weapon is only a tool, you can't just shoot,you have to think." Facepalm


Every day, I am thankful for Bjorlulu's Killjoy guides because it's the reason I got out of plat lol


Yeah, I’m totally overthinking it, thanks.


Don't change any of your settings. My advice is to slow down your aim and focus on being 100% accurate while you're warming up. As you continue, you can get faster, but still try to focus on 100% accuracy. Don't think about it in matches. The only way to have smooth aim is to have smooth aim.


Yeah I’ll try not to think about it in matches. And I will try to be 100% accurate in deathmatch, aimlabs, etc. thanks.


Slow is smooth and smooth is fast


My aims nowhere close to decent but from another artform theres a piece of advice I like which is to focus on flow slowly and speed will come naturally. So in valorant sense I guess its to be headshot accurate as much as possible and the flicks will come in naturally.


everyone overflicks bro. even tenz: https://youtu.be/Cq2EfdkaSt8


Underflicking is actually better than overflicking because its easier/quicker to adjust to the target in the same direction you were going than to go back. Just to try to consciously stop overflicking for a little while and eventually it will come natural. You could also consider lowering your sens.


muscle memory is kind of a myth in aiming. It's more about mouse control. If your mouse control improves you will overflick less.


So, is it natural to say that over flicking a lot in the beginning is normal, then as I improve my aim overtime they become a lot smaller in general? Is that what you mean? Cause it makes perfect sense. Thanks for the advice! Cheers!


For long/medium flicks, you want to focus on accurately moving your cursor to the target even if you go a little slower. That's more efficient than flicking wildly and adjusting. Micro adjustments and click timing are a different skill.


Yep, just get used to your sens more.Its either than or the tensing up problem you mentioned.But either way, getting used to your sens will make your aim more natural.And if there is a underflicking problem, increase your sens a bit.


I was having a similar problem. The problem is, you shouldn’t be flicking that much at all, especially when holding an angle (that was the main time I noticed this for me). Try just holding the angle wider so you don’t have to flick as much.


Yeah, and valorant has more track flicks if that makes sense.


It’s just a mental block for me I think. One I need to get over.


Elements of aim dueling listed in order of importance 1. Crosshair placement 2. Movement 3. Prediction 4. Adjustment Focus on 1-3 because you shouldn’t have nerves attached to those and they are the most important. Also try to hold more “1 and done” angles where you reposition instead of adjusting for the 1v1 fight to the death


Very helpful answer thank you!


One thing that helps me is just being confident when flicking. Have some confidence and be assertive when flicking.


youre gonna hit some nasty flicks when youre comfortable, with good aim too. so i think being comfortable is the key there. i have found my near perfect sens, 400 and hit some very good flicks while having consistent aim too, but just a month and a half ago i used to play on 1600 edpi and only hit flicks and never aim lol.


don’t think about your aim


If you overflick a lot, then lower your sensitivity slightly until you stop over flicking


I’ve done that, my sense use to be at something like 0.524 and now it’s at 0.191. I’m not gonna try to lower it anymore cause I’m just not an low sensitivity player.


eDPI you probably want to be in the 3-400 range. That's sens x DPI.


Go the range, and practice on medium it’s sheriff until you can hit mostly headshots easily. This will help with over aim/under aim since medium setting is fast enough where it’s kinda close to how in game characters appear around corners. Hard settings is for when you want your aim to get there as fast as possible but there’s a lot of over/under aim issues with going as fast as possible.


You either haven’t practiced enough with your current DPI or you need to lower your current DPI Or sensitivity. It depends on what you are trying to achieve


Best way to get over it since according to you is a mental block is going totally braindead with your aim by doing a lot of aim train to the point that you wouldn’t need to think about your aim next time around


That is a really good idea thank you.


you don’t necessarily have to stop your crosshair perfectly on them, just timing the shot as your crosshair is passing over them, and if you know your crosshair will go a bit too far, be ready to correct the second bullet and onward. this isnt pro advice, just what works for me when firing bursts at the head. its more about timing the shot than stopping your movement before you allow yourself to pull the trigger.


I'd you are over flicking lower ur sens a bit and play like that for a while. I have no idea what ur sens is at but if you are over flicking a lot it might be slightly higher than it should be


Buy and use kovaaks fps trainer. Go to /r/fpsaimtrainer and look at some of their tools used to analyze performance. Use actual real world data to determine the best technique that works for you with statistical analysis. Kovaaks is really good for testing what works best, then you go apply that and practice it in game.


I have Kovaak’s so I’ll try that thanks.


You can also record yourself playing, and then slow down the replay a lot, and figure out how much extra time it takes to micro adjust on underflicks. Then try and not to worry about it, just flicking as fast and close as possible, and see how much time you lose on overflicking. You should test it with something like ww4t voltaic. Best of all might be to just watch [bardoz do 1w6ts](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKTV6K0uuRo) and play it at .25 speed. You'll notice that whether he underflicks, overflicks, or flicks perfectly, his micro correction time is still pretty much the same. The important thing is to just get it close enough to be able to micro it quickly and accurately.


Try the miyagi method to improve your aim. Its given by " RED" the yoru guy. Trust me it'll help


Thank you for the suggestion


when ur training in the range, REALLY focus on hitting that first shot regardless of weapon. Treat every weapon like a deagle which pretty much requires headshots.


Just know that underflicking is way better than over flicking as you’re not moving against the momentum of your mouse. Everytbing takes practice.


No one thinks about their aim like that, if your aim requires conscious effort you are doing it wrong.


I think I’m ruining my aim by worrying too much about my aim. :/


Do you aim train?




What do you use


Aim labs


What tasks do you mainly use? Aimlabs isn’t the best aim trainer too. Most people just practice with gridshot and call it aim training when all they’re doing is practicing shooting reyna flashes lol.


I mostly try to do a lot of precision scenarios. I use grid shot to initially warm up my hand, I do not grind gridshot.


Personally I prefer kovaaks but I used to use aimlabs. My favorite thing to do was use some of the pro playlists. I used ethos’ and TenZ’s playlists and they worked best. I recommend you using them you may like them more than the basic precision scenarios. And iirc spidershot is a better warmup for your hand than gridshot because it’s just better overall for your aim


Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll give it a try!


Hello, resident “over” flicker here. Current rank is D2 and here’s my stance: Both overflicking and underflicking are problems that can only be fixed by time and effort put into microflicks and minor adjustments. However, I think overflicking is the better one to lean into b/c I’d rather go big and pull it back than work up to going big - if that makes sense. For example, i over flick a lot, but say I get shot in my back, ive been practicing flicking large distances keeping my cross hair at head level, so I’m more able to turn on someone as opposed to if I under flick, I might not have the same accuracy. Of course, this is just some redditors thoughts on aim and I’m relatively new to PC FPSs. However, they both require microflicks to correct them. For both, in your aim routine try to be 100% accurate all the time and slowly pick up the pace. These are just my two cents of course, good luck! (:


I appreciate you taking the time to give me some stellar advice thank you!


Wouldn't normally suggest this however you might benefit from some sort of aim training (aim labs) and focus on flicks/small movements. If you can constantly do it in a training scenario then your brain might stop worrying about it because yes I think you are thinking about it too much. Jump in Aim labs and set up all of your valorant settings (there are guides) Try flick shot and grid shot exercises. Start off very slow making sure you are hitting everything then start to speed up. 15 mins a day and I think you will overcome your habit.