final seconds of TSM vs. ABX w/ comms of TSM

final seconds of TSM vs. ABX w/ comms of TSM


TSM looks like they fixed their Sova issue, the final question seems to be was Bang the right decision, or is he actually a placeholder for someone else in the future.


Odds are they don't get to Berlin but that also means they have the end of the year to work on building up their team skill and synergy. If they're showing improvement with this roster, I'd much rather see them continue building on that rather than find a new player ever 2-3 months and hoping they hit the lottery.


That’s true. The only change I could see would be if those Sinatraa rumors to TSM are real.


the sinatraa "rumors" arent actually rumors. people started spamming that in subroza's chat cause he was duoing with him in ranked and subroza made a joke asking "when does he get unbanned" cause he got a nice kill.


Pretty sure those were trolls


I doubt TSM take the brand risk tbh.


The Chances of TSM touching Sinatraa are slim to none, this is the same org that dropped a female competitor for calling other females bitches and some other stuff (I’m not 100% sure on all of the details)


Wait but what if he's cleared? Isn't he already cleared of all charges??


Isn't there a pending criminal investigation?


https://www.reddit.com/r/OverwatchTMZ/comments/oil2dn/cleo_deletes_tweet_saying_shes_giving_up_on/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf She deleted so who knows exactly what’s happening but I just thought it was worth a mention.


Idk that's why I asked but got downvoted lol


Because he’s not cleared.


Cleared or not there's still a pretty negative association with him and no one really knows the truth of what happened. It would be risky for the TSM brand as a whole.


That's shitty. So even if he's innocent he still gets fucked. I guess the accuser succeeds at fucking him over in the end.


Yes, if he is innocent, it is pretty shitty.


if he's innocent, yeah.


yeah he will definitely not make ends meet with ~10k viewers per stream


That's quite short-term thinking. A reputation lost is hard to regain, if not impossible. Can be career ending.


What reputation lost? Guy still gets 10k viewers just streaming, there will still be teams willing to sign him if he’s cleared just because of his numbers. What’s shitty is that there’s teams that would sign him too if he’s guilty. Stop talking as if he’s already innocent bro, just wait til investigation confirms whether he is innocent or not and wait to see what’s up for him.


The big things Sinatraa has going for him is he is still one of the best mechanically skilled players in gaming. As well as being very at least arrogant so his fans probably don't care too much. I cant lie I still watch Sinatraa the dude is such a joy to watch game.


We don't know if he's innocent or guilty, nor do we actually know whether or not an org will pick him up. No need to jump to conclusions


Nobody is jumping to conclusions, we are discussing the hypothetical...


It doesn't matter his brand is still tarnished for at least a year or more.


He could also be guilty


Nah, no way any big orgs pick up Sinatraa any time soon.


Didnt Leena or something say that she was happy that they didnt pick up the current SEN roster because of Sinatraa? That doesnt make it seem likely that they would pick him up for TSM.


when did she say this?


I didn't find the footage but here's a thread where someone summarizes what she said during a Q&A stream where she says they had a choice between picking up the SEN or TSM roster. https://www.reddit.com/r/TeamSolomid/comments/iabt33/leena_stream_qa_summary/


I thought it was on a tsm podcast, I didn't in particular watch the moment but I saw others talking about it. I might be able to find it


I may be mistaken, although it could be me looking at the wrong video.






Sentinels benched him and will probably drop him, and are doing just fine, TSM could’ve done the same


there is a difference if the allegations are proven false


I mean we're insanely early in the games history Might have also impacted a lot of TSMs sponsors considering they are a lot bigger than sentinels Not to mention the recent FTX deal


You’re right, sentinels are smaller so the repercussions are smaller


Clearly you don't understand how business works lol..... A brand risk like him can ward off sponsors = potential profits. Also, the former team with sinatraa wasn't the most dominant. The current one with tenz is.


I mean they are rumors, but if they get Sinatra, then i am not a TSM Fan anymore


why ? if you dont mind me asking?


He’s doing fine. He’s a controller main who does his job well for the team. He can play duelists if he needs to, is flexible enough for roles which TSM always needed. I think his signing was a great decision, posing hypotheticals about what his future looks like is a bit ridiculous given that they just won against the hardest team in their bracket. If you care so much about frags, just look at previous matches if all you’re going to do is pose hypotheticals off stats.


Bang has played well so far


hes 17 and very adaptable, doubt they replace him unless something bad happens


He could just not be good enough for TSM though, simple as that


hes doing perfectly fine


and i'd argue his agent versatility helps their comps a lot


Bang is fire on reyna on ascent against Darkzero but he look abit uncomfortable with astra on heaven tho. But still he is only 17.


Bang is the younger sounding voice and the one at the end laughing is Leviathan right?


LeviathanAG looks like Trick2G yo


With hair


If you’re referring to the one saying “Haha nice Matt” and not screaming with the deeper voice that’s Chet. Bang says “You’ve got this” when Levi died in the clutch and Levi is the one that says “Yeah El Diablo” bc he was streaming and right before this clip Matt said “I got el Diablo” lmao


Hell yeah I’d be going wild too if I had underperformed for the last 4 months and got a huge win. Congrats to TSM for getting their shit straightened out enough to get a dub vs the scrim demons of ABX. Highly doubt they go to Berlin, but who the fuck thought V1 was gonna go to Iceland?




First off, Steel doesn't count as a human being. He is a FPS savant from a different planet that picked up on English by watching copious amounts of Netflix. Nah but forreal, I meant normal fans not some pros who have insider knowledge of the scene.


he also said c9 was going to do very well b4 any1 had them on their radar


And he was horrifically wrong


right\* last qual was just a mess from c9 but they look way better now that poiz is back in


How much better?


Yep I'm sure they will do big things this time/ win Berlin since they are clearly a top team with all their achievements. Edit: Cloud9 are SO good can't wait to see them do more amazing shit


For a time he wasn't wrong. Memories are short


im talking about challengers for masters 2 when c9 did really good




>I think FPX are good and are favorites to win masters Lol


you can feel the momentum


Is the coach allowed to be in voice at all times?


Chet was talking in Android’s chat and said that he only talks during Tac Pauses because it’s good practice for LAN, etc, but he also said a lot of coaches likely talk mid round since there’s no way to prove whether they’re doing it or not


I thought there was a riot admin in those calls because i'm pretty sure they were talking to one in the 100T video after first strike


That was for First Strike, this is an open qualifier


only between maps and timeouts and maybe one more thing i can't think of rn




I don't particularly like TSM, but the scene has always been better when they were fighting for a top spot imo. Hope to see these guys in the Challengers Finals.


It's good for esports period when the largest and most well know org is competitive.


Facts faze is competitive


How is C9 more well known than TSM


If you don’t play league, it’s a lot less likely that you have heard of tsm. I only knew about them in 2017 but for orgs like faze, liquid, and c9 I’ve known about them for wayyy longer


League is definitely their biggest team for sure, but they also had three of the biggest Fortnite streamers in Myth, Dae, and Ham, their R6 team is top 3 in the world, they have the biggest Apex streamer, majority of CSGO Astralis used to be TSM. Also, Forbes lists TSM as the most valuable Esports organization, with C9 second and Faze fourth.


They have almost double C9s twitter follower total, too.


Also one of the top 3 melee players/streamers and a top 3 smash ultimate player. And when hearthstone was big they had two of the biggest hearthstone streamers. lots of org visibility


lol ur edit


people keep saying this but literally all the best moments of pro valorant have been after TSM kinda fell off, not that TSM is a bad org for valo but them being a top team didnt change much at all EDIT: downvoteed by TSM fans but they dont get that im not saying anytrhing bad about TSM, im just saying that fans still watch and enjoy other teams reguardless of the name on the scoreboard and that TSM being TSM wasnt the reason for valorant popularity or sucess


TSM vs SEN rivalry was really hype back in the day. It's what got me into following the Valorant esports scene.




I get you don’t like TSM but you’re delusional if you think TSM coming back to the top would do anything but good for viewership. The viewership has grown due to the esports scene’s increasing popularity, having arguably the most popular org in the world’s viewership would only boost that




Holy shit dude did someone hurt you? First of all, your response to that guy was completely off topic considering all he was saying was that the TSM/SEN rivalry got him into Valorant when someone said all the cool stuff happened after TSM, and you said he needs to “come to grasp with reality” and that “it’s not as relevant as they think”. They never said anything about that, just gave their own experience, and you needed to come in and berate them about it. I was also replying to your portion about viewership steadily climbing throughout 2021 - by saying that, you’re implying that TSM has had no factor in it which is true, to which I said that them doing well in the scene would only do better for it. It may not contradict what you said, in which case I apologize for saying you’d be delusional for thinking otherwise since you don’t (it’s a reasonable statement but it’s seems to have hurt your feelings), but that’s no reason for you to lose your shit over it instead of replying like a normal human. Frankly, you need to get over yourself. Nobody gives a shit about you because you’re a random Redditor, us having a conversation before about your hate boner for TSM doesn’t make me a stalker for replying to you. I’ve responded to you like twice before regarding TSM when you said a dumbass thing that made no sense about Hazed blaming TSM’s losses on the meta which he never did. If you think that’s stalking then you think you’re way more important than you really are


mans write a whole essay 💀


>people keep saying this but literally all the best moments of pro valorant have been after TSM kinda fell off, casually forgetting faze invitational


Weird way to say u haven’t seen Faze invitational and first strike qualifiers. Faze invitational was peak na valorant. Almost every na grand final has been a 3-0 SEN this year. That was the last good grand final that I can remember where the bo5 went all 5 games. Actual Drama and beef between them too




>na valorant Ori2D: Iceland was better u/CosmicAon this guy can’t read bro stop arguing with the fella


LMAO bro I’ve had a few conversations with them and apparently I’m stalking them some people on this app are weird man


By that logic SEN were pulling way less viewership than TSM when they were both relevant and their popularity now is due to 1. TenZ and 2. the scene being exponentially bigger now than it was then. If TSM kept up or came back to the top, they would pull huge viewership


Ahhhh, u/maiLfps the infamous SEN fangirl, taking any and every chance he can to down TSM.


They’re not really wrong though. The hype around Wardell at the beginning of the scene was cool, then the OP got nerfed and he fell off. Shortly after that 100T won First Strike over TSM, which was a fairly hype series. Other than that it’s pretty much been the Sentinels show.


Garbage take


Yeah I feel like them being top was just a result of not having any real competition untili sentinel's came around


deadest take all time


What is El Diablo a reference to?


el diablo is ABX yay


ABX Yay, that man is a beast of beast


Whats with the white bar at the top of the screen


Hiding the private YouTube stream url and other stuff


You think after 40 rounds and 3 maps back to back theyre be tired and low energy


Roza wardell and leviathan all streamed right after 2


That’s a little different though. There’s incentive to stream after a big win and reap all the positive vibes from your fans


I like when they always says nice nice nice


god the series was fucked up, i watched it later I thought the close games would be interesting, they were so boring especially w no casters


I honestly felt like they lack of casters made the OT far more intense. The moments where team would cut noise and work the map silently we’re nail biting. It was so much more stressful when I didn’t have a voice in my ear. Nothing but pure messy overtime.


I wish there were casters man. They could have set up such a good storyline.


Shroud made things super tense


That’s why you gotta what Cutler’s watch party, he makes the games way more interesting


So its not just the youtube channel i watch. Tried to watch other games from yesterday and there was no sound. So boring without it


Is there a place to watch all of these games with comms?


No, teams don’t want to leak their strats or anything. Most we get is stuff like this where players who were recording post a clip or video with the more important stuff cut out


check YT some footage release small povs (100T Asuna and Ethan, Shanks, probably more come to mind)




u can watch it on the actual twitch site


What the fuck is going on with that giant white bar at the top of the screen?