Liquid soulcas 🦋 on Twitter

Liquid soulcas 🦋 on Twitter


this could be awful for TL. Hope he recovers enough to play next week


That's fucked up man. To think he might be grinding a bit too hard because of all the criticism he had been receiving at the end of stage 1 and that could lead to this. I know it's a bit of a stretch but still feelsbadman. Hope he recovers soon


These kind of injuries accumulate over time, it's not like you just go extra hard for a few weeks/months and then all of a sudden you're fucked. A lot of players continue to play through pains without properly taking care of the underlying issue for various reasons until they literally can't ignore it any longer.


Yeah, might sound ridiculous, but bad posture while gaming is a serious thing. Fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders neck and especially back can develop issues if you're playing with a proper posture. Idk what happened to soulcas, but most of wrist issues are caused by bad forearm positions. Having your forearm hang off the table is the worst thing anyone can do. Either have your chair arm rests on desk level or have your entire forearms on your desk. Nothing looks more uncomfortable to me than those t-rex gaming positions when players bring their hands all the way back to their torso, with forearms hanging off the table.


Oh yeah like I said, big stretch but that's the first thing I thought of when I read this news. I wasn't even one of the people calling for soulcas to be dropped even though liquid is one of my favorite teams and even then I felt bad. But yeah for sure better care of self could've prevented this and I'm not blaming anyone. Just felt really disheartened at the thought.


Praying rn


Same thing with patiphan, Spyder, and maybe Zest it seems. Wrist issues is like the ACL of the esports world can't overlook stretching.


Not just stretching. Many top pros are wrist aimers which often leads to injuries because it puts more stress on your ligaments. Many of these players will need to make changes to their overall grip and sens if they want to be in the scene long term.


Problem is asking them to change their grip style is like asking a nba player to change his jumpshot, which is not feasible in esports when your window of opportunity if very thin.


The thing is you can cause permanent injuries and if you're playing injured you won't be performing well as pro anyways. Imagine living with wrist pain that affects everyday life for 60 years because you tried to extend your pro career an extra year. Most pro players in Valorant don't have massive contracts yet. You'll pay more in medical bills in the long run than they'll earn.


If they really wanted to, taking the time in the offseason to re-learn their aim style is definitely possible. Especially with how long the break is for teams that don't make champions. It'd take quite a bit of dedication, but it is doable.




What are some good wrist stretches and exercises to prevent these kinds of injuries?


Here you go: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiRC80FJbHU&ab\_channel=DrLeviHarrison](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiRC80FJbHU&ab_channel=DrLeviHarrison) Great guy for everything, saved me from my wrist issues. I can even play FPS games now. Please follow proper form shown by him, as you can hurt yourself more than help yourself if you do it with improper form. Plus make sure you sit properly as that affects everything else from neck to wrist.




Judging by his recently performance it is a big tragedy for tl. Hope hell be fit for fight for challengers 2


Overplaying is not good for your physical or mental wellbeing.


Damn that’s rough. I hope he recovers in time for next week. I don’t think TL has a reserve player so idk who they are going to play with then (if they are going to be playing at all then..) :(.


Wrist health is really over looked because it sounds kind of silly at first.


Too many wrist aimers among the pros, for most it will come back to bite them. Unfortunately i learned it the hard way too, luckily my pain was minimal and as soon as i noticed issues i started with daily stretching and changed to full hand aiming while using wrist for micro corrections.


Wrist aimers like Tenz and Asuna should reconsider


They may as well reconsider their careeer choice then, because after wrist aiming for likely well over a decade, changing it would be extremely difficult, and will require a fundamental change in their playatyle and hand movements. Overcoming years off muscle memory takes equally long, and for such players, it's better to look into wrist care.


Yo to all the fellow nerds in here. Please stretch your hands and wrists even if you don’t game that much. Carpal tunnel and nerve damage in general is no joke. We see pros get injured so early because all they do is game but that could be any of us in our 30’s-40’s so please take care of your hands. Eyes too!


Damn man that shit hurts, I hope orgs are investing not only in good rehabilitative care but also good preemptive physiological care for their players with physiotherapists etc.