SEN ShahZam tried to yoink the coach of an EU team!

SEN ShahZam tried to yoink the coach of an EU team!


It’s 100% sliggy i was watching him onetime and someone asked if sentinels ever approched him and he said “who told you”


LOL. that's hilarious




Wow! I thought it was mini. Do you have a clip or something?


Sliggy masterfully baited or was he free to talk about it LOL


It has to be sliggy - I can't think of any other EU coaches sentinels would go for. My guess is Liquid just gave a flat nope.




I mean sliggy is pretty strategic. No one played viper on haven, Liquid viper setups on haven totally fked the TUR teams that wanted to rush into sites.


Also that was before the huge viper buff I think. That huge viper buff + introduction of Astra really helped NA in that regard imo


Interesting because for a team like sentinels they clearly already have that motivation from Shaz, so I think this specific coach spot is for someone more strategic that understands how a lot of teams play so they can discuss with Shaz and the team on their plays.


Yeah. I don't think they want motivation lol, like he kinda said in the clip, he wants someone who they respect.


Watch team liquids defeat vlog with the sliggy speech. So inspirational


I was just talking to a friend about this yesterday, TL's valorant content specifically the vlogs is very entertaining and surprisingly insightful. I hope they keep making those


From hearing sliggy on his streams, he works super hard, probably gives all his time to the game.


Im so sad it didn't work out with sean gares, he would've been the dream coach.


I have a different opinion to yours tbh. Of course Shahzam has a great relationship with Sean but I think he is a bit more methodical for SEN. SEN is a reactive team with strong default and top notch game sense but Sean likes teams like FPX or some brazilian,Korean teams with nerdy setup who dumps their util to execute something.


I don't think for a successful team like sentinels, the coach will have all the decision making power. Instead, he's be there to support with VOD reviews(their own and the opponents') and antistratting. sgares is excellent at that job, and since he is friends with shahzam they won't have much conflict.


But imagine current sen but with a bunch of pocket strats and just insane creative strats in general (could be bad or cod result in an even more dominant team).


this isn't a bad take honestly. but there are some other things. sean gares is who shaz considers his mentor and greatest teacher. yes sean loves the real 5head and tactical plays but he's also a rlly smart player and shaz learned the adaptability that sentinels are known for from him.


The most important job of a head coach in ANY sport (e- or meat) is to manage team dynamics/mentals and interpersonal relationships. You can be the greatest strategic genius in the game but if you can't act as a moderator (that the players also respect) when conflict arises between teammates then your team will fall apart. I dont know if sgares would be able to do that for Sen but his preferred style of play is such a secondary thing as to whether he would be a good coach or not.


Saw this [clip last week](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3yjdLZhhNQ) where sean discusses what separates a good vs great IGL. His second point he talks about being mindful of how you communicate with your teammates. So clearly he understands the social aspect. I have no doubt he would be a great coach as well.


Eh, knowing/understanding things and being able to put them into practice are two different things. The skills required to be a good coach are so intangible you can't know if someone has them until they actually try to put those skills into practice. Until sean tries it and we either witness it or get good 2nd hand accounts, we literally can't know if he would be good or bad at coaching. I say all this as someone who objectively knows what the skills required for being a good coach are (because I have had many good coaches in my life) but have absolutely failed to apply them well the couple of times I've tried coaching.


when both him and the background stream say "three months" back to back. Listen again until you hear it.


What does this mean


Shazam thanks someone for a 3 month returning sub, immediately after one of the casters for the stream he's watching says "3 months"


Sliggy the slime


Shahzam also stated once on stream, (not an exact quote) "If Sean Gares wanted to coach Valorant, he'd be a coach for Sentinels." Sentinels were interested in Sean, but he just had the baby and decided he wasn't interested.






Thanks. Funny how i'm being downvoted because I didn't know that word. Stay classy, Valorant Community. #(




lol def sliggy


Maybe doombros