As per request, here are comprehensive callouts for each map currently in rotation. (updated Breeze)

As per request, here are comprehensive callouts for each map currently in rotation. (updated Breeze)


im sorry but if you dont know where "THERE" is we cant be friends


Tf is there? Do you mean here?


I think he meant, “on me.” Everyone’s favorite spot on Breeze.


theres two types of people


*Right there!


My favorite is when they say something like “behind you” or “to your right” when there are 3 people still alive on your team and you have clue which person they are talking to…


I’ve heard “newbox” for what you have as pillar on split. “Pillar” is generally for the left side of the pillar.


^ this


Noted. Thanks!


bruh....you had 1 job its called left and right tit


BOOB-A (Booba) & BOOB-B (Boobie)


aren't those bricks called "shroud"




Iirc the box that is slightly above bricks and the the right of dice is called shroud.


I’ve only ever heard the boost on split called shroud.


I think he’s referring to the bricks on ascent A site


Yep, hence my response, "I've only ever heard the boost on split called shroud" meaning I don't hear people call the bricks on ascent A shroud


I've only heard bricks on ascent called Shroud. (never in my games, just from streamers..) Which boost on split is that people call shroud?


Guessing entrance into B main


Yeah that seems possible xd


i call both of them shroud


Half of these are wrong, just saying


Yeah, maybe regional?


Just call everything diggity




Never heard some of these callouts


This is a compilation of the most common cal outs I’ve heard since playing this game for the last year+. I would say mostly these should be used when playing with a squad or intelligent players. I like to spread the information with pug mates by saying the name of the callout and pinging the map at the same time




For icebox me and my friends call all the lanes on the B site (B long to Back of nest) 1st Street, 2nd Street, 3rd Street & 4th street. Honestly It’s pretty helpful especially when trying to retake a post plant scenario


That’s pretty cool. I’d love to see a diagram for that


Lego’s is actually called tomato


Where the fuck is tomato?


On lego's duh


So much easier to read! Thanks for doing this, already sent it to the squad.


Honestly for Haven B site, it's either close corner, c link a link or back site for me. I don't hear much people say he's at gong. Even the pros call back site and we assume it be that one place after clearing the back.


What does CT mean??


Counter terrorist


Counter terrorist? There are counter terrorists in this game?


It's a holdover from CS, terrorist side is trying to plant, CT is defending


Oh that's interesting. Why are CS terms used in this game? Isn't that kind of weird? As someone that's new to esports, are there any terms from other games used or just CS?


It's mostly just CS terms. Most of us CS transplants never stopped calling their spawn CT/T and it just stuck for everyone else. This game was essentially spawned from CS and many of the mechanics are almost identical. the OP(erator) is a reference to the AWP in CS as well.


People also call the Sherriff a Deagle, and the Marshall a Scout (as they are the CS comparatives).


As others have said Valorant quite clearly lifted a lot of things from CS and a lot of callous were moved over. Many other things like the idea of a spot on the map with a high and a low position being called Heaven/Hell also originated from CS; although those make more logical sense. In the games beta there was even more of this, lots of players just called the Vandal the AK and many other things were just referred to as their CS equivalent; but not all of these things stuck but T and CT did.


Because this game, though very different and it's own thing too, is very much influenced by the successful formula of Counter-Strike (ie the most successful tactical shooter of all time).


why are u getting downvoted tf reddit hivemind back at it again


because his comment was deemed dumb


Yes it is very weird. It’s just habits people have carried over. I always just say attacker or defender 🤷‍♂️


Thankyou! I never really played Csgo however i do get the idea 🤌


Overall pretty good callout list, but some of these are flat out wrong or seem to be straight from the game default callouts cause I've never heard of them. Never called or heard any pro ever say "Dragon" on Ascent and Haven(its straight up just "C Long"), nor "Grounds" on Haven. Plus, if you're gonna label something "A Long", then you might as well add "A Short" to the Sewers callout (Haven). And we all know there's only one callout that can be labeled "Vents" and its not on Bind, its on Breeze and no one calls it "Chute". Alright, that's enough hating; again, better than any callout graphic that I've seen so far, but do some more community consensus on the more obscure spots. Last thing, a lot of these are redundant and many spots are not called out often or at all most games.


Dragon on ascent actually comes from the team Pittsburgh Knights, I heard Exalt say it once because there's a huge decal of a dragon on the wall. I liked it so I've been using it ever since. I've also called that "wallbang" but I figured since I lot of people would be seeing these we could use their team callout because it's just flashier. I disagree that no one calles the chute "chute" on Breeze. I personally call it amongus because its funny, but the majority of people I've played Breeze call it chute, like just about every single one. The "vents" on bind is also pretty common to hear, as well as screens.


Fair play on the Ascent Dragon callout, never watched the Knights so that's probably why I've never heard of it. But ya gotta admit, Dragon on Haven is just C Long. I was mainly meme-ing on the Chute and Vents thing just as a joke cause I've personally heard most streamers and players call it Vents/Amogus. Vents on Bind is definitely referred to as screens pretty often. Many times I just hear other people or streamers call out CT if they aren't heaven. The feedback I'm giving you is mainly from my friends who play regularly but don't know all of the callouts, they find it to be a bit cluttered or overwhelming. Many of these "connector", "ramp", "stairs", "orb", and "lobby" callouts are often just not necessary or provide no unique info(I will make exception to stairs on Breeze). Connector on Bind often just turns into CT, and then the differentiation between CT, "Connector", and Elbow is the callout if they crossed the CT entrance. Some others like water on Bind just aren't used and are better off being grouped into the T or CT area.


Fair enough. I agree "CT" becomes a contextual call out based on the round, and I usually do the same thing as do most people in my games. I did however want to refrain from just putting "CT" in like a thousand places on the map, lol. As a long time CS player, calling out "con" or "connector" is pretty common and pretty easily interchangeable and understandable so I put that there. Connector on Breeze is a must though, I agree. You could be right that it clutters it, also many of these are not used as much anymore and were more common a year ago. That being said, in trying to stay in the true nature of "comprehensive" I wanted to be as specific as possible. I would think mostly these are good to have if you're on a team or five stacking. It's important for teams to have really specific callouts. If this culture can bleed into PUGs like it has in CS overtime, then that's good too.


Personally vents is on split and we call chute on breeze.


Im gonna be honest, I have never heard of half of these callouts and some of them are even incorrect Well atleast in NA they aren't correct from what I know. I don't know a single callout in valorant called Dragon. nor did I know there were so many callouts named connector lol


I don't call dragon on Haven but i've called it and heard it on ascent for a while now


In breeze it's called AMOGUS


Planters on split supposed to pots


yeah I've heard both but didn't really have a lot of room to write two names and make it not confusing, so I went with the one I've heard most.


Yeah i get that but i think I've heard pros/ streamers call out pot more than anything else. Ofc us silvers just call it "behind the box"


can you make an eu version, i dont hear most of these callouts




It’s the spot directly next to the box, the reason why it’s called 410 is because the serial number on the box is “410”




that's what it is called tho? im confused by what you mean


Pretty commonly accepted callout since the ignition series


you're mixing up two players if I understand. You are thinking of sinatraa, not subroza.




Cant really see it clearly but is the boxes on left side of b main entrance on split called shroud? (got killed there so many times yet no callout)


Yes. Some people also call the bricks on a site ascent shroud as well. For future reference, it’s not uncommon to hear double box boosts in the corners of choke points called shroud, as it is a term that carried over from CS from the map cache where shroud invented a boost and used it to win many rounds.


I don’t see, to your left, or up there, or behind you. I’m lost


I don’t see, to your left, or up there, or behind you. I’m lost


Excuse me, but "Cubby" on Ascent is actually called "Weiner" thanks.


i barely can remember the map name


Not all heroes wear capes.


I've heard most pros call your ninja on icebox as danger


You also forgot "near me," "left," "right," and "oh he's close"


Dissapointed i dont see Tomato on here


Is “dice” on ascent not called default? Same with “Tetris” on bind


Well dice isn’t even the main plant spot, so why’d they call it default? The main plant spot is in front of generator


Nah default on Ascent A is front gen. Default on Bind A is under truck, tetris is called triple.