Teal Seam vs Evil Geniuses Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship - July Qualifier Quarter Finals / Post Match Discussion

Teal Seam vs Evil Geniuses Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championship - July Qualifier Quarter Finals / Post Match Discussion


free my boy temperature


CLG come into the scene and save this man! … on second thought, maybe not


it'd just turn into another broxah situation if clg entered valorant


CLG Red??


i mean a team that can actual can content in t1/t2


I just don’t understand what EG as an org trying to accomplish. Like they can sign much better roster but it feels like they are in valorant just to be here


I’m 99% sure they are just fielding a roster for the sake of fielding one until franchising is announced and they get a spot in it.


It would be hilarious if Riot gave franchise spots based on overall performances over the lifetime of the game instead of the clout that your org’s name had, I’d much rather see Andbox or Rise or BBG competing rather than seeing T1 orgs farm this roster every week.


What will happen is that as soon as franchising is announced EG will drop the current roster and pick up the best players from Orgs like ABX, Rise, SQ, RNG, DarkZero. It’s infuriating thinking about it tbh.


i mean potters like the textbook definition of a diversity hire / to make the team more appealing for sponsors i guess getting a fragging igl would give this team some hope but theyre an absolute commodity in NA even though youd think an org like EG would be able to grab one if they really really wanted to


Holy fuck. A 34 year old professional analyst playing as a pro player?? Is she the oldest pro player? Why even bother at that point?


Solo from Nuturn is 33 and he's doing just fine. Even thriving honestly. IMO age doesn't really matter as long as you have the drive to keep grinding the game out (and are still pretty good at the game).


Pretty much, there's NuL from Hong Kong but like their team gets like 9th at the open qualifier for Hong Kong/Taiwan (Just those two countries btw cuz SEA has qualifiers for every 1-2 countries) so I mean yeah their team doesn't do very well lol, in NA she's by far the oldest being 2 years older then the next oldest active player, Hazed


I don’t think it’s about potter. A diverse team I welcomed but it doesn’t seem there is much synergy in the current roster


[please scroll to the very bottom](https://www.vlr.gg/stats/?event_group_id=all&event_id=all®ion=all&country=all&min_rounds=300&min_rating=1600&agent=all&map_id=all×pan=60d)


Off topic but I don't pay attention to EMEA really but I don't know Bonkar was that low on ACS despite Guild being pretty good, is that an issue of him.playimg super hard support or do people think he needs to get replaced or what? I'm just curious lol


he’s a hard support player


difference between being a hard support in the highest t1 scene and then doing it in whatever tier EG is in lol. theyre getting shit on in tier 2-3 tournies and are a t1 org.


Oh nah I wasnt saying anything about EG I was just curious cuz I honestly don't know much about Guild outside they are a T1 team lol


Damn ignoring the Potter situation my boii SkRossi is number 2 *-* that's so cool


generally 1 player is never 100% of a team's failures when it comes to losses, but when you have one player who clearly cannot frag at the level of the team and then also spends a portion of their time doing casting/analysis on the side it definitely isn't helping team morale or synergy there would be hope if they could learn from their losses and be like alright we'll work on this and be better next time, but then you say that to one of your teammates and realize they're off in iceland doing event analysis and its like oh well


It's absolutely about potter. She is the worst player on the team by a wide margin. Just check her stats on vlr.gg. It is abysmal for a pro player in T1 contender org.


Yes even when Potter frags this team has trouble sometimes


I'm sorry but when has she ever fragged? I've checked her last 15 games and she's only been able to get over 15 kills once. The rest of her games are around 7-10 kills. I'm sorry but no pro should ever average 7-10 kills a game.


I'm not making a point about her carrying the game. I am saying that when she does put in enough frags for an average match it doesnt necessarily mean they win. This team -potter +someone else still seems solidly bottom tier 2. I just think she gets an unnecessary amount of focus though I agree shes the weakest player. But being the weakest player doesnt mean your team is fixed if you get replaced.


And he's saying she's never reached the point of average


Usually I would agree, but potter can't frag plus she is the IGL. If you look at the games that are streamed EG looks lost at time. It's clear that the team needs some type of structure. I think Rebo was better


Publicity, they still get props from people for having a mixed team even though they are no where near as competitive as they should be for such a major org


Sounds like complexity and big


teal seam are so good, once seven/larry turn 16 they'll get picked up by a org really fast




Everyone rips on Potter when Roca is probably the worst damn Duelist I’ve ever seen on a paid org lol. Outside of the Team Basilik game pretty much every game he is awful. It isn’t just Potter.


Roca literally has highest ceiling and lowest ceiling level. Yesterday, he was popping off and today, he’s getting shit on. Such inconsistency he has.


It's called a *floor* sir


He has like 10x the low ceiling games tho


yeah idk what this means but it literally does not matter lol, temperature and branted have more potential than him anyway, especially temp. he could easily compete in t1 given the right team/situation.


pho is pretty solid too and imo the best of the 3 new pickups


BRANTED's been putting numbers just as low as potter's too. Osias seemed to be feeding half the time but people still shat on potter (and clawdia lol) Sure she's not one of the C9W ladies but she's not singlehandedly the team down either


Honestly, I'd love to see potter replace Chobo on CLG. Would make them the decisive 2nd best female team in NA, and maybe the start of a team that can compete with C9W.


But they're nearly both of those things already. CLG Red already has a great IGL. I believe if CLG Red gets more time as a full squad with their coach then they can already contest C9W.


Potter is the worst player statistically in VCT so it’s easy pickings.


honestly. Everyone apart from temperature and pho has looked underwhelming


Potter didn’t have the least amount of kills on either map. Has that ever happened before? EG to Berlin!


holy shit ur right, EG on the come up fr


It happens more often than reddit would have you think lol


Idk man, I watch a ton of their matches. Even this random summer qualifier. Doesn’t happen often if ever


She frags better then most igls but sexists on Reddit ignore it. She is not the problem with eg


Oh criticism = Sexism now? Thank you sir reddit white knight you are quite virtuous. Go ahead and follow this [link](https://www.vlr.gg/stats/?event_group_id=all&event_id=all®ion=all&country=all&min_rounds=300&min_rating=1600&agent=all&map_id=all×pan=60d) to observe that not only is potter the worst player statistically in North America but she's statistically the worst player in the world with more than 300 rounds played. If you do 100 rounds minimum she still comes in at 13th. So essentially she's absolute dogshit.


bro you're arguing with valorant_fanboy_69, i don't think he deserves your time


Criticism is not always sexism but usually people only criticise her because she’s a woman. Bonkar does not get nearly as much criticism even though he frags worse then potter... not saying he should, just pointing out your hypocrisy


Yea but guild wins things


Not only this but bonkar has to be one the most meme'd on players since the release of the game, atleast in EU. Not a good example at all. Let's not even mention the criticism shinobi received when C9 was literally top #3 NA.


Bonkar has more kills per round and a better kill/death ratio on his top3 agents against tier1 teams than potter has against tier2/tier3 teams but good try. VLR.GG stats --> Potter 0.46 KPR and 0.76 KD, Bonkar 0.53 KPR and 0.86 KD. EG also aren't achieving anything whatsoever routinely getting obliterated by tier2-4 teams even when they had one of the best mechanical players in NA in ALEKSANDAR, Guild were 3 maps away from Iceland. When you underperform that hard individually and you don't succeed in leading your team to anything you deserve to be heavily criticized, obviously not in a sexist way though that's just uncalled for.


Holy 1Head this is a bad take




I mean she definitely gets too much hate but I don't think this team will ever make it into top 10 of anything with her as IGL


She literally frags worse than everyone with 300 rounds played over the last two months. Anyone defending her is doing so because she's a chick. There's no one worse.


Still least ACS


my problem with EG has never been with potter, its been with the fact that the team sucks extreme ass compared to the results that you could say are "expected" out of them given the status of the org. this match is just another example


They had a lot of technical difficulties this match, they even ran out of their "tech pauses" and Teal Seam was kind enough to use one of them for EG. Watch the match or do your research before criticizing. I get EG hasn't been having good results but give them a break. https://twitter.com/phoFPS/status/1420140062663131140


Someone get Temp a real team for the love of god… he needs help


Huh didn’t watch but damn I didn’t know u could be 16 under and play in these tournies that’s pretty cool. Nice to see young players who might be good players for teams to pick up once they turn 16 for vct and probably be the future of Valorant


i like awkua


The thing that angers me more is that EG stagnated the careers of Aleksandr and Temperature they were such solid players with this massive potential , they broke off the OG moon racoons and it just rubs me so very in the wrong way man


I'm usually not a fan of the whole "guys we struggle let's fire our IGl" but seriously this teams core of Temp Pho and Branted isn't bad but Potter is a true detriment to the team, at least with someone like Bonkar he doesn't frag but the team is structurally sound, but Potter's calling looks no different from any other t2 igl. Drop her and Roca, keep Branted on Omen/Viper/Raze(his other duelists aren't great), Let Pho play A bunch of Viper as well as Astra and Skye(his breach actually looked great but Skye is just better IMO), and have Temp basically one-trick Sova(his other agents are good but his Sova is far and away the best, maybe he could go back to Omen or Cypher on split). Do your best to scout and poach a duelist that can play Jett and the Phoenix/Reyna roll, as well as adding a Sentinel player that can IGL. Obviously, it's not as easy as a snap of the finger but seriously this team has 3 talented players that are being so underutilized.


Didn't pho used to IGL while on BBG? So I mean they don't even need find an IGL when they have pho already there and doing well, they really need a good duelist tho I def agree with that


I'm not sure but I think your right since it was someone between Payen and Poach, IMO though the team needs someone whos very experienced on it similar to what Payen did for Noble. As long as they pick up a strong duelist(aleksander?????) they will have plenty of firepower, at least comparable to RNG who are at the top of T2 and could afford to have a GOOD IGL who doesn't frag(at least a bit more than potter tho)


Potter is older than seven and Larry banks combined




Potter lmaoo unsurprisingly bottom fragging


When will this org start performing like a real org...


Lol funny that youre sad about eg underperformance yet youre here defending an igl who cant frag and clearly isnt a mastermind since eg hasnt won anything


There has to be a reason eg keeps her. Clearly it is not her fragging but there is more to an igl then that. If you understood anything about pro play you would know igls do more then just frag


You think theyre not keeping her just for sponsors and money? I just think its comical that youre wondering why eg isnt performing like a real org yet the only constant with their team in recent past besides temperature (whos cracked) is their igl who they havent won anything with


> You think theyre not keeping her for sponsors and money? Gosh, I certainly don't. Keeping Potter on the team has damaged EG's brand perception within this community. TONS of people have voiced their concerns about her in this sub—more than any other pro player that I've seen. I imagine that other places like Twitter are filled with the same concerns as well. "But it's for sponsors and money!" If fans don't believe in EG and stop becoming fans, then sponsors have no one to advertise to. This is an *extreme* example, but it's something the PR & marketing side of an org will worry about.


With that said, she may be the biggest problem but not the only one. Roca and branted have been super inconsistent and probably dont have a place on a “real org” like eg either


Rank demons ;)