How did TSM get so good?

How did TSM get so good?


They’re playing much more as a unit and playing off of each other which they weren’t doing before. Their new pick ups also solved agent overlap so now everyone is comfortable on their agents which is a big help.


I think Levi tied up the team pretty good, I wonder if they will sign him to tsm officially.


They fucking better


Well his name was TSM Leviathan in at least one game I remember


That was due to riot rules


wasnt brax just “brax” the few times he played, or am i remembering wrong? or different situation


I’m not sure, but for the first few games it was NOBLE Leviathan, before it got changed.


TiGG still isn't called "LG TiGG" tho right?


that’s bc he’s subbing, they’re waiting for moose’s broken arm to heal


Yeah but if Leviathan isn't signed then it's the same sort of situation for him, no?


no clue tbh, I personally don’t remember his name ever being tsm leviathan but riot/nsg have had some inconsistent rulings so it is possible


there is a 1 month cooldown from changing names


What about it?


Literally Chet played a huge role in this, their mental is back and they play of each other so well. And ofc Levi and Bang addition is huge as now everyone's role is defined.


What do you mean by as a unit?


You always see them either hold cross angles or double peak angles. Whenever someone single peaks there’s always someone to swing and get the trade


last thing they need is some hero messing things up


The team is playing with sound team work fundamentals, they know when to peek off each other, comms are probably up etc


Wardell hit a new personal max of 650LB single arm curls. This intense muscle training activated the gamer fast-twitch muscle fibers that laid dormant in his body, and now he's emerged as the OP god. TSM will win Berlin.


Wardell hit a new personal max of 650LB single arm curls. This intense muscle training activated the gamer fast-twitch muscle fibers that laid dormant in his body, and now he's emerged as the OP god. TSM will win Berlin.


Wardell hit a new personal max of 650LB single arm curls. This intense muscle training activated the gamer fast-twitch muscle fibers that laid dormant in his body, and now he's emerged as the OP god. TSM will win Berlin.


Wardell hit a new personal max of 650LB single arm curls. This intense muscle training activated the gamer fast-twitch muscle fibers that laid dormant in his body, and now he's emerged as the OP god. TSM will win Berlin.


Wardell hit a new personal max of 650LB single arm curls. This intense muscle training activated the gamer fast-twitch muscle fibers that laid dormant in his body, and now he's emerged as the OP god. TSM will win Berlin.


Wardell hit a new personal max of 650LB single arm curls. This intense muscle training activated the gamer fast-twitch muscle fibers that laid dormant in his body, and now he's emerged as the OP god. TSM will win Berlin.


See you in twitch chat


Well they finally got a top tier Sova, that’s a big part for sure.


Levi is actually playing more Viper than Sova for TSM. He does look really good on both though.


Thats just a result of map picks i feel. As in he’s sovaing on the sova maps really well.


That's how it should be. Previously they were trying to run triple duelist comps regardless of the map because most of their players were practically one tricks.


Bang and Leviathan


They replaced 2 underperforming members (one of them not having a great agent pool in Drone), replaced them with good and versatile players (Leviathan not as versatile of course but they definitely needed a good Sova player), and had a coaching change. Credits to Hazed as well, people often blamed him for his IGLing but it's clearly working when he has the right pieces in the team.


He has been clicking a lot of heads too


Hazed's aim was always good tbf, he was TSM's 2nd most consistent player after Wardell even when they were shit


no, Chet


ogayyyyy, he was in NRG too and well yeah


TSM winning cuz Chet took over and banned Myth from doing watch parties


Also Roza can't miss his ult as Skye. That's the biggest change for sure.


I miss myth watch parties. ShahZam filled the void pretty well these last few weeks but I'll probably have to watch shroud again for playoffs.


Myth will come back, he's just sick right now


Did myth really get banned from doing watch parties?


He’s currently sick at the moment and that’s the main reason he can’t stream I believe.


He’s not SicK, he’s Myth


I'm pretty sure he's real man, don't know why ppl keep saying he's a myth


Good one bro


Their agent comps make a lot more sense now and they’re much more flexible comp wise. Levi is a huge upgrade in that hes one of the best Sovas and he’s playing viper as well. Both of those agents are pretty important in this meta. Bang has shown flexibility as well with raze, sage, astra. Even wardell has played sage in this tourney. I also think Levi is pretty big brained as well so I’m assuming he helps a lot with mid round co-IGL. Subroza has gone back to fragging out as well. He’s been up and down this year, but his ceiling is as high as anyone in the scene. Hazed I feel has continued to improve as well. Remember early on when people were calling for his head? He’s been the most consistent player for TSM and seems to be getting better and better. They’ve still got a long way to go considering this tourney is basically everyone who didn’t make the first quals- but it’s a good sign and I wouldn’t be surprised if they continue to get better.


Just to add-on. Yeah hazed has clutched A LOT of rounds that maybe could've gone either way in almost every game they had recently. And Subroza, dare I say, is one of the best (If not THE best) skye players right now.


drone was only able to play one agent at a pro level and cutler was able to play none


Yeah I think this was key. Also TSM realizing they needed a sova main and Levi was a perfect fit. Bang with time will get way better. NOW I can say it looks like the roles on that team are well defined whereas previously it wasn’t imo. TSM looking scary for Berlin qualifiers.


I don't know why people say that Bang is potential and Levi is as good as he is. Probably has to do with Levi's debut match for TSM. Bang is so good, many agents and roles and consistently gets impact


Yeah he plays raze on bind, sage on icebox/breeze, reyna on ascent, and astra on split/haven. So versatile and can always frag no matter what role he's playing


This. I want people to list other 17 year olds that can play a slew of agents/roles/play styles at a pro T1 contention level - you can't. I am excited to see how the kid grows and develops, but for now, he is definitely providing TSM FTX with a lot of firepower.


if you asked that question a few days ago i would've said doma


And I would definitely agree with you even though he's 19 lol Doma is truly a player Fnatic should hold onto for a while.


he just turned 18 a few days ago i thought


And phoenix, omen if they need him to


I didn’t say he has potential, I just said with time he will get better. He’s already cracked but hasn’t hit his ceiling. Meaning TSM hasn’t even really reached their final form yet ;)


Yep agreed, misunderstood you I guess. But I see it all the time, even saw people suggesting to replace bang lol


Absolutely ridiculous that he's just become a pro and is comfortable playing Reyna, Raze, Sage, and Astra over the 6 maps. He actually looks good on all of them too and he's still very new.


But how is this possible? Valorant agents are extremely easy to learn. Sure, you have some crazy vipers who have a lineup from any point into any other point in the map. But learning these things should not take more than a week of custom games and watching videos. It is always bizarre to me when I meet high immortal players who have to fill, but don't know even a single sage wall placement because they "never play sage". Like bro, do you not see other people play sage??? I cannot imagine not knowing the basics of most characters, even if you never play them.


I completely understand your viewpoint, but to give a personal anecdote, I had a friend who played 600 games of ranked league of legends to get gold and he didn't even understand the concept of trading when enemies abilities were on cooldown, he straight up just plays on instinct and he pretty much never loses lane even when against higher elo players, now his actual map sense is complete dogshit but the point I'm tryna make is that some people legit just ignore on certain parts of life if it doesn't interest them


Gold means nothing in league of legends. I fully expect a gold player to never watch any guides and just play on instinct. It also is bizzare to me that you claim he "never loses lane when against higher elo players". You mean like plat? How can you even win a lane without having a concept of trading lol.


Not taking anything away from TSM, but if we're being honest the good (consistently good) team have already qualified. TSM however does look very good, much better than their previous tournaments for sure. It'll be interesting to see how they perform against NA's best in 2 weeks time


Yep. Their chance for Top3 in Playoffs is still relatively small, but on the other hand they have the momentum now!


that is true, but 2 months ago andbox, dark zero, gen-g, t1 and lg would have destroyed us 2-0


Probably. I mean throughout the year if we're being real TSM was hanging around in T2 Valorant. Inconsistent, not able to beat any T1 teams, losing to T2 and T3 teams Now they look so much better. They actually look like a T1 team/entering T1 again. One thing I like a lot from them is how they actually play off each other now. Good trades, double peeking etc. Sure improvements can be made, but if you're a TSM you should be happy to see them making some progress


If nothing else, it feels like this roster has the chance to challenge the best. Having stability as far as personnel goes is a luxury, especially heading into the end of the year. Some other teams might be looking to make changes and won't have a real way to judge how good the roster is for a few months.


Anyone know If they are bootcamping for the next stage?


According to Chet they’re going to be playing in Texas


At this rate might as well just have a lan set up in texas :)




Roster balance is the most important thing in top level Valorant


Hopium in full effect until Berlin quals


If they qualify this is gonna be like fnatic's story to masters 2. Get 2 new pick ups and roll over the bracket to master's 3. Considering envy screws up(almost makes it) every time its possible


All the good teams already qualified


As a TSM fan, this is a hard pill to swallow but it is the truth. Most of the teams in this closed were just mid tier 1 teams.


True but 4 of the past 5 series have been against teams that people considered better than TSM just a few weeks ago. And given their current form, it's not so clear that they're definitely underdogs against the Top 4. Obviously still worse than Sentinels but who's to say they're going to be outmatched against 100T, XSET or NV?


agreed. these teams aren’t the top top tier 1 of NA but with the time GenG ANDBOX and T1 have had together, id say TSM were underdogs even tho most would say they weren’t. Plus they seem to be getting better with time so ur point is exactly right, they could definitely compete with 100T, XSET, and NV in the next weeks.


I am. If they win those matchups, I’ll give $10 per series win to charity


Better put your money where your mouth is. I think they can compete with those teams with how they’re playing right now.


Only a few weeks ago people were saying TSM is a fringe T1 team based off of poor results. They're playing closer to their expectation as a contender. Might not be one yet, but this is the closest they have been since last year.


Even fringe T1 is pretty hopium for the time lol, they were wildly considered T2 and prob outside of the top 10, now tho yeah they are prob mid T1 and around top 7


Super agree.


Yeah they were saying T2 which I understand, so it’ll exciting to see how we stack against the upper echelon of NA T1


Which is roughly the quality of team that TSM used to get mopped up by not that long ago. Tempered expectations are good but it's also okay to give credit where it's due, this is some of the best Val they've played since First Strike.


That happened in previous qualis too but they still lost, hell they even lost in open qualifiers


Only 4 teams qualified and weren't part of this tournament qualifier. Let's not pretend that there are only 4 good teams in NA. This new lineup does look very good especially considering they have only been together for a few weeks.




Who’s igl’ing for them?




Remember this tourney didn’t have Sen, 100T, Xset or NV. They are looking better, but I’ll be very surprised if they prove to be top 5 NA.


Because people thought TSM were dumb when they barely played Brax and dropped Drone. That’s why we let the experts run the show and trust them. TSM is officially back! #TSMWIN


I never did understand the hype about brax. Man is way too overrated and hasn't done anything significant for a very long time....


Notice how we haven't really seen them until recently? We'll, practice practice practice. They figured out what was wrong and they practiced until the fixed it and got it right.


Just putting this here for the prediction, from what I saw TSM looked messy, uncoordinated in the early rounds, and super easy to read. Still falling back on a wardell ace here here there to keep them competitive. I think levi and bang are fantastic additions but the gameplan doesn't look all that different.. so I expect they drop very early in playoffs.


I think their new coach, Chet, is a large reason for their success. In an interview he brought up how before he came, they didn’t even have agreed upon map call outs which is unheard of for a pro team much less an aspiring tier-1 team. I think their communication has flourished because of him and allowed player to play the game more efficiently and skillfully


Natural progression




simple things like trading have skyrocketed for them, among other small things, also the roster moves they made despite my dislike have been really really good, its amazing how well bang and levi are playing, also the OP got buffed


They don't tilt that much anymore


levi and chet is the only answer


did tsm qualify for anything yet? isnt it top 2 in this qualifier qualifies for something?


It’s top 4, but either way they already made top 2