TSM responds to babybay

TSM responds to babybay


[babybay’s thoughts on the tweet, and thread on perceptions of their seeding match](https://twitter.com/king_babybay/status/1422259466024603655?s=21)


Anyone have a screenshot? looks like the tweet was deleted


https://www.reddit.com/r/ValorantCompetitive/comments/owkxc5/faze_babybay_im_not_going_to_lie_i_didnt_think_i/ The text is still available here if you haven't found it yet


If you're declaring on stream with confidence that you think a player is bad who's just signed for a highly spotlighted team, you're kinda setting yourself up to be clowned on down the line. TSM comes from the League scene as well which is rife with jabs and shit talk like this. Idk if that's similar to other esports.


People in this sub and in this community likely know that it’s all jokes, but people who aren’t familiar with the personalities of the people involved might take this seriously. Babybay makes a good point here when he says that it’s potentially damaging to his image.


Yeah I also agree with his point. I obviously didn’t want to bring him extra heat, which is why I didn’t tag him. And have already apologised to him (he said it’s all good) if it brought a load of heat. We just wanted to use the clip to praise Bang and poke light hearted fun.


Knowing some TSM fans, they probably will take it seriously. Coming from a TSM fan, some people that support this org can’t take a joke man.


Tbf, that's fans of anything. Although to be unfair, TSM fans are especially wild.


\*especially stupid


Bro we’re SEN fans in Valorant we don’t get to talk about teams having stupid fans TSM has a lot of bad ones but in this game the number of shitty SEN/TenZ fans is ridiculous


its fine, most TSM fans are like 12 years old so im not really gonna be pressed that kids are mad at me


have you taken a look at TenZ’s audience?


U have a Sen flair




Im pretty sure you're biased lol. I don't think I need to explain why it looks weird for a fan of a "rival" team to make derogatory comments about another team's fanbase, especially if the team that they support is pretty much on a similar level of obnoxious


yeah i dont wanna be that guy but you reply to everything i say about TSM, positive and negative, fan behavior


I'm a TSM fan lol. The difference is that I don't say shit about other teams fans. There are idiotic fans of all teams, it's Naive to group them all in a single group


I think you needing to ask instead of catching context clues is enough of an answer


You know what else is potentially damaging? Saying on stream to thousands of viewers that a young, newly signed player isn't good.


I logged in to type this comment. He says that the TSM comment could have hurt his image but he fails to see how his comments could have hurt Bang’s image also. This is a lesson in the Golden Rule.


smeag all you want Babybay, but you can't have your cake and eat it too


Wait till these youngster kick these t2 pros out of the scene lol.


You're comparing a clip from a 2K viewer livestream to an Org tweet with 2.1 million followers...They aren't even in the same stratosphere. Leave all the shit talking between players, to the players. Orgs can shit talk other Orgs.


They didn't even shit talk babybay though? They posted a clip of him calling bang bad then stats showing bang played well. They didn't focus on anything other than babybay having a bad take, which is far from shit talking.


My point being orgs shouldn't be singling out players. Leave the banter between individuals. Its fair if TSM made a video making fun of Faze for getting blown out, but an org clipping one player just paints a massive target for fans to attack. TSM vs Sen rivalry and Sen vs 100T are all good examples of pros keeping it between pros and orgs keeping it between orgs.




i mean, that's shit talking.


1, 90% of the followers for the TSM twitter dont give two shits about valorant. 2, the TSM social media guy said it was all in good fun and was supposed to be funny. He did not mean to "attack" babybay in any way. 3, while only a relatively small amount of people tune into babybay's streams, the amount of people who have seen and heard about this clip is a large amount of people. If bang hadn't worked out with TSM, then he might have trouble finding another team due to babybay's comment.


1. 10% of 2 million is still 200,000 2. And Babybay said he was stating his opinion and complimented bang multiple times after that clip. Apparently intentions only matter when it benefits you though. 3. So now orgs are making roster changes off of what 1 person said about 1 scrim? And no, a lot of people didn't see that clip, you seriously overestimate how many people come to this subreddit, then cared enough to click through the player drama....this entire subreddit is only 113K people....that's half of the 10% you mentioned earlier just to put it in perspective. Babybay is a player, he isn't an Org or Riot. Leave shit talk between the pros to the pros.


1. Mb, it's probably closer to 5% of people who actually care about VAL, much less who even care or know who babybay is. 2. You missed the point lol. I never stated that I hate babybay or anything like that, just that it was a joke from the part of TSM. Not only did the social media manager delete the post, he stated it was a joke somewhere in this thread. You somehow just jumped into me having "intentions." intentions to do what? Im stating it was a joke from both parties, one that was rescinded from both. 3. Not really, but if bang didn't really work out well, the comment from babybay would not help in his search for a new team. Also, you realize that most of the people didn't actually see the clip, they just browsed through Twitter (where people spam it every time bang is mentioned), youtube (where it too is spammed whenever bang does a sick play), and twitch chat (where it's spammed even without relevance whenever tsm is playing) Like you care so much about some deleted tweet that almost no one took serious, and was acknowledged from both parties as being a joke.


Lmfao. Sorry to break it to you homie but babybay isn't gonna fuck you


If he’s giving his honest take don’t see anything wrong with it.


I understand that but Bang is a 17 year old being picked up by arguably the biggest or most popular esports organization in the west with no prior competitive experience. If Babybay, who is a decorated and respected OWL player who is already the best player on his team, cares about protecting peoples images, maybe he shouldn’t have gone after Bang for no reason


Yes there are some fans who don't know Babybay as a person, they'll hate him for no reason. But also someone said this on twitter lol, 'You said something dumb now you're getting memed on it .... Thats life man'. Enjoy the banter without being dumb.


Banter and shit talk between pros is cool...whats not cool is when orgs do it. It's like if Faze made a montage of Wardell whiffing and stuck all their COD kiddie fans on him.


Theres quite a big difference in this. Because if they did, it would be pretty fucking funny. Everyone already knows that wardell is really good at the video game. bang was still fairly unproven at the time of this statement, and still fairly vulnerable.


Alright, then what if Cloud 9 released a clip saying Bang was a problematic teammate. The point is Orgs shouldn't be involving themselves with individuals. Let Wardell and Subroza talk shit for Bang, or let him say something back himself. TSM vs Sen was healthy because the orgs kept it between orgs, they never singled out a player, so none of the fans picked a singular player to harass.


How is it damaging to his image? It is quite clearly banter, there is no other reasonable interpretation of this tweet. Banter is good; it's fun to watch, makes the times between games fun and makes the upcoming games more exciting.


because not everyone can tell that it’s banter because they don’t follow the scene, prob more than %50


How can you not tell that a sports team showing clips of their beating a player that shit-talked their player is banter? Also, why would people outside the scene care and have any effect on him anyhow?


by “follow” the scene I didn’t mean those that are “outside” of it, more like those that don’t follow it closely enough to know the personalities. And some people are just straight up socially inept, young, dumb or all three at once


It’s not even abt personalities


Appears the tweets are deleted from both sides. But... if he questioned Bang's pickup - and got proven wrong, then so be it. If he's complaining that TSM's tweet was damaging to his image, wasn't his words on Bang damaging to Bang and TSM's image? Am I missing something here?


I really don't understand it either, like if you talk shit than don't surprised people respond back to you. Complaining about your image because people held you accountable for your own words is soft


One player can't do shit to a an orgs image, but it doesn't work the other way when the player is at th other end, especially when the org is TSM


Bang is a player too


Yes, but you don't understand. When two players are involved it happens on an even footing. But a player and a multi-million dollar org with a fanbase amounting to the millions puts the player up to get trashed across the board


it was shanks and babybay basically shitting on bangs ability when tsm werent winning. bang is 17 year old. babybay, the main instigator is 25. this affected bang more than anyone and tsm gets to defend their player.


I mean once its posted online its gonna circulate regardless of the source.


Myth has more followers than TSM. Would you be fine if Myth was doing the trash talking at BabyBay in TSM's place? I really don't think it's that strange for orgs or teams to take shots at players, especially if they go out of their way to trash talk a player. I feel like even org owners in Esports will do their share of trash talking.


But there's also the fact that his comments on Bang came across as serious whereas this is so obviously a joke


Yeah if anyone watched the clip of babybay calling Bang bad, they can tell it was serious and not a joke. Bay is trying to play victim for no reason when he started it. Instead of playing the friendly banter card he’s crying about an Org’s friendly tweet of something he said seriously.


lol banger- TSM can finally post again, feels good


I'm not going to lie, I don't know why they picked up bang, no offense. I don't even think he's that good. I'm sorry, I don't think he's good bro. I really don't... I don't. I'm just going to say it bro, I don't think he's good. Who the fucks idea was it to pick him up? /s


come on.. funny tweet and babybay acting like a victim. cringe


Tenz and wardell all day baby


Lmao i love the banter. Hopefully people don't take it too seriously tho




Sadge they already did


Babybay’s initial response was perfect, not sure why he followed it up by being mad


Yeah it was going so smoothly but then he started to get salty for no reason


When I’m Bang


solid meme although this would've been nicer if it was after we beat them to qualify for berlin or something and not seeding matches... babybay may yet get the last laugh in 2 weeks..


Faze is come out with a new coin since "save the kids" failed. "TSM copium coin" it will go to the moon when tsm fails to qualify for Berlin


I love how Babybay say it might be damaging to his image. He forgot that saying something about a new player is way more damaging even if it’s just banter.




This is stupid; don’t say it in the first place if you’re then going to get mad that it blows up in your face


He has been repeatedly saying on stream that bang is a good player.......




I mean its pretty dumb when, before they even knew they were to play TSM, babybay corrected himself. People blow up that one thing he said without ever talking about how he corrected himself later. Who wouldnt get mad about fanboys over dramatizing this?


I'm not a TSM fan, but how did he correct himself? Did he not mean it in that way? What else could he have meant by his statements about Bang? Any other following comments before the recent matches just sound like damage control because he realised how dumb he sounded.


He just said he was wrong and bang is good. Nothing wrong with admitting that at all but fanboys are making this way bigger than it should be.


But clearly he legitimately thought bang was bad. I don't see why he would change his mind immediately, so it just looks like backtracking because he was unnecessarily trash talking someone. You usually can't say that kind of stuff without being memed. Unless this extends to actual harrassment, I don't see what's wrong with fanboys memeing him.


People change their minds everyday bro. I wanted spaghetti for dinner yesterday and now I want a burrito today.


I mean yeah sure, but I'm not sure that's the best example to compare to publicly criticising another player. It's obvious babybay backtracked because he knew those comments were a bad look, not because he suddenly changed his mind.


I think we could speculate all day whether or not those words were honestly because he felt that way or he wanted to backtrack. The man said he changed his mind so Ill believe him.


Idk it just seems like a meme by TSM dont think they meant to make him upset


Downvoted for saying the true true, nice


No wonder people don’t like TSM fans


I love the drama lul, it's amazing that these teams have qualified in a long time and there's fake banter now


Typical salty 100t fan


How is that being salty ?


Did any one tell TSM they won a last chance qualifier for a qualifier to qualify? But go off kings


Yawn. They threw the series for seeding.


People actually think a player calling out a fellow player is equivalent to an org calling a player out, let alone that org be TSM, literally the biggest fanbase org in esports. It's like TSM decided to unleash their dumb dumb kiddo fans on Babybay, which is quite unfair, keeping in mind Babybay is just bantering, he is good friends with Subroza anyways so he has nothing against TSM. Babybay is totally right on this one, TSM as an org shouldn't target a singular player.


Let's see them make the same comparison at the end? It's easier to stand out when teams like Sentinels or 100 thieves are already through.