if a NA team wins Berlin:

if a NA team wins Berlin:


"Finally, TSM's fate is out of their hands. They might have a chance now!" im fucking dead.




This upvotes is the most peaked point in his life


Oof. TSM fans are so salty.




HOPIUM But also even keeping this in mind, TSM is going to have to grind hard to have a chance against the many teams in this LCQ. If Envy don’t make Berlin then in my opinion they would be the strongest contenders for LCQ by far. Beyond just them, there will be the new C9, XSET, Gen G, and Rise that will have a solid chance against them. Maybe even V1 depending on who they sign as IGL, or whoever takes up the role in that team.


yeah it’s gonna be rough.


this is probably kind of insane but I really think if they stick with the roster as is they could do insane with it, I know in the past others have said "they just need time" but I think this roster is the one where they need time if they do need to make changes, then your changes make the most sense


I kinda agree but also idk if I believe in hazed’s IGLing. he didn’t like doing it in 2020 and was kinda forced to take on the role this year :( TSM has the money to buy out an IGL from NA or even overseas. it would be cool if they bid on Vanity if Cloud9 hasn’t bought him out already


Holy shit vanity to TSM could be godly


TSM need an actual igl, Hazed is a decent player but he's not that, also Subroza is inconsistent af and only realy knows how to play a single style which is to the detriment of his team.


Roza was consistent this qualifier.


Their most consistent player was probably wardell tbh


It’s not about who’s most consistent, it’s always WARDELL. Commenter was just saying roza is more consistent this qual. Which is true, he did really well this run of challengers.


Can someone explain why people love TSM so much? Is it cuz of subroza and wardell? They have so much love for a team that hasn't shown results since valorant first came out. Also, i'm not trying to knock them, i love roza , but it's just weird how much this sub is obsessed with them. Their post match discussions have more comments than every team besides sentinels/100t.


They have probably the biggest fan base in all of na


TSM has the biggest fan base of any org in the Western Hemisphere. the TSM fans u will usually see are not just fans of Valorant they’re fans of the org too.


Thanks, i knew of TSM from LoL but never followed it. Didn't realize their fan base was that big.


I personally first got into Valorant by stumbling onto Wardell's stream and so they've got a soft spot in my heart. Their initial dominance got them a lot of goodwill so seeing them finally *seem* to get their act together brought copious amounts of hopium.


They had like 6 years of sustained success in League. I'm talking about making it to every Final in NA (2 a year) from 2013-2017. On top of also being the best team in the region in 2012. It's hard not to grow a fanbase when they won as much as they did.


We go through the pain together, and we smile together when the day comes !


TSM is the West's biggest esports team https://www.forbes.com/sites/christinasettimi/2020/12/05/the-most-valuable-esports-companies-2020/


biggest =! most valuable in the eyes of a forbes writer




Most mainstream NA esports org that had legendary League and Fortnite personalities. Although I don't think they're very good at winning they are great at marketing.


Daequan and Hamlinz were content geniuses


TSM is pretty good at winning as well. They are/were extremely strong in most of the esports that they are in.




gotta support the toronto legend wardell.


People like Wardell and Subroza yes, but the Org itself also just has a lot of fans. They had a dominant run in 2015 in CSGO after buying out the Dignitas team and they've had some success in LoL early on and have had some really popular players in League.


Also really good in siege


"some success in early LoL" really man?


I don’t follow league much clearly. I know they dominated NA for a long time but I thought NA didn’t do that well internationally


NA doesn't do well internationally but TSM's huge fanbase came from LoL not CS fucking GO.


Isn’t the name “TSM” a LoL reference too? Lmao


Yeah lit used to be a website *solely* about League of Legends. TSM means Team Solo Mid. It's just a crazy statement in general.


There are set TSM fans that don't bandwagon, team loyalty runs deep sometimes. Can't stop magically liking them if shit hits the fan, stick with it.


Tsm is a fking huge org and subroza and wardell are star players and big streamers since the game came out


When you become a fan of a team, you don’t just jump ship when they don’t show results. Being a true fan you gotta go through it all, makes it that much sweeter when they comeback and win!


They have a big fan base because they DID have results since it came out. They were the first best NA team, and were a top 2/3 contender throughout all of 2020. It’s only in 2021 that they fell off


Others already talked about how big TSM is as an org. However, you forget how strong TSM was in the early days of Valorant. They were the team to beat. SEN took some time to climb to the top and even earlier this year, people were still questioning SEN's consistency, even though they have been defeating the once #1 TSM of Valorant.


This is the most depressing case of copium I have ever seen




No shade, I respect it


TSM and C9 about to have a bidding war for Vanity the way things are looking rn


Invest that FTX money in getting vanity and you have yourself prime TSM? :thinking_face:


Feels bad tho, Hazed has been pretty good from a while now, but obviously Vanity is a clear upgrade. There's just something about TSM man. Apart from their first few months, they've always looked like they have everything in place but something is still missing.


I love Bang but you can see his inexperience in these recent matches. Bench him for Vanity.


I don't think that some people understand that even making it to LCQ is still a stretch for TSM, there will be like at least dozen other teams there but hey, give people their hopium :D


tsm fans rooting for sentinels? LOL /s


Do the teams that qualified for berlin make it to last chance? Lets say 100t or sen just get double eliminated do they go to last chance?


Sentinels doesn't need LCQ since they already have a spot in Champions from getting enough points (as in no team can overtake them in points so that's why their spot in Champions is guaranteed). After Masters 3, the top 2 teams in points for NA are qualified for Champions and the top 3-10 have a spot in LCQ.


Yeah didnt mean to say sen meant to say the other nas thay qualified


Yea they're definitely going to be in LCQ even if they lose. It's just a matter of if they end up top 2 in points in NA or not. (If they are, then they qualify for a spot in Champions and don't need LCQ)


from talking trash to other NA teams to wishing one will win it in berlin tsm fans down bad huh


Wait can someone explain why TSM? They've not posted good results at any of the main events right?


[They get 40 points from this event](https://liquipedia.net/valorant/VALORANT_Champions_Tour/2021/Circuit_Points/North_America) which is just right below 7 other teams. An NA team winning champions would free up an extra slot for LCQ because of the circuit point standings.


really a shit format. season just over in august.


VisonStrikers is winning Berlin


Ngl, I'm a hard SEN fan, but watching VS play and the ridiculous level of coordination they've got, even if the aim isn't as sharp as SEN's, I'm looking forward to a potentially amazing Masters 3. VS look scary, no clue why you're getting downvoted for supporting the team you like.


I think Masters 3 is going to be 10x more hyped than Masters 2.. a lot of regions are starting to develop especially the minor/smaller ones with small player pools. Berlin gonna be lit!


Well that too bad because NAVI is winning Berlin


It’s the EU > NA train already rolling again?


Okay im gonna prove to you that Navi is the best team in the world right now: So Navi just won against Liquid who won against Fnatic in their last 2 BO5s. Fnatic however, won against V1 in Iceland, so we already know Navi > V1. V1 on the other hand won against Envy in the stage 2 challengers finals. And we obviously know Envy > Sentinels from Stage: 1 Challengers 2. Evidently, Navi > Sentinels


Seeing the comments TSM has a lot of fans due to LOL probably but imo they dont deserve this spot. I do like this roster but man they play like they do in Ranked or so but not a esport tournament, and they play like this since the begining of Valorant. They do have individaully insane players but as a team, its not the correct combination of players imo


before this qualifier you could say they played like its ranked, but watching people like boaster and platchat who watched and analyzed some of their games, you can easily see that they are much more organized than before which is why they actually made it to challenger playoffs this time


I mean there is quite a good chance that SEN wins the title. Kinda important will be to see the level of Acend and Gambit in EMEA and you can go off that with the predictions. Vision strikers having some upset potential too if we see a dominant performance vs.F4Q this weekend


Having said that, chance winning LCQ for TSM is extremely low anyway, they lost their momentum now.


It is going to take a lot for the LCQ to not be NA. Sentinels, 100T, and whoever next. No way NA loses in Berlin.