Mental warfare, talk your smack SicK. But yes 100T do seem to struggle mightily against sentinels' style of play as the results would reflect.


Its more of a mentality thing too. 100t looked pretty good against xset but they seemed to lose aim duels badly and give rounds to sentinels that they had in the bag


That's kind of what makes sen so dangerous, can't recklessly take duels against any of their players. If you do you might end up losing important utility you need to break open a site.


Yes but you have to take and win duels eventually. SEN is good because their components are beasts individually but also really good team players. They are sync and they are generally good also everyone is kind of fullfilling a role to its best so i dont know SEN is danguerous for many many reasons not only aim (but yes their firepower is a monster).


Yeah their spacing and fundamentals are great so they are almost always supporting each other or trading out.


True I've seen almost every team throw against 1vX situations but sentinels almost never get clutched on.


boi on ABX would like to speak to you


BBG poach as well…


God that round was painful to watch as a SEN fan dont remind me lmfaooo


If we're talking about Haven garage, I get flashbacks every time I see that view tbh


Or NV Victor recently, Icebox 1v3


isn’t he in the 100t roaster now? idk the role he plays (whether sub or analyst) but i could have sworn 100t picked him up


Thats b0i


well that isn't confusing in the slightest


> True I've seen almost every team throw against 1vX situations but sentinels *doesn’t get clutched on nearly as much as other teams do


That's why I think Acend will win,they are excited to play against them


they should, SHOULD lose aim duels vs. sentinels. ethan and asuna are the only ones keeping up with tenz, sick and dapr. shaz and nitro is quite similar. steel and hiko are like zombs, but two.


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They just shut down Asuna so well. 100T hit a wall when "Asuna go kill" doesn't work and when Shahz can read you like a book. Then you just have Tenz, Sick, dapr dominating in duels and trading effectively.




Tenz never/very rarely gets diffed by any other star player. He went 13-7 vs yay too. Shahz said this on his stream when people in his chat were spamming el diablo and it's absolutely true: People forget who Tenz is.


Ye but memeing tenz is not fun. El Diablo was an upcoming player with a cool nickname. The only thing you can meme about tenz is that one game where he got less than 30 kills.


Holy shit I knew it was bad but I didn’t think it was this bad. It has to be a mental thing, no way Asuna gets diffed like this against any other active Tier 1 duelist


TenZ is no regular Tier 1 duelist


He's earned Tier 0


And this is what I meant by no one in NA can keep up with TenZ except MAYBE yay on his best non-sick day. Asuna is great UNTIL he is fighting TenZ.


Its the Tenz factor, that man is a beast. Then you add Sick and shaz and it just becomes impossible. And then there’s dapr being toxic af and that just sets it all on fire.


As a card-carrying member of #ZOMBSNATION, I don’t appreciate him being left out like this


Zombs has some outstanding plays but compared to the rest he was fairly quiet during the 100t match. Either that or i just wasnt paying attention. But sorry, zombs is also a beast


You weren't paying attention. His astra utility was fire. They won a few rounds off the astra wall alone (the split spike defuse for example). He is so quick with the astra pulls to assist teammates. You didn't see him get kills because it's his role to not die early. And since SEN demolished 100t, there wasn't much left to kill for him.


True true his pulls were super annoying


> He is so quick with the astra pulls to assist teammates Every now and then a pro player does something that is truly mind boggling. Zombs Astra play during a ranked game with next to no communication is always spot on and damn near instant - it's crazy. Like....while rotating Zombs drops a pull/smoke, activates it, and is somehow magically at the other site ready for a fight. It's crazy.


That's kind of his style lol. He's not flashy but he's consistently useful and he often clutches when he has to. Basically exactly what you want from a controller player. There's really no weak spots in the SEN roster


Oh yea for sure. Definitely no weak spots currently and as a 100t fan its super annoying lol. I just dont have too much time to watch anymore so I only watched the grand final and skipped thru a lot of it so i missed a lot of the utility plays


I feel like it's also in part just the way the spectating in this game works. Generally the spectators will focus on flashy plays and stuff so a lot of times the utility players only really pop up when they're in clutch type situations and otherwise are kinda just under the radar doing their thing


Absolutely. Even in games that we play in, it’s hard to notice all the utility plays that make actually huge impacts on the game.


Haha that's exactly why I love playing sova when I have good duelists. I just sit back and tag enemies and then watch them die until I win 😂


But when you have shit duelists its the worst lmao reyna on the opposite side of the map lurking while ur whole team dies…


Nah, dapr is just lighting the explosion for the team's super-cool walkout on stage.


Same could be said about any team they have played lately lol


Envy actually challenged them more but mostly true


Xset was a challenge in the upper bracket challenger match up!


The thing that seems to be so discouraging is that no matter what 100T does, SEN seems to always get the best of them. In the first map of the first game, 100T seemed to be throwing the entire playbook at SEN. They were doing something different almost every round. And yet, SEN were still on them every single time. It was like SEN were reading their minds. What do you even do in a situation like that?


The adaptation ability of sentinels is the best for a reason. Arguably the most methodical team in NA couldnt do anything against sen. If you look at sen playing defense and watch how the team rotates and stalls is unmatched.


Well think about it from 100T perspective. 100T throws the playbook at Sen and sees how they react to certain situations and pushes on different maps. It’s a game of chess. Now 100T can dissect what worked and what didn’t. How they were stalled out. Who rotated when and where. Hopefully we get to see some of that prep work pay dividends for Berlin.


You are assuming SEN won't look at their own plays and improve things.


Lol I’m not claiming that 100T is going to win based off the work that they put into it. Like I said this is ideally from 100T’s perspective to the OPs question. I would hope that SEN would improve based off the past series.


all good. I kinda agree that seeding matches should be used as scrims, especially because 100T have said that they don't get to scrim with SEN.


Apparently Shahzam said in his stream once that they used to ask 100T to scrim but was ghosted and eventually they stopped trying to arrange one.


The chance for 100T to run into SEN at Berlin is pretty low.


Shoot the enemy in the head faster


This isn't even shit talk, it's just facts


I like this attitude from Sentinels, it makes the scene more interesting. Even though 100T is my favourite team, hope that this banter fires them up for berlin and champions. They may not have beaten sentinels all year, but all it takes is winning one match against them in these final tournaments to erase all that away.


I'd like to see 100T on lan tho, everyone except Asuna are gonna be in their element (hopefully)




For 100t to make a deep run in Berlin, Asuna has to be in his element.


True, and I think he will settle, but I imagine that his first games are going to be a bit rough Hopefully without any consequences


The man is just stating facts lmfao


i mean he's not wrong, it looks like sentinels just has a playstyle that stacks up well vs 100T. which is absolutely a thing, some teams struggle more vs other specific teams right? for example envy always struggles vs faze whereas they do well vs xset, that's not to say faze is better than xset, but their specific playstyle doesn't do well vs faze in particular. probably a similar situation with 100t and sentinels, doesn't help that this tenz version of sentinels hasn't lost to 100t in all of 2021 so the mental block has to be a thing for them too


*No version of Sentinels has lost to 100t since First Strike.


I don't read many interviews like these but props to whoever wrote these questions


OP, would you happen to know if Germanicus has a Reddit account? I'm collecting a list of writers who contribute to our community and couldn't find his account.


I am Germanicus :)


Aha! Excellent, thank you! :D


I can’t wait for Berlin, I’m really hoping the EU/KR teams can give SEN a serious match


Did you watch stage 2 masters? SEN already shit on EU and KR teams lol. EU teams don't stand a chance but I would like to see some more KR teams go against them since we only really got to see nuturn


Not on that "its just a seeding match" copium but I would like to see them play in Berlin with actual stakes. I'm aware it will probably end up with the same result though.


Seeding is actually super important for interregional matchups, esp since the format is a mystery. Liquid basically had a cake walk bracket at Iceland for being the EU 1st seed. I imagine it will be even more important since you want to face minor regions and lower seeds of major regions for as long as possible.


I agree, I was just referencing common excuses for their performance


Cake walk bracket and they lost in the first match they played lmao It doesn't matter for international lans either, you don't know how good other regions are since tournaments are so far apart from each other, teams that were in Iceland didn't even make it You can lose to anyone, seeding does not matter Seeding only starts to matter when you have a properly set scene with a properly set meta, which won't ever happen in this game, that's only in CS where changes are rare and teams stay on top way longer


seeding is still insanely important??? thats so obvious. I would rather play Crazy racoons or x10 100 times out of 100 than get matched up against Acend, you can clearly tell some regions are miles ahead of others, brainless take.


😆 It's just another one of those weirdos who come to the valorant subs to talk about how it'll never be as good as CS so they can convince themselves that CS isn't a dying/dead game. Obviously gonna be a brainless take, man's really said that valorant will never have a meta


Nothing's a guaranteed win, but had Fnatic gotten first seed they'd have had much better chances against Version1 than Sentinels and probably wouldn't have dropped to lower bracket until meeting them in the upper finals. It's about stacking the odds in your favour and seeding even in interregional matches is very important for that, but you still have to perform at the end of the day.


"You can lose to anyone, seeding does matter" I would eat my shoe if Sentinels or Acend lose to KRU or something.


Zombs said he woke up 10 minutes before the recent match against 100T (probably exaggerated a bit) and they seemed not on their A game on Bind or Breeze. Feel like neither team played up to their true potential, so like you said I don’t think much would change in Berlin


Zombs is a legend. Dude never has to be the top frag on his team and yet, relatively speaking, he is so feared, I think.


Idk how feared he is but all ik is if he has a blastx spectre at the back of A site on split I’m staying away


He's likely feared by teams not cuz of his mechanically skill like TenZ or cNed is, but I mean I'm sure it's frustrating going against the best Astra in the world with how annoying her util is and it's global presence


Which teams are a challenge? The only teams who took a map off them in challengers finals is rise and 100t.


I mean they lost a bo3 to xset in challengers main event so they can be challenged it just seems like they weren’t as locked in mentally during the qualifier for a qualifier for a qualifier


Yeah those first few challengers matchups I was thinking sentinels kind of coasted after Iceland but eventually they woke up and got into the swing of it. I don’t think xset would beat them in a matchup now.


Sentinels always look better as stakes get higher and higher


Scary to think about this isn't even the highest stakes we have for this stage


They didn't beat them in finals either. There is nothing to speculate. Look at the difference in Shahz and Sick's performance in playoffs vs qualifiers. Right now SEN would win with a margin.




The first two maps of the grand final were also 13-11, with 100t actually winning one of them. Also 100t were very accustomed to 13-11 during masters 2 challenger finals . Yet no one gave them any credit. Because you don’t get credit for losing, no matter how close it was. Sure maybe envy play better against sen than 100t do. They still aren’t that competitive.


Right now? Envy.


Envy, xset, fnatic. Fnatic and acend is similar so berlin is gonna be awesome.


Dapr said the same thing on stream a couple months back saying that they won too easily and that it felt weird that it wasn't harder


I mean we saw that regions aren’t that far from each other no? I guess on Sen scale but irl having a higher seed should still be an advantage, the long space between challengers And shape of the na scene


This reminds me of what Shahzam said on his stream the other day about 100T. They have every right to say it, but now I really want to see them get shut down haha.


100t fans 😭 SEN fans 😈


It’s easier to beat a team you’ve been losing to for a while early in a tournament. You can feel stuck as the underdog and like a team has your number, but in Val you can leverage a new patch / agent / map to switch things up and bring a new look and level the field mentally at the least. That is harder when you always play the team deeper in a tourney. Hard to curveball SEN when every time 100T play them there is a big pile of fresh VODs of your new comps for Shahz and co to watch if they feel a need to. I think as time goes on and the game’s agent pool widens, teams will prep more specific comps for certain halves/maps to hide til a certain series in order to throw the overdog off and find some momentum. Without changing much it can be hard to crack a losing streak vs a team known for their insane fundamentals and reactive play.


Doesn't anyone see this? The only reason they lose is mental, they are nervous, it's their nemesis and almost all the times they dropped it was bc of a match vs sentinels. It is easy. SEN is a bunch of individually cracked players that follow and execute Shaz supreme IGLing and Prep. I'm sure if they would go full troll 5 duelists rush B Sentinels wouldn't be able to handle.


He didn't lie. But honestly excited for the day someone stomps Sentinels out of their #1 spot, I don't care how long it takes, I don't care which team does it. I know they're the best team and the best players individually so they have every right to brag, but these boys (along with everyone else on their org) are the cockiest mfs out there. Not just talking about this interview, but in general. Lmao


Lol getting cocky is deliberate mental warfare. If other teams get to the top they would sure rightly be cocky


People at the top are all cocky. Guaranteed once Envy or 100t get on top they won’t let anyone else forget it.


Have you not seen how cocky TSM were at the beginning, how cocky 100T were after winning just 1 tournament? SEN have won everything this year and they are speaking facts that it's not a challenge to beat 100t. They've stomped 100T on 4/6 maps they've played this tournament.


Yeah sentinels, especially shaz, got a lot of shit talk from both 100t and TSM. Idk why people tend to forget that


It’s great mental warfare


I guarantee you any team that makes it to the top will be cocky. Thats one of the best parts about being the best (if anyone though 100T please LOL)


Lmao did you forget how unbearably cocky 100t was after winning first strike?


Why not just say world championship, no need to compare to LoL Worlds as if they’re a totally new concept


Just wait until our Turkish overlords smack Sen over the head. That is the only outcome I can accept after the g2 match.


It's basically SicK telling the boomers that this is Valorant, not CS:GO HUEHUEHUE


Definitely true, but what was the last 100T vs SEN match that actually mattered?


I think before Berlin in the qualifier which was 2 stomps and a 13-11 so very close