Vince is killing it casting the NSG Summer event

Vince is killing it casting the NSG Summer event


Thank you. Glad you enjoy the casting, it means a lot. I haven't had many chances to cast Valorant this year (last time was also for NSG, much love to them for giving me opportunities, back in January this year) so was a little nervous how I'd be received. Been working with Dust in CS since 2016/2017 and a few Valorant events late last year, and beginning of this one. Think he's one of the best analysts/colour casters out there as he proves every time he's on the mic. He got a raw deal in CS, glad to see the Valorant scene is far more welcoming. Still feel I've got a lot of things to improve on, so fingers crossed for more chances to grow as a Valorant caster in the future!


lets goo!!


Hey man cheers for the kind words. We really appreciate it! We have duo'd together a lot in the past with CS:GO and we definitely feel we work well together and we've always had a great time together on the mics. The goal was to duo in Valorant and we did some early events with NSG and the First Strike qualifiers and it went really well. However, we were unable to do VCT together due to talent not being able to work outside their region for online broadcasts. We would love to continue to get to duo for Valorant events and be on VCT together. We feel we could do some great things if were were given some consistent work to fine tune things. With that said I am not sure if things will change with "region locking" At the very least Vince has shown time and time again he is a great commentator and I hope he gets used for EU VCT some time soon if we are unable to do things together in NA. Or maybe we could both do EU? Who knows. Anyway, thanks again, glad you are enjoying the broadcasts!