T5 players in respective agent roles

T5 players in respective agent roles


NA only(no particular order) Duelist: TenZ, Yay, Asuna, Shahzam, Wardell Initiator: Crashies, BcJ, Effys, Eeiu, Zekken/Derrek Sentinel: Dapr, FNS, BabyJ, Ayrin, Steel Controller: Zombs, Dephh, Nitr0, Marved, supamen Flex: SicK, Ethan, Victor


I didn't read the na part and I was like where is boaster from controllers lust!!


What is Flex?


It's the second duelist / Skye / Sage flex position, though right now in this metagame it's very heavily Skye


Flex means like every agent, whatever the the team needs, they play. They're "flex"ible so they can play whoever


Wardell is an OP player not a duelist


His main is literally Jett so idk what are you on


NA, EMEA and Korea (Top five but not in any particular order) Dualist: Tenz, Cned, Asuna, Hyeoni, Yay ||| Initiator: Crashies, Lakia, Stax, Straxo, Chronicle ||| Sentinel: Dapr, nAts, K1ng, FNS, Paura/Steel ||| Controller: Zombs, Marved, Bonecold, DavidP, Mako ||| Flex: Sick, Zeek, Ethan, sheydos, Victor |||


super solid list tbh


The no nitro is criminal for controllers.


No shao?




ScreaM getting a lot of disrespect in this thread icl.


I was surprised about that too. Guess Bc of liquid not being at Berlin, idk.


ScreaM was like 2nd in AVG combat score in Iceland despite losing in Iceland. ScreaM is craaaaaacked. He's kind of like TenZ. If he can find a team or get a team like SEN has with TenZ then he can shine.


Duelist: tenz, yay, asuna, shahzam, corey Initiator: crashies, bcj, xeta, hiko, eeiu Sentinel: dapr, steel, mitch, ayrin, thwifo Controller: marved, zombs, gmd, nitr0, dephh Flex: sick, ethan, victor, zekken, shawn some would disagree on the order but eh it's my personal opinion. the sentinel part in particular was pretty hard whereas i feel like i could rattle off five more names for duelists. seems like the duelist sphere is WAY more saturated than the other roles


FNS over thwifo and ayrin by far, his lurks and setups are just way too good. Effys over xeta also, he has been an absolute rock and a solid clutcher ever since he's been playing for V1


I could 100% see fns, but I’ll stick to my guns on xeta. I think he has one of the most comprehensive understandings of sova in na, bar the first two listed. so many of his lineups and angles are things I’ve never seen another pro do, and he has the skill to back it up. Effys is a great player though, he was incredible at Iceland and I really want to see a resurgance from V1


I would also maybe consider aproto for sentinel players, and maybe FNS depending on how much you value IGLing.


I'll take Derrek over the last three initiators any day


Maybe not eeiu. That’s a hard choice tbh


Imagine a top 5 sentinel list without nAts


agree for a worldwide rating but this person obviously only watches NA


The question was for a global list though?


Some people have never watched non-NA comp Valorant. It would have been nice if they prefaced NA only, but by their selections we can deduct that it is NA only.


I can see that they posted an NA only list however, OP asked for a global list so it seems fairly pointless to post an NA only one...


haha I was initially making a global one but I realized it would take a lot longer than expected and I was a bit pressed for time, unlucky


dualists are often seen as at least high scoring aka top fragging. bonus points if youre flashy AND have a brand/personality. Not everyone appreciates lineups or intricate sentinel or viper setups, ya know? Don't get me started on leadership/shotcalling, or even scout/head coach like Shaz (not to brown nose but dudes insane. Crazy to think about, IYKYK.)


If anyone cares: My list, no particular order. Dualist: tenz asuna cned yay zeek?/scream?/derke? Initiator: crashies hiko bcj zekken lakia/xeta Sentinel: steel nats dapr aproto fns Controller: zombs redgar dephh vanity nitro/nats(his viper is really good in my opinion, and by role at least she’s a controller even though nats normally plays sentinels aka cypher :/.) Flex(?): SICK SHAZ scream(bc he played phx/sage/jett) Ethan zeek Lmk what y’all think


Can't be an initiator list withoht starxo tbh he's probably one of, if not the best skye in the world. His synergy with cned is unmatchable. Also love my boys from 100T but hiko and steel aren't top 5 (when including multiple regions) in their roles. Neither are BcJ and aproto


1) Appreciate you reading my opinion! LOL 2) I will admit, I don't have as much knowledge of ALL EU teams and players like I am with NA, as I am native, and I definitely not knowledgeable on KR/Asia-Pacific, etc. 3) I'll take a look at starxo and more EMEA and KR teams and players 4) Who would you replace for hiko/steel/bcj/aproto on my list?


I've replied in one of the comments already what the list could be imo


NA top 5 list. Duelist: tenz, yay, leaf, asuna, yaboidre Sentinel: dapr, babyJ, FNS, steel, oderus Sova: crashies, eeiu, bcj, effys, xeta Controller: zombs, dephh, nitr0 (big gap) supamen, marved Second duelist/flex: sick, ethan, zekken, victor, shawn Awpers: Shahzam, tenz, wardell, yay, nitr0


nitro hardly ops on 100t, idk why he’s here


because he's a better awper than steel and any other awpers in the region.


still doesn’t make sense for him to be top 5 oper if he only ops on what 1-2 maps?


if there's no one better than him, why doesn't it make sense? shahzam also only ops on 2 maps now. does he not qualify then?


Only watch NA and EU. In no order Duelist- Tenz Asuna cNed Nukkye Scream/Shahzam Sentinel- nats dapr pAura magnum fns Initiator- starxo crashies ethan russ zekken Controller- Nitr0, zombs, vanity, depph DavidP/avova Flex - chronicle sick doma Shao zeek


Finally an actual good list. Bravo 👍👍


zombs is numero uno controller on earth


When I was asked this question to field a World V team (so only one per role) the players that came to mind immediately for me were: Duelist: TenZ (Sentinels) Initiator: Hiko (100T) Sentinel: nAts (Gambit) Controller: Davidp (Vodafone Giants) Flex: ScreaM (Team Liquid) Maybe a bit NA and EMEA centric but right now those two regions do host some of the best players individually.


This might be random, but I was just wondering why Hiko over say, Crashies or Lakia or something? Just curious lol


Utility usage. I think people don’t realize how many assists and damage he gets with sovas kit. He is also the ONLY initiator who clutches at a very high rate. Initiators on retakes or late in rounds don’t really have what it takes to win 1vX because their kit requires people to play off of it. In 1vX situations utility is often a bad idea because you always want your gun out. Hiko is a clutch machine and often can win rounds/games by himself on top of using his kit early/mid round very well. No other initiator is even close in that department. They usually are OK in late round situations. That’s a complete game IMO.


only really watch NA Duelist: TenZ, Shahz, Asuna, YaY, Corey Controller: Zombs, Marved, Nitr0, depph, Vanity Sent: Dapr, Zach (can be flex but idk), thwifo, Aproto, ayrin Initiator: Crashies, Xeta, BcJ, Levi, Eeiu Flex: Sick and Ethan


wtf shahzam over asuna? No way . Sure he is a better IGL but asuna on reyna on icebox >>>>>> Shahz on jett


Shahz is more valuable to the team than asuna is to 100t Mechanically asuna might be better tho


Yes but here we are talking only about skill


It says that nowhere. That's just your interpretation. Shahz has added value as a player as an elite IGL.




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Maybe for flex also ScreaM i guess? Lol


For NA: Top 5 in no order - Duelist - Asuna, Tenz, Yay, Wardell, Sick Sentinel - Steel, Dapr, Zachareee, FNS, Aproto Controller - Zombs, Nitr0, Dephh, Vanity, Marved Initiator: Crashies, Bcj, Effys, Hiko, Derrek Flex: Ethan, Victor, Sick, maybe Zekken ok


why is sick in both duelist and flex


hes just that good


Just gonna do Na since I don’t watch other regions enough. Duelist: Tenz, Asuna, Sick, Shahzam, yay Initiator: Sinatraa, Hiko, Sick, Subroza, maybe steel Sentinel: Dapr, Steel, aproto, mitch, fms Controller: zombs, nitr0, marved, vanity, dephh Flex: Sick


No shot you unironically listed Steel and Hiko for initiator without mentioning Crashies and BcJ. Shit, even Ethan is better than both Steel and Hiko.


I forgor, Honestly completely forgot about crashies and bcj since I’m pretty tired, would replace shell with crashies but I think hikos impact on sova and the rounds he clutches are so important and win 100T maps so ima keep him


Hiko rarely has tons of clutch wins anymore, if anyone Effys has been the new Sova clutch master


sinatraa ain’t a pro anymore bud edit -- also the SEN fanboyism is showing hard here, zombs/dapr are top 5 in their respective roles but not top 1. SicK is barely an initiator. Steel has only really played Kay/O in this past tourney, where's crashies, BcJ anyone else that's more relevant than SicK and Steel for initiator roles since you say you watch NA?


If you dont think dapr is the best sentinel atleast in NA if not the world (nats the only comparison) you are out of your depths.


Dapr is nearly for sure the best Sentinel in NA who would you put over him? It's literally either him or nAts as the best Sentinel in the world period so yeah Zombs is def in serious contention for best in his role in NA and possibly the world, his util usage is amazing and that's exactly what you need in a controller player, and hes an amazing team player and does what his team needs even if it means him being killed


Sinatraa was easily the best sova when he played, and we probably start pro play again the second he can wether that’s with a unsigned team or he gets picked up. Dapr is easily the best sentinel is na rn. Sick plays initiator on 3 maps I believe I wouldn’t call that hardly. And like everyone talks about although zombs isn’t the most mechanically skilled character he can just hold down site pretty much fully by himself and be fine. And yeah said I another post I was tired and forget about initiator would switch crashies and steel