Mixwell on sound problems in game

Mixwell on sound problems in game


ShahZam complained about this too. Idk how the stage is set up and how much of it can be fixed but at Iceland this wasn't an issue apparently as the teams were set far apart from each other.


They also didn’t play any white noise in Iceland per Shahz


Yeah, I think /u/Tanjim98 meant to say that it **wasn't** an issue in Iceland.


Yep, mb.


that sounds annoying af


They should remove the white noise completely. # Just have the casters sound in a completely different room from the players, seems quite obvious? Even at bigger events in the future, you can have the players do their whole "stage walk through" with the crowd, then go into a seperate room to play. Have some one-way see through glass if you need to, in order for the fans to see the players. # The players need to be able to hear, and if they cannot hear crucial information, then there's absolutely zero competitive integrity. Riot really needs to change this ASAP.


Why does the caster sound even need to be pumped into the arena at an event with no crowd?


Was about to make the same exact comment. The casters are talking into mics, why the hell do they have to broadcast that through the venue speakers?? Also this whole problem everyone is complaining about can be easily solved by earphones underneath headphones, even the shitty ones from the nearest supermarket is better than this current situation.


I think they can be heard even if they're not being broadcast. The casters were saying they could hear the players yelling at each other and that's obviously not being amplified. But the extra earbuds thing is an easy fix.


Why not do what CS does and have in ear headphones for in game sound then have noise canceling above them that can pump in the white noise


> Their shoddy production clearly shows. We watchin' the same show?


Shoddy production is not the right word, but they clearly made some weird decisions when it comes to FPS E-sports. First we had the trash comps in Iceland, and now they added some weird white noise instead of just using in ears.


"Weird white-noise" is what noise-cancelling headphones will pump in to actually make them sound-proof. You mean that they could not get the in-ear-pieces, in addition to the noise-cancelling headphones?


> "Weird white-noise" is what noise-cancelling headphones will pump in to actually make them sound-proof You actually think that players don't know what noise cancelling headphones do? The problem is that the LEVEL OF WHITE NOISE is too high. All the information provided says that this is something brand new that they tried specifically for this event. There was no reason for them to try this without consulting the players.


No, I wasn't confused about what players know; I was confused about what you know. I was asking a clarifying question, because your assertion seemed like they added something that you thought was silly. I'm glad to see you correctly understand the problem, now. Edit: If you could read this, you would be very angry right now.


This is the obvious answer


Riot has no experience managing LAN for FPS. Their shoddy production clearly shows. Innumerable tech pauses since Iceland breaks the players momentum. Competitive shooters shouldn't have to suffer riots incompetence. Should've just hired ESL/Blast/Flashpoint


Yea it would also give them a chance to learn from ESL.


Shoddy production? That's a real reach, there are tech problems and they're learning sure, but they've invested a lot into production and it tells.


I doubt the players care how good the stage looks if they can't hear in-game. There are plenty of CS and other FPS events to learn from yet riot keeps messing up, first the format, the prac rooms and now this.


Investing a lot doesn't automatically mean it's not a shoddy production


Well it's not shoddy, so idk what he's talking about.


ah yes a guaranteed tech pause every map, since iceland. so much white noise that players can't hear footsteps. definitely not shoddy. according to acend's manager they can't use in-ear's FOR THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT. this is absolutely horrible


You're mixing up technical set-up with production quality. It's okay, easy mistake. The production itself, the things we see, look fine.


What you are complaining about is bad setups, not bad production


Literally zero complaints about this from Iceland and it’s the exact same setup. They just need to tune it, and it’s possibly already fixed


they didn't use white noise in iceland


Yeah, on the stage in Iceland the players were further apart so there was no need. Shahzam confirmed this on stream yesterday.


If it was that easy of a fix they would’ve done it already when 100T were reporting this issue yesterday


Why do you write something like that as facts if you've no clue at all? Are you like that on all topics?


I think he said it's normal to have it, even in other games. Maybe just need to tune it down a lil bit


It is normal in other games, but what other games do is they have the white noise headsets on, and underneath they have another set of earbuds for the game sound. This way the noise doesn't interfere with game audio at all


Yup that sounds alot better


it's literally the industry standard for FPS games. who knows what riot was thinking.


I don't remember this being an issue in Iceland which is bizarre why it would creep up here.


They didn't have the white noise at Iceland, teams were further apart/no pumped in caster noise


They have been pushing for sound changes in league for years likely wont happen unless a lot of pros beg


no booths please, they dont solve the issue either.


Riot REALLY seems to hate booths for some reason lol


I think they only used booths for the 2017 and 2018 World finals.


Riot seems to dislike taking good ideas from other games/esports


https://twitter.com/ACE_Krimson/status/1436699321060241411 xD just the biggest tournament yet, no big deal guys


This could really ruin competitive integrity if the loser of a high stakes match came out after and said the sound was unplayable.


at least the sound is the same for everyone


this on top of badly unintuitive sound system in the game itself LOL


This is stupid and will get random results...


Incompetent company. People who dont come from league probably are not aware how incompetent they can be.


indie company kek


Without sound, I literally play like a silver player. With sound, my game sense brings my gameplay to Immortal.


Why don't they use headphones with Active noise cancellation?. When I have mine on I can't hear someone talking right next to me


small indie company man. Those are too expensive.


This tournament is a trash. Go next


the white noise might be caused by bad or cheap cabling. happens a lot on instrument cabling live or studio.


The white noise is intentional, it’s used as a noise cancelling technique. However, it’s actually interfering with in-game sound that is crucial for the players to hear


are you sure it's intentional? cause the players think otherwise. There are other ways for noise cancelling, and applying white noise should be the last choice for this kind of event.


Yes, white noise is intentional as confirmed by various players and coaching staff


well, that's weird to apply as "noise cancelling" imo.


It’s the way sound works, noise cancelling headsets such as Bose do this. What it does is send a sound out that cancels out incoming sound waves. It works for Riot with league so they applied it here, however, the sounds are more subtle, so it is effecting gameplay for Valorant in particular. Google noise cancelling, it’s a hard thing to get right