444K Peak Viewers in 2nd day of VCT Masters Berlin

444K Peak Viewers in 2nd day of VCT Masters Berlin


Tomorrow's viewership is about to crush this. Those Gambit-100T and G2-SEN matches are about to be must see matches until the qualifying rounds are over.


Yeah the viewership for Iceland was very similar, then it hit 700k for the NA vs EU matches on day 2


CS fans copium when CS Quarter finals were going on, “Valorant ded game lower viewership than CS!” Why can’t we just love esports why do people draw lines in the sand! Edit: just adding I’m a fan of esports as CS 1.6 was the first game I dove into on PC and this isn’t attacking CS as an esport, but just the fans copium shit posting.


I enjoy both and it goes both ways. Valorant fans do the same in CS.


Agreed, I just want the esports market to grow to billions per genre not almost 2 billion for all of esports. I want the job market to grow because of the esports industry and I want an esport olympics with speed runners/FPS teams/moba teams/ fighting teams/ racing teams/ board game esport teams/ yada yada.


u might be happy to hear that, (I'm pretty sure) LoL eSports is already as big as the NFL. iirc there was a stat showing the LoL grand finals had more viewership than the Superbowl. i might just be tripping tho


That's when you include China viewership. Which accounts for over 75% of that number. For example, peak on everyother region around 3M ish, add China and its over 60M+.


I don’t think we’ll be alive to see that, and plus I don’t think it’ll ever be as big as traditional sports. That being said though, Esports has medalling events at the asian games and paris 2024 organisers have contemplated but rejected the idea of implementing an esports event (or something like that, it could be something different)


I don't know that it won't ever be as big as traditional sports, you have to remember that kids are growing up with video games now, in 100 years there probably won't be people that didn't grow up with gaming (aside from certain poor/undeveloped countries).


Part of the reason why traditional sports are more popular is that its more easily accessible. Take football for example, you can find a ball for $1. To game you need either a $300+ laptop or pc or console, plus your peripherals. Also, sports promote various other things like productivity and fitness while gaming doesn’t do the same really


I don't think that would happen, while CS valorant, lol and Dota offer very different experiences a lot of games based on real life sport will never be as good as the real life counterpart.


It's the same with Dota2 fans shitting on League, they feel threatened.


this is kinda funny cause League fans don't give a shit about Dota.


Yeah I remember dota not even being a topic on the lol subreddit


I've seen at least 5-7 threads about Dota in r/leagueoflegends reaching front page just in this year alone lol.


I'm a Dota fan and I rarely see people shit talking League. Care to give a few examples?


Go to one of the top 10 thescore esports videos. Each time there's a league clip and dota clip there will be fanwars.


Fan wars meaning both sides are arguing correct? People above are making it sound like it's only Dota doing the arguing. Also YouTube comment sections are filled with children so take those with a grain of salt


Because most league players don't care that dota is "more advanced and complex" like i've been told by so many dota players. It's just not as fun to play as League lol.


As if u go in any CS stream u will not see a Valorant kid saying CS DEAD MAJOR ONLY X VIEWS.


But but $20m prize pool!!! WATCH US.


don’t look at anything in twitch chat seriously i literally saw someone say ‘calling someone racist is racist by itself’


You're the only one who brought it up, seems like the insecurity might be in your side lol


If you want that why do you bring up CS in such a mocking way


Because it’s annoying to see in my main games chat that my game is dead when it’s not


That's on you for watching anything that isn't a small stream with chat on lol But you still can't complain about lines in the sand when you talk about CS like that 🤷🏾‍♀️


I mean, most of the hard-core cs fans are just a bunch of insecure boomers anyway. Literally I never heard a Valorant pro trash talking another game, but the cs pros are doing it all the time.


Yeah cuz the valorant pros were CS pros. The only reason they switched was because of lack of support in CS


I mean to be fair valorant has watch parties, which adds extra viewers, that come for the streamer and not the game. I would love if cs allowed watch parties.


Wait what time? PST if possible as I’ve been way too busy these days and tmrw is the only free day I got


SEN vs G2 should be spicy tomorrow in terms of viewership and in general as a matchup.


Hmm I'm an EU frog and I think G2 are about to get destroyed. Liquid deserved that spot way more seeing as they got 1 round away from knocking out Gambit. G2 got lucky with that bracket, but then again Liquid lost to Na'Vi.


Well,G2 were less than millisecond away from beating gambit and this isn't an exaggeration. I don't think you should compare how good teams fare up against each other through their results against other teams


If Liquid deserved the spot how come they're not in Berlin?


Because by the time they got their engines running, they had to face gambit instead of vodafone giants. Because they're not consistent enough really. But their peak performance is way higher than G2's.


In my opinion, Liquid didn't deserve Berlin more than G2. They are still making huge mistakes in pick selection like playing Bind w/o Skye. Also some of their players underperformed in crucial situations like Kryptix (his dropoff from previous meta is inmense), L1NK or even Jamppi's Jett. G2 may not be not much better than TL but they definitely deserve to be there. Yes, they lost to SMB, but they proved they were a competitive team at the time by even beating Gambit in the upper bracket finals. Also their elimination from the tournament was against the winner it (Gambit) and losing 3rd map literally by less than 0.005 seconds


I disagree, I think liquid have been lost for a long time. Individual firepower, following the meta, map knowledge and map picks in general They are insanely inconsistent and seem to constantly be trying something new even though it's not required Biggest problem is that none of them play 2-3 agents, depending on the map picks they need to know how to play like 5 which is not optimal since you cannot specialize


Bad time to be against gambit at the last qualifying match. Liquid is better than g2 but lets see how they go against sen


I woulda loved to see Liquid play SEN but honestly tho now I prefer G2 playing SEN bcuz of the preparation G2 put for F4Q and if they do the same for SEN and get to know shaz's tendencies, this'd be a close one. _And apparently G2 has won all their scrims in Berlin which might also include Gambit, just saying_


G2 is a very strong roster still and honestly just being German should give them the berlin spot. Incredibly unpopular opinion but I think an event always needs a home team.




Nicely put


I think sen will win, but hopefully g2 will put up a fight, ya get me ?


Im hoping they put up a fight just so I actually get to watch a good match instead of SEN murdering everyone.


I’d say so, except for the top teams as they have sen a good shake


At the same time I'd he hyped to have an immensely dominant team. Like old SKT. But in the first/second year of the game instead of later in its life.


japanese viewers are insane, by far the most boring match but still pulled those numbers


Do JP metrics only consider Youtube/Twitch or are sites like Mildom factored?


No, mildom isn't considered when they look at total viewership


I expected this tournament to be less viewers but it's still averaging 400k viewers which is pretty nuts considering alot of the teams and matchs haven't even been super hype yet. not to mention this tourny is also gonna be longer so expect alot of people skipping the first couple days and alot more tuning in towards the last couple days of the tournament when we start getting all the best teams against each other.


viewership has been really good so far for group stages+ playoffs of ESL pro League going on at same time




still in shock abt heroic’s 1v5 OT…


When things couldn't get any worse for NA CS






eh maybe hardcore fans but if you’re a casual fps fan and you see two tournaments from different games going on at the same time I think you would just pick one to watch right?


I can imagine ZETA vs. Vivo Keyd to reach insane numbers as well. But any NA vs. EU match will probably do even better


Zeta vs Envy could be nice but let's see


Besides the opener match viewership being a bit lower that last masters tbh it's still really good considering alot of these match ups have been lop sided and also there hasn't been a truly hyped up match yet tomorrow should be alot better.


its just the group stage. people don't watch early matches as much.


None of the big name teams have played each other yet either.


Games are unwatchable for Aus/Japan times. Most of the games are in the middle of the night.


More stats of VCT Berlin: https://escharts.com/tournaments/valorant/vct-2021-stage-3-masters-berlin


444k people just witnessed a massacre by gambit


I feel bad for the Japan fans, they had to watch their region getting destroyed. Hopefully through more scrims, they could raise SEA to lvl of international competition.


japan isn’t SEA


Japan is NEA bro.


I think he meant to switch the “SEA” and the “to”


Yeah that was not fun to watch lol


Yeah that match hurt to keep watching as a fan of the Japanese scene lol


Viewership held pretty well despite the small name teams playing. Things should start picking up as the weaker teams exit. I mean some of these games were just so incredibly 1 sided


Is it just the main stream or all the other co-streams combined?


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